Homemade Christmas or Holiday cards? Anyone make these?

irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)November 9, 2005

HI. I'm looking for really pretty homemade Christmas cards. I'm not crafty but would like to send my friends something different that is handmade by someone who is talented and creative.

I'm looking for about 30 cards w/envelopes.

If you know of anyone who does this please let me know.



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Hi Maureen, have you considered looking at for them at a local holiday bazaar? I bet you'd find some there and be helping out a local crafter.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

When I was small, my mother used to buy black & white lithographed cards from the Metropolitain Art Gallery in New York. I recall one that portrayed a stable scene, another of angels- but not all of them were Christmas based because they were sent to friends of all religions. She then hosted a party of close friends and we sat around the diningroom table and watercolored them. I still think that is a nice touch- and a happy memory!

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That does sound neat GB. Did you get to keep one?

Another idea, not as nice as GB's but wouldn't need any crafting skills is to get plain cards & envelopes (places like Michaels or Joanns sells them), glue photos you've taken on the front and write your greeting inside. Easy, quick and personalized.


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Interesting that you would mention photos T. What I have been doing is making a half fold card on the computer with a colored border around a photo from my garden. You can add any text you want. The people that I have given them to have raved about them.

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I recently acquired this family photo. I am going to get my son to help me make cards on the computer.
The man is my g. grandfather.

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Maureen...If there is an arts and crafts association in your area they might be able to put you in touch with someone nearby. We have appreciated work of our local artists and I have enjoyed doing things for personal use. Hope you will give us follow up. natvtxn.. that sure is a special photo. EP

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Terrific old photo NT! It took me a while to even 'see' the adults. What a unique composition. Very special.

IRG, if you have kids, could you have them draw a holiday picture and then reproduce that for cards? Wonderful for the children's self-esteem and also something that would be very special to those who receive it.

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That's a cool idea, to have kids draw a picture.

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i love handmade christmas cards. i make them every year for all my family members. also, i make ornaments and stockings. it's so easy and you can do almost anything - be as creative as you want. here is some of the stuff i made. what do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: handmade christmas stuff

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