what happened?????

kashka_kat(z4 WI)June 15, 2013

Pond was looking good - was happy last fallw when pea soup changed into nice furry coating of string algae and clearer water. Spring-same. Waiting til july to get install new equipment and put in fish. No time now. But then. Acccidentally poured in dechlor w ammonia neutralizerthinkinv it was mineral supplement for plants. Freaked thinking it would mess up nitrify cycle and chamged out half water . Now week later string algae dyingand disintegrating lots of debris particles. What did i do??? Am i basicly at beginning again with cycling of my pond?? My 1st inclination is always to empty pond and start over but this time i want to understand what happenedfirst.

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I don't know what you did, but please don't empy pond and start over.

I have a friend who is always emptying pond and staring over and it is a mess.

Wait for those who know to respond. If they say to empy pond and start over, do it. Chances are things just need to cycle through again.

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kashka_kat(z4 WI)

Thanks I guess at this point I just would like to know if applying ammonoa neutralizer would have messed up my nitrification. It was a lot -adose big enuf to treat 500 gal in a 800 gal pond. Or was it doing the 50,% water change. Or both. I thought I understood the cycling process but I guess I don't. Can the fish less cycling process be applied to ponds?

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

I think I will stick with Ammoblock. Its slow but no shock to fish or water.

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