My 'pet' Bullfrog...

jayinflorida(USDA9)June 17, 2011

Well, this Bullfrog showed up in early spring and has been here ever since. The frog has basically became tame, since I'm quite often around the pond, feeding the fish, fertilizing the plants, pruning old blooms and leaves, ETC... I've also been tossing in a lot of grasshoppers since they have taken over my flowerbeds this year... it started swimming up to me when I would be feeding the fish or working around the pond... eventually, right up to my hand and then I would put out my hand it it would climb right up into my hand! Strange indeed! It's been there since it was very small. Anyone else experience a "friendly frog" like this one? Also... I "thought" this might be a female by the look of the circle beside it's eye, it was the same size as it's eye... but now, it seems to be a little bit larger than it's eye. ???

Here's a photo from today taken by my wife with her Nikon...

Here's one my daughter took a few days ago with her ipod.

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I don't have answer to your question, just want to say the pictures are really cool. Wish my frog can do that.

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I have several bull frogs and there are a couple that don't jump away from me as long as I don't get any closer than a foot or so... I LOVE my frogs, and it would be so awesome to have them do like yours does... great pictures.. and yes it does look like a girl.. I have 4 males and one female and the males ear circles are huge.

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That is so cute. The pic's are wonderful.
What's your frogs name?

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Fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

I literally can't get closer than 15 yards and they fly into the water. This is awesome!

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Bull frog can get to be very friendly. I knew of one that would meet his owner at the fence door when he got home and would then jump up to his shoulder where he would get fed crickets. This one could easily be trained to eat out of your hand. If you did this enough he would come to you any time you went out by the pond.

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I guess I'll have to pick out a name for her now... lol

I didn't set out to tame the frog, it just kinda happened that way. Now I need a boyfriend for her...

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Very awesome frog you have there. Here, in Estonia, in Europe we have different frogs. And not so big as yours. And in my very big pond there are thousands of frogs - still tadpoles... But we have every year about 100 frogs who are coming into our lake. But that's sad that many frogs get killed by cars, not in our lake but still on roads. I love our frogs. Common frogs are the common toad, European common frog and some more.

This circle which is next to her eye, is her ear. The ears of frog are not so advanced as mammals.

Pretty frog!

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KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)

Very nice pictures! I have leapard frogs that will let me get within an foot or two of them but then they dive into the pond and hide. Sometimes my toads will hold still and let me touch them though.

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Oh how jealous I am! I had my "Mister Big Froggie" thru 2 winters so far but he just wandered off one day, my neighbors saw him on their deck and even took pictures (they didn't know he was from my pond). He never became tame, the closest he got to me was the one time he tried to eat my hand! He normally ate birds.

I liked him wild for his own protection as I was more his caretaker then he my pet, but I sure do miss him now!

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I have tamed many frogs (green frogs and leopard frogs). Some will eat from my hand the first day, others take weeks. I currently have 6 green frogs. One is very tame and will hop over to my lawn chair and beg when I sit nearby. I guess he has ME trained - I always go find a worm for him.

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I googled friendly bullfrogs and ended up on this thread. A bullfrog showed up in our pond about a week ago and I was afraid he would eat the fish and wanted him gone. However, since, he has kind of won my heart! Instead of jumping away as he did the first time, he croaks back at us when he hears our voices. He jumped into the pond and swam over to me yesterday and generally shows up on a nearby rock we come out to feed the fish!

I think he just may be that Prince!

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Love her.. I have a huge male that we call Brutus.. he jumps in when we get about 5 ft away but I used to have one we called froggy that would let us get within inches and he wouldn't move... but he got run over..

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catherinet(5 IN)

It's nice to hear good things about Bull frogs for a change!
Ain't nature grand? :)

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@ Cazz1, I was wondering why a three year old thread was resurrected, lol. Mr Bullfrog may well be your Prince;) But you should know he absolutely will eat your fish and even small birds.

Yes, nature is grand and I've loved and hand-fed many a bullfrog in my day. Once upon a time there was one who would follow my dad & I around the yard while we worked. He was hilarious and ate crickets out of our hands (aptly named Prince for anyone who's interested).

That said, in the years since I've had a garden pond, I relocate them if they take up residence. My fishies are my pets and they do not coexist well, sadly. I don't doubt your new friend has won your heart. But if you allow him to stay, prepare yourself to deal with the natural food chain. Your handsome prince is a predator in that environment.


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