Why won't my fish eat?

greenhouseguy13June 21, 2007

Hi everyone, my koi and goldfish in my 3000 gallon pond won't eat pellets even when I'm not around and I'm getting concerned, the only time they will eat pellets is when one sinks to the bottom, the only way I'm keeping them alive in this hot weather is by mushing bread together and dropping it to the bottom, is there any reason why? are they just getting used to me? I have had them about a week and a half I spend about an hour and a half out with them everyday now so that they'll hopefully get used to me quicker, but anyway there fine for now, I would just like to train them

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Kirk..Are you talking about your new fish? IMO it is sometimes what they have been used to eating versus a new kind of food. My fish will eat anything, but prefer floating pellets because that is what I give them. They don't like to have to find them on the bottom. They will eat sinking pellets, if I drop them slowly. My daughters fish only will eat sinking pellets, because that is what they are used to. They seem to like scrounging around on the bottom for their food. Your new fish also need to adjust to a new invironment. You can give them cooked green peas minus the skin of the peas. Hope they start eating soon for you. Glenda

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Kirk I got some new fish about 5 weeks ago. They just started coming to me for food. At first they acted like yours, not eating the pellets. Once they figured out that it was food they would eat the pellets if I walked aways. Finally last week when I go over to them they come out to see about getting food. Good luck and have fun with the fish.

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so just keep putting the pellets on the pond untill they get it, right? Should I hold off on bread feeding untill they get curious to try other foods?

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They will get it eventually, they are just scared right now just give them some time. Just make sure if they do not eat the pellets to clean them out of pond so it does not mess your water up.

There is no need to feed them bread, there is plenty of food in the pond for them to eat, they will not starve. You do not even have to feed them and they would be just fine.

Training the fish to come and get it just takes time. They will get to know you and when that happens it is the best feeling.

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thanks mycatsbc, I stayed out for 3 hours today and put some pellets in, i think they eventually forgot I was there because they came up and ate some, I was really exited just to know they are making progress the small goldfish are still to small to eat the pellets so hopefully by the time they can they will learn from the other fish, my panfish now also eliminates misquitos laying eggs in the pond lol, he is my new watchfish

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ninjabut(USDA z 8,CA)

I had 6 goldies who were scared of any movement. When I went out to feed them, I would tap on the side of the pond, put the food in, then sit in a chair next to the pond to watch them.
It took a couple of weeks til they got it, then they started recognizing my step on the deck and were there the minute I put the food in! Much fun to watch!
Unfortunately, a racoon must have made the same noises and ended up with a gormet midnight snack!
I'm starting over with a net and motion lights over the pond! Nancy

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It takes time for them to recognize you and get used to you...
Then one day they'll just all come a running as soon as they hear you. They first have to get used to the new digs, then you're second. Also feed them earth worms, their crazy for worms. Have fun, your adventures are just beginning.

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my husband has a large pond with koi and goldfish in we had over a 100 fish in the pond now we have less than half that left we have got goldfish that have ulcers on them we have lost a lot cause of that problem he has treated the pond and fish but we r still losing them he cleaned the pond out throughly atn the weekend and seperated the bad from the good and also they r not eating either what can we do

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