Whats the best way to Dredge a pond? (DIY)

dredge_a_pondJune 15, 2007

I have a 20'x20' pond that is fed by 2 Creeks (that are fed by 32 springs)

it was about 15 feet deep till I started clearing some brush from around the trees in my forest.

everything was fine till it rained, the rain washed dirt and sand into my pond.

Ive seeded the land with grass to stop it from washing more dirt and sand into the pond but now I need a solution for getting the dirt and sand Out of the pond.

I have plenty of time on my hands and I would prefer to dredge the pond myself.

Is dredging a pond something I can do myself? do I need to buy a dredge or can I make one?

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Since your pond is so deep, why not just leave it alone? Some dirt is not going to hurt it anything.

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guess I should have mentioned the pond is now much smaller
the size has been cut down by a third and I havent even checked how shallow it is now

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If it was me.....knowing I could do it myself if I wanted to....I think I'd still hire it out....I don't know if you have any idea how much work you are talking about. A pond that size should only take a good High-hoe driver a couple hours to clean out.... Might cost you $300-400. Which is well worth the back breaking time and effort you'd give doing it yourself. Just make sure you have some place to put the material they dredge out. Build a new burn or something. It will be VERY fertile soil.

If its a natural pond that will probably work....if it a man made pond with a liner....I don't think you'll have any choice to do it by hand. At 15 feet , my guess is its natural.

Good luck.

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what about installing a retro-fit bottom drain to suck it all up?

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