Oh I so hope I don't have a disaster

sandyl(Zone 6B -7)June 16, 2011

Last night storms came through and the electrical power went out for a couple hrs. After the power came back on I went out to check the pond and my pond master 3600 pump would not come back on and pump water through the bio filter and waterfall. This all took place at night and I don't know what the problem is with the pump other then its 8 years old and I had replaced the impeller early last year..I had ordered and received a 2400 pond master pond pump last year when my old pump went out thinking I would not get the old one up and running because I didn't think I would find the replacement parts. But guess what, I could not fine the new pump last night which is still in the box it came in somewhere.. I did have a 190gph small baby pump that I leave in the pond unplugged just for an emergency so I plugged it in last night and yessssss it took off working and I then set it up on a brick so the water would bubble and shoot up maybe 6" inches of water and hopfully oxygenate the water enough for my 4 6" koi and 6 6"goldfish and 8 shubunkins. I am so hoping its still running and oxygenating the pond water while I'm at work today. The fish were fine early this morning but the temperature today is now near 89 degree and the pond is in full sun. I could not take off today.. I have been a nervous wreck worrying. I so hope I don't find a disaster when I get home at 4:00 this afternoon. My brother and his wife had 8 peacock eggs in their incubater due to hatch in 5 days, don't know how that will turn out either. They did cover the incubater up with a quilt to conserve the heat in the incubater when the electrical power went out. Seems like if it isn't one thing it's another.

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Hopefully when you got home the fish were okay. Having just the aerator pump going should help a great deal.

Also hope the peacock eggs are okay. Sad to think of little peacock babies not making it. I so love watching the fledglings. Spent dinner watching a mother Hairy woodpecker feeding her equally sized baby suet at the feeder today.


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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)

When I got home the fish were fine, the pond was really murky without the pump running through the bio for 20+ hrs. I found my missing pump under the spare bedroom bed, right where I had put it. I looked 3 hrs for that pump!!.I got the new pump hooked up while I drained and flushed the 100gal bio filter and the pond is back up and running. New Pump and filter had cleaned the pond up great within just an hr or so. All was back to normal.. The 2400 gph pump moves a lot of water but the next pump I get I want an even larger one then my old 3600 gph. Anne, my brother hooked up the generator for the peacock eggs so maybe all will be well for a good hatch.

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