Hens and chicks

NancyPlants(5bNEKs)February 6, 2011

I recently received seeds in a swap for Hens and Chicks. I looked them up on daves garden.

That site said the flowers are sterile and do not set seed.

Does anyone have info on this?

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Do you have any other information than 'hens and chicks'....

Several common plants are known as hens and chicks - sempervivum, echeveria, jovibarba, there is even an annual poppy that goes by the common name hens and chicks.

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I have never tried to grow collected seed, but I have purchased seed and they are very easy to grow, but the seed is like dust. You can sow them indoors any time of the year, I usually start them in February in zone 5 (like right now). Weather the flowers are sterile or not I don't know.

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I have 12 different kinds of H&C's and have raise them all from seeds. They require light to germinate and soil tempatures of 75 to 80F. Fine perilite is the best to germinate them in. Mist lightly each day, avoid too much water. In the past I've used sand/peat (50/50) with good results.

I harvest seeds by spreading newspaper under the mature flower and lightly shaking them. You may have to do this several time as the seeds only fall when they are ready.

good luck with them!

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