Junk Mini-Pond and Solar Pump

chas045(7b)June 5, 2013

I was over on the Garden Junk Forum and stumbled into a post from dcarch, who is my favorite poster. I expect to see him in the Cooking Forum but just found that his art and ideas are extensively displayed on the 'Junk' forum as well. I thought that his old post from 2010 on repurposeing an aluminum frying pan for a bird bath would be appreciated here. Both the design and pump application might be useful here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Take a look.

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Whaaaa?! Are you saying dcarch is a frequent poster in the cooking forum as well? Don't think I've ever visited the cooking forum here, didn't realize it existed actually, but I am SO headed there now!

Thanks, chas, for the heads-up. This is bound to be good.


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Yep, that's what I meant. He really likes to play around with cooking techniques and food display. Some others like food presentation too and there are always interesting cooking ideas and recipes too (well duh). When I first googled dcarch, he was known as the inventor of the square tomato. Perhaps he still is.

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