Idyll # 493 November by Thomas Hood

saucydog(z5MA)November 1, 2010


by Thomas Hood

No sun--no moon!

No morn--no noon!

No dawn--no dusk--no proper time of day--

No sky--no earthly view--

No distance looking blue--

No road--no street--

No "t'other side the way"--

No end to any Row--

No indications where the Crescents go--

No top to any steeple--

No recognitions of familiar people--

No courtesies for showing 'em--

No knowing 'em!

No mail--no post--

No news from any foreign coast--

No park--no ring--no afternoon gentility--

No company--no nobility--

No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,

No comfortable feel in any member--

No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,

No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds,


That just about sums up how I'm feeling about November :)

Carry On....

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hmmmm...echos my feeling today.....

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

No body at work in November. . .

It's a quiet morning at the office so I am sneaking over here.

Yesterday was my youngest niece's confirmation, my brother's daughter. DH and I made the 1 1/2 hour drive to their church dressed in our Sunday morning duds. I wore a skirt, turtleneck and scarf, he wore a sportcoat and dress shirt. My, were we overdressed!

Also disappointing was the fact that my niece's two older siblings could not be bothered to put in an appearance. Seems they had a party to go to the night before, and an 11:00 am service was too early for them. I invited the entire family to spend Thanksgiving with us, but was told that only my SIL and the niece would come. I'm trying to stay in touch with these kids, but it sure is hard when they don't show up!

But I got home in time to get my garlic planted for next year. I think I will start a rumor that if you plant garlic on Halloween, you will be free of vampires for the next year.

I fell asleep last night listening to a radio interview with Chicago ghost hunter and tour guide Richard Crowe. The most frightening part of the interview was when he said he had been conducting tours for thirty-seven years. You see, I went to high school with Richard's sister and remember quite well when he started doing ghost tours. Couldn't have been thirty-seven years ago, could it?

V. the ageless

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Only 28 kids stopped by for Halloween - that's about the usual number. There is far too many little chocolate bars that need eating...

Beautiful sunshine here today - but cold! Front yard clean-up on the agenda for this afternonn (ski-jacket and longjohns required...:-)

I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society a month or so ago - it sounded interesting when some of you mentioned it here. I really liked it and got interested in what happened in 'real life' in the Channel Islands in WWII. I did some looking on the internet for additional reading. Several places mentioned The Dame of Sark, published in 1961. It is the autobiography/memoirs of the owner/ruler of Sark, so I went looking for that. Our local library didn't have it but found it on inter-library loan - from the National Library of Canada! In the front cover there was a sticker saying the book was a gift to the Government of Canada from the Government of Great Britain in 1967 to mark Canada's centennial year. I wondered why... It turns out that her mother was Canadian. Interestingly, her second husband (1929-1954) was originally American (he had become a naturalized Brit while living and working in England before they met.) Under Sark law and tradition, the Seigneur is the actual ruler of Sark so, on his marriage to her, he became the official ruler. They, and all the population of Sark (all 471 of them!), remained on the island during the occupation. Some of them, including the Seigneur, were deported to concentration camps in France or Germany in the mid-1940s. The memoir is interesting - but she was definitely a name-dropping upper-class snob :-)

I was curious about what Sark looks like because there was some interesting places described. Also, no cars are allowed. La Coupée sounds particularly interesting -and scary! In the link below, it's under 'Attractions' and then "Bays and Headlands". Here's the description:

"The razor-edged isthmus joining the main island to Little Sark, is the most spectacular sight in the Channel Islands. Before 1900 when protective railings were erected, children from Little Sark, had to crawl on their hands and knees to avoid being blown over the edge. The present narrow concrete road was built in 1945 by German POWs under Royal Engineers direction. There is a 300 foot precipice on the left side of Convanche Bay. On the right lies the large, beautiful, sandy bay of La Grande Grêve."

I would love to go visit there!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sark

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We are now into propane heat! The men came today with the tank. Checked up all the system and declared it a go, and lit the heaters. It is cloudy out now, and 62, but is predicted to be quite a bit colder at the end of this week.
I discovered the Sweet 100 tomato plant out out the deck has set on several green tomatoes. I guess I will drag it back indoors and hope they ripen. I had cut the plant down a couple of months ago, and it regrew.
Our next 'operation', is to get a friend to come with a large handtruck, and move the old freezer out of the utility room, so I can move the side by side into it's spot, and clear the front of the cabinet in there so I can set more plants on it. I have been using the retired freezer for a storage place for planting equipment. We want it set out into one end of the woodshed.

Saucy, I do not share your feelings about November. It is one of my favorite months. It is usually very pretty here. And generally not too cold. The only sad part of it is that the granddaughters will probably not be coming for Thanksgiving, again. Between their mom's plans, and their teen plans, it has all changed. Perhaps Tim will come...time will tell. I just may cancel a big Thanksgiving dinner this year. But I sure like the leftovers. :-) Nolon's eating has changed so much, it makes it hard for me to cook big meals, and not have a lot go to waste. At least I can go to the Golden Year's class's Thanksgiving meal, and Nolon just may go with me.

My shoulders and neck are hurting so very bad, it is hard for me to do anything. I have never had them this bad.

Marie, I really admire your son for what he is doing for the needy Haitians. It is wonderful that he feel so strongly about that, but I can imagine how it worries you.

Woody, be very glad you do not have a front yard full of Honey Locust pods! I am thinking I will have to enlist help to get them hauled off, Thank goodness they only bear heavily every second year.

There were 2 men that came to do the propane thing. They were interested in my Ginkgo and Dawn Redwood. One of them even knew what the Ginkgo was, without me telling him. We did a bit of visiting before they left. :-) Pleasant men to be around. I like those kind of people. They are both a little beyond middle age. And both have birthdays this month. :-) The man that does the delivery of the gas is another nice man, and so is the lady that runs the company.


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I like November too Marian, for the most part . Our fall color season (such as it is) kicks in now. It can be unpredictable though-we are expecting temps in the very high 60.s and maybe even the low 70’this week ; some years it is frosty, rainy or foggy ..really really foggy ! I hope to get some nice photos this weekend, and no frost is expected in the immediate future.

V . I’ll be happy to perpetrate your rumor re:garlic.. how about hanging few mirrors in the garlic patch too ? Don’t know what denomination your niece is, but confirmation was a major event when I had mine; the Bishop, incense, flowers , choirs, the whole nine yards. And the church was packed as I recall.

Woody thank you so much for that link�"I love hearing about car-less places . I would visit there in a hot minute if I ever get the chance to go Across The Pond.

Marian, what a nice experience your propane heat installation turned out to be from you DS and friendly crew from the propane co. ..but sorry you are laid-low . Hope you feel better soon. When I hear shoulder and neck I think of heat and or massage physical therapy.

Ok, still in a baseball mode out here.. see y’all later !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Baby Liam, our friends' grandson, is HOME as of 6PM this evening. At last his parents' job begins. No, he isn't out of the woods entirely, but he is leaving the NICU lifestyle behind. YEAH!

My nerves are shot...Worries about weather and disease in Haiti and annoyance regarding DSS's Mom too. I know she can't change, but I always have a grain of hope. Why?

November is OK, especially when I don't need to bring out the shovel. I do prefer October. I love the leaves and color...and my birthday. ;) The last of the leaves are almost down now. I really need to tidy the veg garden tomorrow. I postpone all the work because it is so cold out. But tomorrow is the last dry day for a long I must make the effort.

In the morning I need to drive with DH to Guelph. (30 minutes from here) I hope to pick up various unusual currencies for Skyler's new wallet that he'll receive for Christmas. He'll also get a book of jokes. Today I picked up a few more things for the kids: a nice puzzle for Ivy and a cute swimsuit for Leo to wear in the hot tub.

Beware of black cats!!!

Time to hit the sack...
Sleep well you guys!

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I'll be glad when today is over. Work, dentist, voting. Maybe after today it will once more be safe to pick up the telephone without screening the call first! We pondered last night the question of how much the deficit and/or the National Debt could be reduced if all candidates simply donated their TV advertising budgets to the cause they all seem to take up every election cycle. ;)

Hooray for Marian and the wonder of propane! Let's hope the diminished need for hauling wood makes a difference in your shoulders, girlfriend. Thanksgiving and Christmas are diminished in this house, too, now that all parental units have gone to their just rewards. But I get a kick out of spiffing up the table, hauling out the little used "treasure" and requiring that a modicum of good table etiquette be observed. It's that Neo-Victorian thing.

At what age is confirmation generally made in the Catholic church, Kathy? I know First Communion is pretty young compared to the Episcopal Church (14, thereabouts). When I was a kid I recall being taken to Mass with my best friend's family. The service was very formal; everyone was "dressed up", ladies were required to cover their heads, the service was conducted in Latin, and the priest had his back to the congregation... all of which was very strange to me. It was only years later (and a lot of Tudor history burned into my brain) that I realized how very close the two services really are. Hard to believe so many good people of both faiths were so persecuted for their beliefs. But times were different. Personally, I think "casual Sunday" is a bit of a shame when it comes to attending church services; esp. the major events in a congregant's entry into the community of their church.

November can be a bad month for me, too. Daylight dwindles, temperatures drop, but more than that it's the unhappy anniversary of dear friend's death and even years later I still mentally keep track of "how many days until". So, I try to keep busy and I try to do things that make the "indoor months" more agreeable. Cleaning features prominently, and I still haven't quite figured out how the grime is only visible as daylight diminishes! It's definitely a month that requires me make lists. Lists of things that need to be done and lists that get check marks next to completed tasks... it keeps my mind from venturing to very dark places. Behold, the Julie Job!

OK, time to get some breakfast and get motivatin' on this day.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I had fun this morning shopping for Skyler's new wallet. He may lose everything quickly, but DH and I enjoyed the trip to the foreign currency shop.

Here's what we got:
(US dollar and Euros from DH)
Kenyan Shillings (50) = .70 cents (Canadian, but we're about par with US currency)
Egyptian Pound (5) = .98
Nigerian Naira (200) = 2.08
West African Franc (1000) = 2.31
Hong Kong Dollar (20) = 2.77
Chinese Yuan (Renminbi)(5) = .84
Mexican Peso (20) = 1.74
Russian Rouble (10) = .36

I'll need to check with DD about whether he has a globe or world map. I wonder if DS will have even 1 piece of currency upon his return from Haiti.

Time to make lunch.

Just one observation. As I type about Haiti, I am annoyed by the Estee Lauder and vacuum cleaner ads to the right of my screen. But then I think of Beth who wrote about nail polish being the best thing that she brought along with her on an earlier trip. It was a great way to hit it off with the local ladies!

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Since I was such a nit wit I posted on the wrong thread so here's last nights post.
No trick or treaters here either. We actually returned home around 8 last night from a weekend trip to the capital city for a family wedding. When my children were young we had to go out as soon as possible so that they could get back to hand out candy. I think they had more fun giving it than getting it.

The wedding was held at a lodge on a lake because of the size, we watched the ceremony from our tables.

The last of the garden peppers have been roasted and frozen. I also made an apple crisp with the last of the apples. All that’s left are a few carrots in the potager.

I also spent some time in the basement with the plants. So far so good! I decided to bring in my potted spearmint. I enjoy pinching it each time I water down there.

The fierce wind that we had last week for a couple of days blew my galvanized pails filled with sand and dried flowers right off the pillars. So I reconstructed them after work.

Kenzie wants everything under the sun for her birthday Chelone, A doll, some books and a CD is what she is getting from us.

The weather was nice after work so I chose to vote late and work until dark. So I must run and vote yet.


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I did pathway sweeping tonight as my after awfice chore, and a tad of deadheading too. We have wild swings between day and nighttime temps; I feel like I’m changing my clothes or adjusting the layers about 5 times a day, lol.

Baseball season is over -quite the doings here in Norcal with my team of choices’ arch enemy taking the trophy. I can’t even imagine the madness in SF tomorrow with the ticker-tape parade etc. And tonight I’ll watch election results for awhile , and then the TV is effectively off for the winter-book and movie season. I’ve already ramped up the movies, Up In The Air, Melinda and Melinda and an oldie , The Last Picture Show the last couple of weeks. And the book pile is embarrassingly huge.

Chelone, confirmation is 7th grade as I recall- 12ish 13ish ? First communion was 2nd grade. The Latin Mass was dispensed with in the 60’s as I recall. We were very much in favor of it at the time , but now I don’t know(not that I’ve been to mass in the last 30 years) it just seems so sterile. I guess when you were raised with all the trappings; the music, the incense , the latin prose it seems a little mundane now.

‘bug, nice job on the bankroll for Skylars wallet. I hope it goes over well ! And by the way , thanks for the missive on Gravel Watch, I’ll be reading it this weekend.

Michelle, out after work tasks are going to shrink after this weekend ! I’m usually home by 4:30 or 5 since I go in 6ish, so I hope I can still get some things done for the next few weeks. It will be nice to have the light in the morning though.

Ok, see y’all tomorrow

Kathy in Napa

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First haHd frost last night. I was out with the Hugest of Dogs and the helpmeet and the lawn was a tad crunchy underfoot, the car windows shimmered in the dim light cast by the outdoor lights. It's over.

Cat box activity has seen a marked increase of late, too.

Outdoor tasks have dwindled to mostly clean up which is frequently interrupted by frequent games of "ball". I would like the see the fence around the gaHden completed (finally) but hold out little hope of its accomplishment. Lights at the entrance and curve of the driveway seem unlikely, too. But sometimes that's how it goes.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I won't have to get someone to help with the Honey Locust pods. Nolon took care of them. The front yard is clean. There are still lots in the flowerbeds, and scattered far and wide...but none in the front 'lawn'.

I saw the Surgical Associate this morning, and an endoscopy is scheduled for the 29th. It was first set for the 22 until the nurse discovered that I would be spending my birthday cleaning myself out!!!! She did not think that was a good way to spend the day. Kind of her. :-)

The recent winds left a lot of twigs between the house and woodshed. So I raked them off this afternoon. I hate having twigs wrap around my ankles when walking out there.

Chelone, still no killing frost here, but there may be in the morning. I have brought in all the 'fixings' for starting the wood stove in the morning. I do not want to use up all our precious gas too early! It sure feels good in the mornings though. And the bedroom and kitchen areas are warming better with the hall heater. Haven't had to use the bedroom and utility room ones yet.

Oh...and the fall colors have improved! There is quite a bit of lovely colors showing up. I am so glad of that. But I haven't got out away from our place with my camera, where most of the color is.

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We've been using the stove intermittantly lately. It's a nice way to take the chill off and keep the oil bill down. It occured to me the other day that if I'm going to get the castings on the stove blacked this year I'd best get to it. It's important to be able to accomplish the initial burn following the paintjob with the windows open... blacking is fairly nasty when the heat first hits it. We've also decided that this is the year to replace the catalytic combustor on our oldest stove. The cat. allows ignition of normal fire gasses at relatively low temperatures, thus allowing a stove to operate very efficiently and emit far less in the way of particulate pollution. When we smell woodsmoke and the smoke from the flue is not pure white we know the cat. has reached the end of its life expectancy.

Marian, I concur with the good nurse; cleaning yourself out on your birthday doesn't sound like my idea of a celebration, either. A terrible waste of birthday cake, frankly! Nolon must have been a man on mission with the Honey Locust pods. Power to him.

Not much else to report, time to get rolling. I wish it was Friday. :(

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I've been using the wood stove almost daily. Outdoors has been cold and soggy. No garden work has been done lately, but I'm hoping that starting on Monday, things will gradually warm up during the daytime.

Today I managed a few errands. I went to pick up a book at the library at lunchtime, only to discover that they open at 2PM on Thursdays. Good grief, a crazy hour for me! Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Like Kathy, my book pile is quite high enough.

This afternoon I managed to carve my finger with a serrated knife. Fingers sure do bleed profusely! Drip drip drip... UGH! Anyway, all is well, but I was in a bit of shock and took a nap by the fire.

I made a few more photo books for Christmas gifts. So far I have:
Skyler Dylan Goes to Overnight Camp
Leo Joins Us!
Hi! I'm Ivy!
They have been fun projects.

No ideas for DH, but other than that, I feel that Christmas is all settled except for travel tickets! I really am uncomfortable seeing wreaths and poinsettias at the grocery store though....

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Friday-eve, packed and ready to head off tomorrow after work for a photo trip to the Other Wine Valley. A visit to DD is included , and I can promise a photo update of Mr Toddler. This is turning out to be my fall vacation, lol. One night in a town an hour and half away- I’ve given up on this year and begin to plan trips for 2011. I had hoped to go down to Monterey/Big Sur this month but just don’t have the time, too much going on !

I will be sure to check in from the road -sleep well friends !

Kathy in Napa

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Breezy here today and not especially warm. I try to do an hour or so of cleanup in the garden each night, but tonight I was just cold and skipped it. Saturday is supposed to be quite nice and for once I have no commitments and Kenzie won’t be here. So I have hopes of getting much accomplished. Sunday is Kenzie’s birthday party.

‘bug, the books sound like very special gifts. I’ve seen poinsettias as well. One was a hot pink, I guess the idea is that they don’t have to just be for Christmas. Today the one at the grocery store was called pumpkin something. It was red though. I can certainly understand your worries for you son. A mother never will always have some kind of worries about her children.

Marian, I’m glad to hear that you now have heat that you can use if you are unable or just don’t feel like hauling wood.

I’ve just finished making a cherry cranberry salad for a funeral tomorrow.

Not much else exciting here.


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Gloomy and rainy yesterday. Real raw, November weather... not so good for flagging spirits, but this morning it was considerably warmer as Rex and I ambled about the Compound on his first outing of the day. And today is Friday! :)

Work is full of really big, heavy dirty stuff these days. Just the sort of stuff I love. NOT. But it keeps me off the streets so things could be worse.

Wondering about Kenzie's cake, Michelle. I think we'll need some details and a little more explanation of the "hot doll" for young ladies of her age. For me, it was Chatty Cathy or an additional Barbie (the sort that looked like she'd hang out with Sinatra, Martin, and the rest of the Rat Pack, not the candy-ass version they sell now!). Pass the black bra, willya? Lol.

Breakfast is already being broken down in my primary gut and that's about "all she wrote" for now. Carry on.

(sorry about the "fingy", 'bug. Ow!)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Huge white things falling from the sky! I was hoping it was trees shedding. DH said it might be soap flakes. We're in denial!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I think 'bug's neighbors have a terrible case of dandruff. No other reasonable explanation!

Very cold here tonight. Fire in the fireplace, chili on the stove, dog on the feet and red wine in the glass. :)

(Notice she does not mention DH's bad 80's music on his iPod.)

I don't think I mentioned that I am taking another writing class. It was my turn to read my piece on Monday; I almost abandoned the project at the very last minute but the teacher and the class had very positive comments about what I had written. So I'm encouraged to move forward with it. I'm being deliberately very vague about what I am writing; it is fiction but I think I have a pretty original idea and I don't want it floating about in the cyber world.

Had some very sad news today; a friend of mine in the business passed away today at age 48. Far too young! If any of you have ever had Persicaria 'Red Dragon', Greg Speichert was the guy who introduced the plant. Greg was very talented, was very helpful to me when I was opening my own business and was just an all-around fun and interesting person to talk with. He'll be missed.

Time to stir the chili and the fire. Have a great weekend.


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V., that's very sad. My condolences on the loss of your friend. Talented and genuinely helpful people aren't supposed to exit this world so early. Great news on the writing project; are you still doing the blog thing, too?

It's important to keep the creative juices flowing. I think a lot of people miss that boat because they have some notion that they "aren't creative". Nonsense! everyone is creative, if they'd only assign it a level of importance and let themselves try.

I was wondering what constitutes "bad 80s music". I'm sure there was plenty of it but maybe I've just sort of tuned it out over the years? I'll be pondering that one for some time to come.

No sign of dandruff here. Only one really hard frost so far (complete with ice in the bird bath). This is the time of year when the marvel of the mighty north Atlantic makes itself evident, promoting relative warmth until the water temperature finally drops low enough to no longer greatly influence on shore temperatures.

I haven't fired up the Salon's stove yet, perhaps today. I have a few projects to attend to and it's supposed to be sort of blustery and chilly. I finally managed to get the tools hung up properly on the side of the chimney, looks nice, too. And it's time to begin twisting newspaper into little bow ties to facilitate ignition of kindling and keep a supply of those out there, too. There is no water in the Salon so the twisting must be done in the house... as one's hands get very grimey very quickly performing that operation.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yesterday the furnace man arrived to complete the installation. I believe there was something involving the old humidifier that needed modifying to work with the new setup. I'm not quite sure what was involved because he is a quiet old Mennonite fellow. He muttered about winter coming whether we are ready for it or not... It reminded me of Chelone's work place where there are seasons of heavy work because folks don't plan ahead. We planned on this work being completed by September...but obviously that didn't happen. It seems many furnaces are condemned and need instant attention, so things were delayed for us.

The library on the other hand was overly efficient, so the two books I had requested arrived at the same time. It will be tough reading both before the deadline. It is difficult renewing books when they are wanted by other book club members.

It is 23F at the moment. Has anyone else noticed the crisp clear sky with beautiful stars? I am in the country though, so see things quite clearly. At 5am Orion was magnificent.

Lots on the weekend agenda...but nothing special. Mostly Fall cleanup. (put hoses away, etc) I'll be cutting back Persicaria 'Red Dragon' and thinking of V and all those who lead full but all too short lives. One thing for me will be a trip to a special shop which finally has my ordered buttons. I've wanted wooden heart shaped buttons for knitting projects for years now. At last! (I think!)

I made banana bread for the first time in ages yesterday. Maybe that will be breakfast.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

All outside tender vegetation bit the dust here this morning. Our low was 30F. Now we are going to have a spell of Indian Summer. Okay with me. :-)

V, sorry about your friend. Much too young to die.

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A few photos from my mini-weekend getaway.I was on the road for a little less than 24 hours,I found that the fall colors are more advanced here in Napa County, so if there is no rain in the morning I will go out and get some photos here. None of Aiden ! He has named me 'Gee'..Maybe I'll do better Thanksgiving.

Sunset in Geyserville From Winery Gardens 2009

Vines on West Dry Creek Road near Healdsburg From Winery Gardens 2009

A beautiful day in Dry Creek From Winery Gardens 2009

Carneros From Winery Gardens 2009

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I made leaps and bounds in the garden today. It was a very nice day for November. Sunny and relatively warm. I cut back a large part of the gardens. I also shovel pruned a number of things that were under performers or had taken over their allotted space. Rick helped my put away all the garden furniture. Since we are well into November I'd best get things wrapped up. You just never know when the weather will change. It's been a lovely fall and its hard to cut the gardens back when they are looking quite good yet.

V, so sorry about your friend. 43 is awful young.

The doll that I picked out for Kenzie for her birthday is an Our Generation doll. Similar to the American Girl dolls without the ridicules price tag. She comes with a book and and extra outfit and lots of accessories. I thought she might enjoy something different than a baby doll which she has lots of. She likes to call her dolls "my daughter"

I'll make sure to take a pic of the cake Chelone.

I'm shot 8 1/2 hours in the garden is much more than I've done in a long time.


A few of the things that caught my eye as I worked in garden today:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What a visual! The difference between east and west coast photos is striking, each beautiful in its own way! As I study the long range forecast, snow appears on the agenda for the week of the 15th...on a fairly regular basis. Mind you, it is early to take the prediction seriously.

This morning with the time change it is hard for me to sleep beyond 5am. I'll no doubt be tired by 9am! ;) I should try for a number of productive hours in the garden, much like Michelle did yesterday. I hope DH can assist. We'll need to wait for the frost to vanish first, so perhaps I'll pick up a few groceries and household products first.

I was successful in my mission to locate buttons yesterday. I'm pleased with them! We also got rid of "junk" from around the property, pieces of metal, a partially filled gasoline container that appeared in the creek, and plenty more. An odd way to feel a sense of accomplishment - but whatever works!

The felines are still sleeping, which is due to the cold temperatures I suspect. Once the furnace kicks in, they move to the air vents. Once warmed up, they demand food.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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I only set the Salon clock back yesterday and did the rest of them this morning. I've been interested in the number of stories on NPR and the BBC about "daylight savings" and how it really isn't about "saving", at all. Cracked me right up... seems our brains are evolved to regard sunlight as a drug. What a concept.

I've alread satisfied the first feline "seating" of the day, 'bug. Now it's time to mine the catbox for the first time today. Buttons are very cool. And as the popularity of home sewing has waned in the past 25-30 yrs. so has the availability of really nice ones. And they're expensive! I've always been big on saving them (a holdover from Mum) and routinely remove them from garments destined for the ragbag. I string them together with string and put them into the button box. I rarely have to purchase them now. Nice buttons can really "make" a project, can't they?

I spent a thoroughly lovely day in the Salon yesterday. I puttered around, fussing over details, doing some piddly jobs, and organizing my thoughts about the next project out there. I made a nice new cover for a piece of foam that has been a "dog bed" for some time, recycling an abandonned acrylic boat cover for the fabric. And I lit the stove out there for the first time this year. I used the heat to take the chill off (high 50s), lit the stove and used that to keep the place in the low-mid 70s for the remainder of the day. Very, very cozy. I will be interested to see what the interior temperature is this morning since I simply shut the heat off after the initial run.

The foliage shots from Fantasyland are lovely. I imagine the vineyards are really a handsome sight in their yellow finery. I am always fascinated by the flatness of the background in your shots, Michelle. I can't even feature a topography so flat and so "wide". Amazing. Your gardens are so pretty, I like the little vignettes and cold survivors that linger on until it's really time to go to sleep for the winter.

I will have to check out Our Generation dolls so I'll have an idea of Kenzie's daughter... too cute. I trust you'll have the good sense to provide an adequate trousseau for your great-grandaughter. Christmas is coming, you know. ;)

Rex has realized that I'm awake and is milling around downstairs hoping I'll "take the hint" and take him out for the dawn Compound Cruise. Later!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Cold and very frosty here too this morning. Paws has already had breakfast and checked out the yard along with Ajax, but both have decided that the couch by the fireplace is a much better place to be right now. Tucky is gently snoring in TCS's bed, along with him, and DH hasn't stirred.

I like this quiet few minutes in the morning, usually with the paper and a cup of coffee.

Speaking of drugs, TCS's pediatrician has taken him off all of his medication except one, due to many unpleasant side-effects, including migraines and no eating. Although he was difficult to deal with yesterday (he is what I call a "spirited" child), he did eat a lot and went to bed at 8:30 old time and is still sleeping. Now to get the school to understand that a major part of his disability is that he simply cannot write. Part of his homework is to handwrite thirty words, and it takes him four hours. Cannot do. *sigh*

Your fall photos are lovely. The winter sun through the vines gives such a sense of pure yetllow - beautiful!

Michelle, your garden looks so lush for this time of year. Mine are looking a little dismal as I cut most things back a while a go and what I left, the deer and the frost assisted me. My Little Bluestem is the star of the front garden right now.

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, . It is hard to fathom the idea of a life ending so soon.

Cofee is ready, and I must off and start my day.



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I was pleased to discover that the Salon was still at 58 degrees this morning, even though the stove was stone cold (fully expected). I rekindled it and refilled the woodbox while waiting for it to come up the operating temperature.

We have a soapstone stove with a catalytic combustor to enhance clean, efficient burns. It's that feature that allows the smoke created by a normal burn to be ingnited at temperatures much lower than they normally would be. Once a fire is started the stove top thermometer must attain 250 degrees (which means the fire is burning at about 500 degrees) before the lever that engages the combuster is pushed in. This is effectively a by-pass that forces the smoke through the combustor where it is ignited producing more heat and fewer emmissions before it finally exits the stove and the enters the flue for release. Smoke from the chimney is generally pure white and there is no smell of burning wood. This is what makes it very efficient and allows it to get a stellar EPA rating. (I'm sure this fascinates you). :)

I wonder if "Little Bluestem" is the grass I have that I've never been able to identify. It is really pretty, lovely thin leaves with a blue-rose cast to them, about 24-30"H, and delicate "blooms". I picked it up a few years ago, it languished in a pot for a long time before I finally stuck it in the ground. It looks smashing with the Blue Star juniper and the Vaccinium corymbosum. It's very delicate and the color is just super. I love it and haven't found it in other nurseries locally. Maybe too subtle for most tastes?

Poor TCS; he must be so discouraged. No wonder he's "difficult". More beatings, Julie! Hang in there.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sarah punishes at her house. Skyler must write out WORDS when he is whiny, rude, tardy or unhelpful. His printing is poor but a zillion times better than bS (before Sarah) Skyler is so proud of writing out "I will put my bicycle away every day" 80 times that he took it to show his teachers. Sarah destroys anything of his she cannot read. Evil stepmother!

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Guess who is killing time until the fabric store opens today?

I never struggled with penmanship but several of my friends did. Any written exercise was a struggle and an exercise in frustration for them. I recall doubling my efforts to achieve a graceful, fluid hand when Santa put a cartridge pen in my stocking one Christmas, along with ink cartridges in several colors. It was so exciting to learn how to insert them, hold the pen properly so there was no ink left on the callous of my middle finger... . I wrote letters to my friends, did all my classwork with that pen... do you suppose Santa had an ulterior motive? ;)

Stepmothers are supposed to be evil, aren't they?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My Mom had terrible penmanship. I'd tease her that it looked like chicken tracks in the sand. She worked so hard at calligraphy to try and improve things. It would work for a while, but then things would lapse and she'd start over.

Sarah takes after her grandmother in the penmanship department, but that doesn't mean she doesn't recognize illegible when confronted with it.

I am amazed that printing is all that is taught. No more Palmer Penmanship these days.... Skyler cannot read longhand at all and he's in grade 6. He can't do anything requiring coordination at all. We all could use rulers and compasses by this stage. In fact we were required to. There was a space on report cards for penmanship.

Poor Skyler. When no one has expectations of any sort for you...look what you get! And Sarah really has to work at keeping her distance as she's not "allowed" to parent him. But she does share a house with him and is his chauffeur, so she manages to introduce him to certain ideas, like being proud of your work, being responsible for you possessions, or caring of others.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I have a wonderful "free" day today. DH left early this morning for a work-related trip, I went to church last night and there is nothing mandatory on the schedule today. I can make my list and tend to it as I see fit.

I'll putter around the house for a bit until it warms up outside. I think a walk to the woods is on the agenda for today. Maybe I'll do a little garden clean up, but maybe not. :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A good day so far!
The Aconitum is cut back, 4 wagon loads of chopped leaves are insulating the barn gardens, the tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants and beets are wheeled off to the compost heap. A load of laundry is finished and the dishwasher is humming. The fire pit has been tended to and a small load of groceries brought home. (an achievement when DH accompanies me!) It will be pizza for dinner tonight.

Our friend took Phoebe for a walk and they checked out the progress of the bridge being built on our road. Certainly not near completion was their verdict.

DD phoned to say that she is "OK - NOW!" It seems Ivy had gone in her room to get a clean shirt and the dresser fell down on her. Everyone and everything is fine except for nerves. Sarah is asking her DH to bolt it to the wall. Ivy is a climber and very physical! I'm still shaky just thinking about it. "I haven't run so fast in a long time" she reported, even though she played hockey with her team the other night.

It was a beautiful day, cool and sunny. I hope V did nothing much but soak it all in.

I took some bone buttons to my knitting shop friend today and thought of Chelone at her fabric store fingering wonderful bolts. I bought 2 pieces of fabric yesterday for my favorite 18 month old. One is white with ivy all over, and the other pale yellow with small bright fish in many colors. Now I need a pattern.

DH is preparing a talk for next week guessed it, the greening of the aggregate industry in Ontario. I suggested he brave it and say what he believes,and recognize the elephant in the room! Well lo & behold, I saw a page on his screen with 3 elephants, red, yellow and blue. I'm sure things will change by Friday, but it is bound to be a very lively meeting if all goes ahead with the colorful pachyderms.

The big excitement though is that I may be getting a cleaning lady once or twice a month. That will make me very happy if all works out well. We're going to test each other out on the 16th. This may be the push I need to clear off horizontal surfaces both high and low.

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Another rainy day here �"we are having a wet fall so far I must say. I hauled out the hated vacuum ,cleaned out a couple of desk drawers (JJ) and donned the raingear for grocery shopping. Of course the rain will be gone tomorrow when I am destined work . So it goes.

I decided to have 8x10 prints made of a few of the zillion plant photos I have in my computer and hang them in my awfice-I don’t know why I never thought of this before-I have no exterior windows and have to get up and walk to the door to see outside. Right now the décor there is decidedly baseball oriented , but there are a couple of posters I can take down to make room for some visual flora.

I’ll be happy at least to go to work tomorrow with some small amount of light, no more pitch black, at least for a few weeks anyway . There is some talk of nighttime temps dipping into the 30’s a couple times next week, and I still have my pop-up greenhouse in a box. If it’s dry for a couple of days I might take off work a couple hours early to come home and get it set up. There remains the issues of very mild heating and I think I’m going to use c-9 clear Christmas lights if I can find some that aren’t too cool.

Your garden still looks mighty nice Michelle; all my re-does this year are going to take fall interest into consideration. The winery gardens I visited yesterday in Sonoma county still look splendid too, though my biggest fall issue right now is the amount of shade I get before the leaves all drop. The answer to that is having the tree guy to come over and do some major pruning.

Julie, I hope TCS will react well to less meds, poor little guy sure has his ups and downs. Maybe he can’t write, but if he can type he should do just fine !
Being a Catholic girl , the Palmer Method was the writing of choice. Mine never quite made the standard, and what a lost art cursive will be. My handwriting has evolved over the years to a hybrid of printing and cursive, ands it’s fairly legible if I don’t try to go to fast. It bears very little resemblance to the Palmer style, in spite of the years of enforcement by the Sisters.

I have read Chelone, that Little Bluestem is the official grass of Nebraska and Kansas..I wonder if California has an ‘official’ grass ?

I smell woodsmoke if I go outside. In spite of it’s bad reputation, I do love it.

All for me on this day-hoping V did exactly what she wanted to !

Kathy in Napa

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A rainy, windy, stormy day is on tap. I was awakened in the wee hours by the bouncing of awnings as gusts of wind lifted them periodically. A stern reminder that it's time to take them down for the season. But not today.

I had to go to Orange yesterday. I returned with 8 spring clamps for the Salon, a new 25' Stanley tape measure, 2 more packs of 3/4" melamine edging for the tables, and butane ignitor for the woodstove. But, the real find was a new thrift store next to a fabric store. I prowled the aisles carefully, scoring 3 pair of jeans for 16.50 and two fabulous books on home decoration, sp. the draper's trade. They're having a 50% sale later this week... may have to swing by once more! We Americans certainly discard a lot of very useful stuff.

OK, baleful dog eyes have spurred me to don the foul weather gear and brave the elements. It's warmer than I expected it would be, but not really a fit day for man or beast. I noted that the covering of one of the woodpiles was blown off during the night. And there are several very sodden areas in and around the yard.

I think it's time for a shower and then a mosey out to the Salon. I have a project to finish up and I've been toying with remaking 2 drapery panels for the Biddy Suite for a long time now. This could be the day.

I hope the birthday celebration was all it was hoped to be and that the cake was delicious. And I hope V.'s day of leisure was every bit as delightful. Later.

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Good morning, friends. Everyone was up bright and early this morning as Nick forgot about the time change (or changing the clock on his bedside table) and woke everyone up at last week's time. :) Sarah was ready for a fight, lol, arguing that her clock said it was 5 a.m.

I've been reading along here and enjoying all the Fall foliage photos. My garden is long past looking like anything. I become overwhelmed with space - but I guess that is obvious. I like to garden in small "rooms" but making those rooms from a large expanse is mind boggling for me. Someday it will all come to me - hopefully :) I do see it in my head, it just seems overwhelming.

Anyway, I have all winter to dream.

Yesterday we finally bought the tickets for Christmas! We've decided to travel to San Diego as a family for our Christmas. On Christmas morning we will have a $20 gift exchange, and then by dinner time we'll be flying west. We're staying 8 days and I plan to make them count ;) The kids are so excited. The way we've planned it, we should be able to participate in all family traditions (this is very important) - I searched high and low for tickets that allowed us to afford the trip and still participate in the Feast of the Seven Fishes, lol.

Chelone, please be sure to keep receipts and make a list of all things that go into the Salon :) Those are called start up expenses. I used a spreadsheet to keep track. You can write them off in your first year of business.

I'm working on a business idea of my own, but I have one problem. I need a business partner. Someone who has an interest but no money, lol. I'd like to be in charge of most of the decision making, but I find that I like to work with people. I like to bounce my ideas around. I don't know how I'd find this person. Maybe wait. I have a novel beekeeping idea and I'm working on a business plan. I figure I have all winter to get ready to launch in the spring. I don't have to make a lot of money, just need to keep afloat (but hey, if we make a lot of money, I won't turn it down). I'm going to sign up for Bee School again, as it can't hurt and it'll be good networking.

I guess my wheels are really turning this morning. I'm going to go get ready, though, as I have many errands this morning. Have an inspired day, friends!


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Wow, so much to catch up on! I read all the posts, but won't comment on them all. Fun to read, though!

V, I am sorry to hear about your friend. He was way too young.

Enjoyed the pics, Michelle and Kathy...and the black cat, 'bug!

This past weekend, we went to a symposium at Mount Vernon. The speakers all spoke on Virginians from the Revolutionary period. "All Virginian Geese Are Swans" was the title from a statement by John Adams-seems Virginians like that idea. :). Very good talks and during the last one (on the decline of the Old Dominion), Michael Beschloss came in and sat down next to us-kind of fun. Seems he knew the final speaker.

Well, better get something for supper. Wishing all you who are up there in the cold north a warm cozy evening (hope that propane is doing the trick, Marian). Not too bad here yet.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Some folks are considering an Idyllunion in these parts so I thought I'd share this. The architecture is something I brought up before...

Here is a link that might be useful: Buffalo

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Saucy, I'm so glad you'll get a dose of sunshine this Christmas!

'bug, I loved the clip on Buffalo. I had no idea the city was that big...I remember the train station you posted a while back. We spent a lot of time walking my mom's home town in Mass., the abandoned train station, the huge warehouses idled alongside the river.

quick flyby. A Longwood hibiscus to warm the idylls.

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Blustery here today. Gusty, chilly, high overcast... the perfect day to echo Saucy's opening poem. Big seas, too... I reckon 8-10' and definitely not a day to be out on the briney; bet the seas are really big a few miles off-shore. A woodstove day, for certain.

Such a lovely Hibiscus... poor dear would wither in no time here. I wonder how Ein is faring? not that I really CARE, he is, after all, just a dog. 'tis the season for scarlet berries and burnt orange bittersweet. But the evergreens are taking centre stage and my appreciation for the diversity of the texture they offer is increasing by leaps and bounds. I am esp. fond of the ground cover varieties. And I've noted frenzied avian activity in and around the "Blue Princess" holly at the northeast coHnuh of the house. The flying gluttons are feasting on the berries, no doubt. But they're more important than Christmas arrangements so it's OK.

Not much else, I'm sorry to report.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just got a phone call from Haiti! What a surprise... There were at least a hundred children surrounding DS and so I understood very little. He's obviously in his element!

DD also phoned with details of Christmas giving. We will continue with Kindermusic for Ivy and add on Leo in another class for younger babes. Possibly they will also do gymnastics around the corner on Saturdays. Having activities so close by will be an enormous help. Ivy seems to be almost toilet trained and DD thinks that wearing dresses may help with the process. Amazing... I never thought I'd hear the word "dress" in their household.

Phoebe got to play with her friend Morgan today, so she's napping already.

Lots of sunshine here and also cutting back of plants. I hope this means an easy spring!

Lamb chops for dinner tonight. Yum.

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Just wait until her Daddy gets a load of Miss Mae Surprise in her finery. Bet the ol' pahty dress will become "de rigueur" in no time flat.

I can't recall the birthday but I vividly recall the dress... it was the color of cantaloupe and smocked across the front. At the waist was a brown velvet ribbon and bow and there was a dainty rosette in the same cantaloupe color to lend further importance to the bow. My father picked it out for me and I wore it at my birthday party (when invitations were sent out by mail and RSVP was still considered important). He picked the color because it looked nice with my copper colored hair... . That was the year I received "Chatty Kathy", who also had copper colored hair...

Mum was terribly afraid of swimming and it was her lot to have 2 kids who loved it! (Dad loved to swim and encouraged us). Sarah is anti-"frou-frou"... and so it will be her lot to have a little girl who likes to feel "pretty". And so it goes. :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just got a phone call from Haiti! What a surprise... There were at least a hundred children surrounding DS and so I understood very little. He's obviously in his element!

DD also phoned with details of Christmas giving. We will continue with Kindermusic for Ivy and add on Leo in another class for younger babes. Possibly they will also do gymnastics around the corner on Saturdays. Having activities so close by will be an enormous help. Ivy seems to be almost toilet trained and DD thinks that wearing dresses may help with the process. Amazing... I never thought I'd hear the word "dress" in their household.

Phoebe got to play with her friend Morgan today, so she's napping already.

Lots of sunshine here and also cutting back of plants. I hope this means an easy spring!

Lamb chops for dinner tonight. Yum.

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Hmm, my DD wanted nothing but dresses from about 3 to 5; I was sewing the things like mad using remnant fabric and cheap-o patterns. I can’t even imagine doing that now, my patience for that sort of task has evaporated- hats off to Chelone !

DS has another opening night tomorrow for the repertory theater�"I will likely go Friday night, or to the Sunday matinee-weather will be a consideration ! We are dipping into the 30’s at night now, the rain has cleared for a few days. Pop-up greenhouse is the top priority for this weekend. In the meantime, the Aeoniums and Echeverias are in the garage and plants are scattered about the house.

Bug, thanks you so much for the link on Buffalo, I had no idea that the city had such a rich architectural heritage. I will certainly look forward to seeing it if GardenWalk is a chosen destination. I think its almost time to start rattling the bushes for IU8 .

Looking forward to more details on Saucy Inc .

All for tonight, a potluck at work tomorrow so cooking must be done.

Kathy in Napa

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What - no pictures of Aiden??? The pictures that you did get are fabulous. I don't believe we have that color of sky in November. The colors here aren't as vibrant either. I think of my garden like a person aging and becoming softer in beauty.

'bug, how nice to hear from your son. I hope the chatter of the children calmed your spirit some. Kenzie loves to wear dresses.

Saucy, the CA trip sounds like a great winter get-away.

Denise, the hibiscus has such lovely coloring.

Chelone, I'm just pleased to hear that people bring their cast offs to thrift stores. It's really sad when good usable stuff ends up in the landfill. My grandpa and dad were in the recycling business. Mostly scrap metals. So it's in my blood. I had to laugh the first time we took Kenzie to a thrift store. She had a ball. I think garage sales are great ways to get rid of stuff you don't need but someone else can use.

Speaking of party dresses, here's the princess for a day.

The cupcake cake - Princess and the frog themed

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What a nice way to wake up. I am still giggling at the birthday pictures. How stoked was Kenzie? And I love that she has been introduced to the wonder of thrift stores and garage sales so early. It will definitely stand in her good stead over the course of her life! Brava! (I was in the grocery store the other day and there was a little girl who was tenderly carrying her baby doll as she accompanied her mother on her rounds. I thought of Kenzie.)

We had "bangers and mash" last night. I think lamb, though, is probably my all time favorite meat. I just love it.

I am reminded that the helpmeet and I need to plan some "get out" activities, Kathy. I think your son's love of theatre is just wonderful. I'll have to look into local theatre offerings and perhaps a Pops concert in the big city to the north of us. At this time of year we tend to become a tad too "hunkered down". If I put it all together and just tell him to get ready he'll be OK, if I try to involve him in planning he will grumble. Silly!

My parents always called today's holiday, Armistice Day. And the habit has stuck. I listened to the the marvelous Stuart McLean on Sunday (The Vinyl Cafe on NPR) and his stories included one that made my eyes well up and I also learned that the last man killed in the "war to end all wars" was a Canadian, from the Maritime provinces. He is buried in Belgium. Seems we never learn that war is a wasteful enterprise paid for in lives. We should indeed observe a scant 2 minutes of silence and reflection at the 11th. hour of the 11th. day of the 11th. month.

OK, I have to get dressed and get ready to spend an hour and a quarter in the Salon before heading to work. My resolve is to continue my 6 AM start time but do it my own shop. I have some tastey jobs out there and more time spent there allows me to consider what time saving things can be added for future convenience.

Ta ta!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

"Queen for a Day" was a favorite radio program I listened to when I was home sick...way back when. I don't think kids are home from school as much these days, at least not because of illness. I had chicken pox, whooping cough, impetigo, and "fevers", which must have been colds or flu. Anyway, I loved all the radio programs and also Cricket Magazine and crafts my Mom would get me. I was often home alone because Mom taught at the university as did my Dad. The radio was a great friend.

Princess for a day must be fantastic! I certainly never had anything like that. Bows, polka dots, PINK! Kenzie looks so delighted by gifts, food and all the adoration!

Chelone, Sarah's gift to us this Christmas is a set of tickets to see Stuart McLean live in the town nearby. Yes, many of his stories bring tears to the eyes as well as smiles. He is a tall lanky man with...well, that voice, perceptiveness, gentle approach to things yet at times biting outlook...and charm! Sarah has been to see him twice before and had a wonderful time.

The dresses from my youth were first those made by my grandmother, much in the way Kathy made those for her daughter. I remember a red one with daisies and a greenish one with skunks all over it! They had white round collars. It is hard to imagine that woman sewing anything. I wonder if she had them made? Later my sister and I chose dresses from the Sears catalog. (ghastly ones!)

Kathy, what is DS performing in this time? Good luck assembling the greenhouse!

Reed's garden turned out to be a Fall garden although I hadn't planned it that way. The ornamental grasses and Amsonia and Echinaceas have lasted a very long time this year. In any case, the time has come to cut it all back, so that will be one of today's projects. My own small remembrance day thinking about our little man.

Another sunny day out there! Enjoy!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Nana just loves receiving new photos. It is wonderful to see Leo's dolphin smile and dimples!

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Fatten up, slug!

"Dolphin smile", lol.


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It is dark by 5:30 - boo, hiss. I arrived home at 5:15 and took a quick walat. Then Jaden and I walked in the semi-darkness. I left work a couple hours early on Monday as it was in the mid-70's. I accomplished quite a lot of garden cleanup, seed collecting and garden shed organizing. Some of the shrubs have some lovely colors especially the Berberis thunbergii 'Golden Nugget' and 'Golden Carousel' both are gorgeous shades of orange, yellow and red.

What an enchanting smile Leo has and dimples to boot. Did I mention that I love black cats? Our first cat was black and named "Princess"

The son and DIL of my boss had a 2 lb 3 oz baby boy last week. What a long road ahead of them.

I made Spicy Chicken Romano for dinner from an internet recipe. It was quite good.

Have a good evening

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I have lots to catch up on here ..We are going to have a relatively nice weekend , and I have it scheduled to the max..the fall photo op’s are fleeting so tomorrow morning I am heading up the valley to take pics in a couple of spots that have particularly nice views. I hope to have some photos to share here and on FB and Blog-world.

The play ‘bug is ‘Art” by the French playwright, Yasmina Risa. It is a 3 character ensemble . The repertory theater at the college is producing it with a professional cast and a student cast (DS is in the student cast) which allows the students to attend the pro rehearsals and benefit from the mentoring there.

What a great smile that young man has ..

All that frosting Michelle! I think about the years we have followed our Ms Kenzie , and how she has transformed from a toddler to a little lady-do you still take the annual photo on the garden bench ? I don’t remember seeing it this year . That doll looks lovely too, nice to see a doll without exaggerated doe-eyes, make-up, big boobs and a bimbo-ish wardrobe. I counted 6 candles !

Ok you guys, sorry this is so short , but I’ll commit to some serious Idylling this weekend…and I still have planted no bulbs.

Kathy in Napa From Winery Gardens 2009 From Winery Gardens 2009

Here is a link that might be useful: Art

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Happy Saturday everyone!

Chelone, the history buff in me always thinks of it as Armistice Day, also. Not many seem to remember or care about why it is celebrated on Nov. 11th. Changing times roaring past the old folks...

Neat link on Buffalo, 'bug. I was also surprised at the architectural history despite having been there when I was about 10. Obviously, I wasn't interested in that at the time. More's the pity. Would be fun to return. I have also been enjoying the pictures and updates on the Haiti trip. I can imagine how wonderful the phone call was!

Michelle, love Kenzie's tiara. Thinking I should have one for my birthday-just to remind everyone who the queen is-ha. Love the princess dress and the cupcake cake. What a great idea.

Love the pic of Leo, too. Made me giggle. Babies are so happy. Went to a baby shower for a colleague last evening. After the mother-to-be left, all the young teachers from my old second grade team turned it into quite the raucous party. It was nice to be able to have some wine again-first time since DH quit. Lots of fun-actually stayed out until 10:30. I am usually in bed way before that! I miss working with those women every day. Hope I can switch back next year, but am not hopeful.

Took the screens out of the windows this morning. It always surprises me how much more light comes in without them. Very nice. As much as I dislike it being dark so early, I really am happy to be getting up in the daylight again. Hate leaving for work when it is still dark!!

Well, time for some Julie Jobs. DH is off to a meeting after a river clean-up this morning, so I can get some things done without being disturbed or feeling irritated that I am doing cleaning and he is not-not really fair because he does some cleaning, but still that little feeling creeps in at times.

Hope you are all finding fun things to do today. I love fall!

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An absolutely brilliant day, today. Really too warm for the date, but I took full advantage of it. I was "at the office" (as the helpmeet refers to it) by 6:30 (30 minutes late!) and did what I had lined up for the day, done by 10 AM.

I scraped the peeling paint off the plastic window surround on the "man door" that serves as the entrance to the shop. I sanded, wiped down with paint thinner, and reprimed it and got one coat of paint on it, too. If tomorrow is reasonably warm (mid/high 50s) I'll give it another coat. If not... we'll see how one coat holds up over the winter, won't we? :)

I cut down some garden stuff and hauled it out to the recycling/composting station. I played around with a new lawn boundry in the Fertile Cresent that would make mowing considerably easier and allow more garden area for the groundcover junipers to colonize. I put away the hoses. I stewed about how to address the stonedust area leading to the shop entrance and how to relate it to the planting we've proposed for the east side of the bahn. I put in stakes for the triad of Arborvitae "Dark American" that we want to plant next spring. I played ball periodically with that fool dog. And I scratched a lot of kitty chins and ears, too.

And, I scrounged two absolutely wonderful press back chairs from the side of the road on my home from my errands, too! (there were also 2 "patio furniture" chairs on Thursday AM). Why this reminded me of Eden and Michelle I can't say, but it did. Eden, if you keep getting deliveries of grandchildren I despair of ever meeting you in person at an Idyllunion. :) (happy for you, she's an Amazon!).

Excellent call on the garden bench shot, Kathy! I'd forgotten that... would be fun to see the progression. I bet it's great to be 6 and wear a tiara.

Cyn., an Idyllunion would be a very good fit for you, I suspect. Something tells me you'd play a mean bendy straw. I am reminded that removing the screens is only half of it... the other half is washing the windows. Soon.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

LOTS accomplished today. Lots of small things, but it is satisfying.

Cut back some plants, moved some hellebores. Then, after the dishes and cat litter jobs were done, I emptied the old Hoover and put in a new bag, also emptied the central vac canister and arranged for a repairman to fix it on our second floor. Got a new filter for it while at the shop. Took stuff to the dump and then helped DH Christmas shop for the kids. Bought a few nibbles - leeks for a soup and then a pumpkin pie. A really old man and I met at the Madarin orange table and decided we would share a box of them. He's not much older than me probably. ;) Anyway, sometimes it's fun when a friendly old soul strikes up a positive conversation.

DH had a miserable morning ordering tickets on line for our trip to Alberta. It took 1 1/2 hours of nonsense, but it is all organized and DONE! YEAH! Things are already getting quite hectic with parties and friends and so on. No time for reading or knitting it seems. :(

For dinner I guess I'll make plain pasta with DH's favorite tomato/beef sauce. I prefer no tomato sauce.

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Don't you just love productive days like this one?!

What will you get our lean/mean/ "slug" machine for Christmas? Clothing? little, soft, squishy toys? or toys that fit that description but are "dishwasher safe"?

I need to vacuum the house... . The floors and the rugs have that "faded" look; colors subdued by a film of pet hair that rivals Remay in its ability to cover everything...

No brag, just fact.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

"What will you get our lean/mean/ "slug" machine for Christmas? "

Well, DH got Leo a yellow rubber ducky. I got him some socks with fancy faces attached - for him to gaze upon. They come with velcro wrist bands as well. I bought him a baby outfit too. I made a photo book about his arrival, something for everyone to read and him to enjoy more when he is 10. By the way, Leo is at least 10 pounds now, so not too skinny at all. In fact, Sarah says he's the fattest of all of them.

I think we will have a mini-Christmas before Skyler departs for his Mom's place. I bought him a few small things (including the wallet) and made him a photo book about his summer camp experiences. Skyler will miss Ivy & Leo opening things on Christmas morning, but he is learning that life continues even when you are not present...which is a very hard thing for anyone to deal with. (His Mom will compensate for all that with materialistic goods.)

Now for DH. Does anyone have experience with a car vacuum? We could sure use one and I think DH might like one. If I find one that works well at a decent price, I would give it to him here and not transport it to Edmonton!

No ideas for DD & DSIL. I think I'll give some time in the kitchen and some food expenses. Other than that, our tickets there are not cheap!

Need to get started on pet sitters.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Today was a typical November Saturday, cold and rainy, so no outdoor work was even contemplated today. I met my former college roommate at a mall a few towns south of here and we put our best efforts into improving the economy. Since I only really clothes shop about twice a year, my effort was a good one. It was good to sit and chat with her over a leisurely lunch as well.

DH is gone pheasant hunting for the weekend, and he took the dog with him. It sounds awful to say that I miss the dog, but I am used to DH being gone!

I love the name Armistice Day and wish that they had kept that. It was interesting that the school districts around here did quite a mix of things. Some had Thursday as a day off with school on Friday and some did the opposite. I think those schools that had class on Thursday but held a significant observation of the holiday at school had the best idea. Most kids don't have any idea why they are getting a day off in November.

Hmm, there were some brilliant observations that I was going to share here - where did they go?

Ah! Big news!!! My television debut may be imminent! Seems that a well-known farm broadcaster has decided to film "Christmas in (insert name of my small town here)" and also has decided that our church will be used for the Christmas service. All of our choirs, including the handbells, will be filmed on a Friday night about a month from now. I'm not sure if it will be available on line or not, but I will post details when I know more. It should be an interesting experience.

Well, it's time to throw another log on the fire. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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70 degrees today and scapes on 3 of my daylilies. We seem to be in a wild swing between frost, rain and warmth. The plants are confused.

If anyone here did not receive my e-mail re: IU8 and wishes to be added to the list please advise ! Early returns suggest that Garden Walk Buffalo will win the day . And so great to hear from Mary !

Laundry was the mundane task du jour (big backlog too) but I took a couple hours off to go see DS’s play , and wow was he good ! I really try to be objective about this stuff; he invariably asks me for honest criticism and I try to provide it . This particular role was the most challenging he’s done so far .

Chelone, lol , more chairs ??? You are hopeless my friend, but I can’t blame you one bit. I am still so pissed at myself for passing up a roadside chair I saw a couple years ago-it was so unique and would have been well worth the investment to restore it.

‘’bug, I highly recommend a 1 gallon Shop Vac for your DH. I use mine for lots of other stuff too-baseboards, cobwebs, and the annual succulent vacuum, in which the detritus of Lady Banks gets sucked up from the crevices of the Echeverias and the Agaves. It’s lightweight, portable and has good power.

V, I await your show-biz debut. I should post a photo of the mansion-like chicken digs at Quivira Vineyards near Healdsburg-damn fancy, and one of the most beautiful veg gardens I’ve seen-though Stonewall Kitchen still wins the prize .

All for tonight, dinner and movie awaits..

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Kathy, give me a make & model# please. I have no idea what I'm looking for!!!!

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Look around here 'bug, mine is a 1 gal , but you'll see lots of options.

Here is a link that might be useful: ShopVac

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Hi everyone
As GB suggested I thought I'd stop by to say Boo. How fabulous to see the threads alive and well and full of chat and photos.

Probably the biggest change in our lives since I was here last was loosing our beloved Clousseau. He asked to go out at 9 PM one night a couple of months ago and ran his invisible fence chasing something. Ten minutes later we had a phone call that he had been hit by a car on a busy road in a direction he has never ventured to. He was alive when I got to him, but only for a few minutes. We all cried for days - he was 11 years old, but never having had a sick day in his life we weren't the least bit prepared to loose him. Life was so out of balance without a dog we knew we had to fill the void and are now the proud owners of little Zu-Zu - a 12 week old pug

She is the complete opposite of Clousseau in a delightful way and one of the friendliest little pups I've ever met. House training has gone well, except for DH's office which she seems to regard as a spacious public restroom (he's often in charge during the day). She likes her crate and never lets us out of her sight. Puppy training classes start in a couple of weeks and I shall check in with Chelone for canine advice:0)

Today Annie and I are playing with an ensemble in a recital (Vivaldi and Corelli) and as the morning was spent raking leaves I need a quick shower. I have my fingers crossed I have a clean concert outfit.

A wave to all, especially those I owe emails. It may be sporadic, but I will be back!!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Mary! Great to 'see' you! So sorry re Clousseau - such a tragic way to lose a canine friend. The new puppy is so cute - pugs are great little dogs. A new dog is never a replacement for a loved canine friend, but always soon finds its own place in your hearts. Welcome Zu-Zu...

Come back soon.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mary, wonderful to have you join us again! Beautiful photo too. Keep them coming when you can! Both Corelli and Vivaldi are wonderful to my ears.

I love the return of old friends. Heard from Honey as well! Just terrific.

This morning I cut back by half some of my clematis. They were just too messy. Still need to mound roses one day soon.

DH & I decided to have lunch at a mall and go our separate ways for errands. On our way, we just managed to hear Stuart MacLean on the radio, from Picton Ontario. He always has a magnificent commentary on each locale. Today was no exception and he also included reminiscences of small town Main Streets across the country.

DD will rue the day she asked for a dress for Ivy. Today Nana Marie was kept busy at 2 shops with 50% off on baby things. I did not hold back, except at a third store which had terrible trashy stuff. So I collected one plaid dress, one navy dress, one red long sleeved t-shirt with a big butterfly on it, a "onesie" with polar bears on it for Leo and a nice pair of socks for him as well. There's guilt there too as I'd love to send something to each Haitian and Nigerian child too....

DH was off buying lumber for a project and my one hour in a mall was killing. Loads of people...claustrophobic. My feet hurt. I noticed that the food court was quite interesting though with many nationalities represented: Greek, Indian, Asian, sushi, crepes, KFC and NYFries. The last two I can pass on. But I did buy myself a few very nice chocolates. I also noticed that the candy shop sells chocolate Scrabble and Monopoly games. Something new every year...

Again, a phone message from DS who called on his way to NYC. One day soon we will actually connect I hope!

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Here I am in a t-shirt on Nov 14, I feel like I’ve been transported back to San Diego. Because of the warm winds that started last night , things dried up enough to do a little shovel pruning, and weed pulling. I bought a small but sturdy salvage farm table last week that is installed in the family room for a group of the tender begonias and succulents. The table is robust enough to support clay pots , which is what most of my container plants live in.

I also spent some time today working on my computer photo files, what a mess . I didn’t know what I was doing when I first started using Picasa , and the organizational mistakes made then still prevail. This situation fits nicely into Julies Every Annoying Thing program,. Lol.

((Mary)) very sorry to hear of the loss of your Clousseau …and so very glad to see you here on the Idylls again. What a cute little thing that Zu-Zu is ! And LOL poor DH and his awfice nee’ loo !

Laundry calls …

A bloom taken this morning, crazy ! And look at all those buds ..

Kathy in Napa From Garden Fall 2010

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Some cute pictures...

Misty needs her face washed so she won't look quite so much like a vampire!

Randy was teasing her with a cookie from the fresh batch:

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Wow-I can't believe Kenzie is so mature looking! Beautiful as ever too,Michelle: ) I guess everything is relative though...I've been away as long myself-where has the time gone?

Kathy I love your pics! I love when a photo makes me want to be there-it looks so serene and calm there ...makes me want to lolol.

V-I'm sorry to read of the loss of your friend~much too young. I will look for that persicaria.

Mary I'm sorry I had not been aware of you losing Clousseau and in such a traumatic way-that had to be so difficult. No way is that David looking grown up too??? Glad you have Zu Zu to love!

'Bug-wait-who's Leo? Is this your DD's baby? He's so handsome!

Hope all are doing well here in Idylland. I know I can't catch up but I just wanted to say hi and add that I'm experiencing the sandwich generation hands-on with Chris' mom these days. I knew it would happen but it still unsettles me. Chris' mom fell and broke her shoulder two weeks ago-she's been a double amputee for 5 yrs. Tuesday she will have surgery to replace the shoulder...healing and rehab take a good long while. At any rate she is in a nursing home now and ironically we feel such relief at that because it's been a constant worry that she would one day fall. Now she is in better(capable)hands.So that's it in a nutshell. How weird it is to feel such a sense of relief considering what has happened and what will come. She's been so stubborn which can be good for survival but it also creates such stress and depressive feelings for Chris as he has worried she'd become seriously injured for so long now. His sister still doesn't help~very common in so many caregiving families. Between parenting our kids and tending to my MIL it's been hectic to say the least. We manage.
AJ & Ryan are great. Aj loves high school and is involved in drama club(stage crew) and the golf team-he's gotten high honors for his grades so we are so happy with it all. Ryan is doing just as well and I try to hold onto those moments of him being just 9. I know it's about to slip by(like it did for AJ) and then he'll be dating girls and driving...eek.

To attempt to balance the stress in my life I am taking each speck of free time to create wire wrapped beach glass jewelry and I'm taking a stab at trying to sell it a craft fair fundraiser at AJ's school...problem is that it's hard to sell the ones I really like : )

I'll try to touch base when I can...then again I wouldn't be shocked if anyone said who the #$%% is Babs! lol.


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What a day Mary and Babs both popping in. Great to hear from you both!

Mary, so sorry that you lost Clousseau. The new pup will keep you all hopping I’m sure.

I’m sure that both you and Babs are busy with the kids and all the activities they have these days.

Babs, you always make me smile with your posts. Sorry to hear things are not going well for Chris’s mom. You seem too young to be dealing with those issues.

Kathy, how that you are still getting blooms. I see some alyssum peeking out from under the snow if that counts.

We awoke to a couple of inches of snow yesterday. It was hard to stall Kenzie from going outside. Finally mid-afternoon I relented. We made a snowman, snow angels, tracks and ate snow. For her birthday I gave her “The Girls Book of Flower Fairys” It has a fair amount of fairy craft ideas. We made fairy wings, a fairy crown, tissue paper flowers, a fairy purse and a map of fairy places. The purse and map were made to look like leaves. We also baked a pumpkin pie, played games �" I’m exhausted!


This years bench picture.

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Hello again

How wonderful to see Kenzie looking so grown up, sweet little Misty and Kathy's blooms. It's like coming home again:0)

Babs - Annie too loves stage crew and just finished building a set for The Crucible. She has become quite handy with power tools. She also really enjoys the camaraderie of the crew compared with the high drama that can accompany the performers. One of the crew's faovrite activites after performances is to head to Ben and Jerry's for "The Vermonster".

David continues with his passion for classical guitar and also enjoys his double bass. In fact this week he has his first "job" subbing for his bass teacher in the matinee performance of a Johnny Cash musical. It means a full week of rehearsals (and a ton of driving for me) but he is super excited about it.

I just came back from a walk with zu-Zu. Pugs can turn into real couch potatoes and tend towards obesity so exercise is real high in my books. Unlike Clousseau who loved nothing better than tearing through the woods in any weather, Zu-Zu is a little more delicate when it comes to walks. She will sit down and refuse to budge if it is the least bit cold or she's feeling tired. As one book said, never walk a pug further than you are willing to carry her. However, she's up to about 1/2 a mile and nothing is cuter than those little pug legs going back and forth as she trots along.


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Our warm spell continues here, we actually turned on the AC this afternoon at the awfice as it was nearing the 80 degree mark . I think tomorrow is supposed be substantially cooler and rain is expected for late in the week.

Hi Babs ! I’m sure we’d be happy with a quarterly post from you at this point ! And of course photos of the jewelry creations would be a bonus too.. My late FIL was in a care facility for quite awhile too, in his case I think the entire family felt that he was his own worst enemy , injuring his shoulder several years ago and refusing to follow Drs orders for therapy. It was all downhill from there, so unfortunate since there was really nothing wrong with him , but his resistance to staying active really compromised his health.

Michelle, cute pic of Kenzie !Is that ‘Ramona’ she’s holding ?

Lol Mary, I remember encouraging my DS to do stage crew activities when he was in HS , assuming that he was too reserved for acting,yet knowing he loved the theater.. I sure turned out to be off base on that . He auditions for everything .

Ok I have to figure out some dinner..nite all !

Kathy in Napa

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'Ramona' it is!

I love how so many of the Idyll children are into the fine arts. My kids participated in music and a little theater but it wasn't a love for sure. Kenzie on the other hand sings all the time. Its fun to play music around the house and a bit later hear her singing what she had heard.

Mary, a "job" sounds very impressive. I remember how much dedication it takes on the parents part.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

First, today's outstanding victory! Our friends have won their 13 year battle against pit development in their area. Such hard workers and so expensive too! More below. The decision seems to have been made for many of the right reasons as well. WOW!

On much less grand a scale is my own issue, also involving hard work, namely preparing for a cleaning lady! I'd forgotten about all the preparation, but at least this has me moving in the right direction. Two year old piles of papers and receipts have made it to the fireplace for burning! I have bought new buckets, sponges, cleaning products, etc. I have swept a couple of rooms too, thrown away a broken laundry basket. Fortunately she will only tackle the first floor this time. We'll see how things go tomorrow. It amazes me what a mess two people can accumulate. And I'm the one who likes throwing things away...

Made it to the library, the pharmacy, the hardware store and an underwear shop. Really working at this organization stuff. I'd love to throw away most of my clothes too and clean out the dressers. We'll see about that too.

Good to see Randy & Mysty! Ms Zu-Zu is a cutie too. Need to see Stella again soon as well. The little children have turned into handsome young people: Just look at David and Kenzie!!!

Yes Babs, Leo Spencer is DD's little guy, now over 2 months old. Ivy is over a year and a half now. She is so much fun to listen to on the phone. She talks and talks and talks and no one has a clue what she is saying and they haven't found the "off" switch either. Today she pulled on Indy-dog's ears and immediately went to the stairs for a self imposed time out and a whimper. Crazy girl! She went to her room to get "Baby Bunny" and gave him kisses. Then Bunny gave Mommy and Indy kisses too. Can't wait to see her in December!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: CCC

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hi all! Happy Wednesday!

Miserable sloppy day here today, but I can't complain, we have had a wonderful fall this year. It is supposed to get cold with a vengeance tonight, and then we will be in for it until Spring.

Now that Hallowe'en and Remberance Day are over for us in Canada, it is time to think about Christmas....DH is not into the holidays so much, but this year he has bought some outdoor lights for our trees (!!!) and has gotten out some Christmas cd's (!!). We often have soft music playing here in the background. I have been looking over my Christmas baking recipes - that is one thing I love about this time of year. I make about ten different Christmas treats, and often give tins of them for gifts...

TCS is once again on new meds, and I am very pleased with the results so far. He is finally actually eating, and is also sleeping very well. In just one week he looks 100% better, and the daily behaviour log from school is extremely positive. I hope this continues - We are focussing on physical activity a bit more. He will get a mini trampoline and hockey stick for Christmas, new skiis, a snow block maker, and of course, books. DD has found some great science kits that are meant for older kids, but he thrives on them and that is what she will get for him. He is also swimming one-on-one at the local pool on Friday nights.

Lucky you, Bug, a cleaning person! It sounds funny that you are cleaning up for the cleaners, but I alwys told my family when we had someone coming to clean that they can't wash the floor if they can't find it! I really enjoyed your series of posts on Haiti, and your description of the gifts for the kids sounds great.

I spent a good part of yesterday sewing, mending mostly. I quite accidently discovered that my machine is actually a free-arm machine when it sort of came apart when I was setting it up. I can just see Chelone rolling her eyes as she reads this *LOL*

Mary! How great to see you back again! I am so sorry to hear about your little Clousseau. It may be of some small comfort to know that the last sounds he heard were of your loving voice. The pug looks adorable! Did you say that you are near Rochester? We are not so very far apart then as we are about an hour from Brockville.

I thought about Sue yesterday when I heard a small scurrying sound under my barbecue cover. Was it Grill Mouse? no, it was a breeze and leaves. We have Birdhouse Mouse instead...

Gee Kathy, air conditioning and blooming daylilies? Awesome. It sounds as if your DS is having a great time with the theatre. And obvioously you are enjoying it immensley. Isn't it great when someone finds a niche?

Hey, who the #$%&!@$ is Babs? *LOL*

Wow, is Kenzie ever growing up! What a great idea, to take a photo of here on the same bench every year. What a great album that will be for her when she is older. What fun, I wish I'd thought of it!

How are you doing, Woody? Vampire dog indded. She doesn't scare me!

The Julie jobs are getting done, but not so much the EAT program. The more stuff I chuck the more the Philistines bring in....It is never-ending. What a bunch of consumers!

The Federation of University Women holds a fund raiser each year here in beautiful Perth in the form of a house tour, with many historic and beautiful homes fully decorated for Christmas. Last year the home of a friend was featured, and she asked if I could spend one day sitting as a volunteer in her house, which I did. I was rewarded with a half price ticket for that tour, and am really pleased that the group called me last week to see if I would volunteer to sit again this year. I am going to see the home I will be in this afternoon, with a tour, a history, and of course, a half price ticket for this year's tour. Really looking forward to it, I love older homes!

That's it for now,



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We have fierce winds and rain today. Gloomy!

But I am quite delighted with my new friend Debbie who managed to do a great deal of clean-up around our house in only 2 hours. My goodness, what energy. It seems she had cleaned another house in the morning, and at 3PM was off to a third place! In addition, she works at the Post Office unloading trucks etc... So why can she accomplish more than I do in my own home??? Well, she's younger by a bit, but not much. She has a 31 year old daughter and lots of family issues to deal with like everyone else. But the mere fact of her coming here energizes me. Several of those everlasting piles of papers near the phone are gone, the island table in the laundry room is almost cleared off, etc... I want to attack my dresser drawers and closet space this week too. Maybe she is related to Julie?

Activities are building up as we get closer to Christmas, but in addition I'm booked for an emergency check with the dentist and other boring stuff. I still need to do some final garden work as well. There have been some nice wood stove moments in our family room of late!

Hearing from Babs, Honey, Jerri, Mary, V, Marian, Cyn...WOW, what a treat!
Hope things are going well for all! Thanksgiving is fast approaching for you Americans!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Christmas came early for Randy today... He's been hankering for a new guitar (a Taylor DN3 if that means anything to anyone...) They were one sale at a local guitar store so we went by and got one! Also, LL Bean had a 'no shipping charges for Canadian orders' sale so I had ordered him two nice wool sweaters, which came today.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Can't wait to tell Ric! We're so busy, but need to get together soon for a concert, a dog meet or a dinner!

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Hey everyone! I'm back online again. I've missed reading Idylls but honestly I didn't miss being on line to much, and I have been getting the Julie Jobs done. Still aways to go yet though.

I'll never be able to remember enough to comment to everyone. It really is great to hear updates from missing Idylls. Sorry to hear about Clousseau though Mary. Zu Zu is a cutie and David looks so grown up. Congratulations to him on his first job too.

Babs, good to hear from you too. I do understand the relief you feel about having Chris's mom where she is being looked after. I think about you every time I watch a concert on tv that is filmed at Hocking Hills. They seem to do a lot of them there. Isn't that near where you like to vacation?

Bug I'm pleased to hear you like your cleaning friend. I have been working my way through a deep cleaning and organizing session. The price I pay for spending my summers outside.LOL I also enjoyed reading the Hati experience.

And of course I always love seeing pics of the kids and dogs.

Woody, I am happy for Randy getting his guitar. I was looking at Taylors before I just happened to pick up a certain model Martin that I loved the sound of. I have been enjoying playing again now that I'm in the house more.

I'm still trying to get out for my walks most days,but have to be careful now that it is deer season.
My bone density test came back positive for osteoporosis so I definetly need the weight bearing exercise.

Julie, it's good to hear the new meds are working for TCS. I hope it continues to be helpful.

Kathy, I had a late blooming daylily too. It was a pink one called Final Touch. I still have some petunias in a protected spot by the front porch blooming. We are so dry here it is bad. It sprinkled enough last night to dampen the dirt and that is all. Niki came in so covered with dust yesterday afternoon I had to give her a bath. It wouldn't even brush out.

I had to go in to the doctor for a physical and new perscriptions and had a flu shot that I got a reaction from. I already had a scracthy throat and that just really set me off. I'm still not up to par, and tired of wiping my nose.

Going to close out for now so I don't lose my post.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Randy will be interested in Ric' opinion of the new guitar.... If you have free time between now and when you head out west, let us know and we can set up a dinner date here. Dog meet too if we get together while it's daylight... Blue arrived on Monday, staying until Dec. 20. His 'parents' are at their condo in Mexico until then. We had a couple of walking/socializing dates with Copper in the past month to introduce her to Blue. Blue can be iffy with other dogs and Copper's owners need some dog-sitting near the end of Blue's stay - Copper is so suspicious of people she doesn't know well that she's not a good participant in things like Christmas parties! Blue seems to have learned to tolerate Copper but still does 'grrr - get out of my face' when she crowds him a bit. But we're reasonably confident that Copper could pop in for a visit without any significant fireworks! Blue would probably react to Phoebe in much the same way. Introductions are best done in daylight though I've found. Liam and Blue are good buddies. They are both frequent visitors and have overlapped enough times that they are comfortable with each other. They were both here a couple of weeks ago and when Liam's 'mother' came to pick him up, Blue thied to get in the car too!

    Bookmark   November 18, 2010 at 7:15PM
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Good evening Idylls.. the ‘heat wave is over here and a cold rain storm is on it’s way , snow levels will move down to 3000 ft…here on the left coast of California , snow is a high elevation event, snow at or near sea level is rare indeed.

I’m lining up the long neglected movie and reading list, and thinking about tackling the dreadful garage.

I’m sure my DS would appreciate Randys new guitar Woody, though his ‘acting’ gigs have superseded the music in the last few months.

Norma, my BILs in Oregon have had very little frost too, I think it’s been a warm fall all along our coast. I have only turned the heat on in the house a few times so far, and still persist in keeping the house opened up as much as possible. I think we are in for a rainy winter, which will make all my shovel prune and plant moving plans a bit of a challenge.

Julie, glad to hear the meds are doing their job for TCS..One of my JJ’s for this winter is painting DS’s room, which is abysmal , and requires some cooperation on his part. The carpet needs to be replaced too.

Jealous of ‘bugs cleaning helper.

All for tonight !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Norma! Glad to hear from you. So sorry about your throat. DH feels that all his problems began with a flu shot last December....

About osteoporosis. I'm told a LOT has been researched recently on this and that bone density is no longer the prime test, but rather the fracture likelihood which varies per person. Lots of vitamin D along with C and lots of weight bearing exercise are suggested. A good diet too of course.

Oh dear, Ric is curious about Randy's guitar, but has no idea about what a Taylor DN3 might be. With his throat out of commission, he's done little voice or guitar work. We leave on the 20th, so I'm not organized yet around pet sitting and holiday events etc. DS has me building a blog for his school too. I'm soooo weak at computer stuff! Le sigh.

Kathy, $15 an hour for 2 hours every 2 weeks. It really is good for the soul.

Tomorrow, the dentist. A new one, and new problems. Je soupir!(I sigh....)

DD tells me of the frightening accident which DSIL's niece experienced last weekend. Black ice was the culprit! Car rolled twice through a creek and she landed right side up on the other side and extracted herself from the vehicle, sopping wet. She is 19, alive, and bruised in several ways, but otherwise just fine. No one even cares about the car at this point!

DSIL returns tomorrow from a course on survival from helicoptor crashes in water. A friend of DD's took this course last year and loved it. It gave her great confidence. At 5'2' and about 100 pounds she learned to assist a 6'6" unconscious 220 pound passenger out of a crashed plane. They practice in swimming pools!

I'm too old for all this, but I think I'd like to refresh CPR in the new year.

Ivy started saying YAYAYAYAYA this week, without prompting. Brings tears to my eyes, but shows she is definitely Reed's little sister.

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Good morning

It must have been a busy week for the other Idyllers too as I'm not too far behind. Julie - great to see your posts again, and Norma!

Love the photo of Randy and his new guitar. A musical instrument is something that will give years of pleasure. I've often thought that if we had to leave the house in an emergency I'd grab the pets, the passports and our instruments.

This week has been something of a killer as the driving back and forth to David's show adds on to an already long day. I often had to rouse myself from deep sleep for the 10PM drive. Adding in I've come down with a cold and DH is out of town it seemed a long week. However, this morning I got to sleep in (as much as a new puppy and crowing rooster allow) and it felt great.

Yes, one of the new girls, a beautiful red silkie chicken has turned out to be male. As we cannot keep roosters here he is going to join a friend's flock on Sunday. I'm sad as he is quite beautiful and very gentle and one of my favorites. I've missed so much but wondered if there are pictures of V's chickens anywhere?

Coffee calls, and we have another busy day ahead so I need to get going.

Till later!


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Hi Everyone! I have been gone a lot the past two weeks. First I went to Alexandria VA to see my best friend from 8th grade. When we turned 50 we said we were going to make it point to spend the weekend together once a year. It was so fun to catch up with her. I rode down with a friend who split from her husband after 30 years of marriage. I think that happens a lot, I seem to know a lot of people my age who are rethinking the rest of their life. It could be the economy, people who are out of work are doing something that they always wanted to do, but couldn't leave their profession, but if your profession leaves you, it's a chance. Anyway, I got back late Sunday night, and got up early Monday and rode to Raleigh with Skip, got back last night around 1AM. I don't like to travel so much at night anymore. I can remember when the kids were little, we used to drive all night while they slept, and actually planned long trips around that. Anyway, the weather was gorgeous in both places, I was wearing a tee shirt yesterday. Sunny, beautiful. It is a gorgeous ride through the mountains too. There was a 77 car and semi pile up on 77 on our way down, so we had to go some side routes. It took 3 extra hours, but I was just thankful that I wasn't part of it.

Mary! I can't tell you how glad I am to see you back. I have been thinking of you and hoping all was okay. So sorry to hear about Cousseau, but how nice to see Zu Zu. Little cutie pie. Glad all is going well with you. I look forward to seeing your crafting projects.

Babs, another welcome back to you! Glad everything is going well for you guys, and sorry to hear Chris' mom is having health problems. My mom was just in the hospital for two weeks, now she has PT people coming in to her home in a steady stream. I think she enjoyed the attention in the hospital, but is getting fed up with them coming to the house nonstop. She likes to pick and choose when she communicates with the outside world. Not a people person, and she likes to read her books and stay in bed. All this movement is totally against her nature. She used to tell me when I was a kid, too much exercise will kill you. She was serious, LOL.

Woody, nice pic of Randy, Misty and his new guitar too. Glad things are going well for you guys. I so enjoyed our visit.

Norma, good to hear from you, too. Osteoporosis is on my horizon, I think you are freckled with fair skin like me, right? They say that fair skinned people are prone to it, and I had a test that said I was below average for my age as far as bone density. I do think they have some good medications now. I have been trying to lift weights, but can't do lunges, etc because my knees are not cooperative.

Kathy, next time I come out your way, I am going to go to Flora Grubbs if I can work up the nerve to head into the city. She has the best pics of succulent wreaths for the holidays, and the pics of her brother's wedding are gorgeous.

Chelone, you are making a lot of progress on the salon project. You must be getting closer to your goal. I am excited for you.

Well, I wanted to write more, but I need to get moving and make some $$$.

Take care!


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It's Saturday finally!

I really need to go outside and finish up the garden clean up. 25 degrees and breezy doesn't sound appealing. With next weekend being Thanksgiving weekend, it really needs to get done today.

I guess it has been a busy week, I see that I haven't posted since Monday. We had commitments several evenings.

Mary, at least your rooster has a home where you can see him.

It looks like "Baby Bunny" is well loved - what a great picture.

Julie, I'm glad to hear that the new medication is having positive results.

As for Christmas I don't get into it at all under after we have enjoyed our Thanksgiving celebration. I think its such a nice holiday that gets somewhat ignored. Maybe we should move it to the earlier date the Canadians have.

I have a busy Thanksgiving on the agenda. Several meals with my side of the family, a meal with Rick's family at our house, shopping with my sisters, mom and SIL and a baby shower.

I'd best bundle up and head outdoors.

Enjoy your day

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Happy Saturday Idylls, I have to work tomorrow (annual inventory hell) so trying to make the most of this rainy day, though it was off to a rocky start �"fixing to come downstairs this morning and there was some ruckus to be heard �"arrived to find three of my recently moved-inside plants on the floor, plants and pots in various states of damage. The clay pots were smashed up, the Aeonium was broken, dirt all over the floor , and Doobie looking on in what I assumed was feigned innocence. My first reaction (after the verbal ) was to make a nice pot of Peets French Roast. Swept up the mess, rescued cuttings from the variegated Cuban oregano and the Aeoniums , and had breakfast. Next step was the hated vacuum. However the discovery of a SKUNK , sleeping peacefully in my family room, under the end table changed my plans. I apologized to Doobie, who clearly was smart enough to stay far away from his visitor (thank god) and pondered my next move. Shoo-ing him/her out was not an option, and I also decided against vacuuming. I decided to open up all the exterior doors in the immediate area and put the catfood outside as a lure, and then left the house to run errands. It worked ! I can home an hour later and he was gone�"Ai �"yi-yi, I thought I was going to have to co-exist with the critter til nightfall due to the nocturnal issue, but I guess my absence and the cat food stirred him to skee-daddle. Guess I better increase security to code orange.

Drema, just take the ferry to the city and get a taxi ! voila, no driving up and down those hills, lol.

Mary , you are such a good Mom, staying up past 10 every night would do me in ! And of course it’s impossible to just come home and go to sleep, as a wind-down period is needed.

Okay, back to work…

Kathy in Napa

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Roosters, Skunks ! Oh MY !

LOL Kathy, thank goodness the skunk didn't get defensive.

Drema. I am freckled and fair skinned, also my mom had severe Osteoprosis. Glad you got to enjoy some nice weather while traveling. I don't like traveling at night anymore either and Bob gets downright cranky if we don't get settled in somewhere by eight. How are all those grandbabies doing?

I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year for the first time in about three years. I hope I can pull it off. Lately I tend to overcook things, if I cook at all.

Michelle I really wanted to get outside today too. I have some daffodil bulbs that need replanted. I didn't make it though as it took me a second day to clean the basement. I was only out long enough to wash the outside of the windows. Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow.

Mary, It would be tough to have to go back out at ten when you are tired. Is Annie driving yet? I can't remember if she is old enough yet.

Good evening all. Norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is a blustery cold Sunday here. I have spent the morning working on many things:
-preparing a leek/potato/apple soup for tomorrow evening's book club
-supervised the caging of shrubs, the mounding of roses (and the addition of moth balls)to deter the critters over the winter. DONE!
-answered urgent emails and made lunch for DH.

DD phoned and Ivy and Leo were there in the background. Ivy said something which I interpreted as "Hi Nana Meo". Sarah was startled because it was the first time she had strung words together.
Here are my sweeties:

A big belly laugh...

I have been working hard to start a blog for a shool in Haiti. I know zero about computers, so to say this is a challenge is a huge understatement. The idea of "building" a school is not about hammers and nails and wood, but about energy, effort, coordination, enthusiasm and so forth. So communication between people who care and those in the field should help. I am so touched that people from this forum have contributed $400 so far, and this will allow the school to function for half a month! This means so much to many, and HUGE thank-yous go out to you. It is hard to imagine that this school is an hour's plane ride from Disney World in Orlando... I'll post my beginning effort below for you to see. Today a big meeting takes place at the school at 3PM. I am hoping for good results!

And now I must get some nibbles and things at the store, then prepare a dessert for tomorrow's meeting. We'll discuss the Mistress of Nothing which I really enjoyed!

Enjoy the last moments of your weekend too!

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Cute pictures of the kiddos Bug. You make some interesting soups.

I grocery shopped this morning, and am just back in from my walk. I'm up to three miles. It is warm and windy and Rebel tuckered out quickly. I think like me, he perfers the cooler weather of earlier morning. I don't think we will have to worry about that much longer as our weather is about to change again to more seasonable. I do hope we get some rain too.

I saw two deer while I was walking. I have seen many more while walking that DH had seen while hunting. LOL

We have filled the bird feeders and Niki is practically camping out near it. I would put a bell on her but she is doing a good job on the mice and voles so I hope the birds will be vigilant.

Off to play guitar while Bob is in the woods so I can make all the noise I want.


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Cold here and mixed with rain made this morning's commute a bit slippery.

Saturday's garden cleanup might not have been pleasant weather-wise but it was extremely productive. I'm calling it quits for the season.

Kathy, that was quite an adventure you had with the skunk. Great job of solving the problem. You must not have been too startled to see him. I think I might have let out a squeal.

'bug, those first sentences are just so fun to hear and you can just tell from Leo's picture that it truly is a belly laugh.

Norma, 3 miles is great! I've been slacking off with my swimming and walking. I'll have to hit the treadmill now that we have this ice.

Off for at least one Julie Job for the evening.


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Good morning friends!

It took me a good bit of this morning and a cup of ginger tea to catch up with you! It is a good way to spend one's time.

I'm so sorry about Clousseau, Mary, but I can think of nothing better than a new puppy to get you all through! It is nice to see posts from you.

And from Babs! It has to be tough being in the middle of a sandwich, but it's good to see you nonetheless.

I desperately need to finish garden clean up here. Since my "workshop" is outdoors, I collect a bunch of stuff there that then needs to find an indoor home, and that is the part that trips me up. I wish I had my own building and I don't know how to make that happen. I guess I need to start a jar for saving.

I really enjoyed Adam's trip to Haiti and shared the link with some friends. You're mighty ambitious, GB, to create a blog. I think you are more tech savvy than you let on :)

I just got home from a quick trip to TN to visit my father and introduce him to Emma. Just before I arrived, my nephew broke both of his arms! He fell head first out of a tree from a limb 8 feet off the ground. It's a good thing his little sister kept her cool and made it back to the house to tell mom. He seemed in good spirits and happy to share his ordeal with all who would listen. He'll be a hero at school, I imagine.

I enjoy my cleaning lady so. I have been organizing for a year or more now (taking summers off, lol) and I feel we're making great progress here. I like it when she leaves and the whole house feels "put together" for an hour or two. Sometimes she and I work together on certain areas.

A man is here to install my new front porch windows, so I must go! I'm very excited at the comfort this will bring to the airlock on the front of the house. On nice days I'll be able to open the door and soak up some sun.


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A little horsey told me that we missed Marian's birthday! I wished her a happy day on FB, but I didn't make it over here in time! So sorry, Marian, life has been busy.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

(Don't count, just celebrate!)

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Hello my friends.. a busy Tuesday evening here at the kathy house-we are told that temps will fall into the mid-20’s tonight, and mid to high twenties for the next 2 nights thereafter. I daresay the unsightly Dahlia foliage may bite the dust this time. The two or three light frosts we’ve had thus far have left quite a few things untouched. I still have blooming Fuchsias, roses, etc. I came home from the awfice a little early tonight and rushed around moving the tender succulents, begonias , etc out of harms way, and put a frost blanket over my lime tree. The pop-up greenhouse remains uninstalled ! There wasn’t time to set it up tonight before it got dark, so there are numerous plants in the garage.

My last fall foliage photo foray up the valley �"must have been the weekend before last �" just didn’t produce the results I had hoped for. The colors are way nicer now, and the rains of last week have cleared the dust off. I’m going to go out early Thanksgiving morning with my camera- there’s usually little traffic out on the roads sunrise time on holidays, perfect for photos. DS and I are heading over to DD’s for Thanksgiving , in the ‘other’ wine valley . I’m doing Christmas again this year so it will be nice to be a ‘guest’ for this holiday. I’m taking her some tulip and daffodil bulbs, and hope to plant them for her too- and maybe I’ll come home with some photos of Mr Toddler !

Saucy, I didn’t realize that Emma was with you on your trip nice ! It must have been cool for her to see the ‘motherland’ ..a trip of discovery ! I think I could benefit from the cleaning magic just once a month. DS is home infrequently and I don’t make much of a mess on my own.. but how great to have the 3 bathrooms professionally cleaned once a month, especially in garden season when I just don’t feel like spending much time indoors. I have two more windows I want to replace next year, but I want to make them larger , which turns it into a construction project. These are the windows in my family room that face out to the back garden. I’m inspired by Deannes fabulous room at the back of her house- and though I don’t have the resources (or the space) to replicate that , I have come up with a modified version, the question mark is the expense. I’m hoping to get a quote this winter, and at least then I’ll know if it is even within reason for me to do.

Norma, I was striving for 25 miles a week walking, but I am so wimpy about doing it in winter, and hate to abandon my garden in summer. I really need to get back on this regimen; I feel way more energized , and it was fun to walk in different neighborhoods �"viewing other peoples gardens !

Hi Nana Meo !

C'mon Chelone..come out and play.

Kathy in Napa

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Happy Birthday Marian!

Saucy, good to read that you shared time with Emma. Can you tell us a little more about her life, or are you giving her her privacy?

Kathy I too feel more energized when I walk. I think it keeps me less moody too. There are a lot of hills on my trails so I get a pretty good work out.

We are getting more rain this morning with some thunder and lighting. Niki keeps thinking she wants to go out but won't venture off the porch. I think she just gave up and went back to bed.

Busy day here starting food prep for tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a pleasant day.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I enjoyed this clip of lunch at the mall! Hope it works for you. Turn up the volume.

Here is a link that might be useful: Surprise!

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Oh no, Kathy! lol Emma didn't go to TN, she's safely tucked away at college ;) My dad lives in a remote place with no phone, no internet, so it takes a bit to get a picture and a real message to him. I should've clarified :)

I just got a letter from her family, though. We all feel pretty thankful this year ;)

Sarah got a guinea pig for her birthday. She's pretty tickled. He's the cutest little thing, and has a personality (which was surprising to me). I like all the little chirps and whistles he makes.

Gotta go...busy day!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thank you for the Happy Birthdays. I had just told Nolon I an apparently no longer considered a member of the Idylls, then I scrolled down and found Saucy's horse's message. :-) Yes, I got several wishes on Facebook. Thank you all, both there, and here. It was a very good day.

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A brief hello on Thanksgiving-eve, looking forward to a few days off in a row, though I may visit my awfice for a couple of hours on Fri to get some paperwork cleaned up. I took a post-freeze WALAT after work today to view the damages-all was as expected-slimy black Dahlia foliage, coleus is DOA ( have cuttings of all) damage to Pelargoniums vary, and cuttings were taken of the scented types , just in case.

A dry weekend would be nice , but the rain is expected back on Fri ..I sure would like to move a few more plants around. Oh well.

Thanks so much ‘bug for that link..I’ve shared it with our FB friends…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

All right ladies and gentlemen....

Here is a link that might be useful: Happy Thanksgiving!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So, I just received an email that DS is coming from Boston for dinner tonight. This alters things as he will expect it to be Thanksgiving...which we already celebrated back in early October. Off to buy some cranberries etc.
I will be thankful if his car makes it all the way to our doorstep. ;)

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LOL GB! I'm sure he'd be happy with whatever you have :) How nice that he'll make it home.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I'm in charge of the appetizer. We have the cutest little (new) cheese shop in town and she help me put together a fun and tasty cheese plate.

I've lost my voice, but that's okay. I don't feel too bad. I have lots to be thankful for this year - Emma being a big part of that, but mostly for how my friends and family rallied around me and opened their arms, too. Thank you, friends :)

Have a happy day (even if it's not Thanksgiving where you are!).


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Good Morning

A Belated Happy Birthday to Marian and a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

We are having a quiet Thanksgiving here just the four of us. It's worked out rather well as I have a rotten cold and cannot taste a thing - dishes could be rather highly seasoned! Despite that, it will be lovely just all being home together and Annie and David are tuning into quite good cooks and will be a big help. We're all going to the movies tonight and seeing friends each day over the weekend. A good slug of wine with the turkey should help send my cold on its way:0)

Again, much to be thankful here, especially you all for still being here and welcoming the missing back.


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

From Drop Box

Sorry I missed the day, Marian! Hope it was a wonderful celebration and that you were spoiled appropriately!!!

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I was to busy yesterday to check in. I'm thankful to have had family and friends to share our meal and day. Today I am thankful to sit and enjoy quite time. LOL

Sleet yesterday and cold cold this morning. I'm trying to work up the nerve to go walk. Maybe I will just walk farther tomorrow when the weather moderates.

Bug nice surprise that DS will be or is home.

Cyn what a pretty picture for Marian.

Mary, feel better soon.

Kathy we had a lot of rain the last couple of days. After such a long dry spell the ground was so hard a lot of it just ran off. I am anxious to go to the creek and see what transpired.

Saucy, I need to find a cheese shop. I was looking for Guyere (sp) the other day and couldn't find any.


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