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tes1970June 8, 2011

Hi everyone,

I have been a member of GardenWeb for a couple years now, but I don't usually post anything. I am more of a reader. I absolutely love the information I find on this forum.

I was wondering if anyone could help me identify my fish. I have goldfish and I think most of them are common goldfish, but there are a couple of them that I am not sure about. One has a fancy looking tail and the other one has a lot of black and looks a little different.

I will post a pic that has the two fish circled that I want to identify. I will also post a closer pic of them. The last pic is a group pic. Can you tell if they are all common goldfish. I apologize for the quality of these pics. The fish won't hold still very long and my camera isn't that great.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


The spot on the head of the black and orange fish is just some fish food floating in the pond.

I was thinking that the white fish in the pic above may not be a common goldfish either.

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The red and white goldfish looks like a sarassa goldfish. Many of the decendents of my Sarassa's turn out all white or with just a red blotch somewhere on it's body. The other fish may not have fully changed from its juvenile dark gray color. Latest mine have ever changed was by the second year. Very pretty color as it is.

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Thank you so much. I looked sarassa goldfish up and they look just like them. I was kind of hoping that the one with all the black would stay that way, but I know that it is a big possibility that it won't.

Thanks again,

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I had a black one that stayed black. She was my stealth fish. Here's one picture of her where she shows up. Although many of the black fish turn orange, she never did.

One of her babies I called "Bones" because it was pinkish-white and you could see its spine and ribs. It looked like the whiteish one in your picture

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Wow, I love that fish. I would love to find one like that. When I go to buy my fish I try to buy the most unique one I can find. Although I always keep in mind that they might not stay the same color.

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How old are your fish? I've admired baby black and orange goldfish, but assumed they would all turn completely orange. I'd love to have one like yours!

Your fish are commons (also called hibuna) and comets. The difference is the length of the tail. A proper hibuna has a tail no more than 1/4 the length of the body and the lobes are rounded as in a wild carp. A longer tail, particularly one that is deeply forked, makes it a comet. Ideally, the tail of a comet will be at least 1/2 the length of the body. Some have tails as long as, or longer than, the body.

Sarasa simply means red and white. The sarasa comet you have circled is beautiful. Is the white comet all white or does it have a red spot on it's head? The white ones are so pretty in a pond.

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Thank you for clearing up the difference for me. I like to be able to tell people exactly what kind of fish I have when they ask. I just love the tails on them. I have three that are that way and I would love to get some more.

Truthfully I don't know how old they all are. I have had the all white one, the big orange and white one and a couple of other ones for two years. The other ones are all new ones that I got this year. Is there a way for me to tell how old they are?

The all white one has no orange on her. Although it does look like she some pink on her sometimes. She was full of eggs recently, but she doesn't seem to have them anymore. I am assuming all of the eggs got eaten up before they could even hatch. I saw her being chased around the pond one day, but I never saw any eggs.

Here is a closer look at her.

Thanks again,


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If they were tiny fish when you got them, it's quite reasonable to say they are two years old.

I have an all-white comet, who is quite pink. He's beautiful.

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Molly, the black fish, came in as an egg on a plant. I put the plants in a big blue tub full of water as I dug the pond and when I went to put the plants in the finished pond a couple of weeks later there were about 40 baby fish. She was one of them. She was beautiful.


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