Water Striders

annedickinsonJune 21, 2011

I have always liked water striders. This year I have an over abundance of them. I introduced fish a couple of weekends ago and I have to laugh when I feed the fish. The water striders each grab a piece of fish food and stride off to their own space to eat on it. I had never noticed this behavior before so I just googled Water Striders.

One of the favorite foods of water striders is mosquito larva; my thinking goes like this: there were MILLIONS of mosquito larva in the pond before I got the fish so there was an abundance of water striders to feast on them. Now I have fish, which have eaten up the mosquito larva, so the water striders are hungry.

Ergo: they are stealing the fishies food!!!

I may be rationalizing this wrong, but I like the thought. They get their food and the fish get theirs.


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Dunno, but I like the thought, too =] Hey, hey...as long as everyone's belly is full, all is well, yes? I love to watch the Jesus Bugs as we call 'em here in the deep south.

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Are Water Striders and Jesus Bugs the same thing? OH, I get it... DUH... walk on water = Jesus Bugs. hahaha

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