Walnut trees from the nut

renov8rFebruary 4, 2011

Is it possible to grow a black walnut tree by planting a nut from a nearby tree?

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Mine is a pain. If the squirrels dont carry off the nuts I have trees coming up everywhere.

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Yes they are grown by planting the whole nut. It is best to plant them where the tree is to grow as they grow a tap root that makes transplanting difficult. I would plant several and pull up those not wanted. Al

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I have found several pecan trees in my flower beds due to squirrels burying the pecans and forgetting about them. I would also like to note that I do not have any pecan trees in my yard or in any of my neighbors yard that I have found!!

Little rascals!!

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My parents have a walnut tree that they didn't plant. Some animal deposited a nut there many years ago. For many years this tree was hit by the lawn mower weed whacker and the rotertiller.(It is on the edge of the veg garden) It was very ignored and neglected for many years I didn't know it was a walnut until my Grandfather mentioned that he thought it was a nice Walnut tree. So they do grow easily from a nut and will survive just about anything.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Renov8r, since it's February & you aren't a rodent who 'planted' in Fall, you may want to know these require a period of stratification (cold & moist) of 3-4 months before they will germinate. You don't have your zone listed for us to know how much winter you have left.

And, do you have some space and an appropriate site? I ask because these can become BIG trees over time, not all of us have the room to grow something to this eventual size. The caution may not apply to you but I really hate seeing someone plant inappropriate trees for their space (or without consideration of neighbors) and then be faced with an expensive removal several years out....so while repetitive, I'll usually ask :)

And, black walnut roots release juglone, a chemical that can impede growth of many plants, including several vegetables, flowers and fruit so consider the perimeter and what you may want to do under that tree too.

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We have several black walnut trees in our area. The juglone,the chemical that walnut trees produces, effects plants like tomatoes, potatoes, pepers and eggplants.
That being said, They have never caused any of the tomato plant growers around here any grief.
I am all in favor of tree planting, If you have extras you should plant them in the wild. We need more trees.

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