should I remove cover and heat after germination?

Namaste4you(9)February 3, 2014

I sowed heliotrope seeds on a windowsill with a heating mat and plastic cover. Now that they have germinated, should I remove the heating mat as well as the cover? It gets down to about 60 degrees in that spot at night. Also, should I remove the cover as soon as I see the tiniest sprout or let get a little bigger? Thanks!

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Normally, the heat mat and cover should be removed after the seeds have germinated, even if the sprouts are small. In fact, some folks never use the cover at all. If a person can make sure the soil doesnâÂÂt dry out, itâÂÂs probably actually best not to use a cover.

If the air temperature gets down to 60 degrees at night, the soil temperature will be lower than that. However, I donâÂÂt think that would be a problem at all. Are you figuring on leaving the plants on the windowsill, with no other source of light? I doubt theyâÂÂll really get enough light that way. If you could move them off of the windowsill and under a fluorescent light set-up of some kind they would be much better off.


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Thanks Art, I will work on getting a light system!

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You can get two T8 bulbs and a standalone fixture at lowes/home depot for about 30 dollars total. I've got mine set up infront of a window and the fixture as well on a timer, so its only on during the day so my neighbors don't get mad at me lol. I hope its enough light for them to thrive. (Note the seedlings should be much closure to the light, within an inch or two. The bulbs don't get hot)

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ThereâÂÂs an interesting older post (see link below) about heat mats. Probably should have included that in my first post.


Here is a link that might be useful: Heat Mats

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Thanks Art and Syntria for the great responses!

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