Jack Pine (Pinus Banksiana) Seed Propogation

MikeyLeeG(7A)February 7, 2014

I bought some Jack Pine seeds and have been trying to research how to germinate them and grow a healthy tree for a future bonsai. I am getting mixed advice. I am fairly sure I need to start by soaking them for 48 hours, then plant them in some peat. I know most seeds need to go through different periods of stratification, but many sites say that the Jack Pine seeds do not need stratification.

If anyone has experience with this particular tree and growing them from seed, and can tell me what to do, I would very much appreciate it.
In fact, as always, any advice from anyone is always helpful.

Thank you so much,

Mikey G

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A good place to start is Tom Clothiers website:


I'm short of time at the moment, but basically if you look in the Tree and Shrub section you should find stratification and germination data for just about every tree and shrub around. The advice there is sound and I have used it many times for growing pine, spruce and fir trees from seed.

One thing I like to do is to soak the seeds in regular hydrogen peroxide for about an hour or two, just to remove any dirt or fungus from the seed coats. After that I change to plain water.

Hope that helps.


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