What NPK ratio for seedlings and when to give it?

sqftgarden_in_wncFebruary 24, 2007

What NPK ratio for seedlings (5-10-5, 6-12-6, 24-8-16, etc)? When should it be given (1st true leaves or 2nd)? I read the FAQ, can't find the answer to these specific questions. Helpful information on dilution, but not on what concentration of NPK to buy.

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Oh, BTW, they are all vegetables.

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A lot of professional growers use a low/no phosphorus formula for young seedlings, such as 15-0-15. This is supposed to prevent stretching and leggy seedlings. It has worked for me with annual flowers, but tomatoes and peppers still seem to stretch if left under lights more than 4-5 weeks. Once seedlings get a little older, a 2-1-2 ratio is good. The low phos fertilizers can be hard to find--you might have to order online or mix your own. I mix mine from fertilizer I bought at a hydroponics store. (Side note...I think the folks that frequent that place may be growing some kind of "cash crop"). Any ratio will be workable as long as you don't overfertilize. Wait until you think the plants really need it, then wait a couple more days. I usually wait until the second set of true leaves at least start to appear before fertilizing, and then give a very dilute solution.


Here is a link that might be useful: Seedling Fertilizer

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All of my sprouts are either just sprouting or have just unfurled their 1st set of true leaves. I'll have to check out the hydroponics stores in Asheville and see what I find. Thanks for your help!

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