Lady of Shallot in Texas?

msjam2January 26, 2014


Who has Lady of Shallot in Texas,? I read it does better in the heat than Pat. How big does she get? I've been going back and forth between LOS and Lady Emma.

Thanks for any info!

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Although I do not live in Texas (hope you don't mind my opinion) I have to say LOS is an amazing rose. I got an own root from DA in Texas and it got probably 3 feet x 3 feet in just one season, almost always in bloom. Scent is light, but I would grow this rose even if it had no scent. If I'm in zone 6 and it grew relatively large in one season, I can only imagine how it would be in Texas. Good luck with your decision, from what I've read, LEH has a much stronger scent and stays more compact.

Another thing to mention, I don't know if this varies with climate or other factors, but it's a very bushy rose, as opposed to many of the adjacent roses that just want to grow straight up.

Take care!

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Thanks Drew! Is it more of an upright kinda bush or does it flop like Pat?

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Anytime. And I wouldn't consider it to be upright, it tended to flop a bit but definitely not to the point where it was on the ground. Just enough to seem bush - like and flop outward. Out of the 10 roses in that one particular area in my garden, people all tended to ask me about her.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Don't know if a Kansas report will help or not (I'm practically in Oklahoma), but LOS seems to like our excessive summer heat, perhaps gives up blooming at the very peak of the summer heat, but blooms good the rest of the time--which is to say, most of the time.

I wouldn't call it a vertical bush, but it is somewhat more vertical growing than filling out sideways or forming a rounded bush--or at least where I planted mine, it stretches upward considerably. Mine is 2 years old and often tries to grow over the 4 ft tall that I want--I have to trim back several of the canes often. I might be better off to just let it grow to 5 ft. At any rate, it is not a short or more compact bush.

Wonderful bloom colors.


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Sounds like it grows like Evelyn. I might have to rethink this as I do not have room. My Evelyn is 5 ft wide and 6 ft tall.

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Does fine in my Los Angeles garden. Really a pretty rose. This one is a bit faded by the sun.

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