Desert Rose from Seeds 101

GreenThumb90(7)February 12, 2012

As a seasoned grower of many variety of cacti and succulents, I have read many people's issues on here trying to grow Adenium's from seed.

So I decided that I post my method, this is the guide for you! Don't be fooled, any kind of seed can be started as long as it has heat, light and humidity! (Exceptions are stratifying seeds such as tress and some shrubs)

First things first, desert roses require high heat and high humidity to germinate. (I have germinated seeds at a constant 75 degree F for three days using a heat pad, Flouros and humidity dome with a timer of the mat on for 18 hours)

The other mistake many make is the position of the seed and the depth it is planted. You only need to bury it with a pinch of medium, yes a pinch, or you can even germinate on the surface if you like. As far as position, lay it horizontally.

So set up your light, use some well draining medium, get a humidity dome, and a heat mat(optional). Without the heat mat it could take up to 2 weeks to germinate.

Get those seedlings on the way!!

Any questions feel free to contact me via e-mail, since it goes directly to my phone, I also have hundreds of desert rose seeds to trade! Send me an offer of 2-3 choice of what you have, I will consider them, no vegetables though!

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I have found that germination occures BEST when seed is exposed to light (do not cover seed)

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