Leggy Seedlings

kiwisago(8a)March 3, 2014

Hi Everyone - I am growing seeds under a 1" diameter fluorescent tube designed for plants.

Are 4-day old Mizuna seedlings supposed to look THIS leggy? They sprouted when they were about 7" away from the light and I moved them on day 2 to about 1/2" away from the light, almost touching it. The new growth seems just as leggy as day one's growth.

Should I put the sowed seeds right next to the light right away? Then I would have to lower them 1/2" every single day as they grow. Is this what people do?

Year after year, using various light sources, it seems my seedlings always look like this. I am so frustrated! Any thoughts? Thanks

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Hi kiwisago i have been growing inside for several months now and had some practice in the off winter months to know that just one florescent tube is not going to be enough light. I will provide a link to my youtube channel where you can take a look at my set up and what size lights and distance i have from plants.
Just as a basic seedling starter i would suggest CFL bulbs in the high wattage what works best for me is a 200watt 5600kelvin CFL bulb with a mogul base. now i also use a second CFL but at a 2700k spectrum right next to the other 22watt to give a mix spectrum of night.

Here is a link that might be useful: TheItalian Garden

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When seedlings are leggy it means they are not getting enough light. You say you have 1 tube but does your fixture have reflectors on the sides. Without the reflectors or wings that direct the light downward you are losing most of the light for the plants to the rest of the room.

I use a shop light--actually I have more than 1-- with T-8 daylight bulbs and keep them an inch or 2 above the plants. I have 1 fixture without reflectors and I've stapled a mylar blanket that I cut to fit on the shelf where my fixture is placed. It works to direct the light downward. I bought mine at the dollar store. It is meant to be an emergency blanket to keep you from freezing if your car breaks down.

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