Growing hibiscus from seeds

wdc202(Wash. DC)March 11, 2006

Fran: I am amazed at your success with hibiscus seeds. I have never had any luck with cuttings; would like to try your method of winter sowing. Can you please explain? How do you retrieve seed from a growing plant? Handle them? Sow them? Thanks. ...wdc

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wdc202---Go to the winter sowing forum and read the FAQS. Then if you have ny more questions, just ask on the winter sowing forum. There are really nice and helpful people there to help you out.

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I started some hardy hibiscus seeds my Mom gave me about 3 years ago in November of last year. They didn't sprout untill the end of December, just 1. then another in Jan them 1 in Feb and the last one so far in Mar. First time for trying Hibiscus from seed. Am waiting for some more to show there face!

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michelelee(z8 WA)

Give them a soak. Sow on the surface, press them gently onto the soil.

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wdc202(Wash. DC)

Michelee: As a novice I need some more detail:

How closely do I plant the seeds?
Depth and content of "soil"?
Artificial lighting required?

As much nstruction as possible, please. Thanks much. ....wdc

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I cut water bottles in half, filled the bottom half with soil, wet it, pressed the seeds down into the soil (3 per bottle) and taped the top back on. Then I stuck them outside for wintersowing. They are all starting to germinate now! Easy as pie!

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Hi Here some more help I used sand paper and sanded them frist then i planted them in soil and in 2 week they were up. I have tryed without the sandpaper and it took 2 months. This is how I sand place one seed on sand paper then take another sandpaper and roll it around for a few turn make sure you see tiny line on it then plant it I will be doing mine tomorrow I know I'am a little late. anna lisa

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I'm not sure what you mean when you say you pollinated the seed or the pod. Of course I know what pollination means, but I'm not how it is applied to a hibiscus pod. I have some burgandy lunas and noticed the pods; I just took them off and stuck them in dirt. I haven't seen anything yet. I guess there's more to it than that? I would like to grow some for Christmas presents, if you have anymore advice.
Thanks, Candice

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I took the easy way and grew mine from Park seeds using Park-starts under a shop light. It works for me. Good luck.

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Hi,I have never had any trouble growing hibiscus from seeds.I soak mine overnight,and then plant them in little 6 packs pots.Takes no longer then 2 or 3 weeks.I grow all of my hibiscus this way.Hope this helps.

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seeders_husband(9 florida)

Ok My wife Grows them from seed in one of two ways

1) Fill a styrofoam cup half full with compost push seed 1/4" deep and place in ziploc til it sprouts then open bag and set in a window til 4 true leaves and then transplant to pot or yard.

2) we have 2 earth boxes that sit in the yard and she plants them in there and water daily

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wdc202(Wash. DC)

Thank you all for your advice on growing hibiscus from seed. I have been away and have just now had the chance to read all your tips. I will try planting some seeds this weekend. ... wdc

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I have never gotten a seed pod on any of my hibiscus. I have tried hand pollinating and no luck! also no luck with cuttings. I have a cutting in a 2 liter bottle since last summer. Has a couple leafs and no roots yet! I must be doing something terribly wrong. Is there a secret to hand pollinating? i think I would have better luck with seeds. Gladys

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I planted hibiscus seed in the yard without soaking or nicking about a week ago. Should I remove and nick or leave them untouched?

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Last year I started hibiscus from seed and planted them in my garden. They did not bloom. I am still waiting for them to come up this year. They were supposed to be "hardy" hibiscus. How long shall I wait, or do you think they winter-killed? I also put 3 plants in a pot last year and wintered them in my basement. They are now growing nicely.
Any info will be appreciated.

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I successfully started hibiscus seeds and they sprouted within a few weeks, just after they started to get a third leaf, they started to wither and look as if they are dying. Help! I have them inside the house near a window which gets sun, i always place my plants in this location and in the past, they have always done well. Any suggestions? I took a couple of photos today in case anyone wants to look at them. Thank you!

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leslie_pz(5b NH)

Ordered online a package of Dinner Plate Hibiscus seeds and I popped ONE seed into a pot and within days, it sprouted! Thinking all my hopes were put into this one seedling... what if something happens to it?

So I planted some four more seeds and this time nothing happened as quickly with all (4). Looked up online how slow the seeds are to germinate, I am amazed at how lucky I was the first time!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pea Soup Designs, Hibiscus

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leslie_pz(5b NH)

Are you starting these seeds the same time of year? This time of year the window may be cooking your seeds.

I believe I cooked my second round of pottings by putting them in baggies. The difference was the height of the sun and the temp of the place I put the pots.

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