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Barbara.P.Strigoi(11)February 20, 2012

Hey, I moved to Puerto Rico last year. I used to live in Virginia and I had nice roses there... but Puerto Rico is a new challenge. I don't know anything about growing roses in this climate. I want to grow some roses again... I've seen roses here. Most of them are very neglected but they still bloom.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a beautiful rose in an abandoned house... It was so beautiful. It had clusters of white flowers.

I bought Lady Banks and a miniature rose... but I want more...



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The Bermuda mystery roses would be good choices for you. After that, China roses, Tea roses, and Texas Earth-kind roses. Lots to choose from.

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seil zone 6b MI

You should be in the perfect climate to grow those chinas, teas and noisettes that don't like any cold weather. I think you'd need to stay away from some that need a cold spell to bloom. I think those are bourbons and galicas and maybe a couple others but I'm not positive on that. Someone here will know for sure. I think most modern roses should do OK for you too. I don't think they have to have any cold to bloom. Have fun exploring your knew garden environment!

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Thank you all. I will try to find them online .. I haven't seen roses for sale here in PR.. Home Depot have but their roses are not very healthy.

Thanks :)

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seil zone 6b MI

Do you know about Help Me Find? It's a rose data base where you can look up the roses you want to find out more info on them. There is also a tab to find nurseries that sell them.

go to:

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There are lots of good on-line rose sources...that carry roses suited for the tropical heat.... Chamblee's, Antique Rose Emporium, Angel Gardens, Rose Petals Nursery, and for Fortuniana-grafted, K & M and Cool Roses... there are many more but more Northern Nurseries don't usually carry plants that are suited to the tropics, if the Nursery is located in the south they usually carry the OGRs, Noisettes, Old Teas, and China and Bermuda roses.... sally

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Thank you seil and sally :) I will visit those websites. I cannot wait to buy more roses ^_^

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Hybrid giganteas are some of the most beautiful of roses, if you have room for climbers, and most of us can't grow them. The Viruhagen collection at Roses Unlimited is roses bred to grow in India, by a modern master of the craft.

Noisettes and teas might bloom all year for you.Noisettes in particular are said to be resistant to BS.

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Thank you Nastarana ! I didn't know about hybrid gigantea roses. I am googling right know :) . And I will definitely buy some noisettes.

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You want to stay away from buying roses at big box stores unless you really know what you are doing. The quality is hit-or-miss, not that you won't ever find well-cared-for roses. Some stores have a garden department manager who knows enough to take an interest. Others do not. The real problem is that the big box stores generally buy their product nationally, and do not have any idea which roses are adapted to specific climates. Or care, frankly, as long as the plants sell.


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Roses Unlimited is in S. Carolina, I think.

Angel Gardens is in Florida.

Chamblees and Antique Rose Emporium are in Texas. Those would be good places for you to start, with similar climates and relatively short mailing distances. You might want to contact one of the above named, or other nurseries for recommendations. You can't be their first Caribbean customer.

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This is a little late lol but I from Puerto Rico, LOVE roses. Costco brought bare roots for the first time this year almost or little later when you move in. I talk to a garden shop yesterday asking where or when to buy roses and they told me that Rose time start in January and shops starts to supply on roses. Hopefully youll see some beautiful. Best deal was Costco but didnt had time to purchase :( hope they bring this coming year!!!!.

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Wondering if you were able to grow your roses. I live in Puerto Rico, too, and have always wanted to grow them. My grandma only grew what I think were tea roses. I have my heart set on the climbing variety for one section of the garden. I found a place online that ships to PR, some people don't ship to the islands. Yet I don't know how well climbing roses would grow here. I wanted to grow Zephirine Drouhin on my fence, afraid to go with thorny varieties because my neighbors have little kids. Aside from that, any best bets for the rest of the garden? Thanks!!! :-)

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charleney(8a PNW)

I have bought some lovely roses from Costco (Tacoma) before. All have done well! Especially if you get them in the first few days that they come in. Didn't see any there, this year. Maybe just missed them!

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