Starting Seeds Outdoor in a Cold Frame

browndd1(6B)March 9, 2012

I would like to start some seeds outdoor in my newly built cold frame and I have never done this before. The cold frame has a heater, heat mat and fan installed in it. Once the seeds emerge and I take the dome off of the flat is it necessary to keep the heat mat going on the transplats at their temperature range or do I turn it off and just control the temperature of the cold frame?

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browndd1 welcome to the GardenWeb. To give the best advice it is important to know where you garden. Most of us put the zone right with your name. Al

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Zone 6b Calistoga

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2 heaters and a fan sounds a bit overboard to me. Shouldn't need a fan at all. I use some heat in my coldframes but only during very cold nights.

What is it that you are trying to germinate?

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I only have one heater in my cold frame and it is a 150 watt element with no fan. The reason I installed a small fan in the cold frame was to distribute the heat and get even temps throughout the cold frame. I st?arted the lettuce and spinach in the house and kept the temps 70f. Therefore, since they were only two weeks old or so, I figured I needed to keep them around 60-70f. What do you think

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