Tomato/Pepper Germination Times

browndd1(6B)March 23, 2012

Well, it is going on the 10th day under ideal conditions 75-80f in the coldframe and not all of the seedlings have emerged yet. When do I need to think about planting more seeds? Yes, some are heirloom varieties.

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susan2010(6 Massachusetts)

I wouldn't be concerned for another week.

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Remember peppers will take a bit longer than toms to germinate. They like it bit warmer, about 85 degrees, but they should eventually sprout. Shouldn't make a difference whether either are heirlooms or not.

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Thank you. I have two trays on one large heating mat with the soil temp set to 80f in a cold frame. Internal temp of cold frame is maintained at 70-80f. Should I leave the heating mat on since only a few of the seedlings have emerged? Also, I placed a cool white fluorescent light inside the frame because it has been raining here the last two days. The light is higher than a couple of inches away from the plants so I hope it won't make the germinated tomatoes leggy in just a couple of days until the sun comes back out. Is the light a waste of time since it is not close more so maybe 8 inches or so.


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If only the tomatoes are germinating, can you separate them from the peppers or are they all mixed up in the same tray? Sprouted plants should be removed from the bottom heat. I wouldn't bother with the flo light. I've winter-sown(covered containers outside=mini greenhouses)tomatoes before and they didn't get leggy, they just grew slower until the weather warmed and then took off.
Can you post a photo of your cold frame so we can get a better idea of your system?

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check your email noinwi for pics of the coldframe.


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I'm not a cold frame expert but I think it is a very nice set-up. Since your toms are indeed separate from your peppers, I'd move the heating pad from under them(toms)as more of them sprout. Since the temp in the frame is consistent, they will continue to pop up without the bottom heat. With peppers, it could take longer than 10 days even at 85 degrees, so you may have to be a little more patient as Susan suggested.
Depending on how much light gets in there during the day, you could raise the trays up a bit closer to the windows(set them on a box?)and lower them as the plants get taller.
Posting the photos in the forum here if you can would get you many more responses.

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