one less unknown rose

fig_insanity Z7a E TNFebruary 12, 2013

There's a story behind this rose in my garden. My cuttings came from a seller on eBay who lives in CA. The photos were sooo pretty, I thought I'd take a chance on it.

Supposedly, the original rose came from the seller's mother's garden in the 1950's; she called it "Dr Nichols". The eBay seller had kept it going with cuttings ever since. I received my cuttings from her in 2009. Researching, I found there is no rose registered with this name OR "Dr. Nicholas", which was my first guess at a misspelling. When I saw yet another seller on ebay selling it with the incorrect name, I decided it was REALLY time to pin down the correct, registered name. I can be somewhat obsessive once I get an idea in my head, so I started hunting down mid-century pink climbers. There are HUNDREDS. Thank goodness for HMF! After sifting through look-alikes, dead ends and possi-maybes, I'm now convinced that my rose is 'Doctor J.H. Nicolas', a short climber introduced in 1941 by J&P. Dr Jean Henri Nicolas was J&P's director of breeding, and the breeder of this rose. It was named in his honor after his death.

I'm thrilled to ID an unknown rose in my garden. The good Dr is still in commerce, but I didn't know he was in my garden until recently, lol.

I don't know how I'd survive living out west where there are so many gorgeous roses with unknown names. I'd have to have them all, and I'd go nuts trying to find out who they are!


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John that is such a neat story.
I order roses from Rogue and they always send some mystery roses. I drive myself and the local library nuts trying to figure out who they are....
Last summer a small group of us took cuttings of a mystery rose in a god forsaken area. It looks like a few of them took. The group has been emailing each other with possibilities. So far no luck.

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If you post pictures of any unknown rose on the Antique Rose Forum (preferably showing the bloom, bud, hips, leaves, and entire bush), you will get a lot of help identifying it instantly, frequently from all over the world. Identifying roses is a pastime for most of the folks on there - the roses do not have to be really old.

Jeannie - in the Spring if any of the new babies which are rooting bloom, please post pictures of them.


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