Million Bells - Calibrachoa

karyn1(7a)March 12, 2007

For some reason I got lots of seed from most of my Million Bells. I'd been growing them from cuttings because I thought they weren't supposed to produce seed. I just collected them yesterday and am going to plant a few to see if they germinate. I didn't separate them by color and they were all open pollinated anyway so I won't know if they grow true to the parent. I looked online and of course got conflicting info as to whether they did produce viable seed. I wanted to know if anyone has gotten viable seeds from their Calibrachoa?



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They no doupt won't grow true to seed. There where some posts on the wintersowing forum and some pics posted last summer. The blooms looked like wave petunias, though a few had some small petunia flowers, smaller than usual, but not the size of the million bells.

My seeds germinated and bloomed a smaller size petunia flower, dark purple, but huge compared to the calibrachoa.


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Thanks Fran. This was the first time I've seen seed pods on my Calibrachoa since I've been growing them and I got a good amount. It will be interesting to see what they look like when mature. I'd be happy with a plant that looks like a wave petunia. I started some today to see if they'd germinate but I'm glad to hear that you've collected viable seed from yours.

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neonposey(z7 NC)

Karyn: My experience was like frans. I got a pot full of petunias, which isn't a bad thing -- but still not million bells. I'm not very good at rooting cuttings so I just buy mine new every year. They are such cute plants. Be sure to let us know how yours turns out.

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i heard regardless that you can't get seeds because they are infirtile and wont produce flowers. Not sure if this is true or not....but does any body know how to root cuttings?

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I'd heard that they don't produce seed either. This was the first time I'd seen any in 3 years but they're definitely seeds. The cuttings are really easy to root. I take about a 6" piece, strip the leaves halfway up and stick it in moist potting mix. They root within a few weeks.

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i would like to start million bells before spring. can anyone tell me where i can get cuttings, or the seeds

thank you
linda mazzella
live in girard, ohio 44420

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I would also like to know how to take cutting from the calibrachoa. I have been searching online for seeds but find that they are not available due to the plant being on patent or trademarked. I have not thought about cuttings until I saw it mentioned here. I plan on just buying some plants this year again but would like to try cuttings for next year.

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Also looking for seeds to grow million bells-Calibrachoa. Where can I find these????

Kathryn Flora

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I to collected the seeds last year. I put in the fridge over the winter. About half of the seeds germinated this yr and I found they grow slower than if Id done it by cuttings. So far no blooms but its early, oooo I luv surprizes.
Doing cuttings is relatively easy. I do about 25+ cuttings at once, so i mix 75% perlite and 25% transplanting soil. I don't want to use straight soil because those new roots that are forming for the very first time don't have to work so hard growing in straight potting mix, perlite makes it easier to grow in, and the little bit you do use is just enough to grow nice heathy roots until your ready to transplant it. Find a new stem and cut straight across. I snip mine about 2-3 inches in length if possible.
Remove only the bottom leaves on stem that will be going in the soil. A root will come where the leaves you removed. You can use gel or rooting powder for soft cuttings. I use oowder. After dipping it in the powder put, into the prepared hole. water thoughly. I cover them in a plastic dome. Cuttings need bottom heat and not direct sun, in order to grow roots. Sun will get the cuttings to grow upwards and flower, but you don't want that. Energy needs to go to making roots not flowers. So I cover the dome with a newspaper. check daily, you don't want a lot of moisture collecting in the dome because that will just rot the cuttings. Open the lid sightly until condensation is gone. Keep the soil moist but not drenched. When you water make sure to let the water drain out before you put it back on heating pad. In about 2 weeks tug gently of the cutting, when it becomes more resistant, that means roots have grown. Its then you start giving he cuttings more fresh air. You need them to get used to not growing in such a comfy inviroment . The real world isn't comfy. they need to get climatized to the real world. Depending on what cuttings I do it takes about 3-4 weeks before I transplant them with healthy roots. that's it!! I know it seems like lots to do but once you do it a times its a no brainer, easy peasy.

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runswithscissors(MT 4/5)

Thanks so much Michelle, I have been an absolute failure at rooting calibrachoa. Now I know of mistakes I've been making.

Hands down my favorite "porch flower". I overwintered 6 this year...only two survived but they are super beautiful.

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