Soil blocks-ABC's and recipes

Cash321(5)March 7, 2012

I would appreciate any guidance from fellow gardeners on the use of seed blocks. I have read the older trails on peat pots. And would like to make my own blocks as peat pots appear to be the scourge of seed starting!

I bought a metal, medium 4 block maker and request recipes for successful soil mixtures. I live in East Kingston, NH in zone 5 and have installed the first 3 of 6 planned raised beds filled with super soil /compost mix from a local landscapers supply depot.

Thank you in advance for any tips or guidance.

P.S. if anyone has good history on the last frost date I would appreciate that as well.

Warm regards and blessings to the seedlings

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Hi there! Detailed information about soil blocks and soil blocking mix recipes can be found at click the 'Blocking Mix' button on the top of the home page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Making Soil Blocks

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I'm using the blockers for the first time here, too. I've been referencing Eliot Coleman's recipe for the blocks, but have not been able to find a few of the ingredients here, so I've had to make substitutions. I haven't been doing it long enough to say whether the mix is "successful" or not, though. The blocks are forming well, but that's all I can report at this point. :)

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@Greencubes: thank you I will look up the book.
@Macky77: thank you. I read your other post re: the seed locks as well.

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Making some blocks for the first time tonight using the micro 20. I'm using Eliot Colemans recipe with Azomite instead of glacial rock dust. The ingredients are tough to find. I have not seen any info on planting depth for the micro 20. I am planting spinach in the micro 20 dimple which usually go 1/4 inch deep. Should be interesting.

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