Idyll #239 Thinking of you all - Happy Thanksgiving!

Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)November 24, 2005

Thinking of you all~

Happy Thanksgiving!

On to our tradition - watching the Dog Show! :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi , Jerri . That is exactly what we are doing now .It's sure better than the dorky parade that was on earlier !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Snowsqualls, white-outs and 15F. On Thanksgiving day? Certainly a day for the dogs Jerri!
I'm baking bread. Since it isn't a holiday here, maybe I'll stay in the kitchen and make a nice dinner anyway.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh my GB. I'm behind in reading so I had no idea. I've been living in my own little world lately. It's hot and dry here. We have a statewide burn ban and yesterday hit record highs. I'm not ready for 15F but it would be nice to put my shorts away for the season!
Has everyone else moved on to winter also?

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Jerri, it's a balmy 19F here right now with 22 mile per hour winds. At least the inch of snow we received yesterday morning melted later in the day.

The pumpkin and apple pies are done, the turkey is stuffed and in the oven (we had to scrap the plan to grill it because the wind was blowing out the grill) and the gravy has been started. It's almost time to start the mashed potatoes and other sides.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

18F here with winds gusting to 30mph. A big old white pine on the street behind us came down on a car around noon. The tree was under a tree protection order - the original house on the lot had been demolished and a new, fancy house is almost finished.... The tree coming down wasn't due to the construction - you can see that the inside of the bottom 4' or so of the trunk was completely rotten. I'm a bit worried about our ash - the neighbour to the north lost theirs on a windy day two summers ago and it was about the same age as ours. If ours came down, it would probably land on the roof over the living room! The forecast is windy and cold for the next few days but then warm and raining by early next week.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ahhhhh Marie , lovely wintry scenes , and I love your title .
Snow is tentively forecast for next week here .

We have not had our Thanksgiving dinner yet , but it has been a good day ...with plenty to be thankful for . Actually , I believe every day should be thanksgiving day .

I have my turkey stuffed and in the roaster oven . It is begining to look good . I would have liked to have waited 'til tomorrow or Sat to cook it , but had started thawing it for today , and was afraid to wait since it was completely thawed .

I have to run to town in the morning to get some more groc for Tim's breakfast while he is here . Will have plenty of Thanksgiving food , but low on breakfast food .

I hope all who are observing the day , have had a good one . [ You too , Honey . :-) ]

There has apparently been a real overload on our internet service yesterday and this morning . From 1PM to 5Pm yesterday I couldn't make connection , and again this forenoon . I see where Teresa was having problems , too .
Anyone else ?

I am rather stiff and sore in the back .Yesterday I fired up the little tiller and opened up a lot of ground to plant hundreds of small daffodil bulbs , and about 5 dozen larger ones . That silly tiller just will not pull it'sself , and I have to rock it back and forth , and really work at it , to till a row . Then planting the small bulbs was about like sowing peas , only I set each one in the right position at a time . I almost got to the point of giving it up , but persevered . Now my conscience is eased ! I hate to throw such things away !

Sue ,I hope whatever happened at work will work out okay .

Marie , I baked a cranberry bread in the roaster oven yesterday . It was supposed to be a cranberry-nut bread , but I failed to have any nuts on hand ( I thought I did , but quess I had eaten them ! ), so I put a dab of almond extract in for a nut flavor . It isn't bad . Nolon ate two slices ! ( Necessity really is the 'mother of invention ' . LOL )


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Happy Thanksgiving evening!

It was a cold, snowy day here, with the four of us, Ruth and the two little cousins. Ruth's husband was working the weekend in New Orleans - his last days before starting the new job in DC. Ruth and the kids will stay with us through Christmas before they all drive out together to begin their new life.

We began the day with a walk with Cloussea in the woods while the turkey cooked. The bird was delicious - always a favorite in our household with DH a self confessed turkey junky. I made my traditional cornbread-andouille sausage stuffing, a new sweet potato gratin which was very yummy, green beans with lemon, mashed spuds, cranberry sauce and lots of gravy. David was actually the one to make the cranberries and Annie peeled all the potatoes. Its great to have such willing kitchen helpers, especially with Ruth washing dishes and setting the table. We also made Key-lime pie for dessert, but had eaten so much turkey we had a few rounds of Scattergories between courses. It was nice to have something tart and refreshing after all the rich food.

DH has just taken Annie and David to the movies and I've been lazing in front of the fire enjoying some quiet time.

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone - I'll try to be back to comment tomorrow. Right now I just have to make the important decision whether or not I'm going to have more leftovers.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Happy Thanksgiving you guys! Having steak, broccoli and greek salad here. Woody loved the reindog! Cynthia's foster very cute too.

I'm thankful for the call from the vet saying Draquie is wobbly still but fine, and that I won't ever have to listen to her go into heat, lol! I pick her up after 10:00am tomorrow. Thankful to be inside tonight too, with all the snow out there. Getting varied opinions on discussions about my plants in the GH, but think I'm going to chance it for a few more weeks. Thankful to be part of this group too! Hope you all enjoyed your feast!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Marian, I made cranberry-raisin-pecan bread. Only a small loaf, but when warm bread is a-cooking here it gets eaten up mighty quickly. I had only a few dried cranberries left, but it was enough.

We've been comparing riding mowers this evening. It seems I might be able to get a mulching attachment which really appeals to me. Then I wouldn't need to bag leaves and rake grass clippings. Lots to investigate.

Loved the smiling greyhound lesson Cynthia! And Mary, your Thanksgiving gathering sounds exactly like a holiday celebration was meant to be! I bet dinner at V's, Deanne's, Sue's, Brenda's ....well any Idyll household, would be fantastic! Drema, another baby in the family! My goodness, weddings and babies. A busy but good life it seems! I'd like pictures from all of your holidays...just not all the dirty dishes please. ;-)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Back on the last thread several were talking about their silver , and fancy place settings . I am very common with my table settings . I don't even own any silver , or fancy china . I just cook the food , and set it on the table ...period .

Marie , Nolon didn't eat any of the cranberry bread while it was warm , in fact , I was wondering if he was going to even eat any of it after it cooled off . His eating habits are getting stranger and stranger . Even when there are several home baked items , he seems to prefer store bought snacks ! When he ate the first piece of the pumpkin pie , he commented that it was a good pie . I thought to my self ," I bet he doesn't eat any more of it . " And he almost didn't . I ate most of it rather than see it set there and mold ! After so many years , I have learned that if he says something is good , he probably won't eat any more of it . I sure haven't figured out the logic behind that !
I hope you find the tractor that you need , at the price you can afford . I would sure love to have a mulching attachment . With all the trees in and around our yard , I could have gobs of good mulch , and compost . I am just not up to racking it all up by hand , and I don't have a shreader any way .

Mary , It sounds as though you had a very nice day . I don't know where I got the idea that your sis and family had already moved . Now I see that they will be with you for another month !

EP , yesterday was unseasonally warm here too . It got up to 70F at our place , and even warmer in town .I didn't even keep the fire going last night . Today has been more 'normal' .

Taryn , one of Nolon's cousin's wife would tell her children that the pet was "having it's appendix out " , when they took it to be 'fixed' . I'm glad Draque has had her 'appendix' out ...:-)

This has been a busy day , and I didn't even take my daily rest , so I guess I'd better get to bed , and , hopefully , to sleep . Tomorrow is going to be another busy day .


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Guys! Just had to share this with you...someone sent it to me in an email. I assume it's okay to post since it was sent to me in an email..A lot of pics for the story, but I'll remove tomorrow...Thought Eden would especially enjoy this.... BTW, I couldn't even log on!!!! Apparently I have to allow GW's cookies in order to log on to this website anymore.

"Finnegan" the squirrel

For about as long as she can remember, Debby Cantlon says, friends and strangers have brought her animals in need. So it wasn't much of a surprise when someone asked her if she'd care for a newborn squirrel found at the base of a tree somewhere near Renton.

Debby Cantlon, who plans to release Finnegan, the young squirrel, back into the wild, bottle-fed the infant squirrel after it was brought to her house. Cantlon, who has cancer, says rescuing injured animals is therapeutic for her.

When Cantlon took in the tiny creature and began caring for him, she found herself with an unlikely nurse's aide: her pregnant Papillon, Mademoiselle Giselle.

Finnegan was resting in a nest in a cage just days before Giselle was due to deliver her puppies.

Cantlon and her husband watched as the dog dragged the squirrel's cage - twice - to her own bedside before she gave birth.

Cantlon was concerned, yet ultimately decided to allow the squirrel out - and the inter-species bonding began.
Finnegan rides a puppy mosh pit of sorts, burrowing in for warmth after feeding, and eventually working his way beneath his new litter mates.

Two days after giving birth, mama dog Giselle allowed Finnegan to nurse; family photos and a videotape show her encouraging him to suckle alongside her litter of five pups.

Now, Finnegan mostly uses a bottle, but still snuggles with his "siblings" in a mosh pit of puppies, rolling atop their bodies and sinking in deeply for a nap.

Finnegan and his new litter mates, five Papillion puppies, get along together as if they were meant to.

Finnegan naps after feeding.

Finnegan makes himself at home with his new litter mates, nuzzling nose-to-nose for a nap after feeding.

I especially love pic #7! :-) Anyway...hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had 14 here...Brenda I've been drooling for days reading about your little chocolate factory...Sue I hope your feeling better now and sorry to hear you've received some sad news...would like to chat more, but have my in-laws staying with us and I guess I should get out of this computer room and keep them company...Good Night All! Ei

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Gosh do I feel dumb. I had left the last post up on my screen this a.m. and just refreshed when I got home, so I posted over on that one, not realizing that a new one was started. So I'll copy and past it here:

Is everyone stuffed? We had a nice day at my parents house. My sister and family from Madison, WI were there along with my son and GF and Kenzie and her parents. Instead of peanut clusters, my mom makes mixed nut clusters, they are fabulous.
Cold here today, it was only in the teens.

Drema, congrats to your DD and to you. Will this be your first grandchild? You mentioned stained glass, I dabble in it. I have a area set up in the basement. I don't work at it at all in the summer and the last couple of winters I haven't seemed to fit it in either.

Sue, I hope you feel better soon on all fronts.

Cynthia, that is a hilarous picture. I love the "smile"

Martie, cool picture with the pineapple in the snow.

Woody, your DH sure is a good sport.

Honey, my we bought milk Friday night and it was in a sack. That didn't help when DH dropped it on the garage floor ;o)

Taryn, that is quite a list of plants, you've been busy.

Mary, your day sounds lovely.

Marian, my mom made her turkey today in a roaster. I am borrowing it for the turkey on Sunday. Mostly to make more room in the oven. I will probably get one.
I do think of each day as a day of Thanksgiving.

Sleep tight


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You aren't numb, at all, Michelle... or maybe I am, too. :)

Good morning everyone. Oh, 'bug, as usual your pictures are just wonderful (the cardinal is great). I don't envy you the task of replacing your mower. I have one of those "personal pace", self-propelled Toros, but I don't have a tremendously large yahd, either. It does have the mulch feature (which I love), but when I do bag clippings I've found the bag unwieldy to empty.

Marian, I'm impressed you fire up the 'tiller and go for it. We've suggested to Mum that she do some mowing, pointing out that she wouldn't need her cane, but she hasn't leapt at the opportunity... . Careful of that back, OK? Sounds as though you're getting along famously with your new roaster oven.

We "processed" the leftovers last night after succumbing to an overdose of L tryptophan, and I washed all the pots and serving "vessels". I have the china, glassware, and silver to do this morning. But everything is nicely "consolidated" so I can set up one of Brenda's assembly lines and crack through them as soon as the helpmeet is "out of my hair". ;) Wonder what we'll be having for dinner tonight? We were well sated here, too. Including the animals... . Everyone had turkey except Larry, who had some stuffing and was a little bit greasy after polishing it off.

More gravy, Ma'am?

Anything happenin' up here yet?

The squirrel story was too sweet for words. How cute were those pictures?! Ei, that was great. I was thinking of you yesterday. The first holidays minus a face are the hardest, we swapped stories about departed parents over turkey, hardly seems possible it's been 12 years since my father sat at the table with us.

Aside from the residual dishes, I'm not sure what I'll do with myself today, maybe fiddle around with the construction of a storage bag for the canopy and screen panels (maybe not). It's a sure thing that I WON'T be shopping.

I hope Sue is perking up a little bit today.

Cynthia, I chuckled at the "smile", Sally used to to do it, too and Rex will when he's really excited. And it DOES give people pause when they see it. It interests me that so many people are not very good at reading canine behavior; when I was a kid pretty nearly every family in the neighborhood had a dog. None of them were leashed; there was a pack of kids followed by a pack of dogs... somehow we all managed to "work it out" and no one was ever bitten.

Time to saunter to the sink, methinks.

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Happy Day After Gluttony.

Snow that was to have melted is still here, and I'm watching terra cotta and della robia that was supposed to have been brought in sitting in ice puddles. I'm a bit peeved as the motorcycle is sparkling clean, winter-ready, and covered up safely. Hmmmmmmm.

We had a great day yesterday at sister's log cabin in the woods despite the fact that the turkey was ready at 11am. We just made the gravy really hot at 1pm (dinner time) and all was well:)

Sue: Hope whatever is making you sad can go away, and your cold, too. Perhaps a hookey day is in order on Monday???

Taryn: LOL at your list, because I did the exact same thing five years ago. Suffice it to say that of the 100 or so plants that I moved, only about 15 actually got used by me. The others were used here and there amongst friends, some just last year. I'd look to the fact that even if you Do sell the house and Do move quickly, you'll still have to overwinter them at the new place and that would just be a pain at this point. My suggestion? Take advantage of your neighbor's good graces, sink'em, mulch'em, and deal with'em next Spring. BTW: Only ONE Lavender??????? We'll need to fix that ...

Chelone: Your table is stunning -- even the cat looks impressed :-) I'm jealous of your painting. It's the one thing I really, truly, don't even bother trying anymore. I like your marble top better than some of the "real" ones out there.

'bug: The pics are stunning, too. What kind of camera do you use???

Ei: Maternal instinct at it's best!! (This from someone who views squirrels as tree rats, but this is just too cute!)

Today will be starting purge of remaining unpacked boxes -- we moved 15 months ago but that's not too bad, right? Gave up on actually sorting paperwork and just started shredding anything more than five years old. The rest is Rich's and he can deal with it. I'm in particular search of a cut glass gravy boat that I want to use for Christmas and haven't seen for a looooong time.

Best to all and am VERY grateful to not need to go anywhere near a store, today.


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Wow! Great reading and pictures today! GB, those bird photos were chillingly beautiful. Ei, you are so sweet to spend so much timing loading up those pictures so that we could see the story too.

Chelone, loved the photos of your table. I have lots of those covered silver serving dishes and they're not only beautiful but they keep the food warm too. The chairs look like they came out great! Really like the photo of kitty at head of table :-)

So it's warm at Marian's house and in Oklahoma at Jerri's and EPs? Hope that warmth heads towards the east soon. It's up to 20F this morning. Much too cold for Maryland. That's a February temperature here.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the long week-end. I plan to! Cynthia

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Good Morning, Another Thanksgiving past. We had a really nice day of family and good food. At Bella's Drs. appt. Wednesday he said she could start table food, so she had turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing yesterday too. We got home about 7pm and I was so tired I was in bed by 8:30. It's sooooo cold here today, only 16F this morning. It's supposed to get up to 55F on Monday though. Not much going on here today. My mom and sister will hit the malls all day today. Not me, that's my idea of pure torture.

Chelone, your Thanksgiving table is a thing of beauty. How cool that you shared it with your fur people too.

Eileen, I was so happy to read your post last night. I've been thinking of you every day. Thanks for posting the story of Finnegan. I really liked picture #7 too. It brought back memories of bottle feeding Tim and made me remember how he used to curl up in his little ferret hammock to sleep. I can't believe it's been 2 years ago. He's like any other kid though, he still shows up for his meals most every day, lol.

Drema, congrats on the new grandbaby-to-be! How does Dev feel about being a big brother? Is he excited? We all know how it is when life gets busy so don't feel bad if you don't stay caught up with everything going on here, just post and let us know what's going on with you.

Sue, so sorry to hear that your cold's worse. I always seem to get sick when I'm under stress. Hope things get easier for you at work.

Marie, I'm like you. I get attached to my old, farmiliar things, especially if they have served me well. It seems to me that alot of the improvements that you get when you replace something aren't really improvements at all. My Sears mulching mower is 25 years old and still going strong. Luckily it has very little grass to mow in it's old age, just the little patch out front.

Taryn, my portable greenhouse is full of plants that I wintersowed last year and some that I bought and just never had time to get in the ground. I have the greenhouse up against the house so it's protected and will get some warmth from the wall and I figure I'll just throw some snow in the plants a couple of times over the winter. It's an experiment for me but I figure nothing ventured nothing gained since I just didn't have the time to get them into the ground. Glad to hear Draque made it through ok.

Marian, enjoy your visit with Tim this weekend.

Off for coffee and leftover apple pie. Have a good morning all, Eden

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All cleaned up here in Maine! I washed the china, then the glassware, then the silverware. I always dry the latter and then lay it out on the table to make sure all the pieces are present before putting it away. Mum ALWAYS used to ram that lesson home... and it was affirmed by Suzanne von Drachenfels ("The Art of the Table")... REALLY easy to lose a piece when plates are scraped into the trash (wonder if that's what happened to the missing dinner fork from my grandmother's set?!). And I agree, Cynthia, the silver stuff really keeps the food HOT (leaving the ladle in the gravy/sauce boat can really get your attention).

I spot treated the tablecloth, napkins, and placemats and they're in the washing machine right now. The "placemats" were a last minute thing, actually. I had just pressed the tablecloth and remembered some remnants of the drapery fabric... I hauled it out, cut it into thirds and hemmed the edges. I have to make a few more, but it was EASY and the effect pleased me. Helpmeet remarked on it, IMMEDIATELY; "Gee, honey, the table always looks so nice.". I wish I'd had a pretty centrepiece, though. As for the animals... I figure some will be thoroughly grossed out by the notion of cats on the table, others will smile and nod. They're our family, too. And trying to keep a cat on the floor is like asking a fish not to swim... at least to me. Thanks for the compliments on the "table scape" (gag) and the shots of the chimney project, and desktop.

It's so peaceful here right now; sun filtering into the room, everything clean and looking quite proper, NPR's classical program in the background (a horn concerto; love horns). My BIL remarked yesterday that the place was really "coming together", remarking that it was a peaceful room and "genteel" (he built his home the same way, bit by bit over time). It's gratifying to me to have pretty things set off by a unified background. It's been a long time coming and there were times when I didn't think my "vision" (masterplan?) would ever really "come together". I'm actually looking forward to addressing the wall of the stairwell and it's surrounding woodwork, as well as the entry hall!

Any good shots of Bella theball cramming her first Thanksgiving dinner into her little craw? (bet there'll be a lot of "spot treating" on that table linen, huh?!). Only a little kid or a dog can define "gusto" so perfectly. ;)

It's cold here, too. I fear the geraniums are "goners". Oh well, the poor things were low on the list of priorities.

I am struggling with getting enough light into my pictures. I operate my camera on automatic, but sometimes the available light cancels out the flash... how should I address that? Also, I want to know how to take good pictures at night. We're coming into the season when I'd like to take a few shots of the lights on the house and I don't know how to do it. I have read the manual, but could anyone of you give me a more concise lesson on what exactly it is I'm trying to accomplish? I don't "get" lighting a picture, OBVIOUSLY.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


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I'm compelled to share a "Hurray for the Good Guys" moment:

Just after I posted this morning, got a call on cell from a client of my former (telephone hardware) job. She had been contacted by my ex-Manager about an outstanding quote. As she reports it, halfway through the conversation she wondered out loud why I wasn't following up.

ex-M's response: "She left because her clients weren't buying and she wasn't making us any money because she didn't close things fast enough. She wasn't willing to push. Sign today and we'll discount the quote by what her commission would've been."

The client's response to THAT was to politely thank him for his time, and then call me to find out who the competition is so she could call and buy from them.

So I'm sitting there dumbstruck thinking that I'd love to give her some names, but don't want to fall into the trap of unethical behaviour for a momentary thrill. I told her that. Silence on the other end of the phone. Then a long sigh. Then: "What are you doing now?" I tell her I'm marketing advertising time for one of the major cable companies who appears to be a halfway decent place. She procees to tell me that her plans instantly changed and she wants to spend the $$ she had budgeted for the telephone system on some new creative. Would I be interested???? (Their system will be fine until next year.)

We're meeting on Wednesday. My life mantra has always been: It's easier to be nice. Reinforcement of that is never a bad thing.


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Oh thanks Charlotte, as if I wasn't cold enough. The hounds (whimps with no fat no fur) are snuggled in PJs under mounds of fleece blankets. Maybe we need a 'Locks for Hounds' program and Charlotte could donate her tresses to the campaign.

Chelone, meant to mention those placemats. Love the way they wrap over the edge. I knew you must have made them, but didn't realize they matched the drapes. My placemats match the drapes too: no drapes, no placemats :)

Eden, I leave pots of seedlings right on the patio in piles of leaves with just top of pot exposed. Patio holds heat and leaves insulate. So I suspect everything will be fine in your lean to GH. Only things that go in my gh are tender plants, but it's heated. I'd turn the heat off in there if I could. Still imagining just how bad my heat bills will be this winter. Yes, would love to see a photo of Bella's Thanksgiving! And Kenzie too Michelle !

Writing back and forth with a neighbor this morning on the neighborhood 'problem' dogs. She called about the 'Baddass' hounds last night because they broke through the invisible fence again and almost hit by a minivan. Since the Bassett people are tired of me complaining politely about them, they weren't happy to hear from her, but I'm thrilled :-)

Cat's caught a mouse in kitchen last night and were having lots of fun until I showed up and disposed of their 'hockey puck.'

Ok - back to the housework. Will be nice to have the place clean on a Friday though!


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Loser girl, here (again)... ;)

Cynthia, you didn't let them EAT the mouse? for SHAME... . I don't generally see anything but remains of the kill. There were some entrails on the deck the other day, when I looked again they were gone... Rex was on the deck. We treat for worms routinely. ;) LOL about the placemats; the "wrap over" was yet another tid-bit gleaned from the "Art of the Table"! I'm telllin' ya, it's a wonderful book.

Martie, "nice guys finish last" is funny, but it's NOT true, at all. Nice guys make friends and forge alliances. Be nice to people on the way up because you'll never know who you may need when times get tough and you're on the way DOWN. "Kindness is the rare coin that returns the spendthrift twofold, but leaves the miser penniless.". You go, girl.

So, 'bug... you use a blow dryer on 'lottie after one of those snowy romps, or what? Our Springer, Chris, always had huge "dingleberries" of snow whenever she came in. If it wasn't snow, it was stickleburrs. I finally "solved" the problem by delivering her to the groomer with the admonition to, "make her look like a stocky German Shorthair Pointer". She looked sort of weird, but it worked for us, lol. And she was able to swim, run through muck, and BE A DOG, without creating more housework for you know who. But, jeez, she WAS pretty in a fully clean and groomed Springer clip... . Pity such a lovely creature was permitted to fall into our clutches... ;).

I hope Michelle and Drema aren't offended by oversight of Kenzie and some kid I can't name (but know there's another on way!)... . It's really tough to jump in and "make connections". Mum's been at my brother's for 3 weeks and I'm JUST gettin' into the swing again... little wonder this appears to be an intimidating group to the neophytes!

Bring on the outta control, gusto-filled young 'uns, PLEASE. But spare me the dogs (I hate dogs).

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Base, low... grovelling, imploring. I hate dogs.

Good thing he knows it! yeah, damn right...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone, I trained DH a bit. We have a boot cupboard/bench. Charlotte obeys the "jump" command and DH towels/combs off as much as possible. I cannot afford the groomer more than twice a year. Sometimes DH cuts her bangs too, much to my dismay. Charlotte will "jump" into the car (or a friend's car), "jump" on a bench, "jump" on the bed, etc. She will also sit on her rug and get "OFF" the bed when DH or I come to bed.

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All the dog pics are stirring up a bit of jealousy :-) Almost had DH talked into a Rat Terrier until sister's dog (large pound-hound) jumped up into his lap during dinner yesterday. Pointed out that it would take 5 Rat Terriers to make up one hound. He didn't buy the logic :"(

I'm going to show him these pics. How could he possibly resist?????? Did Charlotte find what she was sniffing for?? Did the Maine dog get up from that sunny spot in anticipation of a treat for being so handsome?????

WHERE ARE THE KIDS?????????? (Jealous that I'm not yet destined to be a Meme' to SDD's future brood, but glad that Ky at 19 isn't thinking along those lines, yet.)

Martie, off to gather greens and start some decorating

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I am at work today. Bummer!

Ei, the squirrel pictures and story were fun.

Chelone, no offense here :o) Your table is lovely. I thought the placemats matched the drapes, nice touch.

Cynthia, no Thanksgiving photos, forgot the camera. Heck I haven't figured out my new scanner to show you all the Halloween picture.

Neat doggie pictures, one looks cold and one nice and warm on his rug in the sun.

Stay warm


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Martie, my boss has 2 Rat Terriers. They are thoroughly obnoxious little creatures. But it's not their fault, at all.

I have found them to be incredibly bright (for dogs!) and know they'd be rapt students IF ANYONE BOTHERED TO EDUCATE THEM. I KNOW I could train them both in under 2 weeks! No kidding. But they're totally out of control and I LOATHE having them in the shop because of it. No bad dogs, only bad behaviors. Train your dog and it's less of PITA for those of us who hate dogs... ; ditto kids.

My boss was here on Wednesday. She remarked that Rex was really "mellow" (NOT!). He was "mellow" because he is (sort of) trained. When we sat down for lunch, he was on his bed, not milling around the table, "begging". He's been TRAINED TO DO THAT.

The first instructor we had in our obedience classes has a Bouvier and a Papillon. Her lovely Bouvier is an inspiration for obedience work. Ditto the itty-bitty Papillon, who is AMAZING in agility work! Get the Rat Terrier, BUT TRAIN THE DAMN THING! size DOESN'T matter, Martie. Training DOES.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Oh Chelone, Wrecks/Biggie-boy is bringing back memories of my Boomerang/Boomeroid/Boomer!

Here he is in his younger days, with baby Shane crawling around---he was a gentle giant:

And practicing for Gumbo many years later:

Sniff! Another dog is in our future once we're settled SOMEWHERE...

Great reading today, back to comment later. Have to go get Draquie then off to a friend's to catch up over coffee.



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Bad grandma here, I didn't take the camera with me yesterday. I'm thinking of starting a bit of the decorating here too. I'm not going too heavy on the interior decorating this year. I don't want to ruin the no clutter theme that I've been working on lately.

Martie, I always say what goes around comes around and I truly believe that. Oh and Tim would be mad if you called him a tree rat, lol. I do enjoy the squirrels antics. They're the clowns of my garden. Brad and I get as much enjoyment from watching them as we do the birds but I know not everyone feels that way.

Marie, I love Charlotte's snow beard. Bud loves the snow too. He was so excited when he saw it the other night. He'll go out and roll around in it and he smiles. I think most all dogs have a smile expression of some sort, or maybe it's just a happy face.

Cynthia, lol on the locks for hounds. I can just see Katie in a Charlotte wig or maybe a Charlotte toupee for Monty. Glad you have a nice break from work this long weekend.

Chelone, what a contented boy you have sunning himself in the first pic and that's a face no one could help but love in the second one. I too loved the placemats. Reminded me of something my mom would do. I envy you seamstresses that can whip up something so beautiful at a moment's notice. I didn't inheret the sewing gene unfortunately.

Back to it for me. Laundry and the vacuum call. Jen, dd1 just called. She's out doing errands and she said she'lll stop by in a while and bring lunch.


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Whoa, T! That's a freaky shot!

Rex is a cross between a German Shepherd and a (Bull?)Mastiff. He's big (100 lbs.). But he's smart (for a dog ;) ), and will do anything to please his humans. He's totally dialled in to chasing things, but "NO!" stops him dead, usually. We have a "control range" of about 25-30 yds., anything farther is dicey; so we are careful about off leash work. No point in tempting fate or setting him up to fail. No part of his personality is "mean". He's big, he'll do the Mohawk thing, charge you and bark like hell. But I'd lay odds you'd have to be a complete jerk or really provoke him to get him to really "attack". He's not "wired" that way. But he has all the genes to respond aggressively when baited. I know he carries the genes to be aggessive and the fact that he's still alive after stints in 3 shelters and 2 "homes" speaks volumes for his intelligence and desire to be part of a pack (any pack).

I hate dogs.

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George says "Cats Rule":

Rippie says 'whatever.'

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And THAT'S why humans find dogs less threatening than cats.

just a reminder: I hate dogs


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

George is a very wise cat!
NouNou the ornithologist

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Guys! Thanks...I enjoyed little Finnegan too although I'm not thinking the squirrels here are too cute. We have the *smartest*...fattest squirrels in the state, right here in my little neighborhood. I have yet to find a way to squirrel proof my feeders. I even bought that one that closes up when they jump onto it. Well, one of the squirrels figured out how to open the lid (a lid that must be pinched in order to open):-O I went to fill the feeder one day and got the bejeebers scared out of me when I lifted the lid and the squirrel comes jumping out from inside the feeder. He almost landed on my head! Ah, but Finnegan is is little Timmy! :-)

Chelone that Biggie Boy sure is handsome and he does look like your Boomer, Taryn! Thanks for the good thoughts everyone. It is still hard to believe...some days are better than others. Thanksgiving was dad's favorite holiday, so it was only natural that he was on my mind. I know mom was being brave, but feeling sad I'm sure. Actually, having all those people over was a good thing...kind of kept mom's mind occupied. *Gorgeous* table, BTW!

Funny Martie...I was just going to chime in, though Chelone already said it...the rat terriers are very cute and *extremely* intelligent. My mom had one many years ago and he was just the cleverest thing and very sweet and loyal...

Cynthia...what a cute picture and you cracked me up...that is *exactly* what they are saying...LOL!

GB is Charlotte too serious for a big squish...she has such the squish factor to me...I would *love* to cuddle her! :-) Sorry about the sn.... It's very cold here 11 degrees I think we'll reach a high of 15...whoo hoo...LOL!

Great to see you all and hope Marian is having a wonderful day...

Romper, Bomper, Stomper, Boo....
Tell me, tell me, tell me true...
Tell me magic mirror...tell me today...
Did all my friends have fun at play?

I see Taryn, and Eden, and Michelle and...LOL! I know, I'm a cornball.

Have to get going the in-laws will be here for a few more days, but sure enjoyed seeing you *all*! Have a great day!

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So it begins. Christmas cookies at the bank and gourmet brownies delivered by UPS:o)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi Ei , and everyone else .

It is not one of my better days . I have a sinus plus nasal problem , and I still have things to do in preparation for our Tim's visit . ( He's not a squirrel .LOL .) He's a good- sized human , and I want to have a good 'feed' for him . He is batching and usually eats out , so he should appreciate my home-cooked food .

Ei , those pics and the story of the baby squirrel are really neat . Funny how animals will take in the offspring of other species . I am hoping the days are becoming easier for you .

Michelle , our Roaster oven turkey turned out fine . Nolon and I had some of it for our noon meal today , along with stuffing and turkey gravy . I figured since I would be cooking potatoes to mash tomorrow I would just make instant mashed potatoes today ....yuk ! They weren't too bad if they had enough gravy on them !

I made a hasty trip to town this morning and got the needed groc . ,...... well , most of them ...I forgot to get a sack of cat food . I'll probably have to patronize the local store , and her stuff is so over priced . I don't plan on going back to town until Tuesday .

Michelle , I noticed there was a new post on the other thread , so I clicked on it before I prepared breakfast . It had opened by the time I sat down to eat .
I like what you said about "thinking of each day as a day of thanksgiving " . It should always be that way , even on bad days . there is always something to be thankful for .
I am rather chagrined that many of the news media chose to call it "Turkey Day" instead of Thanksgiving Day " . I guess that is so they do not offend anyone who never gives thanks to a higher being .

Chelone , your table is beautiful , but I will pass on the cats on the table . Ours have never got on our table while it is set , and are discouraged from getting on it when it isn't in use . It is very rare that one has , unless it may be at night while we are in bed . They pretty well know what is off limits .
I thought of you when watching the Dog Show on TV . There were some with very wet mouths , espacially one that was slobbering all over the place ! Yuck !

Cynthia , it's not so warm here today . The high is close to 50 , and the low was about 22 . There is a chilly breeze . Warmer weather is on the way , again , along with the possibility of tornados Sunday !!!!! Weird !

I love the pic of George and Rippie , and Marie's NouNou in the window .

LOL ! Marie . Charlotte is a hoot ! Soo funny . I'm glad your DH does the clean-up on her when she comes in like that . When our cats come in either wet , or covered with dirt from a good roll , I grab an old towel to wipe them off . Trubby doesn't mind , but Tommy usually growls at me !

Martie , I am so glad you encountered someone with ethics . We need that to reinforce our faith in mankind .

All these dog pics are NOT making me wish I had one . I'm content to enjoy the neighbor's , at a distance . One of my all time favorites , in the dog world , is the Norwegian Elkhound . I like Welsh Corgis too , because my oldest sis had one for years , before any of us kids were grown .

Frankly , I dread the next 4 or more weeks , being brainwashed with all the hoopla for the " Merchant's/Santa claus Day . I watched "Miracle on 34th Street " for the ( I think ) first time , yesterday . It makes me soo sad to see the attributes of God being given to a mythical human .

It's about time for 'Millionaire' to come on . We always watch it .


PS ...Well , so much for 'Millionaire' ! A football game is on !!! Yargh !

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hello again,

Had a great catch up with my buddy Trish today. She thinks I should be an Ebay consultant, lol. I'm thinking about getting away from Ebay but if I was out and about setting people up in their homes/offices it would at least get me out of the house. Something to ponder once we are settled somewhere.

Glenn had a good day too. Was supposed to have today off because US TG usually stymies Toyota for parts so they can't run. But they're behind enough that they COULD run, so the holiday stood but anyone who wanted to go in for 4 hours got tripletime. He went in from 7:00-11:00 and then played shinney hockey and had a blast playing a bunch of juniors who weren't even born when he started playing. Made my 42 year old "old man's" day, lol! Also came home with a $1,400 Xmas bonus and made MY day! We can use it about now, but I do feel somewhat guilty with the recent developments. Wish other automotive manufacturers would follow their lead and not hire thousands of people every time there is a small increase in market share. Then lay them all off when it drops. Supply according to demand does work, and with no union in this case. Do you know Toyota guaranteed in writing that they would never lay off any full-time employee? They contract everything out, so would rather see an employee cutting their grass than laying him off. But it has never been necessary. I'm feeling very bad for all those who are having the rug pulled out from under them because of poor planning. Doesn't have to be that way. Off soapbox now.

Ei SOOO great to hear from you! Been missing my big sister in song and her lyrics. Loved the squirrel and puppy sequence--great TRUE story! I googled it to show Brennen tonight when I found you'd pulled your pics and found it on, it's a true story but they didn't have all the pics, so I found it elsewhere too--link below to anyone who missed Ei's series here. Glad you survived TG, though I'm sure it was very emotional for you. Dec 1st will be 7 years since I lost my Dad and that first Xmas 3 weeks later was really hard. It gets easier though--baby steps. One day you'll realize a whole day has gone by and you haven't cried! Then you'll laugh and feel guilty, then cry for being so silly! Been there...

Hope Sue is feeling better today. No

TGIF!!! from her feels strange. Hang in there Sue...

Martie, great story there! Karma in action! Great believer in that myself--way to go! RE plants, if we get this place I'll have an ACRE of grass to make pretty, and know I will use all the plants. Many were trades/gifts from friends and have sentimental value. Other's, like the Hellebores I grew from Tasmanian seeds would be hard to replace or take me years starting again from seed. I'll wait until mid-December to decide what to do. There are differing opinions and some are quite encouraging! What would YOU do? thread on discussions FYI.

Michelle, don't feel dumb! Well at least know you're in dumb company! I did the same thing, just refreshed the thread and posted Marian's birthday card half an hour after a new idyll started, and I was the 106th post too! Kenzie pics please?

Eden BAD GRANDMA!!! LOL, did Mummy take some?

I may be wrong but I thought it was Norma who had the GS Devin and Drema's a MIL but not yet a Grandma? I miss or mix up a lot of details so could be wrong...Congrats again Drema! Good luck with the Drema Lights too!

Chelone, Boomer was a lab/shep/great dane cross, but temperament was ALL lab! I often wondered if a burglar broke in if he would attack or just lick the guy to death! I do think he would have protected us if he ever had to though. We were his peeps.

Enjoyed your very pretty table and I checked out your paint pics too--well done! I missed that link before so went hunting when others were commenting and found it. Wonder if that was the case with my FOUND IT ON EBAY link? What with all the TG festivities going on. You guys should check it out, it's really pretty funny. And for a really amazing treat, check out this BALL PLAYER Just wild! All the videos on this site are 'clean', though some really live up to the name The boys are hooked on it and giggle hysterically for hours watching them. Links will open in a new window so those on dial-up don't have to reload this page to watch. Enjoy!

Marian, try not to take it to heart. It does get very commercial, but for the young kids who believe, its magic! Shane already knows about Santa, but the others still believe and I'm not going to take that away from them any sooner than I have to. Actually I'M not going to do it at all--there's always some kids at school happy to be mean and dash other kids' hopes. I was personally devestated when I found out. My children understand it's about more than them getting presents and know who's birthday they are celebrating Christmas Eve. They donate toys and food to the needy. My family gave each other dollar store gives last year and are going to do that again and make a red cross donation as well. We have a special ornament for my Dad (a golden violin) to go on the tree so he can see it from Heaven and know we are thinking of him. The adults in our family are happy to get together and have a great meal and a happy & relaxed time. But the kids get spoiled a bit it's true! Bought them the game cube package at the top of this page today. Cost? $109.00 CAD (good deal!) Gasps and smiles of joy on Xmas morning--priceless!!!!

On that note I'm going to start decorating for Xmas now. I'm wrapping boxes to make fake presents to go in the sled for the porch display. Also going to festoon both the staircases, well bannisters, with holly and my fav picks and ribbons. Hoping Drema's sisters' trick works for me and the Christmas decorations help. I'm actually looking forward to it just for the fun of it though!

Hi to all, and g'night...


P.S. Great kitty and doggie pics! But of course cats rule! Think Garfield and Odie, lol! Here's one for the cat lovers:

Cat Mind Games

Stare with the exact same expression whether you're looking at nothing or an ax murderer.

Wait till your human lays out their clothes and decide this would be the perfect place to take a nap.

Race through the house, hair on end and stop in an attack pose. Then walk of nonchalantly. Repeat as necessary.

Play with invisible objects.

Wait till your human is asleep and jump up and start kneeding any available body parts.

Figure 8 your humans legs while they are walking around the kitchen cooking something you won't get a bite of.

Before your human gets out of their bed, make sure your napping in the bathroom doorway.

Leave gifts of small animal body parts in your human' s shoes. Then wait to be praised. Stalk off if not rewarded for your gift.

If you absolutly have to go to the vet, cling to your human's head, howling at the top of your lungs and spew hairballs on the vet.

Wait till your human is eating, then jump on the table and shed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ei's squirrel story

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Good Evening, one and all:

My close-to-angelic mom bred and raised Beagles and Collies while I was growing up. It was her way of contributing to the financial wellness of the family. Obedience training came with all outgoing puppies. It was a package deal: no one got a dog without coming to classes. If they didn't show up, my mother would get on her broom, hrumph, in the station wagon and go pick up the pooch.

As a result, I never thought I would want to live with another dog for the rest of my life. I met Rich. He hates dogs even more than Chelone, and made me promise (our only prenup agreement) that we would never have anything with fur and four legs living in the house. Love is blind. What more can I say?

Unexpectedly also fell in love with Rat Terriers while visiting a Florida friend who adopted one out of the Humane Society. They place no-training-given dogs with her and she usually has about six running around, but I digress.

There's a large contingent of RT owners in Connecticut and I'm resisting the urge to give them a call for breeder recommendations. Rich will come around, maybe. Marian's Apple Cranberry Pie Recipe sure didn't hurt :-)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Thanks Taryn. Ooops, sorry...Wednesday was like Friday for me this week so it didn't even dawn on me to do a TGIF today.

Yesterday was a blur as usual. You spend so much time and energy getting ready and in a few hours it's all over. Since we had 12 for dinner I couldn't fit everyone in the dining room and had to set up an 8 foot table in the breakfast room. The problem with the folding tables is they are only wide enough for plates so you can't get too elaborate with the table settings and the food has to go somewhere else but at least everyone could sit together in the same room. Turkey isn't a food I get too excited about so I generally don't overeat. All the leftovers go home with my SIL. After everyone left I did my stretches and a free weight work out.

Total me day today. The head cold is getting better so I dragged out all the Christmas decorations and started putting stuff out. My neighbor across the street beat me and got her wreath on the front door She is the decorating queen. This afternoon I took a nice long walk-probably 5 miles. It was only about 33 F but I dressed in light layers and was perfectly comfortable. I needed to clear my mind and for me there is nothing like a nice long walk to help get that done. After that I did my stretches and worked out with my new Pilates DVD for the first time. It's an intermediate version of the beginner one I've been doing so more challenging. Now it's wine time and I just defrosted a couple of nice filets for the grill.

I've been enjoying the details of everyone's holiday and all the pictures. I'm surprised we haven't heard from Deanne yet and I'm glad to see Ei has returned at least for today.

Not much else going on here. Have a great night!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi all,

Haven't read everything but it is amazing how much Boomer and Rex resemble each other. I would probably hate them both to pieces. ;)

Had my "seasonal attitude adjustment" today. First of all, I did NOT go shopping. But we went to the square at 6:30 in a pretty good snowstorm. If you saw the movie Groundhog Day, our square is where they filmed the morning festivities. Very victorian and small town-ish and quaint. The community choir (which included DD) sang several Christmas songs, then there was a countdown and all the holday lights around the square were turned on at once. It's 100% small town schmaltz and I tear up every year. ;) Then we sang carols and then retired to the pub for warmth, drinks and a little dinner. A wonderful evening, and while I didn't take a camera, would you believe I found someone's blog who has already posted a photo? Check the link.

So Happy Holdays, everyone! (Bug, can we say the C word yet?)


Here is a link that might be useful: Lghting of the Square

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V, just finished watching Groundhog Day--what a coincidence that it was on television tonight. The square and town are very picturesque and enticing.

Hello to all........


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Good very coldsize> morning people!

No gourmet brownies in my UPS delivery. How does that work Michelle? And I'm always charmed when people talk about going to banks. Chelone does that a lot. The last time I was in a bank was 1998. If I'd known they served cookies...

V, As soon as you said 'Groundhog Day' I visualized that square! Yes, it's a beautiful little town. I often have Groundhog days at work when people do not 'get it' and we repeat over and over and over and over.....

Martie, I like your story. It says a lot about you. And I like what it says.

Marian, I don't think of Thanksgiving as a religious holiday. I do call it Turkey day sometimes, but that doesn't mean anything one way or the other. I'm not religious, but accept that other people are, and expect that they accept me the way I am. It should be about values, not just dogmata.

Taryn, I think an opportunity for you would be in listing on Ebay for people who don't have PCs. Yes, there are still people who don't compute :-) You could just charge a flat percentage of their sale price.

Eden, is your house all lit up now? Sue I see is dragging out her decorations too. I usually do the candles in the window Thanksgiving week-end, so suppose that should be on my list for today. Too cold to move much yet this morning!

Yes, where is Deanne? Hi Just_T! Hi Nou Nou! Are those mourning doves you're observing?

I have to soak Monty's foot. I imagine Katie and Rippie drinking the betadine solution while I'm trying to stick Monty's foot in the bowl...... We went to vet yesterday and he now has pain pills which cost $2.08 each. I think he has a hangover this morning :-) I will be soaking his foot twice a day. Must decide which room needs repainting before I decide where to place the soaking bowl of tea colored solution.

Have a warm day if you can!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It was a Simon & Garfunckle morning. Do you know which song I mean?
I got up to wash my face,
When I come back to bed
Someone's taken my place

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Good Morning, We had MORE snow overnight. It's definitely looking like winter here now, no more denying it. It's here. Bella stayed over last night and I just finished giving her breakfast. Trying to decide whether to drag out the Christmas tree and decorate it or continue on with yesterday's theme of vacuuming and laundry and get that finished up. One thing's for sure, I won't be going out. Baby+Winter=Stay Home to me these days. Just too much trouble to bundle her all up and lug her around. I'll send Brad out for supplies, lol.

Cynthia, I just love George. What a sweetie. Are the pain pills because Monty's foot is hurting? You'll have the soaking thing figured out and down to a routine in no time. I must confess I haven't been in a bank in years either. And yep we do have house lit up now. I'll try to get a picture and post it soon. It looks very festive.

Sue, I'm glad your cold is subsiding. It was nice that you could take a day just for yourself. We all need that from time to time. I definitely need my alone time and start to get really cranky with people if I don't get it.

V, I've never seen Groundhog Day but your town square is beautiful. What a nice way to kick off the holiday season.

Michelle, gourmet brownies??? Yum! Lucky you!

Taryn, sounds like a good day at your house. Those bonus checks always help boost your mood don't they? Brad's employer has given out some really generous ones in the past.

Marie, such artistic pictures of NouNou! He's getting big!

OK, my take on it is that Norma has 2 grandsons, the youngest of which is Wyatt and Drema has Devin who belongs to dd Jen. Drema, you have to jump in here and straighten us out.

Martie, I hope you can talk Rich into a doggie. I can't imagine not having pets in the house. Although it would be a much neater and cleaner place without them. They're so worth it though. How about a cat or 2, lol?

Marian, have a great weekend enjoying your visit with Tim and feeding him, lol.

Ei, It's so good to have you back posting. Hope your here to stay.

HI T!!!

Can't wait to see holiday decoration pictures. Let's see...Sue has her's up and Taryn's and Cynthia's candles.

Where's Deanne???

Gotta go play with Bella the Ball for a while. She's been playing by herself very politely while I composed this post. Have a great day everyone.


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Morning Marie, How's about...Cecilia? Good song, now I'll be humming it all day.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good morning !

It warmed up during the night .Supposed to be in the 60s today and tomorrow , 50s tonight . That's nice . I won't have to be concentrating on keeping the fire going .

I don't think of Thanksgiving as a religious holiday , either , ( nor do I look at Xmas as one ) . I think of Thanksgiving Day in the same light as it was originally meant for be thankful for all our blessings . I appreciate the fact that our nation once did that , regardless of their beliefs .

I baked my cranberry apple pie last evening . Shew ! Did I say it was an easy one to make ? It took me about an hour and a half ! Then I was in a quandry as to how I would get it into the oven without dumping all that topping off . I had to scrub out my largest cast iron skillet ( It had leftovers in it ,for the varmints ), The pie plate , full of ingredients , just barely fit in it , but it went into the oven without a mishap . It looks great . Now the chore will be getting it out of the skillet because I need it , (the skillet ), to set the pumpkin pie in to bake . Boy ! Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks ....this old gal is learning a lot of new tricks for cooking in a Roaster oven ! If you are wondering about using a skillet , it is the only container that will fit in the oven , for the pie to set on/in .

The funny thing is ... I am rather enjoying the challenges .

I may be 'missing' for the rest of the year . I don't want to offend anyone , or be offended .


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Good chilly snowy damp grey but Happy because it's Saturday morning!

In Rich's mind, cats are far worse than dogs. I like their warmth. Pointed out that the hound has yet to be trained and that any dog in our house would NOT jump on people while at table. No Go. Showed him pics and had Florida girlfriend call with a testimonial. No Go.

But ....... since they're so small I could probably sneak one in and keep it hidden for a few days, bond, and then he couldn't possibly make me get rid of it, right????? LOL Actually, I spend a lot of time away during the day and it might not be fair to the dog. The jury is still out.

Got a lot of greens yesterday with the help of neighborhood kid contingent and Kelly (niece), a friend of hers, and my trusty pruning saw and loppers. It's all sticking out of the snow in the backyard waiting to be arranged inside and I haven't a clue what I'm going to do, yet.

The 5' wreath with lights and new bow (only artificial greenery because fake was less than real and was a one-time expense) will be hung today by DS, who will also try and fix the broken lamppost (Halloween accident) to do something with that. All house electricity will be off for a bit so I'll be persona non grata.

Sue -- Glad to see you're up and about and that you fit everyone in the same room. Make today a "you day", too!!

Deanne -- How did the festivities go??????

Will undoubtedly be back later and today have weather envy for anyone with over 35degF.


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Oh Charlotte, you are so tired from your big day in the snow yesterday.

Shall we do cats and dogs in bed today? (Monty & Saul - but not a today picture. They're all in the office with me right now because I'm not ready to start the racing around yet.)

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The only two I could catch lazing around this morning.


and Bud...

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Here's some examples of lounging going on around here today...

Zoe on her daddy's

Nick chilling on his bed with his favorite "mailbag" toy closeby.

Looks like winter out there today-cold with gray skies that look like snow. I've been watching the birds come and go on the patio feeder and I just ordered a new heated birdbath. Now it's time to get cracking on the Christmas decorations.


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Cynthia, making the daily deposit is part of my duties at the office. It is only a block away so most days I enjoy getting out of the office for a little walk and some fresh air. They have cookies and apple cider every Friday during the holiday season and on the 3rd of each month. Hey, they are homemade too. Thats small town for you ;o) As for the brownies, we get many "incentives" from the cable tv channels that we carry and those that would like us to.

No decorating here today as tomorrow is our Thanksgiving celebration with RickÂs kids. We are sticking with the fall/Thanksgiving decorations for this weekend.

V, it looks very quaint and like lots of fun.

All the furbies look very warm and cozy this a.m.

I should get cracking and get some preparations for tomorrow done.


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Looks like a pet comforting thread here. I smile about it because it reflects the 'grand pets'. Also enjoy reading about the children. We have no small children in our family at present but the adults they have become or are becoming are all interesting and going for it. Next month there will be only 2 teens left. Someone once commented to me that it is how we 'percieve' that determines our beliefs. Our children and pets always had a designated place to sleep and all were well behaved and fed and cared for as well as we could manage within our resources. In establishing 'traditions' it has been interesting to learn the history and evolvement of each one. Learning to define history, myth, legend, fiction, origion of traditions and so forth. Time together is reinforcing. I like the look of Chelone's table. Beautiful. I want to make some new place mats. V.. interesting to read of your location. I love the small towns with the town squares. Not much left of our 'town' now. The scenery is what we moved here for , and the peace and quiet. Don't want too much isolation tho. Has been interesting to study the trees and learn to ID them. The Oaks were the last to turn and are still brilliant. Our 'traditons' have changed since we've become older. We used to go to the forest and cut our own tree. Now we enjoy an artifical tree that we can put up on Thanksgiving and leave up as long as we wish. Partner enjoys putting up lights outside and the neighbors appreciate them. Have several fun things I am catching up on.. making a few ornaments, crocheting to use up yarn, winding up a lot of things. We hope to enjoy whatever comes up. Good to be in touch. EP

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This is the spring fed pond that eventually drains into our stream and into the 'big' creek. Usually inhabited by a flock of Canada geese. EP

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Taryn-I followed your "Found It On Ebay" link, and was side-tracked there for quite a little while....funny stuff!

Marie-Thanks...DD played Cecilia the other day, and it was stuck in my head for the longest time, lol! Now it's back :) She and I both love Simon and Garfunkel. The older she gets, the more she likes "my" music.

Gee, all the cozy animals make me want to curl up and take a nap! Not gonna happen, though. We have Thanksgiving dinner at Jim's mom's this evening, and I need to make something. I think it's going to be pork fried rice. That's one thing I make that she really likes. Besides, I can make it now, and put it in the crock pot until time for dinner, and have the rest of the day to do as I please.

Our family TG was great. Had good turnout, all but 4 people made it. The chocolates went over really well, and we didn't have to bring much pie back home. Mom and Aunt Martha's freezer is now filled with lots of individual meals, so they won't have to cook for a while. Well, until they get tired of turkey and ham dinners, anyway. Like the giant DORK that I am, I took my camera, and it hung in it's case with my coat the entire time. DOH!! We went through 30 pounds of potatoes. My younger sister was in charge of potatoes, and showed up at about 10:30 with bags of unpeeled spuds. So, we all grabbed a knife and got busy.

Got good news from the Dr. I had my cholesterol checked this past Monday (this was after I had been dipping/testing chocolates) and it's down 22 points from the last time. He has stopped threatening to put me on medication. I don't mind taking medicine if I need it, but I knew some changes in diet would make a big difference, and it worked. YAY for oatmeal and milled flax seed ;)

Time to start chopping ingredients.
Have a good day, all.

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The view from my kitchen window this morning. It looks alot like winter doesn't it?


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Good morning.

It is fun to see the dogs & cat photos.

Eden's picture of looking out her kitchen window this morning (brrrrr!) reminded me of the elk photos I couldn't upload a few days ago. I tried again this morning and was able to upload a few.

This is what caught my eye, out my kitchen window, while making my lunch a few days ago.

and a few more

I then went to the dining room door and took these--same elk just they had walked a bit further along the tree line.

Eden, do you see the little calf? Whenever our dog decides to head towards the herd, the calf runs into the midst of the herd and they surround it. Seiko does NOT get close to the herd, they would run him down and stomp on him (truly) if he got too close.

We have quite a bit of water puddling (ponding?) behind the shop building from the recent rains and the summer land sculpting. DH is going to try to make a drainage ditch using the excavator (he tried using a shovel but the job is far too big). He is going to make a horrible, muddy, rutted, awful, nasty.......did I say horrible???????? mess when he does this but there is no way around it. The amount of water that is sitting/gathering there is enough that he is concerned that it will undermine the foundation of the shop. There are many, many (MANY) days where I wished we lived in town. I hate this place today--maybe I'll like it tomorrow.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Afternoon everyone,

Well Im good and exhausted today. Thanksgiving was a great day but the funniest thing has happened to me. I used to just LOVE the whole feast thing and this year I found I couldnt care less about all that food. We had lots of fun with friends and endured the usual family garbage that always seems to intrude on holidays. My DS irritated me to pieces again and I really need to get over it and stop letting her push my buttons. DB is not happy with me because I apparently didnt invite him soon enough even though he has been invited every year and every year I tell everyone that they are always invited (weve done T Day dinner for the last fifteen years) but because I didnt get a hold of him until the week before Thanksgiving he went to his in-laws. Mom wasnt happy about that and I feel like just giving up. Grrrr.. Anyway, other than that, dinner was lovely and I really did enjoy myself when I wasnt irritated with my family. Thank heavens my two best girlfriends and their families join us for the day and we had a great time. We are also really enjoying our new tradition of having champagne with Thanksgiving dinner. That is a treat.

Yesterday I made the mistake of thinking I could run out and get some new black hose for my class reunion. Well I went to the mall and it was insane! What was I thinking? There were over 100 people in line waiting to check out Kohls and I decided that Id just wear an old pair I had at home. I wasnt going to wait an hour to buy a pair of panty hose. I guess the economy is alive and well here in southern NH.

Class reunion was a BLAST! Doug, MJ and I had a terrific time. We danced from about 8 to midnight. What fun! I dont know if I ever mentioned this but MJ and I used to live across the street from each other when we were in high school and we graduated together. Since MJs husband died ten years ago she doesnt have a significant other in her life so Doug got to have two dates for the party last night. He thought that was a great idea. LOL Here are MJ and I just before we left for the party. We clean up pretty good for a pair of 53 year old ladies. (Our birthdays are only ten days apart)

So it is snowing here today also. It now officially looks like winter here. We got about five inches of snow on Thanksgiving day and Doug actually got out the snow blower. Hard to believe the week before was in the 60s. Last night was 18F degrees out and that is just a bit too cold for me. Im not acclimated yet. Wednesday evening Doug, Heather and I had to run around and finish getting all the tender plants out of the garage and down to the basement because it went down below 20 that night as well. The plants might not have made it if Id left them out so that is finally taken care of as well.

T Im always amazed with your elk photographs. I just cant picture looking out the window when fixing lunch and seeing a herd of elk in my yard. Amazing.

Eden, It looks just like that outside my windows right now also. Bummer we dont have any Bellas first turkey day pics. Oh well I KNOW well have her first Christmas pics. ~~ Im currently not feeling much like getting Christmas decorations out because all I can think about is having to put them all away in January. Ill probably be in a better frame of mind next week when Im not still tired from Thanksgiving. ~~ Love the snoozing furbies. It looks like that at my house today also. Rahjii thinks its better to be inside on days when there is no sun and it is just too chilly to have a good snooze.

Brenda, I sure wish youd remembered to grab some pics of your Thanksgiving gathering. Id have liked to see all those chocolates you made as well. That is so great that you package up dinners for your Mom and Aunt. They really must appreciate that. LOL about your sister showing up with bags of unpeeled potatoes. Id asked my youngest DS to put together a couple pickle/relish trays and she decided to send flowers instead because it was easier. Go figure? This is the DS who had Christmas dinner at her house last year and I cooked the turkey, whipped the potatoes, made the gravy baked the pies and MJ brought squash, green beans and cookies. This year we are going to have Christmas dinner at MJs because if we are going to cook anyway it is easier to do it in our own kitchens. LOL. ~~ Congratulations on lowering your cholesterol. That isnt easy to do. Good for you! I got the results of my blood work back yesterday and all my levels are looking great especially my triglycerides which are down to 45!!!! That number is supposed to be under 185 so 45 is off the charts good. I think that is the one that aerobic exercise improves. I guess it works!

Lovely landscape photo EP. I have Grand Cats as well and it makes me laugh.

Sue great pics of the puppies. Love that Nickster. Ive spend several hours today in Moniques favorite chair with my lap top. I did some laundry and cleaned out a couple dresser drawers that I hadnt looked in for a while then decided Id done enough for the day. I might play with my plants later as a couple of the cuttings need to get potted up already. ~~ Really happy to hear you are getting better. Sorry for the downer at work. That kind of thing can be very upsetting.

Martie, great story about your customer. Good karma. Youll have to show us pics of your 5 wreath in place.

Marian, youll have to show us pics of your roaster baked pies. That cranberry apple one sounds scrumptious.

Marie, lots of great photos. Keep them coming. I love the Charlotte in the snow one. She is such a cutie.

Chelone, your Thanksgiving table was just beautiful. It makes me want to sew again when I see those lovely place mats you made.

Cynthia, I thought Montys foot was getting better? Sorry he still isnt better. That is a bit of a pain in the neck your having to soak his foot in betadine. I dont remember how he injured it or didnt you know? Youll appreciate this, Doug has to soak his foot in Epsom salts and Luke decided he ought to have a nice drink out of the foot bath. That cat never seems to be happy with the fresh water in his water bowl. It always has to come from an alternate source like the dripping sink or the toilet bowl after he splashes a lot of the water on the floor. I did discourage him from drinking the Epsom salts water as I dont believe that would be the best thing for his digestion. ~~ LOVE the Cats Rule photograph. But you knew I would because George is my favorite.

V Love your lighting of the square. Im the same way. Christmas carols and choirs make me cry.

Hi Mary, Michelle, Eileen and Taryn! Drema how terrific to hear from you. OK I think Ive caught up. Please forgive if Ive omitted anyone. It is really tough to catch up when youve not read or posted in a couple days.

Have a great Saturday evening all,

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

My view outside is much like Edens today. Shane on right with a couple of pals. I dare not ask what exactly they are doing building ramps off the deck for their snowboards. Or how my wheelbarrow fits into the equation.

The patient today:

Got my boxes wrapped for the fake presents but then ran out of steam last night. Hoped to be decorating as I type, however DH is taking a nap and needs to change the lightbulb in the garage so I can find everything. Not complaining, since he got up and kept the kids quiet so I could sleep in. :) Think I'll write out my Xmas cards instead. Have to go pick up Devin and buddy Sam from the school in half an hour, where they are tubing. Hard to believe it's supposed to be 43F tomorrow and 53F Monday and all this will be gone!

Relieved to see my plants in the greenhouse still look fine, though pots are frozen already. It is 2 degrees warmer in there than on the north side of my house, so hoping they will keep another few weeks until I decide where they reside for the winter.

Enjoying the pets, snowy squirrel homes and wildlife shots, as well as EP's pretty pond. Enjoy the day...


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Deanne, you and MJ look FABULOUS! We must have been posting at the same time. My Doctor's office phoned and said they want me come in to discuss blood test results with my doctor, but no urgency, so not to be alarmed. He's away until Thursday next week so I have to wait on that.

Just picked up Sam and Devin from tubing. They were suitably impressed at the doughnuts I couldn't resist doing in the empty parking lot. 9 year olds are easily amused, lol!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

It's a lazy afternoon after a morning of hard work. We recruited a crew of 5 young people to help us clear buckthorn, honeysuckle and burning bush from the front woods. We made great progress with many hands helping out and it will be interesting to see in the spring how much of an impact we made.

I also pulled out some select pieces of buckthorn to use to make a trellis. This is what happens when you have a few days off and catch up on reading your gardening magazines

I do have to clean up in about an hour and go out to do the children's sermon at the Saturday evening service. The sermon will be easy; it's the getting off the couch part that will be hard.

DH is on his laptop and was trying to reserve a book at the library. He couldn't understand why he found the book in the library catalog at the library but couldn't find it on line. DOH! He was browsing Janie's local library in Ontario and not our town's in Illinois!

Martie, I enjoyed your story about your loyal customer.

Deanne, MJ looks great and no slight to her, but you look OUTSTANDING! Glad you had a good time.

Okay, I think I have to help DH reserve his book.


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So. While I was in DC with Rippie, the gutter people came!!!size> That means that I had no chance to hand them new lightbulbs and a $20 and ask them to change the bulbs in the floodlights as long as they were up there. Drat! But YES the gutter people came!!!! And they didn't miss a gutter. I've checked all 7 and they are spiffy clean. And somehow they managed not to mangle rose bushes up against the house or plop the ladder on top of the hellebores foetidus that are just pushing out buds on the retaining wall.

Deanne you look terrific, that is a great dress! And MJ looks marvelous too!

Have to find some supper and back later to catch up.

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

I thought I had posted this afternoon but I guess I forgot to hit 'submit'!

I've been enjoying the pet - and elk - pictures. Also, the snowy pictures - it looks pretty white outside our windows today too.

For those of you who enjoy words...:

There was an interesting article in our local paper yesterday - an interview with an editor for the Canadian edition of the Oxford English dictionary. She talked about unique Canadian words and expressions that recent immigrants and non-Canadians might find confusing. Some examples were:
- apartment listings in a paper with bachelor for rent
- newspaper boxes saying loonies only
- a headline reading Murderer declared a dangerous offender
- "Election candidate nominated by riding association"
- forms asking for your SIN
- children playing "midget basketball"
(Did you understand all those?)

Some differences with American English were noted: bale referring to cotton in the US, not hay; mitt defined only in terms of a baseball glove; scraper referring to mud and nothing to do with driving in winter and her favorite, toque (pronounced toke) referring to a Tudor womans small velvet hat.
The funniest difference to UK English was shovel only referring to an implement used to scoop coal and only used as a noun - so Im going to shovel the driveway would make little sense to someone familiar only with the British dictionary.

She said butter tart is a Canadian term - that surprised me. Apparently the Canadian dictionary made changes to 96% of the original British definitions in the dictionary.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Interesting Woody! I understood all those. :) See link below for more Canuckisms (is that a word?)

(impatiently waiting for porkloin stirfry to be ready!)

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Been thinking of traditional and special things. Remembered this sandwich loaf I made over 35 years ago.. searched for it and found the directions.. It was always appreciated and was part of the food at our daughter's wedding reception. The ingredients are similar to what I have used. Thinking of those of you with frozen gardens.. I have been in and out all day. In , I was crocheting a hat and out, I was cutting back the sweet autumn clematis, honeysuckle, and silver lace vines in the north corner. Been really pleased with that area which has become an 'overflow space' for divisions of perennials such as iris, day lilies, stoksia, ajuga, and hesperis matronalis planted among a variety of shrubs including flowering quince, photonia, forsythia, nandina, and mahonia. All of this is growing happily below black walnut and oak trees. Also had some balsam and petunias mixed in. It's full of star of bethlehem and daffodils in spring and lycoris radiata in late summer. We don't put lights on 'high up' places any more so partner has them strung across the deck railing and in the 2 large China hollies down below the terraces near the fence and in the weeping yaupon holly in the door yard. I went out tonight and sat on the garden bench on the middle terrace to admire the lights above and below. Thought of all of you and pretended you would all be 'coming over' during the holidays and I would make the sandwich loaf (link below). I am going to be continuing creative things and thinking about getting together some tamales while you bundle up children for tumble tubbing and enjoy the birds in the snow. I found a cardinal nest in the honeysuckle vine. Deanne, you and girl friend are 'something glowing'. You are the same age as our daughter who visits every Friday evening, has 3 cats and a lab, and works as an accountant... so we 'talk idyll talk'.. and partner 'smiles' at a lot of it. T... those elk are intimidating.. thanks for showing us what the 'wilderness' is like... how far are you from town.. or nearest nieghbor?EP

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Here is anothe link with filling variations. I usually included egg, ham, and chicken. EP

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A quick hello and then off to eat dinner.

Thankfully unexpected help showed up today when DH was trying to get the standing water to drain. They had picks and shovels and seemed to get the water diverted.....just wish it hadn't been diverted to the lower backyard. I don't even try to understand the 'why' sometimes....

Our unexpected visitor and helper:

We did have some trouble keeping him focused and on task.

But inspite of the enticements of splashing.....the job did get done.

We heard numerous "I stuck! I stuck!" and "I fall down" and lastly "I wet"......... Wet? Ya think?

Hope it was a 'good' day for all....

I'll be back later to read, catch up and actually talk about something other than me. ;o)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My My! That sandwich Loaf is a beauty! I'd need Babs to come on over to decorate it for me!

Yes Deanne, you and MJ must have been a real show on Doug's arm at the reunion. I'm so glad the long anticipated event was a great success!

Woody's post reminds me of a long list of funny news headlines that some of you might enjoy. Here they are:

Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says
Eye Drops off Shelf
Teacher Strikes Idle Kids
British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands
Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim
Shot Off Woman's Leg Helps Nicklaus to 66
Enraged Cow Injures Farmer with Ax
Reagan Wins on Budget, But More Lies Ahead
Plane Too Close to Ground, Crash Probe Told
Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
Two Sisters Reunited after 18 Years in Checkout Counter
Two Soviet Ships Collide, One Dies
Killer Sentenced to Die for Second Time in 10 Years
Never Withhold Herpes Infection from Loved One
Drunken Drivers Paid $1000 in '84
Safety Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should Be Belted
Miners Refuse to Work after Death
If Strike isn't Settled Quickly, It May Last a While
Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead
Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures
Ban On Soliciting Dead in Trotwood
Man Minus Ear Waives Hearing
New Vaccine May Contain Rabies
Deaf College Opens Doors to Hearing
Arson Suspect is Held in Massachusetts Fire
Enfields Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide
Air Head Fired
Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge
Bank Drive-in Window Blocked by Board
Deer Kill 17,000
Old School Pillars are Replaced by Alumni
War Dims Hope for Peace
Steals Clock, Faces Time
Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors
Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge
Some Pieces of Rock Hudson Sold at Auction
Stolen Painting Found by Tree
Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft
New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group
Chef Throws His Heart into Helping Feed Needy
Include your Children when Baking Cookies
Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
British Union Finds Dwarfs in Short Supply

Some of those headlines are fun to visualize- like the waffles all over the coast of the Falklands, or the replaced pillars.

Last night we got together to speak French with new friends. I noticed that DH and I were pulling out all those old stories that we've told many many (too many) times for our new audience. ;-)

Although it was very beautiful with puffy snow everywhere today, we expect freezing drizzle tomorrow, NOT good gardening weather. The birds are really crowding the feeders- fun to watch.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

EP would love to join you and other Idyllers for sandwich loaf! Will have to do it via cyberspace though. I don't know that recipe but it looks very festive, thanks for sharing..


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Martie, don't get a big dog! LOL!


I'm bored, can you tell? Xmas decorations up and Leaf game nearly over...3-3 against our archenemy Montreal...


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Dinner is eaten, leftovers taken care of, dishes washing in the dishwasher, ice cream consumed (Peanut butter cup--yum!) and the rest of the evening is mine....I hope.

Deanne, you & MJ look lovely! Glad to read that you 3 had a great time. What are the chances that you & Doug were able to try out your new dance knowledge at the reunion gathering?

Chelone, I thought your table looked very nice and I liked the placemats going over the side---clever!

Marian, I hope you've had a great day with Tim. I'll trade you some cat food for some cat litter......yep, I forgot to buy that when I was in town. Always forgetting something!

EP, we don't live far from town......about 12-14 miles and our neighbors are pretty close by. We're not isolated, we are just fortunate to have enough land that we were able to situate our home where we'd have maximum privacy. I can see one home from my front porch and I can hear people talking (if they are talking loud) in some of the other homes nearby.

Michelle, your town sounds just as picturesque and great as V's does. Homemade cookies at the bank? Meet you there next Friday!

Cynthia, glad the gutter people showed up and did their usual thorough job. Disappointing that you didn't get an opportunity to have the bulbs changed. Hopefully they'll last one more year? Did you take Rippie to see a particular family or was it a group gathering for prospective forever homes to be introduced to the greys? I missed what the diagnosis was on Monty's foot. Soaking in betadine won't be any fun at all! That is what we were injecting into Lulabelle's knees last winter (the goat that went lame with abscesses & had to be put down). I had betadine speckles all over my 'chore' coat and jeans. It stains....but you probably already found that one out.

The snow photos are fun to see but I'm thankful that we don't have it here. :oD Taryn's boys & friends look like they are being ingenious and having fun. Eden, does Bella have any thoughts yet on the snow? Does she find it interesting to touch the snow or catch the snowflakes? I'm trying to think if we had snow last year and if Jamie got to play in it. I cannot remember.

GB, enjoyed reading your list of headlines. I took 2 years of French but remember nothing of it. I wish now that I had continued with a language....but of course that is the way of it. I wish I had continued playing an instrument, continued to practice/learn another language, wish I had taken more art classes.........I wish I had looked at the big picture of life with mature eyes instead of with the eyes and brain of a 17-18 year old. ;o) Oh well.....never too late to teach an old dog? Yes, I think it is too late for many things.

Sue, Zoe's position on her daddy's legs was wonderful and Nick looked very comfortable on his front of the fire, I'm guessing. I hope your cold is easing and that you are feeling better.

Woody, some of the Canadian terms you shared had me wondering what they were. Fun to read and to hear what they really are.

Brenda, you are impressive in the kitchen! It all sounded wonderful.

I know I'm not commenting on all I mean to but this is getting so long......too long.

Thinking of all....

T. --- (the other one) ;oD

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Thanksgiving is officially over! Just got back from MIL's. The fried rice was a big hit, and I may be allowed to cook a meal over the Christmas holidays...we'll see. Jim's sister comes home from Texas for Christmas, so it's usually 4-5 days of constant eating. Too much rich food and sweets. Lol, maybe if I get to do a meal, I'll just make it a giant salad bar. Of course, that would probably be the last time I was allowed to do a meal ;)

Deanne, you and MJ look stunning! Lookit how your eyes sparkle!!

The snow pics are great-our snow has come up missing. It's pretty pleasant out now, almost 40. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty decent, too. Maybe I can get all my windowboxes and stuff stashed away for the winter.

T-what an adorable little helper ya got there!

Wow, EP-that's a pretty impressive looking sandwich loaf. That would be fun to make.

I think we've got MIL's brain clicking on some stuff to do to pass her time when she retires in February. She'd really like to come and clean my house. We're opposite ends of the spectrum on that. So, in the hopes of maintaining at least a civil relationship, I declined the offer ;) She's got tons of dishes and stuff packed away, and SIL told her she should learn to sell some of it on Ebay. It would be a good thing for her to do to pass her time. I told her in the meantime, she can hunt some of it up on Ebay, and watch the auctions and see what stuff is going for. I'd really like to see her find a new hobby or two. She seems to have trouble doing something that's just for her and just for fun. She's worked hard for years, and it would be nice to see her enjoy her time and money after retirement.

Yuk--I just heard a sick dog noise. Guess I'll go deal with that and call it a day.
G'nite all!

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Belated Happy Birthday to Marian.


Belated Happy Birthday to Jane.

I hope you both had lovely days. A toast. I raise my glass of alcohol free purple grape juice to you and wish you many many more, and thank you, Marian and Jane, for the pleasure of your company.


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Good Morning everyone ~

What a lot of good reading this morning. From EP's sandwich loaves to Canadian dialect. Words and usage are always fun. We do actually have hay 'bales' here in US though, not just cotton bales. I had to look up 'Loonies', as I had no idea what that meant and found there are Twoneys too.

T, Rippie and I went Christmas shopping for monkeys :). We bought an orange one for Katie and a duplicate of the brown one we already have for Rippie. Monty gets custody of the original which has taken a beating because he and Rip play tuggie with it. I like seeing and hearing about your little visitor. And especially like those yellow boots he's wearing! Keep those Elk photos coming too! I enjoy watching them through your camera.

Sue, Zoe looks like a floppy stuffed animal in that photo. It made me smile.

I checked the weather because I think Taryn mentioned it was going to warm up. Sure enough, temps predicted in 50s and 60s for the next few days. And rain, not snow will be coming too. Eden and Taryn's back yards look just fine in snow, but I'm happy not seeing it in mine yet.

Think I'll do some more gift shopping while waiting for the sun to come up here.

Later, Cynthia

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She's ba a a aak. I met my brother yesterday morning and we handed off Grammy. Her hair has gotten really long! I made an app't. for her to have her hair cut and her nails trimmed and shaped on Wednesday afternoon. More ominous, though, was the decline I noticed in her mental capabilities. She may simply have been confused about leaving one place and going to another, but she basically answered nearly every question with an automatic, "I don't know". I'll keep an eye on her today, but it's becoming clear to me that we will have to look into extended care for her. I was thinking about Just T's comment about looking at things in the big picture... makes me wonder how I might have reacted to Mum's health in summer '03, knowing what I know now. Feeling grim, and resentful that so much of time is once more "spoken for". I'll get over it.

Deanne, you and MJ look great. Nice that you had a good time at the reOnion. I've never been to one of mine!

I had 6 years of French (Jr. and Sr. high) and scored high enough on an Achievement test to be automatically given 4 college credits and fulfill the language requirement. More of that hindsight stuff... I mentioned to my HS "guidance councellor" (waste of payroll) that I loved language and wondered about becoming a translator... "Oh, there's no future in a language studies!" (this was the math/science '70s mindset). I followed his advice, afraid to question the expert. :) I wish I was close enough to practice my French. None of my friends speak it. But here'a a funny "aside"; I was on the flight home from Paris in the summer of '93. The movie on the plane was "Groundhog Day". I sat next to a charming French guy and I actually was able to explain the jist of the "holiday" to him IN FRENCH. J'ai cherche mes mots...

Man! you guys are already putting up Christmas stuff and I haven't even gotten outdoors to clean up the gardens. Ugh. Maybe I'll do a little of that today, and force Mum to get outside and walk around a bit. She will be crabby about it; but that will be TOUGH. If she can't walk reliably on her own she can't remain in my home. Simple as that. (Imagine your worst day with a toddler and then imagine it goes on, day after day... with no end in sight.)

I took Wrecks out for a quick walk yesterday. We're working on off leash stuff now and I allowed him to mess around in the small field across the street, calling him back periodically and requiring him to sit down directly in front of me. He did really well. We'll continue with that for some time before graduating to off leash work on the golf course. He has a dominant personality and he is attracted by movement of ANY sort, so it's key to keep him within the comfortable voice control range and be on alert for distractions. His favorite "rewards" really help, too.

Time for more coffee.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

I have to really give all you lovely people a huge THANK YOU!! I could not believe that not one person at my class reunion said one word about the fact that Ive lost 120 pounds since my last class reunion. I had to get out my old pics to remind myself that yes, I really do look different. So thanks for your kind words. They are very much appreciated. Maybe it is against the rules or something? LOL The good news is that I had a great time anyway with Doug and MJ and we danced the night away and the lack of response only bothered me for about 2 seconds or so. (Well maybe two minutes) You guys will get a kick out of this, there were a few women in the rest room who were part of the in crowd way back when talking about another of their cronies whod gotten a face lift and having a good laugh. Then they started saying some pretty nasty things about the lady who was the captain of the cheerleaders in our senior year (she wasnt there) anyway, I was in a stall and when I walked out I said "MEOW, you guys are having quite the cat party in here." And then I left the ladies room. I guess some people dont change.

EP that sandwich loaf looks yummy. I love that you were imagining that we were all coming over for lunch. Wouldnt that be fun? Your gardens sound like they are overflowing. I love your descriptions.

T, I love your unexpected helper. Too funny. Ill bet he got soaked.~~ RE the dancing lessons, we tried but couldnt make foxtrot work with that music at the party. Maybe after another couple lessons well be more proficient. I needed Chelone and her helpmeet there to show us how.

GB that list of headlines is hysterical. I read it to Doug last night and we hooted.~~ I still havent gotten my bird feeders up and need to do that today.

Brenda, your Christmas food extravaganza would be a nightmare for me to deal with. Id probably gain 20 pounds in four days. ~~ My Mom works for the senior center here in town and has quite an active group of friends she travels with and plays cards with every week. Does your moms community have a senior center.

Chelone, so sorry it looks like your mom is declining. Id have a difficult time walking in your shoes. ~~ I grew up speaking French but no longer can. I wish I was somewhere I could practice and relearn the language. I keep toying with the idea of taking a conversational French class at our local university.

Cynthia, interesting information on the cranberry juice. I made a whole cranberry sauce for turkey day that used Splenda and was very yummy. Im probably going to make it more often as there was no sugar in it.

OK time to get motivated and get to the gym. Ive got to exercise off the excesses of the last couple days. Tonight is turkey vegetable soup night. I got the bird boiled down and stripped yesterday so all I have to do today is add the vegetables. Yum.

Later all,

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Good Morning, Not much going on here today, just a quiet day of working around the house and on the decorations. I also have to work on a project I'm doing for Bella. I'll try to explain it for you. When my children were young my mom made them an advent calender that we would hang on the door and I would put their names and a chocolate kiss in each of the 24 pockets, Bella won't be participating in the chocolate part this year though. They took turns so each child would have 8 gifts over the season. Every morning who's ever turn it was would find on the breakfast table a small wrapped gift that one of Santa's elves had dropped off during the previous night and they would collect their choc kiss from the calendar. They always enjoyed this tradition so much that I'm continuing it on for Bella. I've been collecting gifts for her, things like a Christmas ornament, Christmas bib, little toys, a stuffed bear, a Christmas book, cds and dvds, all sorts of things. There will be 24 in all so I need to go out today and finish up finding a few more things for her. I hope she has as much fun with it as her mom, aunt and uncle did.

Deanne, WOW, Doug was a lucky man to have you and MJ as his dates. Bet you were the best looking girls at the party. I have to say also that the healthy lifestyle your living is really showing. You just glow with a look of good health. Your eyes just sparkle.

T, that Jamie of yours is just the cutest little guy and I always love his little outfits. He always looks like such a little man.

I have lots more to talk about but Brad's calling me for coffee and backgammon so I'll be back. Hope you're all having a good morning, especially you MARIAN. How's the visit with Tim going? I bet you're cooking him breakfast about now.


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Good morning. 62 degrees F and still hoping for rain.
The sandwich loaf is also good made plain with a loaf of french bread without the cream cheese 'frosting'. Smaller ones can also be made using slices of bread stacked with the fillings.
Chelone, the sharing about your mom has been very educational. I am sharing a link in regard to medical billing. Have been encountering some of those challenges. I did ask for an itemized statement and found profound errors. Confronted the billing department and found on the next statement of beneifits that the charges had multiplied. Our insurance and medicare are covering the charges other than annual deductable... but... where does that leave the consumer...???? I do try to avoid 'personal health', 'religious',and 'political'
'discussion'....but sometimes things need to be shared for awareness.
Cynthia... been there done that with the wrist ganglia.. corrected surgically with complications from an anesthetic (which is now no longer used) used to numb my entire arm. Took 6 months to 'recover' from the nerve inflamation. This was 'years ago'. More options available now.
Always get as much information as possible re procedures and billing practices. Be aware. Peace to all. EP

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Ahh, Deanne... no one mentioned your weight loss because (in their eyes) it would mean acknowledging that they actually thought you were fat then! I'd be willing to bet there were several people there who didn't even recognize you. I'm impressed you'll go to them, at all! A great foxtrot is the Steely Dan song "Time Out of Mind"... we used to use that one to practice a lot. And the Eagles' "Saturday Night" is a nice waltz (and a very pretty song). It's pretty easy to "cha-ify" a lot of tunes, too (try Aretha Franklin's "Freeway of Love"). Once you get some more moves and practice a little more it will get easier.

Mum is feeding right now. She managed to get a bra on, all by herself this morning (impressive), but she forgot to put something on under the (low) V front cardigan (lol)... I asked her if she was going for a decolletee look, she looked down, chuckled and headed back to the drawer with her tops in it. Time to see if she's taken her pills and if it's time for an egg and some decaf. coffee. After that I'll tactfully suggest we go outdoors for some fresh air and exercise.

Time for laundry, too (dishes are done, catbox is mined, and I've paid all Mum's bills and am preparing to address our's next).

Back to the grind. It ain't the work, it's the monotony of it all. It's that aspect of caregiving that is the hardest of all for me. My personality is not suited to ministering to others on such an intimate basis and every day is a struggle for me. Witness the fact that I prefer cats to dogs and never wanted kids... . But we play the hand we're dealt, and try to do it as skillfully as possible. Good thing I have pretty decent sense of humor.

Tell me some funny stuff straight from the world of you... :/ OK?

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hey, the sun was just out and now it's gone. What the heck? At least we're promised 40s F today so maybe I can get more of the garden cleaned up between other errands but truth be told, it's not high on my priority list anymore.

Deanne, you and MJ look fabu all decked out for the reunion. I've been to all my reunions but one and have always enjoyed myself. My class was 650 people and we only get a fraction of that at the reunions but at the last one there were a bunch who I was in school with from first grade. Those are the people you tend to remember the best even if you haven't kept in touch otherwise. Our next one won't be til 2008.

Last night I tried on a few outfit combos and decided on the winner for the company Christmas party on the 9th. I solved the being cold in a sleeveless dress problem by ordering this silk and cashmere wrap from of all places, Victoria Secret. It's a silver/gray color and goes perfectly with one of my old cocktail dresses.

I'm watching the birds at the feeder this morning-mostly Chickadees and Tufted Titmice with some juncos and the ever present sparrows. So far titmice have flown into the windows of the patio doors three times. Maybe I should move the feeder further away from the house? I know certain birds are more prone to doing that than others but it's never been a problem before. I'd hate to start finding dead birds on the patio.

The Christmas decorations are getting better but are still in disarray. This year we decided to take all the stuff we aren't using anymore and donate it to the Salvation Army. Since I redecorated the LR and our BR last year some of the things just don't fit or the colors are garish together. My biggest problem is our large main tree (artificial) doesn't fit in the livingroom anymore without moving out some of the furniture. When decorated, this tree has been one of the central holiday features in the house so I'm not keen on giving up on it easily. It doesn't fit in any of the other rooms either but I'm thinking it may look good lit up out on the patio if we can figure out a way to anchor it.

OK, time to make the best out of the last day of a 4 day weekend. Where did all the days go?


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I'm back. Lost at backgammon but the coffee was good.

EP, I'm saving your sandwich loaf recipes. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all meet for lunch in your garden. I would love to do that.

Sue, a tree on your patio would look so pretty at night. Good idea! It does take awhile to get everything out and in place, doesn't it. That's why I start as soon as possible. The way time flies, by the time it's all decorated it's time to take them all down again. Are you having your annual Christmas party this year? Oh and did you know if birds are crashing into your windows it means your windows are too clean, lol. I read that someplace.

Chelone, I'm fine with babies and children but I would have a hard time caring for an adult. You have a tough job there.

Hi Yeona, what's going on with you and your family?

T, I do see the little calf in your picture. Isn't it neat how the herd is so protective of him? Peanutbutter cup ice cream is my favorite.

Cynthia, I was thinking I might have to send Brad to clean your gutters but I'll tell him he's off the hook now.

I loved seeing all the pet pictures yesterday. We have a great group of furballs here don't we? The snow is really melting here today but it's very gloomy. wet and messy out there. A good day to stay in.

Where has Babs gotten to now???? Time for her to check in. Babs?

Be back later, Eden

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thinking of you ALL, even the ones who are no-shows, like Saucy.

I just posted our morning dog walk pictures, hoping Chelone's Mom will enjoy them. I suspect that in a few days your Mom will be back to her routine at your home and perking up. You are a terrific caregiver, providing the extra push that is sometimes needed. I have seen this in other relationships and admire it. Many are afraid to demand alot of a patient, but it can make their lives fuller if you can do it.

Yes Deanne, I think just as some folks have a hard time apologizing, others have a tough time with compliments. True, it is difficult to praise how fabu-fabu you look without admitting that once you did not look as spiffy. Then again, if you hadn't posted the Katty Chat, we could have assumed that they were all above the exterior look and found you still charming in other ways...with great conversation and humour. I bet you are different in those ways too though, more confident and happy as you are now.

Yes Cynthia, too bad about the light bulb task. I wish my Polish cyclist guy could come back for another round here, but I can't afford anything at this time and wouldn't you know, he started a full time job for the city nearby. SHUCKS!

All the little ones photographed here are so cute in their boots and hats and colourful attire- just being kids! It is easy to believe that they all have perfect parents and grandparents, unlike the frazzled parents I sometimes hear at the grocery store or in a parking lot.

It is hard to know what day it is this weekend. Snow and holidays...It was easier when I taught school and had to write the date on the blackboard each day. So happy today to you all, whatever day it is!

Hi Marian, Nolon and Tim! Enjoy your family time together.

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I forced myself to clean out the beds along the front of the house. I cleaned out the windowboxes. It looks a lot better than it did before and I'm feeling a little bit better out the general state of things around here. I tried to take a shot of it, but the battery was out of oomph, so I hung the load of laundry and gave the kitties a snack. Maybe I'll tackle another couple of beds after wrestling the detritus out of the Gahdenway.

It hardly seems that it's time to begin thinking of Christmas decorations! The helpmeet reports that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find roping; it would seem the people who were willing to make it are getting older and aren't willing to suffer pitchy fingers any longer. I love roping, but have never used it very much. I'm trying to come up with a more interesting mix of greens for the windowboxes; I tend to be a reactionary decorator and therefore never really pull off the "martha thing" with panache. I'm actually looking forward to making the Williamsburg inspired pediments this year... but not for a couple of weeks yet!

Sue, hope the cold is on the wane and Monday won't be too traumatic. Anyway, it really IS small potatoes in the big picture of life. I think a tree on your lovely patio would look terrific, esp. at night! Could you wrap the stand with some of that "tube sand" you can use for weight in a pick-up?, maybe come up with something to cover it (say, one of those blue tarps.? ;) ). You could really have a blast decorating it with little yummies for your avian friends. I've been toying with the notion of wrapping the canopy frame with lights this year, dunno.

OK, it's time to deal with the garden "waste". I did find a little frog, frozen stiff and quite blackened; poor little guy didn't follow his instinct and burrow into the mud. Made me sad. :(

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Shoot. As I was replanting bulbs that had to move and raking the patio, I thought 'well at least I'm ahead of Chelone.' I see that's no longer true. It's just right for working outdoors today, and my three supervisors didn't care that I was slow as their pillows were in a warm spot.
Just in for turkey soup and hope to make more progress with the daylight that's left. That's about 3 hours now right?

I vote for the tree on the patio too Sue! As for the shawl, Victoria Secret's pornalogues will now be in your mail box way too regularly. Mine usually come the same day as the latest AARP solicitation.

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Look what I found while hunting for greens!! I must've planted it, stuck it in the woods to acclimate, and foogottabouttit. I'll save this for all the folks who panic about lavenders in pots :-) (The other stuff, I think, is dianthus -- we'll see.)

Thought of you, Marian, this morning while I was making Kyle breakfast, which hasn't happened in a looooooong time. Nice way to start the day!

Deanne: Drop Dead Gorgeous. I wouldn't be at all upset about no mention of weight loss. According to girlfriend who's in the same "place" as you, she looks at it as "maybe they didn't see me as fat, then." I like the attitude. As one who can't Gain weight and is forever eating protein bars and stuff, I'll be the first to line up for fat transplants that will work. I actually envy people who have to lose weight and no, it isn't a disorder, it's a Type A personality with low blood pressure :-)

The kids are tooooooo cute! Let them get wet, dirty, cold, muddy -- all the things we wish we could do and get away with it.

Don't worry, Taryn, I won't get a big dog. And, the "Ebay" song has been going through my head for three days -- remember that revenge is sweet. LOL

Cynthia: Ran into a friend this morning at the grocery store who rescues greys and was very involved when the track in Plainfield, CT shut down. She *justifiably proudly* reports that almost all 120 of the foster dogs from there have potential forever homes, and I told her about you. I'll bet you guys meet at some point, somewhere ....

EP: May I come for lunch, too??? This is a great recipe and I'll bet that with appropriate decoration, could be used anytime. A keeper.

Chelone: Could you guess that I really, really like Williamsburg motif in gardening???? And the fact that since pineapples are in season this time of year they don't cost a fortune??? I emphathize with you for the caring of your Mum. I took turns with my Mom and Dad with my Grandmother and have decided that I love people too much to do that, again. It's hard to stay level -- I give you all the credit in the world for not giving up and letting her lead a dull life.

Very interesting list, Marie!! I laughed to the point that Ky came in and started laughing, too. "Kids Make Nutricious Snacks." For the soul :-)))))

Am on my way to visit a friend who has mulled cider ready. Everyone have a great day -- especially those I didn't have the chance to mention .


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Her Highness decided (all on her own!) to venture forthe for a stroll arounds the grounds (here's to you, Mrs. Robinson). I heard the slider that leads from her room to the great outdoors open... surprised, I peeked out the window. She was all "suited up", trouble was... she was wearing her summer windbreaker with her gloves... LOL. I grabbed her winter coat, met her on the driveway and helped her into it. I zipped it up for her since taking OFF her gloves might've ruined the moment. I will put the windbreaker "away" and make sure only her warmer coats are "handy". See what I mean?!

Marty, I'm with you (I loved you shot of the pineapple in the snow, BTW). I LOVE the formal stuff and I always have. On my list of things I really want to do before I keel over is a visit to Colonial Williamsburg at Christmastime (along with the Lippizan Stallions performing in the hall of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, crossing the Atlantic on a ship, and watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean). I've had a dickens of time finding imitation pineapples of adequate size for the pediments; they're always TOO SMALL! Finding nice quality imitation fruit has been a real challenge.

I grew up in an area steeped in Colonial history and Mum was really big on making it "come alive" for my brother and me. Dad was more intrigued by Civil War history, but they both took us to really interesting sites/museums over the years and "history" figures prominently in many of my most cherished memories of time spent with them both. Was I lucky, or what?

I have to get moving or I'll not get the basics done today... (like it would matter?)


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Hi everyone

Hope you are all enjoying a peaceful and/or productive weekend after the Turkey day festivities.

Deanne - you and MJ look gorgeous!!

Eden - Annie and David always have a paper Advent calendar to open in the lead up to Christmas. We always had one growing up that my paternal grandmother would send us, and my Mum does the same for our two. Annie particularly enjoys looking at fine art paintings so she has one from the National Gallery in London. Bella's gifts sound lovely and a lot of fun for her to open. I love the continuity of tradition.

I shouldn't really be here as DH and I are redecorating the room we call the mud room, giving it a make over for the holidays to act as a temporary guest room for Mum who arrives on the 8th. We've painted the walls a lovely carmel color with white ceiling and trim and are in the middle of laying tile. The pets and my light stand have been relegated to the basement and we're putting in a futon chair that opens to a single bed. Our house has proved to be remarkable for accomodating all the extra family, and it looks as if we can make a nice private room for one more.

Need to go before DH realizes my bathroom break is over. Photos should follow.

Hi to everyone else


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Cold and gray today, no real staying snow yet thankfully. I guess it will be warming up and raining later this week.

Yesterday I drove to visit my friend who lives about an hour northwest of here, and they actually had snow on the ground, and more falling down. The roads were a little slippery when I was leaving her place - I'm not ready for this - I didn't even have the snow brush in my car! I'd much rather enjoy the snow from the inside of the house, not be driving in it! Thankfully once I got on the highway the roads were fine, and it was barely snowing here when I got home.

I'm currently reading "Scarlett", the sequel to "Gone with the Wind". It was not written by Margaret Mitchell, the original author, but by Alexandra Ripley, who was chosen by Mitchell's estate. Scarlett is desperately trying to win Rhett back, but has not succeeded yet.

Where do these long weekends go? My kids even lost track of what day it was this weekend, to me that is a good vacation.

I potted up some of my cuttings in the basement, it is nice to see something still growing. The coleus are doing well, some have even put up new leaves. The brugs have some roots, but I think I'll leave them in the water a bit longer. One abutilon cutting still has leaves, and the main plant is still trying to grow even though I cut it back. One shop light in the basement, Sue, that's all it takes!

Christmas decorations will have to wait a little longer, not going to happen this weekend. The kids are not asking for it yet, so I'll wait until they are enthusiastic helpers.

Taryn, I know what you mean about the magic of Christmas for the kids. My DS who is 8 still believes in Santa, but I'm sure he'll either figure it out or be told by some kid soon. Hopefully there will be one more "magical" year. DD figured it out herself when she was about 5, we took her to the local spot to see Santa, and she refused. She stated to us "That is not Santa, it is some man in a costume, the beard is fake." (She has an uncanny talent for spotting men in drag too.) She asked us straight out if Santa was a real person or do the parents do it. We tried to give her all the usual lines about Santa's helpers and such, but no go. She does an admirable job of keeping the myth alive for her brother though. DS loves the story "The Polar Express" (the book, not the movie) - maybe Santa will bring him his own bell this year.

Deanne, first let me say that you guys look great all dressed up for the reunion. Doug must have been in his glory with one of you for each arm! I went to one of my class reunions, and was discouraged at how much people didn't change - the catty were still catty. I haven't been to a reunion since.

Eden, the advent calendar you are making for Bella sounds really cute. My kids loved the advent calendar when they were small.

T, loved the pics of your little helper. My son was a tool-magnet when he was that age, he always came running when any job with tools involved is being done; in fact he still does. Wish he had the same enthusiasm for cleaning his room!

Chelone, I admire you for taking care of your mother - what a hard thing to do! Be sure to take care of yourself too, make time among the chores to do something for yourself. BTW, I believe that high school guidance counsellors are hacks. In larger high schools they can't possible get to know everyone, and they know you only on paper really. My DH was sent the college route when he probably would have been happier learning a trade. It seemed that the student's opinions were not valued, because after all we were only kids.

Have to go plan the week's dinner menu now, and make a shopping list accordingly. DH is home for dinner since he started the day shift, expecting meat & potatoes. Can't get away with omelets or soup and salad anymore! At least he does the grocery shopping, and cooks sometimes too.

Enjoy the rest of the day!


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I took the huge dog for a "ride-ride in the car-car" today. We went to the store to buy a few items, then we stopped by the nursery to see Daddy. It's COLD in the car with the back windows down so the damn fool can stick his head out the windows! (I wear gloves and set the heat to "vent" at moderate temperature to increase my own comfort). Dogs are such a PITA. (that's why I hate them)

Rex was thoroughly thrilled to go to "work". I had a hard time keeping him from peeing on the Christmas trees. :) But Daddy ( already thoroughly sick and tired of the heavy-duty yuppie/maximum size SUV crowd with the entire familial entourage) encouraged him to wee-wee on the 12' trees. He's a very bad boy, that helpmeet o' mine.

Mary, I endured years of teasing about "Mum" and "Mummy". I've never, ever called her "MOm" and I never will. We always had an Advent calender, too. Now, we have a small, artificial tree on a base with drawers in it, that replaces the more traditional calender. Every day you open the drawer with the date on it and add that ornament to the tree. A "countdown"! We always used to put candles in the windows, too... adding one to the display as the Sundays ticked by on the countdown to Christmas Day. How "WASPy", is that, lol?! Can't wait to see your pictures. How long will your Mum be with you? how old is she, and how often do you get to see her? Over Thanksgiving dinner we were talking about dead parents... the helpmeet's mother was Welsh. She could be "tough", but I really liked her (even when we clashed); never had a problem with a "battle axe"... milktoasts, though... that's another story, lol. One day she was with BIL in the supermarket... in the produce department there was a man slavishly working on the refrigeration. He was flat on his back, hidden from his waist up. There was a lot of "noise". MIL stood stock still, listening. In a conversational tone she said in Welsh, "You ought to be more careful of your words, you never know who'll be listening..." the body emerged, a wide smile on his face. He was delighted to find someone who spoke Welsh... so far away from "home".

Hope Marian's visit with her Tim is wonderful.

Politics, religion, etc., all are perfectly fine topics as far as I'm concerned. But that's because I'm not afraid to "agree to disagree", and I pretty much believe that whatever keeps YOU fortified and vital finds its way into your "on line" persona and ultimately keeps my interest piqued. With that sentiment in mind, I'm reminded that EVERY day is "thanksgiving". You know?

It's still grey and chilly outdoors. The remainder of the week is supposed to be pretty much the same. Oh well, at least the prospect of starving or freezing to death isn't immediate... ;)

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That's why it's called the "present"."

Let's all adopt the attitude of gratitude... even when we don't feel like it.

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

GB, we were all howling with laughter at the headlines:-) Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad everyone had good times and good food shared with family. Things are not always perfect but we try to remember this may be our last opportunity to be nice to each person. Our company is all gone. DD and SIL had to leave 4 hours sooner than expected because her book store called (she is manager) and someone's car had broken down and they couldn't make it to work so she had to go and work tonight. They live 3 and a half ours from us. I was very sad about that as I had patiently listened to DH's sister and mother go on and on and on and on about the problems they were having with the two kids sister is taking care of. All the while, I'm thinking that they would leave soon and I could have a good visit with DD and SIL, then they had to leave early:-(

I enjoyed everybody's stories, comments and pictures, that I could see. Hope you all have a good , relaxing evening.

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I ventured out shopping for a while and it wasn't too bad, just a little crowded. I got new lights for the tree, colored ones. I've used just the clear lights for years so thought I'd try something different. The rest was Bella shopping, a Miss Spider Christmas book, baby socks, a snowman sweater, a cd of Shel Silverstein reading Where The Sidewalk Ends and a Sesame Street dance dvd. I also got her a couple of cute Christmas outfits. She's having her holiday pictures taken Tuesday. It's so much fun shopping for her.

Chelone, I like your attitude of agreeing to disagree. I think everyone deserves to have their own thoughts on every subject. What a boring place it would be if everyone had the same opinions. Our differences are what make us interesting to one another. I have to admit that I'm quite opinionated though. I believe what I believe strongly and don't change my mind easily. But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy hearing or learning from different views on a subject or a good debate. That's what keeps life interesting. I don't like arguing though and that's what seems to happen when certain subjects come up on the forums unfortunately. People can get nasty really quick. I'm thankful that everyone respects each other's views and opinions here on the Idylls. This is a very special place.

Oh, my mom has always called her mother "mum" too.

Mary, can't wait to see pictures of your new guest room. What a very creative use of space.

Wendy, now that you mentioned the plants in the basement I'm reminded that mine could probably use some tending. They are very neglected this winter. Poor things.

Martie, your lavendar looks no worse for the wear. I don't have good enough drainage in my clay soil to grow them well here. They just tend to hang on and look bad year after year until I yank them. I wonder if I could overwinter one here in a pot left outdoors?

Marian, drop in and let us know how your visit with Tim went. Hope it was a good one!

Have a good evening everybody, Eden

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Here's a few pictures of the exterior Christmas decorations, not the clearest but the best I could do. I wanted to show them to you with the lights on...

You can kind of make out the grinch on the right in this one.

In this one can you see Brad's train and track? It smokes and says "All Aboard" and makes a chugging sound as it goes around. He loves it and puts it out on the deck every year.


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Thank you Eden! Now I'm in the mood to decorate. Not a lot though - just candles and wreaths. I take out fewer decorations each year. Was it Deanne that said all she could thing of was having to put it away in January lol. I love the swag on the fence! Your house looks beautiful and festive. I did put strings of lights in the gh this spring when I was in some kind of mood. I leave them on all the time and I like 'em. I like the Advent calendar tradition. Sounds like Bella Bop is going to have a wonderful holiday season.

Mary, nice colors on the guest mud room. Great idea to put the futon in there, I can see it turning into Clousseau's room after your mum goes home :-)

Martie, You've probably heard that Plainfield will open up seasonally in 2006. They'll take the dogs from another track when that one closes for the season so shouldn't have the same serious issues going forward. But there's always a track shutting down somewhere. West Virginia and Wisconisn at the moment.

Wendy, sounds like your cuttings are doing well! My cuttings it in water for months. I just change the water weekly. I usually don't pot up cuttings until February or so. But I start seeds right after Christmas.

Oh that reminds me, I have my Agave seeds! I could start those before Christmas if I wanted to, looks they germ pretty quick, but will be slow growers - perfect for winter entertainment :) Cyclamen that I started late summer 2004 are popping up well. 24 when I counted on Friday, but lost a pot to the gutter people. Not bad. Think more are still in progress. This might be a good year to do more hellebores, they're a nice long term project too. The 50 or so from 2003 are really putting on size. Some bloomed this spring. Discovering things in the garden and remembering when I started them is always a nice surprise. Seeds are amazing.

Katie is NOT getting this coat:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh! Brad would have LOVED the train at our French Club dinner the other night! It had several tracks and lots of houses, trees, a church, a station, etc. It was made in Germany and the guy had several engines too. None of it had plastic parts. A really old beauty! It brought back memories of my brother's set long ago. Now he loves REAL trains. When he visits here he always comes by train. The best part was the trip he gave me on the Orient Express where we started in Venice and went to London together. :-)

This afternoon we went for a drive to the mall. I needed OUT of the house. We went to a book store where I got 3 mysteries, a garden book and a magazine. All junk, but wonderful. DH bought a book on "singing for dummies". I was amazed. He got a coffee and I got chocolate dipped orange peel, something I adore. The fellow at the counter said "eeeeeeeeeeew" when I told him what I wanted. FUNNY!

Tonight the piano tuner finally called (it has been a year and a half!) and is coming tomorrow morning! That means our piano should be OK for the Christmas carol singing in French in 2 weeks. Now, should we decorate a tree for that event, or (schemer that I am) get THEM to decorate it that evening "en français"? What do you think?

We ate leftover shepherd's pie by the fire tonight. Both the food and fire were good.

Good Night all!

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Good evening everyone.

Dinner is finished, the kitchen is cleaned up and the dishwasher is doing the magic that it does so well. DH is watching football and I've been re-organizing my sewing/computer room.....again. It is a never ending battle to keep things neat & tidy in here. Never ending!

Mary the painting and changes that you are making sound very nice. I'm eager to see photos of the finished renovations.

Eden, your home looks so inviting! I especially like the swag on the picket fence (I love picket fences!)and the lights hanging from the eaves. Your Grinch looks like fun and the train would get squeals of excitement from Jamie. He is entranced with trains! why doesn't Katie get a lovely red coat like that grey has in the picture? She would look gorgeous!

'bug your evening sounds nice......dinner in front of the fire. Romantic.

Fires? Oops! I guess I'd better go put another piece of wood in the stove.

Good night everyone!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Yes, Eden, I'm having the party this year. It's on the 17th-anytime after 6 PM. You're all invited. So far the idylls in attendance will be Deanne, Monique and Martie. Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way I can start working on the menu and agenda for the party.

We went tree shopping today and I came to the conclusion that furniture will be moved out of the livingroom so I can have my usual tree setup although I still may get a smaller one for an empty corner of the breakfast room. All the fake trees come pre-lit now which was a huge selling feature to Tom but I just couldn't get excited about forking over $200, $300, $400 for something perfectly fine that we already have.

Deanne, I think people tend to hold back compliments when they're jealous and based on your catty bathroom experience that may very well be the case.

No garden work got done here today but I did buy a bag of peat moss at Lowes so I can start packing away the canna and dahlia tubers I still have in the garage. Maybe I'll drag myself out to do that some night this week.

Martie what does low blood pressure have to do with being thin? The reason I ask is because although I don't try to gain weight, I've always been on the thin side and also have low blood pressure. Recently I've lost about 5 pounds just by eating better and exercising. Since I don't need to lose any more weight I probably should watch carefully to make sure I don't.

Cynthia, lol on the Victoria Secret pornologues. It's too late for me though. One of the reasons I started ordering stuff from them was because they offer just about every pair of pants they sell in a 34 inch inseam and a few of their styles fit me perfectly right off the rack. At first I was skeptical but I've been shopping their sales and promotional offers and so far everything I've ordered has been decent quality and well fitting. Years ago I tried their underwear and that never fit me well at all so I don't bother with that part of the catalogue.

I always enjoy reading dialogue from people who agree to disagree but rarely have the time or inclination to participate. Composing a respectful, well organized message for an on line debate of sorts just takes time and brain power and energy that I don't have I guess. Being raised in an environment where everyone avoided confrontation and rarely expressed an opinion surely doesn't help.

Wendy my cuttings did well in water all winter last year. So far this year I've let the water dry out a few times already so that certainly doesn't bode well for the months to

I can't believe this weekend is gone already. Back to work for me tomorrow, for better or worse. Time will tell.


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Mary_NY6(z6 NY)

Hi again

Eden - very festive. You must be a fun neighbor to live next door to! David had an HO train set for his Christmas present last year. We got track that snaps together and can be easily assembled. He has set it up many times over the past year and enjoyed doing all the "details" as he calls them. This year I've already purchased more track and buffers for a siding and he's hoping for another train. Its a really fun toy.

Chelone - my Mum is 72. We see her over the summer when we visit Engalnd, and she comes out to the States once a year for a month. In the past she has split that time between upstate NY and New Orleans but this year she'll just stay here. We're very close, and as the only Grandparent for Annie and David she is very special to the kids too. I can't wait to see her.

So you have Welsh in-laws! How cool! My other sister in England married a lovely Welsh man and they live near Swansea. They have 3 boys: Hywell, Caradog, and Aneirin (great welsh names) and they are all fluent in Welsh and England. We all get together when we go over and I love hearing them speak in Welsh. It is impossible to understand a word!

The mud/guest room floor is making good progress. We're doing the stick on tiles as we have neither the money, time or experitize for ceramic or wood flooring at the moment. However, they are looking fab - much better than I'd imagined and doing a nice cover up over the ugly chipped ones below. Cynthia, Clousseau might have competition for the room after Mum leaves - David's already told me he likes the color so much he'd like to try sleeping in there.

Katie looks very festive in red - was she posing for a Christmas card shot?

GB - shepherds pie is a great favorite here. Decorating a tree to French carols sounds a lovely way to spend an evening.

Wendy - you sound very organized making a menu the week. I buy whatever looks good or is on sale then wait for creativity to strike. It sounds as though you all had a nice holiday.

Hoping everyone has a good night and start the week refreshed.

I'm meeting DH in the hot tub at 9.30 so I need to finish here and find my cozzie (English slang for swimming costume aka swim suit).


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Too windy to work outside today. I smiled at Marian planting her daffs. Daffs are 'forever' flowers. Some here were left behind by 'the Dutchman'. For those who haven't heard everything about us (over and over) 'the Dutchman' was the man who built our little house and did the original terracing and left behind the tiger lilies, phlox, daffs, periwinkle, and day lilies. His ashes were sprinked over his flower beds. I love it when his enduring flowers pop out in the spring time. Still have some narcissus I need to relocate to a larger space. Tried to get a space ready until the wind took over. We have several kinds of narcissus. They are some of my favorites. The glue that holds us together is our gardens. Even in winter we are out any time the ground isn't frozen or it isn't too windy. We see where the birds have hidden their nests and the shapes and colors of the tree bark, the varied tans and browns of the winter dormancy. We appreciate hearing of your lives. EP

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Thanks for asking, Eden. We're doing okay, but would be doing much better if my DS hadn't attempted suicide last Thursday morning. Things are feeling very grim to me right now, as you can imagine. She (my DS) is 52 years old and has struggled with the depths of despair, due to bipolar for her entire life. This is the second time she attempted suicide. The first time it was also just sheer luck that she survived. We came home from a camping trip a day early and got her to the hospital in the nick of time. I was just 12 then, and she was 16, and I'll never forget seeing her lying there, still as death on the couch, with my xmother's empty heart pill bottles all around her. This latest attempt was at our other DS's house. I'm caught in between many extreme emotions right now. I'm feeling relief that she survived, deep fear that she'll try again and succeed, grief that she wants to die so much, and raging blazing anger with her, as she chose to try to kill herself with two children in the home. I know she is totally incapable of caring about others, but that doesn't help when one of my precious nieces could have found their aunt dead! Their mother, my non suicidal DS, woke up early for some reason and found her and the empty pill bottles. Rather than wait for the ambulance my DS bundled her into the car, and drove top speed to the hospital. Again it was in the nick of time. Help me to not strangle my demented DS for her illness. I'm sorry to blight your day, but I'm so upset over this.


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Yeona: I wasn't planning to post today (time constraints) but I'll be a few minutes late for work to empathize with you ....

It is hard, hard, hard to separate the person from the illness, and so often mentally ill people are manipulative enough that it's hard to tell what is their "reality" at any moment. Bipolar is so tough, yet so well controlled by proper medical supervision. FINDING that supervision is next to impossible if there is family willing to be involved.

I feel for you, and hope that the Canadian medical system provides for an inpatient period of stabilization, at least, so you can all breathe for a few weeks. See if there is any way that someone can at least come to where she lives to ensure proper medication administration after she is discharged.

It took my brother (4 diagnosed mental illnesses and borderline retardation to boot) three self-mutilation episodes and throwing my elderly father across a room, holding another patient hostage, and decking a psychiatrist to be able to get him permanent inpatient status.

ALL supportive thoughts are sent your way.


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(((Yeona))) my thoughts and prayers are with you and your DS. A very difficult situation for all.


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Good Monday Morning, Are we all rested and rejuvenated after the weekend? No Bella here today so I'll try to get all the things done I can't do when she's helping me. It's supposed to be warm today, 60s and a little rainy, but I'll take it over the snow.

Yeona, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. It must be so hard watching her go through such misery. I hope the Drs. can find some way to help her.

EP I loved hearing about the Dutchman. I wish I knew more about the people that lived in my house before me. I do know that we're only the 2nd owners.

Mary, I liked hearing about David and his train. My David had some trains when he was younger too but never liked them the way Brad does. Will your David put his train around the tree for Christmas? We would do that but the cats don't allow it, lol. Brad would like to make my garden into a train garden with tracks running through it but I'm not so sure I would like that.

Sue, sending good thoughts for your day at work today. I hope it goes smoothly. I wish I were closer and could come to the party. What fun it would be to visit with you all!

Marie, I love spending the afternoon at the bookstore and do it whenever I get a chance. I'm so glad you had such a nice day "out". The shepherds pie sounds so good. I can just picture you all around the piano sing carols in french. Sounds like it will be lots of fun. Will you bake Christmas goodies for the event?

Cynthia, I love it when you chat about your seeds with us. Very inspiring to me. Is that Katie's holiday picture? The coat is very elegant. She's such a well dressed girl.

Well I had better get this day started as I have MUCH to do. Have a good one everybody, Eden

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Morning everyone!

Yeona, as sorry as I was to hear about your sister (hugs to you), I was greatly relieved that the S in DS was not your son! I admit to being frequently confused by internet acronyms which use the same consonants for entirely different relationships, and avoid them for that reason. Please come back here and release some more when you need to. I am so very sorry.

The dog in photo is not Katie. If it were Katie she would be in Santa's lapping or spinning with excitement as she does over every human being. Somewhere in her genetics is a Shih Tzu. The clothes-hound already has two red coats!

Warm 51F here already, and yep it's back to work. Drat. Have the best day that you can :-)

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Yeona...I'm so sorry to hear about your sister! It's just an awful situation and I can only imagine the sadness you feel and the anger and frustration over the disease that is controlling your sister's life right now. How traumatic for your sister, your nieces *and* you. I hope that your sister will be able to get the help she needs and that you will be able to find some peace of mind. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers with wishes for brighter days sincerest cyber hugs Yeona. Wish I had a Star Trek transport...I would be there in an instant to give you a real hug...Ei

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Chelone.. loser girl? No way!!! You're not only a 'winner' but you are very talented, creative, and supportive. I do understand the challenges that everyone is sharing tho... That 'goes' for everyone. I always wanted to learn to dance and swim well... and learn to paint flowers... Ended up being a good 'floater and walker' and admirer of flowers... Never learned to sail a boat either...or speak French... or sing in a choir... oh well... I can crochet a pretty good hat... Have enough hats now and have given away quite a few...The children have grown up and the pets are memories.... is it time to 'walk around and hum?' duh.... I do that 'a lot'. Also pretty good at giving and recieving hugs. Thanks T... I needed that. Here's one back....I sometimes 'skim thru' especially on weekends because we would hate to miss any of the chit chat. We care about everyone and everything that is shared. Where else can anyone sit down at any time of day or night and listen to a conversation. Sometimes I 'sit in the corner and listen'. Partner just commented "The juncos are here" so that means winter is here too. It's 35 F and still windy. I want to get those narcissus bulbs into the ground. The originals were given to me by someone special. Something must have tunneled underneath them and heaved them to the top of the ground. When I found the bulbs on top of the ground I picked them up and got them into the refrigerator. Then had to decide where to replant them. Decided on the corner of the bed around the black walnut stump beneath the west windows where I can see them. They had been along the sidewalk above the south terrace. Hope they will always stay where ever I put them if they ever get there... Taryn.. that author reminded me of years ago when I read the books of Sinclair Lewis and Thomas Wolfe. They lived in worlds so different from mine.. reading expands the mind and perception. Interesting to read about what all of you are reading... Mary.. good luck to your sister.. And yours too, Yeona... Hope all goes well for all.. EP

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