Does Weed and Feed Kill Grass Seed?

teagan2007March 27, 2007

I have a high traffic lawn from having two dogs. I used a very expensive grass seed for high traffic area's and then put town Scotts weed and feed turf builder not knowing that you were not supposed to put it down when seeding. I spend a lot of money on the seed and want to know if it is still possible that grass will grow?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The whole idea of using a Weed and Feed product at all is to prevent the germination of seeds. The pre-emergent doesn't know if they are grass seed or weed seeds, darn it all.

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I am not that familiar with "Weed and Feed" but assumed it was a broad leaf weed killer designed for weeds like dandylion with broad leaves to take in the product. Fertilizer is included to make it a combination product. If is is a pre-emergent seed germination preventer it is news to me. Read the label on the package to find out. Al

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teagan - yes. You can't mix Weed & Feed w/ grass seed. *heavy sigh* - it was a "life lesson", I guess, but it threw me off an entire season.


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Actually I a somewhat new to this growing my own lawn thing mysel and have huge prblems with weeds. A month ago I put don weed and feed at the same time as putting down new seed (all scotts brand) and here I am a month later with all kinds of new pretty grass coming up everywhere and no new weeds coming up. I pulled the majority of the weeds out first and then carefully selectivly sprayed the foxtails and crabgrass with roundup. So far this has worked for me so don't give up. Make sure the soil is always some what moist and your grass seed will still grow.

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