Is this a Mallow?

Queen-Gardener(5 OH)August 28, 2014

I have a plant like a mallow.
I tried searching the description of the flower, which is white with a dark maroon or purple color center, looks like a mallow flower, and it seems to bloom about every other day, but I had no luck in searching the internet or books. I then tried to search for plants that create papery seed balls, but nothing like my plant came up. The flower turns into an airy seed ball, then the ball browns and opens up, dropping its seeds. It's funny, I can search "brown and purple iris" and come up with the exact match, but this was impossible to search for! It might have come in a "Wild flower mix." The stems are hairy. Thanks for your help!

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Nope not a mallow..and likely not a wildflower either (in the traditional use of the term). Ie a weed.

It may have graze value (if that was the point of a possible inclusion into a mix).

If we actually saw a blossom it would help probably.

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Hibiscus trionum, a non native plant and frequently posted here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hibiscus trionum

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I bet he's right...and you were *is* a mallow. *sigh* sorry...this one didn't ring a bell for me, though the flower would have (I think).

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Queen-Gardener(5 OH)

Perfect! That's it! Hibiscus trionum! Sorry I couldn't get a pic of the flower posted, but that's it. "Bladder Weed" a haha

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