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mauvegirl8(Texas)February 6, 2013

Tropicana, Maria Stern, Vavoom

I have Tropicana in my garden. The fragrance is delicately sweet/spicy and wafts.

The salmon color is vivid. Not quite pink but not a true orange.

I adore her beauty and vigor.

I would like to add another orange to complement the garden.

Any thoughts on Maria Stern or Vavoom?

Is Maria more salmon/coral or a clear orange like Vavoom?

I understand her parent is: rose Queen Elizabeth (I have)

I have the opportunity to purchase Maria Stern in a body bag

at the grocery store. I might not find her locally again.

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I got Vavoom at HD last year. I like the bright yellow-orange blooms. It hasn't grown much since I planted it late last summer, but it's doing fine so far.

I'm in zone 9, so maybe we have the same store here - which store has it? Of course, the same store here may not have it, but Maria Stern would be worth looking. From the pic on Help Me Find, Maria Stern is what I would call coral, not orange like Vavoom, which really stands out when in bloom.

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Last year, my Home Depot had Vavoom. I only noticed it because a lady had it in her cart. I was in awe of the shade of orange.
Of course, she took the last one. They must have received a small quantity. Because I was going there on a weekly basis.

Home Depot sold tons of Queen Elizabeth. There wasn't much variety. No OGR's. It reached the point that they were selling them for $5.00

I bought one. It is tall and lanky and I love it!

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I purchased Maria Stern this morning. I dusted off the sawdust. She has 4 canes (no leaves). Maria is soaking in
rain water. I am going to Google her again!

For $4.98, she is worth a try.

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Livin' Easy is a beauty and has been "easy" to care for.Another bright orange is Gingersnap, but that one is a little more temperamental for me.

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seil zone 6b MI

I was very pleasantly surprised by my Vavoom. I've had it two seasons and it bloomed a lot and frequently, was fairly healthy and wintered well it's first year. I wasn't expecting much from it for some reason but it did really well. It's a very unique color and very bright with a full petaled decorative form so you have to like those things in a rose. Some people don't care for those really loud colors much. No fragrance that I can recall.

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seil zone 6b MI

Here's a nice pic of Vavoom.

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