4 O'Clock and Moon flower

beggingpardonMarch 15, 2006

Hi i'm trying to germinate some 4 O'clock seeds and some Moon flower seeds. Do any of these need the be scored or frozen or anything? should i i do the towel method and get them to sprout before i plant or should i just put them in some pete pots and cross my fingers? anyone had luck with these two?

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

My moonflower just germinated for me in no time at all. Some seeds I nicked and soaked and then planted in seed starter mix. I havent seen them sprout yet. However, I had extras so I put them in between two damp coffee filters and sealed them in a plastic container. I stuck it on top of my fridge and the roots started showing in 2 days.

I haven't started 4 o'clocks yet but I don't think you need to do anything special before sowing.

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I soaked my Moonflower seeds and planted. Up in about 7 days. First time with these so will see how they progress.

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4 O'Clocks need nothing special but they take forever to grow at least in Connecticut. I did not get flowers until maybe August. Might want to start them inside where its nice and warm. I guess they like it warm.

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Well my moon flower seeds are being slow but i got some pretty 4 o'clock seeds sprouted in a napkin. The part that pops out first is the root corect? I went ahead and placed these in jiffy pots today heh hope those were roots cause i placed them down lol!

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nohandle(6a swON)

I was searching for another answer when I came across this post so I thought I would chime in.
Mine have been sprouting for three days now and I only planted them on the 14th.
All I did, and I'm new so I was trying to be creative, was put one seed in the middle of each those little Jiffy pack things (after I added water of course), place the mini greenhouse that came with the little Jiffy pack things on a wicker table without the glass top and put the table over one of my heat registers. I put a thermometer on top of the tray and the air temp. swings between 65F-75F all day. The soil is probably a little more moderated and I'm betting stays around 70F.
I didn't soak, nick, file or violate the seeds in any way, just planted them directly in the mix.
So far, 9 out of 12 are sprouting.

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Hi - I just throw the 4 'oclocks on the ground and the moon flower I soak in warm water for 24 hrs. and plant in soil. Goodluck - tina_2

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Last year I scored half of my moon flowers and half I didn't, just to see what would happen, the package said to score my mil said she did not. I got three more sprouts out of the scored ones. I transplanted a little late middle of June and a few didn't make it, prob cause I didn't water enough once I put them in the ground. I have never heard of anything special for 4' just plant them where you want them to be for a long time, my mil pulls them out every year since they are in the spot she now has moon flowers. It took me two years of deep tilling in spring to get rid of mine when I expanded my veggie patch.

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jeelli(5/6 CT)

I've planted Four O' Clock seeds indoors and out- better luck indoors, because by the time they bloom (if they bloom) from outdoor germination, it's the end of the season.
I always soak Morning Glory seeds, but I'm new to the Moon Vine, although they're related. I have better luck starting vines indoors as well.
It's so funny that I ONLY bought MG and FO'C seeds so far, and then I see this thread!!!

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I don't do anything to four o'clocks seeds. I direct sow and have blooms by July. I nick and soak my moonflower seeds and start them early inside. When started from seed I don't get blooms until late summer so I started over wintering my moonflower vines inside. Now I get blooms very early in the season. They even bloom inside but I do keep them under HID lights. I dug up the tubers from some of the four o'clocks that I especially liked last fall and stored them with my bulbs. I recently potted them and stuck them in the greenhouse. I haven't seen any growth yet and have no idea if I will. Has anyone stored 4:00 tubers and replanted them?

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Hi Karyn,
I store one Mirabilis jalapa tuber each year with good success. They usually survive just fine in the ground, but I have a pure white that I like and don't want to risk having it replaced by a magenta seedling if the tuber should not overwinter. Sometimes I start it into growth in the greenhouse in March, but I think it does just as well when planted directly in the garden in mid-April.
Last year I grew M.longiflora for the first time and kept one tuber from that one too. The tuber was taller and narrower than mirabilis; almost bulbous. I am anxious to see if it does as well as its' hardier relative.
Has anyone tried that one?

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i started some morning glory and moonflower, i read a cool tip...it said to plant them together: the morning glory flowers during the day then in the evening and night, the moonflower blooms. pretty cool.

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My mother has had 4 O'clocks in her southern garden in michigan for 60 years. She does nothing to maintain them, let the seeds fall to the ground, don't rake them in. They reseed themselves every year. She has had 3 or 4 dfferent colors. About 1998 my dad transplanted them to our county" farm". 2003 my mother had the basement foundation dug up and retiled. The next spring she had 4 O'clocks again, but they are all yellow, no reds or any others.

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