Need a fragrant Florida climbing rose

janet-g(9)February 27, 2008

I do know that roses grown here should be grafted on a specific stock. I've picked out some roses that I am considering, but haven't been able to find out if they are available on Florida stock. My first choice is Impressionist. Can anyone pass along any info?

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From my own experience I have come accross several climbing roses that have been impressive in form and scent. One, however, beats them all. I recomend Don Juan for its excellent disease resistance, scent, and profusion of blooms. It is also easily available on Fortuniana rootstock by Nelson's Roses and Dewars Fortuniana roses sold in most Lowes in Florida.

As far as Impressionist, if there's anyone that MIGHT cary it on Fortuniana I would guess it'd be K&M Nursery.

Good Luck!


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tampafred(Tampa (z9))

I need to second Adrian's plug for Don Juan (I have three). Ironically, I cannot smell it at all. I know everyone else says it has a great fragrance, but I guess my allergies keep my nose from smelling it's scent. I love the deep red blooms and the consistentcy of the blooms. I find it quite disease resistant, too. And yes, it should be quite easy to find on fort. rootstock. Hardin's Nursery in Tampa has it and they are great people to deal with.

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Thanx for the info. Unfortunately I can't use a red rose. My whole front landscape is pastel shades, pink, yelow, blue, apricot. That's why I was looking for the Impressionist. The pix I saw showed a sort of blended pink/yellow. If I don't come up with this I may put in another Tropicana, as I had one thriving on the property that I just moved from. I know it isn't really pastel, but it is a great salmon shade that would look okay. I was just looking for something more fragrant.

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ken_se_fl(9 SE, Fl.)

Check with Cool Roses in Palm Beach. They have Cacino(sp?). A huge yellow climber with tons of medium yellow old fashioned blooms. This rose loves warm weather. I've had mine 8 or 9 years. Make sure you have LOTS of room for this rose.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Janet -- Have you considered the Tea-Noisettes? There are many of them which climb beatuifully in your sort of climate, and they certainly are fragrant.
Here, for instance, is Reve d'Or:

and William Allen Richardson:

See link below for Crepuscule.
I think you might want to check, but I believe Noisettes may not need Fortuniana rootstock.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Janet, the majority aren't available on fortuniana. It is frustrating. But it is easier to look and see what the nurseries have and pick from that. To find one that you like and be able to find it on fortuniana is very discouraging. Check out the above nurseries. You may find something that you love that you weren't aware of. I do grow some roses (actually only Austins) on own root which is more readily available and they do well. It is probably because they are partly old roses which do OK here with or without the fortuniana rootstock.

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Speaking of Noisettes, check out Centerum's pic of Celine Forestier under the thread for Jeane's birthday greetings.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeane's birthday greetings

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Lots of pics here and more info under the "rose" tab.

Here is a link that might be useful: Celine Forestier

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You may want to talk to Debbie at They graft on fortuniana and as far as I know they have very good reputation. I got two own root SDLMs from them and they have been stellar performers.

On the website you do not find a long list as it were years ago but they state "Many not listed are available on request."

Here is a link that might be useful: Cool roses

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Wow, I'm going to have to buy more roses. Went to Lowe's today and came out with a beauty, pink/yellow blend. It just said "Buy Me!!!." Well, the tag was missing, so I have no idea what I bought. Trying to identify it will give me something to do. I'll take a pic tomorrow and post it on this form. Everyone seems so well informed that I'm sure someone will know. My thanks to all who responded to my question. Thanks so very much.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I have no idea how the Austins do in your area (is it blackspot hell?) but a very fragrant and beautiful climber with huge soft pink blooms is Spirit of Freedom. I have a baby but others have posted pictures and comments about it, and so naturally I ordered it.


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Yes, Florida is blackspot country.

Crepuscule is an old noisette which should do well on its own roots here. It is also very disease resistant, and has few thorns.


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I believe the impressionist is only available online at heirloom roses ( I have one and it is spectacular! I also have a don juan, and the fragrance is okay, on a par with the impressionist. I'd actually recommend ZÃPHIRINE DROUHIN, which is a pink thornless - really great and mine are fragrant.

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