How quickly do seed potatoes need to be planted after cutting?

RSorrelMarch 3, 2014

I've never grown potatoes before, and I have a tendency to get ahead of myself when I'm excited about a new garden project. I got my seed potatoes in the mail a couple days ago, and immediately pulled them out and cut them into the pieces I needed for my potato row.

Unfortunately in my excitement I forgot that I had planned on staggering my planting so that I would get a more prolonged harvest instead of a bumper crop of potatoes all at once.

So my question is: can my cut/scabbed potatoes last a couple weeks before planting (I cut them 2 days ago) or do I need to get them in the ground right away? If they will keep a couple/few weeks, what is the best way to store them for that time?


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I have never had a problem storing them for a couple of weeks assuming cool, dark and dry storage. Sometimes longer as long as they aren't beginning to shrivel.


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I had to leave some for 5 weeks last year, (long story) and did as digdirt said - left them cool and dark, and all was well.

BTW, if you're planting spuds already, you should know that in my heart, I hate you - I'm still shovelling snow :-(

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You don't want to plant potatoes immediately after cutting. The rot too easily if you don't let the cut end dry. My husband cuts ours up and puts them in the garden shed for about a week. It is dark and dry in there. After that he plants them and we never have a problem with them sprouting after they are planted.

I don't see a problem leaving them for longer

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