Small, yet built by my own hands

VirginiaWhineJune 30, 2014

My pond is coming along nicely, through much trial and error. The koi destroy many of my plants, but I love to see them happy. You can see that I still have a few things in planters to be put in the ground, but overall this small area brings me daily joy. I can't wait to add to it and create a bigger oasis.

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Very nice.... It does bring a peace to the day...

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How beautiful!
Nice job.

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Beautiful, you have a good eye. If you plan on keeping your koi,
you'll have to make it a lot bigger. Koi get very big, very quickly.

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I built the pond 4 months ago & have 2 koi. They've not bred, so thankfully I have same sex fish. It's current 200 gallons, and I do plan on making it bigger around October (Florida is too hot until then). I used a hard-shell liner (it was free) and put it in the ground. I didn't want it flush, so I left about 4 inches above ground (you can see that by the placement of the rocks).

Now, I have to decide the best way to make the pond bigger. Dig a hole and add a liner, using something to create spillage from one pond to another? Will my koi be able to swim from pond 1 to pond 2 doing this? Or do I just use another hard shell liner and connect them together at the same height?

I began this journey with a free shell and 2 eager teens and we've learned things along the way. Just a few mistakes here and there (like learning my koi can and will destroy most of my plants), but it's been fun. Nothing like having two fish that would swim & hide when I first got them, to now have them practically jump from the water when they see me outside.

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hostacats(zone 3b)

HI virginiawhine! My first time visiting the pond forums, but I should tell you also that yes koi get big fast. I live in Saskatchewan so we get very cold winters and I have to bring my koi inside. I started off with a small preformed pond liner like you did. Was given two koi and some gold fish. It is the most relaxing thing ever, but I wasn't we ripped that small preformed liner and dug some more and made it bigger and added more koi. Of course when you look at Japanese koi they are very beautiful and very small for $50 but I did it, and soon, like two years they were getting too big, and I needed to rip that out again and make an even bigger pond. My husband was mad at me for making bigger and wouldn't help do the digging, but I managed to do it and he bought me a new huge liner to go in it. I was told that connecting two ponds together was impossible, but we kept checking online and did it. We had to glue with special glue the two liners, filled it but it leaked like a sieve, so we drained it....reglued it and it worked. The fish love it. Did I mention that I have 9 goldfish and about 35 koi???
I don't think its possible for you to have a preformed liner and another one where the fish will go back and forth, I don't understand how they would do it??? You'd have to dig and make a new pond.
I can show you pictures tomorrow if you like. Can't take pictures now though it is dark outside.
Best of luck

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Pictures would be awesome. I've read about connecting them and I don't think it's impossible, especially because i have mine a bit above ground. Did you also bolt them together too?

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