Fleece blanket = clear water

guckkaJune 16, 2013

Having a lot of rain here in western Pa. My little puddle was brownish/green and I couldn't see my fish unless they came right to the surface. Bought a cheap ($3.00) fleece blanket from the dollar store and cut it up and folded it into fat sections and packed it around the pump. Then ran tubing from the pump outlet into a wire mesh basket also stuffed with rolled up fleece, which I suspended above the pond so as the water dripped back into the pond. This morning when I checked I could see to the bottom of the pond as well as all my fish. I tried quilt batting first and it really did nothing to clear the water. I'm hoping by tomorrow, the water will be crystal clear. I am amazed at how well the fleece worked!

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Day 3 and I can see down to the bottom of the pond! Water is crystal clear! 3 days ago the water was a brown/greenish mess. Couldn't even see the pink filter box.

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I will have to try that cause I have used the quilt batting and it can be a pain.. That's great that it cleared it up so well.

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Shalom - made a fleece bag to put over a submerged pump discharge - works great - gave additional comments on the filtering thread - Just rinse it off and go again.

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