Quilt batting is amazing

CaraRoseJune 3, 2013

After a week of taking run off from torrential rains and then losing half the water due to the waterfall box leaking, and then having me use the half-empty opportunity to dig out and restack a section of retaining wall that was falling in, and then having me manage to dump one of my marginal baskets into the water trying to take it out... well, it was a cloudy, murky, mess.

I put quilt batting in a plastic basket, put that under the output of the waterfall filter. This morning my water was crystal clear and I could see all the way to the bottom.

Had a lot of fun watching my goldfish swimming around. My misadventures of garden ponding didn't seem to effect them any :) They really like to hang out under the waterfall and nibble on the rocks.

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how big is your pond?

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Small, I don't know for sure, by my guess is around 100-150 gallons.

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Thanks for posting that. I was thinking about trying the quilt batting but I can't think how I would do it.
How did you get the bottom stuff up? Or mabey you don't? Is it good for algae?
I don't really have a waterfall, just the hose coming from my skippy filter into the pond, so I would probably have to use a small trash can which I wouldn't know how to do that.
I'm glad everything worked out for you, and I hope you enjoy your pond. I've been reading all your posts, and everything that happened to you has happened to me too. LOL!
But its all worth it in the end.

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I use the quilt batting when my water gets green.. I stick it in the skimmer over the top of the filter so the water is sucked thru it. just make sure it doesn't clog your filter intake. I also like the batting that comes in squares with it you can take it out every couple of days and rinse it and it will last a month or so where with the other its once and throw it away.

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I left the bottom stuff down there. I think you could stir it up so it goes through the filter, but for now I figure a little sediment on the bottom isn't going to hurt.

I'm willing to bet if it can get clay particulates out, that algae would also be filtered. The batting would probably need to be cleaned/changed more often though (mine was somewhat clogged up after the first day, rinsed it, and it worked good again).

For your set up what about putting the basket/trashcan on a stack of rocks or a stool or something, and run the output hose into it? The main thing is to be sure it's going to drain into the pond, even if the batting is clogged and it overflows.

I used the flat square kind, folded it, and stuck it in the basket so it lined the bottom and sides and formed a bowl.

And I'm glad my misadventures are not uncommon, LOL :)

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A fine mesh net will take a lot of the bottom stuff out. I buy the $1 nets from dollar stores. They don't last long but they don't cost much either.

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Shalom; quilt batting is great - this year I am using fleece instead of the batting, I use it doubled up - sewed the double layers so I have a bag effect- it can be rinsed of and reused - Y

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Hey there mckool. Interesting idea using fleece. Does your brain ever shift out of overdrive? If the fleece has been in place long enough for you to determine results, please do share. Inquiring minds want to know.


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@ CaraRose, good to hear both you and your fishies survived your ponding misadventures and all is restored. A few years ago, a late spring storm deposited a huge tree limb across my puddle where it remained for the better part of a week due to the weather. It was so large, dh & I together could not lift it & so we had to get creative about removal. We (read that 'I') was left with a muddy, murky mess and a wee waterfall that was now leaking. Not fun. In the end, it was quilt batting to the rescue.

@ butterfly4u, with a nod to Horton who was kind enough to provide specifics, here's how I cleared up my pond in a day....I bought a tall kitchen trash can at the dollar store & drilled holes in the top 2/3 of one side. I filled the trash can with batting & placed it securely at pond's edge. Note: take care to level it & secure it - it's heavy when it fills & will easily tip over (don't ask why I felt to include that warning)

I disconnected the supply line from the pump to the skippy & secured it to the trash can so the pump is now filling the trash can filled with batting. The batting filters the water which now flows through the drilled holes back into the pond.

KEEP AN EYE ON IT. I did this during a day of yard work & checked frequently. Twice the batting clogged and I had to stop, rinse & repeat. But at the end of the day, my water was clear.

That was my first experience with batting. Next day, I added it as the top/final filter in my skippy. I replace the batting in the skippy twice a year, in spring & fall. My water has been gin clear since. Hope something here helps.

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I'm new to the forum and a new koi pond keeper so I've been lurking and reading up on all I can to help manage my new pond. Thanks to Horton and his kitchen trash can filter method, I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or even better, the fish living in my pond. When we purchased our home, there were some issues with turning over the property and the pond pump stopped working during this time. Extra aeration was added for the few days but the algae had a chance to go wild just as temperatures warmed up earlier this spring. We moved in and the water was thick pea soup. Being newbies, we panicked and tried to find as much info as we could online (we're out in the country so no real pond shop close by). Horton's trash can and batting idea sounded like something we could do until we figure out how to better stabilize the pond. We have a 3500gal pond and added a 560gal/hr sized extra pump just for the trash can filter. We also added batting to the skimmer basket to the regular filter system that was back up and running. On day 2 we had about three feet of visibility. The fish are swimming around happily and eating normally so I'm thrilled. I'm making the trek to the closest pond shop this week to talk to them about what kinds of plants to add to the pond (and how to do it) in hopes of balancing the system. I know I need a better test kit (only strips were left for us by the last owner) and a thermometer (not left by the owner). Any other "must have" items that I need to add to my list?

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I just started using quilt batting to filter out the floating algae. I put the batting in a laundry bag and then in front of the waterfall. I ran a pipe from the filter into the batting. It does pick up the floating algae, but my problem is the batting is heavy if you need to take it. How often do you take out the batting and replace it with new? I also have a milk grate setup with hydra felt blanket and the algae sticks to it as well. Its cost more than quilt batting but you can tell a difference. I usually clean it twice a day and finally I can see the bottom of my pond. Its still not the way I want it but much better

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I have a 1,200 gallon pond and just recently started using quilt batting. It is really amazing and works, but you do need to clean it regularly (less and less each time, as your pond clears). I use a combination of Nu-Foam and quilt batting. The Nu-Foam I use in the skimmer and the quilt batting I use inside the waterfall (removed the bio balls and added DIY Skippy Bio filter.) I also use QB in the top of the bio filter (Skippy design) it is my top layer before outflow. I have no shade and full sun all day. I can see the bottom of the deepest part of the pond (32" deep) very clearly.

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Shalom Digger - been using the same piece of fleece since the original post, at least 8-12 hours daily - I just rinse it off and go again, even reversing the fleece has worked well - that's my newest pond toy. I'll think of a couple more before year's end-maybe !!

Been working with my son on developing a business, so time on the forum has been nill

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I was dubious. How could something this simple work? We had a major downpour that left my pond a total muddy mess. I put a folded layer of the quilt batting over my pump intake filter. Within 2 hours I went from not being able to see ANYTHING in my pond (1000gal) to it being nearly crystal clear. I've gone out a few times and stirred up the pond to suspend the residual mud in the water. I now have almost no mud or sediment in the pond. How easy is that??? Thanks for the great suggestion.

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sue_ct(z6 CT)

I have used quilt batting for years to clear my pond, but I just have a word of caution. My fish will try to eat the algae off the batting. I was putting a pump at the bottom of a bucket with lava rock and then batting on top. The water was sucked through the batting and down into the bucket by the pump. It works great, but if the batting becomes clogged it can create a vacuum and the fish can get sucked into it. I lost 2 fish that way, several years apart. If you have a setup that lets you filter it under a waterfall or one of the other ways that does not involve a pump, it is safer for your fish. I used to place a bunch of layers of batting on top and just remove the top layer or 2 as it got dirty/clogged, but you really need to keep up with it. just a word of caution to those that are considering using it and don't have a way to filter the water on discharge into the pond and are considering a similar set up to what I used.

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