Anemone Seedlings

laura321(5)March 30, 2009

Finally- anemones seedlings! I have a batch of Japanese Anemone seedlings emerging (about 1/8" tall). I am just too excited! My question is now that I have tackled this hurdle- when should these little guys be moved to the garden or should they be kept as a patio/houseplant for a year until they are able to live outside in zone 5? Now that they have emerged, are they vulnerable to certain problems? They are currently in a clear plastic container with a lid to keep moisture in- charcoal bits on bottom then seedling mix and there doesnÂt seem to be any signs of damping off, etc. Currently, they get about 6 hours indirect eastern exposure with no bottom heat.

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated,


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High moisture not required at this point remove lid.....from germination to transplant takes 8-12 weeks,
takes germination to flower 40 weeks

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Great! Thanks for the help :)


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valeriepa(z5-6 NEPA)

How do you grow these from seed? Cold treatment? Need light or cover seed?

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I am more than happy to share the recipe that finally worked! You can omit, change what I did I am only listing steps I took. Soak the seeds in water for 48 hours and place container with seeds on something that stays warm- I put mine on top of the DVR box. I figured the constant warmth would encourage growth. Find a clear plastic container with clear plastic lid- no holes and clean well. Once clean swish a bleach/H2O (1/4 tsp/gal) soln through it and let it dry. Put layer of activated charcoal in bottom of container, add miracle grow seedling mix (never used to use miracle grow- but now I do), add seeds once theyÂve soaked, top with little bit more seedling mix, water, put plastic top on- then wait and wait. Good luck! What variety are you trying to start?

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valeriepa(z5-6 NEPA)

Thanks for the instructions. Trying to start a variety of anemones: japanese, sylvestris, canadensis, and virginiana.

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