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marcindy(z5b, Indianapolis, IN)February 14, 2013

This past Christmas I must have been really good because I got this incredible book by Peter Schneider as a gift. I have been ingesting it ever since. He writes about growing roses in my climate, recommends roses that grow reasonably well in our soil and climate and has something memorable or funny to say about almost every one of the varieties he recommends. Makes it really easy to start compiling Must-Have's lists...lol not to mention drags out this winter even more... :-)

Several times in the book he talks about hosting an open house once a year in early summer for the general public. I would love to see his gardens, but I am not sure how to find out when it is going to be this year. Does anybody here know about the event? Or has anybody been to his place? Wanting to plan a "pilgrimage" here... :-)

Thanks for any info!!

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Marcindy, Peter and Susan Schneider are two of the loveliest people you could hope to meet. You really should subscribe to his American Rose Rambler, an excellent newsletter! I think you'll really enjoy his sense of humor, too. You can find his contact information here on the Combined Rose List web site. The CRL is another invaluable rose reference and was the only method of finding roses prior to Help Me Find. I have used his editions (and the prior ones created by Bev Dobson, another lovely rose person!) to find old, rare and unusual roses for many years. I would love to visit their open house, too. It must be amazing! Good luck. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Combined Rose List

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Freedom Farms open house is not to be missed. I went the year before last. Peter and Susan Schneider grow an amazing collection of roses. Both are unfailingly patient with any questions one might have, and both can give you detailed information without consulting any reference on just about any rose topic.

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marcindy(z5b, Indianapolis, IN)

Thank you so much for the additional info. I will definitely try to make it to their open house this year! Thanks again!!

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which rose is hardy, disease free for new mexico--south facing garden--blooming repeatedly and fragrant

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

i II was looking into this book, and searching google found his top ten roses, which are interesting:

Here's a list of ten of Peter's favorite roses, all of which are described fully in Right Rose, Right Place:

Baby Love, yellow miniature
Baronne Prevost, pink hybrid perpetual (old garden rose)
Distant Drums, mauve/tan shrub
Elina, yellow hybrid tea
James Mason, red modern gallica
Jeannie Lajoie, pink climbing miniature
Marijke Koopman, pink hybrid tea
Stadt den Helder, red floribunda
Stanwell Perpetual, white hybrid spinosissima (old garden rose)
William Baffin, pink kordesii (climber)

I dont have any, but am not really the right climate.

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Too cool!! I have Elina coming here in spring. Thanks ladies and gentlemen!!! :~D

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His whole list grew quite well in Zone 9. In Zone 10, I have Baby Love and Jeanne LaJoie and they are both good here, too. The others probably would succeed here, I just don't grow them. Kim

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

It's not a list for here. William Baffin is the only one that has a good reputation locally. Mostly the problem is blackspot, though winter hardiness is also an issue.

I really do need to figure out what James Mason's problem is.

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I don't know what James Mason's issues are elsewhere, but in a long, hot climate, he gets enormous, eating large trees easily. The greater the difference between our "winter" and the rest of the year, the better he flowered. Mild winters resulted in very little flowering. James Mason grew up into a huge, old oak at The Huntington Library, in The Study Plot where things which didn't fit in the main rose garden were grown. Kim

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Here, it just won't grow, and dies back every winter, no matter how mild. It is in a fairly tough spot, but Desiree Parmentier and Applejack have no problems there. A couple of weeks ago, we did lose a white pine in the back, so I'm hoping with more light it does better.

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