Trying an odd way to scarify small seeds

ricjo22(5)March 16, 2012

There is a long post about how to scarify seeds but here is a way that wasn't mentioned. I used Elmers school glue to completely cover about 25 red bud seeds on a piece of thin stiff cardboard(not corrugated). When the glue was dry after several hours I used sandpaper to sand off the tops of all the seeds at once. Then I bent the flexible glue and the seeds popped right out ready to soak. If the seeds had stuck I believe the water soluble school glue would have come off in the soaking. I will post about the success or failure of the seed after exposure to glue but the glue is non-toxic so I think I am OK. Ric

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I have sandpaper fastened to two wood blocks and roll the seeds between them CAREFULLY. The amount of sanding will vary widely with different seeds. Al

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