Coke bottle 'Seed/plant Greenhouse'

jlj41March 13, 2009

I have not seen this type of recycle planter in any forum but it works for me. I experimented with 16oz plastic coke bottles and found that the top of a coke bottle will interlock with the bottom creating a perfect size seed planter that can provide a constant source of water during plant development and allow minimal root stress for transplant. Cover caps provide a green house effect to retain moisture while allowing light. (1)With a pair of sharp scissors cut the bottle between the bottom of the label and the bottom ridges. (2)Remove the cap from the top piece or drill holes through the cap. (3)Turn the top upside down and insert into the bottle piece. (4)Align the ridges, press and the two parts will lock together. (5)YOUÂRE READY TO PLANT! (6)Water can be put into the bottom part where it is taken up into the planting mix. (7)A perfect cap for the planter can be made from the top and/or bottom of a 12oz Dr.Pepper bottle. Pepsi also put other drinks in this same style bottle. (8)Transplanting is simple. I use a Bulb planter to cut a hole to the right depth and slightly larger that the coke bottle. I make sure the planting mix is moist (not wet), turn the planter upside down, and the entire contents of the planter easily removes from the planter.

There is also an added pleasure provided by clear planters. With most plants you will see roots growing down,up,sideways,and out the bottom by the time the plant is large enough to transplant.


For a larger planter required for larger plants or longer development of smaller plants I use a 2 liter drink bottle and 59oz "Simply Orange" bottle and make a covered planter that waters from the bottom. (1)Cut the orange bottle near the top of the labels. (2) Cut the 2 liter bottle below the label near the bottom ridge. (3) The top of the 2 liter bottle will also have to be cut approx. 1 inch below the cap. This allows the bottle to rest on the ridges in the bottom of the orange bottle. (4)turn the 2 liter bottle upside down and place it into the bottom of the orange bottle. You will notice that there are small opening at the corners of the orange bottle where water can easily be added. (5)YOUÂRE READY TO PLANT! (6)The cover is made by trimming the top of the orange bottle to fit inside the 2 liter bottle. A four inch pattern can be used to make a clear cut line to make a perfect top that fits inside the planter.

I would include photos but do not find an insert button on this page.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yes, great idea! They work like little mini-terrariums. Those of us that do a lot of Winter Sowing use many of them as well as milk jugs, plastic juice bottles and any other plastic container. If the container can't be cut to fit inside itself, duct tape works well. ;)

You can find many discussions on using them over on the Winter Sowing Forum here.


Here is a link that might be useful: Winter Sowing Forum

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I liked it so much I made a copy off the internet You never know how many people we know would like to know the same thing. After they are collected and made up there is more time than money if you ask around for some one who drinks soft drinks. Saves all that going into the trash can. If you don't have a sodiering gun a drill will do just as well. And they can be used over at least until they give out.

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