Tess of the D'Urbervilles

zaphod42February 14, 2014

Does anyone grow this as a climber in zone 5? I've got a friend who asked me whether it would work or not, but this rose has never been on my radar. How is it for hardiness, rebloom, disease resistance, and scent? How big will it get here? Thank you!

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This doesn't help you much, as I am in Zone 8, but I love that rose. I grow it as a climber, and it is huge. It is very floriferous and doesn't get blackspot - but I do spray fungicides.

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I'm in northern jersey, zone 6A. I got an own root from Chamblees that literally grew 3 feet in one season, the tallest out of all of my roses. It's definitely a climber, the canes are tall and needed to be tied to the fence behind it. The flowers are beautiful, last abnormally long for an austin (like 4 days) since it was a one year plant I only got a few blooms but they didn't have much scent, which is normal for me and young plants. I'd give it a year though to get better.

One thing i must say though, it is very very thorny. I'll try and get a picture up of the thorns. Thorns don't bother me though, if the plant can prove itself to be good thorns don't matter at all to me.

Let me know of you need anything else.


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alameda/zone 8

I am from Texas so cant attest to hardiness in zone 5 [though it has seemed like it here the last few weeks]. I really like this rose - it gets very large on my big fan trellis, healthy foliage and lots of blooms. Yes, its thorny, but that's not a problem. It is a really pretty rose and very healthy. Chamblees prices are great - I would suggest trying it and mulching well in winter or laying it down and covering with burlap and hay. Am sure you will be pleased with it.

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