Florida milkvine from seeds

leann2800(z8 GA)March 16, 2012

I received seeds in a swap a few years a go. I never had the time to grow it until now. I have searched the Internet for tips on growing this from seed but it appears it is on an endangered list in Florida and rare in my state. There doesn't seem to be a guide in cultivation. Some sprouts that look like little mushrooms have came up. Is that what milkvine looks like when it sprouts? Does anyone know? Or is that a weed? I am growing indoors under a grow light.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

A weed? Slim chance.

I have never grown them but assuming you used a sterile soil-less potting mix the odds are 90% that what is growing is a germinated milkvine seed.

On the other hand IF you have kept it too wet and it's exposed to the air then tiny fungus that appear to be like mushroom can germinate on the soil surface.

Google Images has tons of pics of it in various stages but I couldn't find one of it when just germinated. Sorry.


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leann2800(z8 GA)

it was sterile soil and pots. it isn'tgrowing in any other container so i assume that pot did not get too much water. i can't find any in google either. i will take pictures of this germinated seedmfungus and see where it goes. maybe it is miilkvine. i saved half the seeds to give them to a florida or georgia extension office if it is indeed a rare species. Thanks for replying Dave.

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