What size contianer

jduren(5 MO.)March 3, 2013

Have coleus and petunias. What size container should these move up to? Petunias in 2x and coleus in 72 cell jiffy.....Jack

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Depends on how long to planting/sell and if potting up singularly or into multi-plant containers.

I use mostly 4" square pots and 6" round unless they are grown for filling big containers like hanging baskets and such. I'd bump the coleus up to the 4" and the petunias to the 6" if only a couple of weeks. If you have to buy much more than a month go to all 6".


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jduren(5 MO.)

I guess it would be safe to pinch the petunias at this time? I will be moving everything up to 6" pots as I ordered them offline. The petunias are in 4.5 pots as I needed the space for now. Thx Jack

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Definitely time to pinch those babies back! I am starting to get blooms on some of mine too, love it. If you want more, you can root up those runners. I cut off the first set of runners that my Waves put out and rooted them in a domed tray of pearlite/vermiculite, didn't use root hormones. A week later they are starting to develop roots. Just this morning I started up another tray of cuttings. From two packets of 10 seed each I should have about 75 plants by the time spring gets here.

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jduren(5 MO.)

Thanks. I have around 80 petunias and 70 coleus to use for cuttings. I guess another set of lights wouldn't be too bad.

Shame on you for making me spend more money..lol thx Jack

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