What's wrong with this broccoli seedling?

rakin(7b)March 6, 2014

The leaf on one side is rounded out and slightly turned up. Is this from being too close to the light? I have been supplementing lighting with CFLs and this particular seedling was the closest. Is it okay to keep this seedling or should I discard it?

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Lisa Stevens

It looks like a healthy little sprout, to me. Perhaps a bit leggy, though. How close to the lights do you have him? I've learned that they like to be super close to the lights, often within an inch or two.

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Yes, they were getting a little leggy, which is why I added the extra lighting. The leaf to the right in the picture looks different than any of the others. It even feels like the edges might crumble if I try to bend them. It appears to be thirsty, but I keep the mix moist. So I was thinking that maybe it was a tad too close to the light. (you can see the edge of one light in the right corner) This is where the plant is sitting now after I moved it. Previously it was directly beneath this light with the good leaf facing out and away from the light. The temperature of any given seedling is between 75 - 80 degrees. Prior to this week they have been sunning on the patio during the day and back inside for a few hours under the lights, but since the temps have dropped and we had all the ice, they have been getting all of their light from the lamps. I am glad that it will be getting better next week.

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ZachS. z5 Littleton, CO

It should be fine. I have had lots of "deformed" seedlings before, and they wind up growing just as good as their siblings.

My guess to the cause is the blade growing faster then the veins, causing the crinkled, folded look. This would be due to genetics rather than environment.

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I will plant it then and see what happens. These are my first try at veggies so I am probably over analyzing everything. Thanks!

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

The temperature of any given seedling is between 75 - 80 degrees.

Broccoli seedlings prefer much lower temperatures once they sprout -- around 55-65 degrees. Young seedlings can handle temps down to 40, and once planted outside, they can handle temps down to 25. They get stressed by the higher temperatures, which can cause distorted leaves and weak stems. They also can be stressed by moving back in forth from cool sun outdoors to warm artificial light indoors. Too much stress, and they won't form proper heads when planted outdoors.

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