Idyll #339 Autumn's glorious colors

just_tNovember 9, 2007

I thought it would be fun to see more of the colors of autumn that surround us.


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If those are the twins, what the hell are you feeding them? Miracle Grow? Not much color to share, I'm sorry to say. Most of it hit the ground last weekend and has since shrivelled into brown... . I'm sorry about your kitty! Renal failure is common in elderly cats... the telltale sign is getting thin quickly and drinking lots of water. Flo is showing signs, but at a generous 17, she's had a full life. The final trip will be a sad one, always is. I did, however, laugh out loud at the hair impregnated cat bed... sounds like too many of our sweatshirts. :)

Long day at work today. I wasn't alone (bummer). My boss has a crummy cold (sounds terrible). I was forced to listen to a dreadful radio station to placate her ("more music variety", code for NO music variety), AND I had to clean curtains. I still smell like the cleaning agent but have 10 of them finished. They're all 9' tall and vary in width from 5'-12'. All of them have 1 1/2" steel pipe in the bottom and they're heavy and unwieldy. And I get to clean both sides (of course), inspect and repair them. I am about half way through the task. My trade is not for the weak or the lazy... it generally provides a pretty decent work out!

I wonder if Wendy has her earplugs in her handbag? Rock on, girlfriend. I'll be partyin' down with Patty, Laverne, and Maxine tonight (the Andrews Sisters), IF I make it to 8 PM. Hehehe... maybe I'll even toss back some Geritol shooters...

I can't imagine living in a 62 degree house willingly! I recall the oil embargo of 1973 vividly. My father went MENTAL, thermostats at 62, and he actually DISCONNECTED the one for my room which was partially below grade. My bedroom was a cozy 56-58 degrees, no kidding! The school I attended had been built c. 1923 and the lovely windows were all single pane and the wind whistled through them. It was so cold in that place. I wore turtlenecks, wool sweaters, wool socks and warm shoes and it was still chilly if my classes were on the north side of the building. Being cold is the pits. I am so grateful we have a nice woodstove and nicely insulated, "tight" home. Like you, Marian, it can be almost TOO warm here. When the sun comes up and fills the living/dining room the thermostat rarely has to call for heat. When we get home we start a fire and the place is cozy in no time. I was always gratified to come home and find Mum in her cozy wing chair (in the sun) or upstairs in another wing chair next to the stove. Sometimes she was dozing, sometimes reading... but I knew she was warm and safe. :/

Deanne, I meant to comment on your friend's predicament. Wow, watching Mum's health eventually succumb to to lifetime of abuse, I'm much more aware of how what we do on a daily basis will affect the long term picture. You must be worried sick for her. And there is no easy fix. I have a vague notion of how difficult it must be for you to watch it unfold. I'm sorry. I've also wondered how things are with your friend Deb (? why can't I remember her name with certainty? so embarrassing) and her father. I think of her often, esp. now.

It will be fun to hear about V.'s big adventure in college town. Wonder if she'll hit any "keggers"?

And I hope Sue is whipping that new boss into line. I thought of you today as I moved the Fart Machine 2 to a safer location... :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OH! I just watched this! Too funny! Reminds me of us all trying to clean up our containers and organize things for the winter. Hahahahaha.

Here is a link that might be useful: May Plant Sale, full speed.

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OK, you guys... where is everyone? it's after 8 AM, the day's half gone, for Pete's sake!

'bug I chuckled watching the YouTube link, too. Wouldn't you just love to have Deanne's garden activities in that same format? ;)

I've been up since 4:30, I just couldn't stay in bed, usually I'm able to milk it out until 5-5:30 on non-work days. Must be those Geritol shooters. I've sorted some crap on the desk top, done two loads of laundry, and the dishes. Including a mega load of containers that contained food that had become unidentifiable over the past weeks. The compost should be nicely fired up now...
Now I'm killing time until the showroom at the electrical supply store opens so I may go pick up the order that is is. Why don't more places open their doors at 7 AM? ;)

There is the first skim of ice in the little pond this morning. Vera has flatly refused to go outdoors, though Polly and Spencer have been in and out several times so far. Flo is contentedly curled up in her "woolie" nest awaiting the arrival of the sun for maximum solar power.

I'm wondering about Eden... and Angela Lansbury. And several others.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all, I actually slept in this AM until 8!!! Good grief! I almost never stay in bed past 6 let alone 8. I must be getting lazy. Yesterday I decided to do the dahlia thing instead of decanting the last several pots which are in the garage. The temps have been getting cold enough to freeze the top layer of soil so it really was time to get those babies out of the ground. What a huge job! Im happy to report that all the dahlias are dug out of the mailbox garden and have been washed and are air drying in the garage. IÂll get them labeled and bagged in peat tomorrow and then that task is done for the season. IÂve got a great crop of tubers this year and am assuming they liked the compost I added to that garden this year. It also made it much easier to dig out with fewer broken tubers.

IÂm having a great time with that faux stone spray paint and have been refurbishing some old worn looking foam pots I was going to have to retire. They are looking pretty good now and IÂm hoping the paint job lasts through the season. IÂve even sprayed a couple old Cool Whip containers to use as plant saucers in the house and they actually look great.

T. wow! I agree with Chelone, must be Miracle Gro.

Bug, that clip is too funnyÂ.

Chelone, IÂm going to have to look into Geritol Shooters!

OK Doug is working on the heater for the garage and IÂd best get myself outside and see if I can finish buttoning up these gardens.

Have a great day everyone!

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Good morning

T - I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your lovely cat. It sounds as though he had a rich and full life but will be missed terribly. The twins are adorable - how did they get to be so big?!

Denise - I'm not sure this appeared when I thought I'd posted, so I'll repeat myself just incase it didn't. DH would be more than happy to talk to your DS about any aspect of professional photography. If your son is interested, send me an email and I'll give you hubby's number. You cannot reach me via Gardenweb but most of the regulars have my email addy.

Chelone - I woke at 4.30 AM too, read till 5.30 AM then got up and made coffee, cleaned the kitchen and headed out to the public market whic IS open before 7 AM. I'm nicely stocked with brussel sprouts, celeriac, leeks and squash. I think I'm ready for a nap too.

For Norma and others - thought you might enjoy David's playing.

Enjoy the day


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Weekend greetings. Slept in here to 6:30ish but I think I clocked 10 hours of sleep. Last thing I remember, someone was checking the hall closet for The Life Aquatic, at my request. I wandered into the bedroom, and that's all she wrote. Friday was a full one: train in, solid hour of reading and music on my shuffle (Chelone, you need one of these at work! If you work independently, counter that radio with the blessed gift to yourself of the music you love, the Dan, whatever. Plug in and tune out, if at all possible). First job I wait around for an hour while they try to settle the case, which they do. Off to Starbucks across the street for internet since I forgot my cell, and a sandwich. Still hours early for the afternoon job at 2. Trudge up several blocks in search of farmer's mkt I dimly remember for Fridays on Wilshire, walk way too far with all the stuff I carry, reverse course and land in an exhausted heap at the afternoon job's reception couches. Job begins relatively on time, and it's Farsi-interpreted, a first for me, and about 10 mins in I notice that the gentleman next to me has brought a seeing-eye dog. Talk about unobtrusive, the dog walked in like a ghost. Totally lost my focus making goo-goo eyes at the dog. During the frequent breaks necessitated by the Persian gentleman's somewhat tangential style of answering questions, in other words, he was driving his atty insane, I learned her name is Spice, and she's about to be retired at 9-1/2 yrs. Why and where will she go? Don't you want her? No, I have another dog. A nice family will probably take her. She's going blind in her left eye, and since she's a seeing-eye dog...The Farsi-speaking witness keeps bursting into rants in English, which the interpreter doesn't interpret, so I've really gotta pay attention, but I'm wondering how Ein and Spice will get along...

T, the grandkids are adorable in those oversize hats on their little pumpkin heads. Very sorry to hear of your loss of the big white but also gratified to hear of another animal that had a very good life, as the big white undoubtedly did with you. My big grey, Momo, declined almost overnight with what was probably renal failure, and my last image of him he's lying motionless near the water dish, his head literally in the water bowl. We thought he had drowned. Picking him up, I was shocked how thin he'd become under his fluffy fur. My DH always handles the last visit to the vet, coward that I am.

Deanne, you dynamo, dahlia wrangler, I'm so sorry to hear that your friend has hit such a bad patch in terms of mobility. It is a brutal truism, use it or lose it, and this seems to be the biggest problem my dad is facing now. Aches in knees and hips leads to more sedentary time in front of tv, Law & Order/History Channel junkie, and within a year's time one of the fastest walkers I know has been reduced to shuffling. The flock of parrots flew overhead again this morning, chased by a crow, which ramps up the anticipation for your winter bird photography. How exciting you've got your very own blind! Does it come with a little camp stool and a thermos?

Mary, so nice of you to remember, and I'm sure my DS will take you up on the offer. LOVED seeing David on Youtube, what a great idea! The new guitar seems to have a lovely sound and David's practicing is producing great results. I hope we can see more movies. I'm getting very jealous of your early Sat. farmer mkt jaunts and am now determined to find the closest one to me.

I've written way too much already and haven't even gotten to THE event of the week, finding a seamstress, but will end with a warm hello to all.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

YEAH! The Idyll twins!

YEAH! David in concert!

YEAH! There's SUN today!

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Hello everyone.

Cold morning here. I went for a walk with my friend and had to don the long underwear this morning! I needed gloves, but have yet to come across a matching pair....anyway, it was brisk!

GB, that sweater is too cute! You inspired me and I signed up for a knitting class! I hope to be able to knit something warm for curling up on the couch. Glad to hear Christmas is planned :)

Mary, what a wonderful thing to watch this morning! He's so "into" playing....that's the best part. I like watching kids do what they like to do! Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of a tongue peeking out the corner of a mouth as they work so hard.

T., those guys are growing so fast! Am I wrong in assuming that they are huge entertainment for each other? They always look like they are having fun together.

Chelone, I don't envy your curtain job. I am with you on the heat. I felt cold in the winter as a kid. I keep it a nice 66 during the day and 68/70 during the evening hours.....then at bedtime we drop sharply to 55. I have everything programmed into my thermostat, so it seems pretty normal to me. I also have a very old (no insulation) drafty house so it there is always a wind chill to factor in :) Just before the family wakes in the morning, the heat ramps up to make Princess Sarah Cold Feet emerge from her slumber for her Cheerios.

Oh, and that reminds me Mary, look into a mattress warmer for your daughter....we turn them on to warm our beds before we get in (turn it on before you go to the bath to take care of teeth and other stuff) and then you don't have to get in the cold sheets and you seem to stay warm all night. We turn them off as we get into bed.

I am chatty today.

Deanne, your friend is lucky to have you. It is too bad she is not closer to resources that could possibly benefit her.

Wendy, I laughed at your Pretty Boy comment....did you hear that or make it up yourself? He is so a Pretty Boy and cracks me right up.....he spends way more time on hair and make up that most women I know :) I can't believe that anyone would allow a concert to be Gen. Admit! I got squished and lived to tell, but when I think of Jake and Sarah, I feel differently.

V., what an awesome menu and what a great theme! DH has announced that we will be installing a geo thermal system....he says he needs to have one if he wants to sell one. We'll see.

Count me in on the Gingko spelling :) Its on the short list of trees I'd like to plant. Thanks to Marian for demonstrating the dramatic fall of leaves....I didn't know that was true.

I am stalling here. I am supposed to tie up my list of projects around the house. You'd all be proud....I took a leap and hung something on the wall. Maybe I'll bore you later with a dramatic before and after picture to hold you over until we see Chelone's garage transformation.

I'm supposed to take Jake shopping, too.....UGH! He and I have already discussed how far each of us is willing to compromise. I just want to see his butt fully enclosed in his jeans - he's not a plumber's son so there's no hope of inheriting the business and being dressed for the part :)

Maybe more later.....hi to the Left Coast Idyllers and Drema (YEAH for new babies!) and Cynthia (YEAH for a plan of attack!) and Babs and Eden and all those that we miss!

Saucy (who is having trouble typing all she'd like to say in one post...better check in more often, I think)

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good chilly morning!

The concert last night was a success, the girls had a good time. The general admission thing actually worked out pretty well. We went about an hour after the doors opened, and there was a huge slow-moving line. We made our way to the end of it - it was over a block long! We were in luck though, they opened a side entrance just at that time. A security guy with a megaphone was calling "Hey you, people at the end of the line...come over here, no lines, no waiting..." The teenagers around us seemed to think he was some sort of axe murderer so they were staying in the long line, but we figured if he wasn't wearing arena ID we would run away!

We found decent balcony seats, and pretty much stayed in them. The pit on the floor became pretty packed and rowdy, though any attempts to "crowd surf" were quickly squelched by security. Those guys were quick - they'd grab the surfee and cradle them, then quickly tip them right-side-up and send them out of the pit.

At one point Fall Out Boy stopped the show because they could see that someone in the pit was hurt, security carried that guy out - he looked unconscious. DD and her friend had been a little disappointed that they weren't going down there, but I think they thought better of it after that. They got a little scared in the crush of people when we were leaving, and we pointed out to them that the pit would have been hours in a crowd like this.

T, so sorry to hear about your kitty. Those twins are getting big! What a cute picture. Are they usually dressed alike?

Chelone, I tried to sleep in this AM - we were out until 12:30am! DS, however, expects breakfast service promptly at 7am. If I leave him to his own devices he usually eats chocolate chip cookies or something similar. I rose and prepared breakfast for both of us, and went back to bed to read until the second shift (DD) woke up. I DID have earplugs in my pocket last night - enough for all of us! I strongly encouraged DD to wear them (OK, I threatened her) She is attending another concert with a friend tomorrow night and I told her she MUST protect her ears. She wore them, but they fell out a few times because she jumped around so much (I brought extras - nice try). She told me "I rock too hard to wear these!" She actually thanked me in a round-about way this AM - she commented offhandedly (is that a word?) that her ears were not ringing when she woke up!

'bug, glad to see you back - love the new Reed photo series! So many lovely faces. That video was amusing. I thought of Deanne too. Chelone, maybe we should sneak up there in the spring and set up a hidden camera...that hemlock hedge would be a perfect hiding spot...

Oh, Deanne, hello, LOL! Looking forward to seeing you next week. I can take about a flat of plants, maybe a few more. I did want to ask you especially for a cutting of that green and yellow coleus you gave me last year, I think the cuttings I took of that one aren't going to make it. They rotted without putting out any roots.

Mary, love the video of David! How beautiful! It is wonderful that you are encoraging his talent. I did enjoy the Plain White T's last night, almost as much as Fall Out Boy. Gym Class Heroes were just plain weird, and to rap-ish for me. They did have a guy come out and dance a few numbers in a huge purple cartoon fat suit, that was pretty amusing.

Well, I think I'll go throw in another load of laundry and rustle up some lunch; after which I plan to curl up with a fleece and a book. DD is off bike-riding, oh to have that kind of energy after a late night!



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Oh what a wonderful concert... such a treat to see David enjoying the new guitar. Music is a wonderful gift, Mary! Makes me warm and fuzzy, even though kids rate even lower than dogs IMO. :)

I'm back from the lighting place and the lights for the exterior of the garage are really pretty. I was nervous about the size of the two for the front, but I think they're going to be perfect. Rex was "locked on" to a jogger, so I couldn't really look at it closely, but I'm going to drag it inside for a closer inspection.

Umm... Denise, what's a "shuffle"? is it an IPod? I've thought about one several times but have balked at the price and my own lack of understanding of the format. My BIL has one and loves it (but he can't explain diddle quickly and cohesively). I'm also a little nervous about how it would be received in the shop... would it be misconstrued as "rude" to my co-workers? Perhaps with more input from allayas I'll be better prepared to make a decision. Suffice it to say that when I worked "in the line" (production in a garment factory) I used a Walkman all the time. And LOVED it!

I'll bet Spice and Ein would get on famously. Ein could be "in charge" and Spice would probably do the equivilent of a dog shrug and think, "what's up with the little Napoleon?". LOL. Funny dog story: I took his Hugeness to the electric place this morning. We were kerbside and I was about to put the car in "Park" when a woman ran in front of me frantically waving for me to stop (I was). She was trying to "catch" her Airedale who was hotfootin' it to... somewhere. Rex began the whole "bark thing" and I coolly told him, "DOWN", he obeyed after a grumble and stayed as commanded while I loaded the boxes. The saleswoman remarked that he was not only handsome but extremely well behaved (if she only knew!). The Airedale's mother was still trying to get him into the car as I was leaving. Rex can be a real dink sometimes, but he NEVER leaves the car before he's told it's OK.

'bug, I want to know about that handsome plant and the equally terrific wreath...

How many leaves on the GinGko, Marian?

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Having back to back colds and a busy week at work has sort of zapped my energy for Idyll time. Its cold and windy today but I feel like I should continue garden cleanup. Of course yesterday when I was working was a fabulous day weatherwise. There's much I could comment on, but I haven't actually had much time to read. I did enjoy David's video, it reminded me of guitar lessons that I took in my youth.

Bug's video reminded me of one someone sent me. I'll post a link. It will be appreciated by those with kids and also bring great growing up memories for all.

T, those little guys are just as cute as buttons. Playing in the leaves is always so much fun for kids. Sorry about your feline pal.

I'm enjoyed seeing Reed's pictures and sorry that Bug had to see the white stuff already. It makes for great pictures though.

Kenzie turned 3 on Thurs. and will have a party tomorrow afternoon. I need to wrap her gifts and organize taco salad.

These were from last Sat. We got down to the teens a couple nights this week, so it probably looks different. Of course its pretty much dark when I get home so I haven't seen much this week. I really dislike standard time.


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LOL, Michelle.

As a proponent of regular beatings for both children and dogs I am glad to hear something so clear and concise.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL...Chelone, the GinKgo is still stubbornly holding on to it's few remaining leaves...
Noon today:

BTW, I took Nolon and I to the health dept's flu shot clinic at the county's fair grounds yesterday morning, and we both got shot ! So side effects.
Afterwards I drove Nolon to Harrison so he could do some shopping. His recycle money was burning a hole in his pocket!! He bought another 'pair'(?) of overalls, a pair of work shoes, and a pair of dress shoes.

I spent most of this morning cleaning the tall vestibule shelves and their contents, and the floor beneath them. What a mess. It looks like it had been years since I did it...but I don't think so. Now I need to do the lower shelves next to it. Both contain plants, vases, knic knacs,metal plates...and other stuff.
Most of our house's interior needs a major cleaning, but I am hoping none of it is worse than the vestibule area. I had scrubbed all of it's exposed vinyl flooring a few days ago, but had no wax.. so it is very dull looking. I hope to rectify that this coming week.
If I didn't 'need' the sunshine in the house, I would cover all the windows with curtains/drapes, and the dirt wouldn't be so visible ! The falling of the leaves has turned in much more light, and really exposes all the debris! Between the wood stove, the cats, the DH, and the plants, there is an awful lot of 'stuff' that accumulates indoors! ( And oh yes...the stuff that comes in the open windows all summer....and the spiders and their webs). :-(


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T, Thank you for sharing the tots in the leaves. Cute they are. Are they identical? I can't remember.
But I think I could tell them apart. Is one the boss? Or do they hold their own?
Do you have many elk this year? Today was the first day of deer season here. DS saw five this morning and shot a doe.

Mary, Tell David I think he plays really well. Oh what I would give for those nimble fingers.
Mine have had to many years of abuse. Does your Mum have internet? I was thinking how nice for her to be able to hear David play.

Chelone I think you can be quite proud of Rexs behavour. Anxiously awaiting photos of the new garage.

Deanne I rarely sleep late either, but sometimes I think we just have to catch up on missed sleep.
I think the shorter Daylight hours are making me grumpy already.

Denise, I would have been distracted by the dog too. I'm sure someone will give him a loving home.

Hi Chatty Saucy. I want to see the new wall decor. Please.

Yea Wendy , you survived. You are a good mom to take her. Have a nice lunch with Deanne.
Cool that you get to go plant shopping at her place. LOL. I have had a lot of trouble with my cuttings this year too.

Bummer having back to back colds Michelle. Your gardens still looked nice on sat. Happy Birthday to Miss Kenzie.

Marian, I just love the blue skys with the fall colors. Don't you?


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LOLOLOLOL! I started at the beginning of this thread and Rich has been in three times to find out why I've been laughing and clapping.

How could you not??????

I've sent YouTube links to my Mom. Kids and music in combo is her fav thing and as a mom of five, well, you can only guess :-)

Ever notice that Reed's toes always happily point up? Love the hat.

Good to hear from everyone. It's cold here, too. I know it's really Autumn because the Clethra and H. macrophylla have lost leaves. Even the mint has pooped out.

Glad things are "so far" good with your new boss, Sue. I'm down your way often -- maybe Cinnamon Crunch Bagels at Panera some morning?

Was in New York yesterday and went to lunch at a really good Mexican restaurant. Had the best guacamole ever and the guy who made it tableside gave me the avacado pit for luck. Why does growing avacado trees bring such a thrill? Anyway, my client brought me into their employee lounge when we got back, and there was a light stand with several avacados in various stages of growth staring back at me! Gardening at its city finest :-)

Except for the rain, it was a pretty good trip and managed an hour of shopping finding some great deals. No mad holiday rush quite yet, and got to see the as-yet-undecorated tree (from CT again!!). Fun day.

Me thinks I'd better start hanging with a few early-teen types as the music is foreign.

I can run an I-Pod, though! Actually easier than a Walkman, Chelone. You can hear people talking but not necessarily in a lucid way through the earplugs. If someone said "Chelone, there's chocolate" you would hear it while if someone said "Chelone, there's seventeen more sails coming in today" you could ignore it and no one would know the difference. So, it's not rude ;-)

Yes, Rich despises sheetrocking and insulation, but I love to sand the compound. It's not often in my life that I can start anything at one corner and end the job at another corner and really end. Once it's covered with paint, it's done for good! If all things could be so easily satisfying!

We're really cheating tonight and pizza is here.



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A rainy afternoon here in Northern California, the chores all interior for the day and short livedworked till 9 last night and got up this morning and went back in at 6:30 till a bit after noon. Im ready to vegetate. I did the dishes, cleaned he floor, did a little dusting and went through another stack of magazines . Tonight Im going to have a burrito for dinner ..hurrah ! One side of mouth will handle that just fine. Refried black beans, onion chopped really small, avocado jack cheese and salsa ! Cant wait. Hope I can stay awake long enough to prepare it .

T, bet youre getting some rain too? What a nice way to start off a thread, with the little fall munchkins frolicking in the golden leaves. Love the rosy cheeks !
Hugs to you on loosing your kitty friend.

Mary, how fun to view the clip of David and his guitar. Your tale of your visit to the farmers market reminded me of a very yummy celeriac slaw that I have a recipe floating around here for. I ought to try to find it. I love the winter veggies and have plans to eat heartily of them as soon as my chewing function has improved.

Three of my employees regularly bring their I-pods to work and pop in the ear buds while they are immersed in computer work. I have music on almost constantly at home , but I dont like to listen at work I think I like to conserve it as a pleasure of being off . In any case, they are all able to listen their music of choice and a couiple of them have speaker set-ups on theirs desks and will share music with the rest of the office if everyone seems to be in the mood. I would be seriously agitated if I had to listen to bad music at work.

Okay, I have not posted nearly all the comments I wanted too, but Im in fade mode, so Ill give it another go tomorrow

Wave to Chelone, Denise , Deanne, Norma,Martie, Marian, bug (she of the truly sweet baby photos) Michelle , and hi to Cindy and Cynthia ,a hearty hello to those I'm missin' with a quizzical glance towards Eden

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning all. It's very gray and damp this morning but not actually raining. I'm hoping it holds off enough to let me get a few outside jobs done.

My mini getaway was fun. The concert on Friday night (the ensemble for which DD is paid to be equipment manager) was quite good. Some very challenging music performed very well. Saturday we had breakfast at a great little bakery then visited some of the nice little shops in the downtown area. I stumbled upon a port wine made by a guy I used to sell perennials to! Looking forward to trying that. Then I had a couple of hours in the college's lovely library, where I caught up on a little paperwork and a little reading, of course. Jazz concert that night and then off to home.

The drive home was a little weird, in that I saw two large fires adjacent to the road, both being stoked by strong southerly winds. The first was a harvested corn field, but I think this was the largest field fire I've ever seen. The second looked to be a barn, but whatever it was, it was totally engulfed in flame and the fire department had not arrived. Sights like these do not give you an easy mind as you are driving home! But all was fine at home and the dogs were happy to see me again.

Must go get showered and dressed for church. Hello to all!


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Good morning!

Sipping on coffee in flannel jammies on a cold, rainy, autumn is a good thing. Soon it will be time to get ready for church, but for a few more minutes---blissful laziness.

Huge hole in my life with the furry white one gone. We babysat all 4 grands yesterday and dreaded the question that might come from James, but he did not notice so we dodged that uncomfortable moment for a bit longer. Thankfully Grampa was here to help babysit as it would have been challenging to care for all of them by myself (more challenging than I would have wanted to take on).

The twins are 15 months old now....getting to be all grown up. ;o) (Norma, they are fraternal).

We have been having rain the past two days along with a couple of gusty times. The goats & Boo seem to be appreciating their new shelter by using it often. We finally received our hay delivery about 10 days ago...I had been getting a bit worried about whether or not it was going to happen. The delivery date was held up so many times over a couple of months by weather, farm chores, mechanical problems (the flatbed truck hydralics were being worked on)....the reasons/excuses just kept coming, but finally the hay came, too. :o) I was down to 1.5 bales....was going to have to go find it elsewhere soon. The quality of this hay (timothy grass) is great, so I'm quickly forgetting the stress involved. LOL

I enjoyed listening and watching David's YouTube video, Mary thank you for sharing it with us.

I cannot remember when Katie's surgery is planned....but it has been popping into my mind often as I was watching one of our pets going through uncomfortable stages in his health. Cynthia.....thinking of you and Katie a lot and hoping for a wonderful outcome.

So many beautiful photos shared over the past months and I've been so tunnel visioned with just reading and popping in to say a short 'hello' on occasion. I loved seeing Babs pop in and Drema, too (congratulations Grandma!!!!!). It is good to see V and Norma posting more often and I look forward to Sue's life getting so that she can visit here more often. I know life is busy and complicated for many...and I wish the best outcomes for all. Please forgive me for not mentioning so many others here who have had tough, difficult mental retention isn't anything that I ever brag about (for good reason).

Well.....guess my lazy time is over and I'd better get myself moving out of this chair.

Hello to all!

My best,

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Morning all!

My 80's model clothes drier was declared unfit for use without major $$$ invested into new parts, so I got to shop for a slick new model with a washer to match yesterday. I went for the energy saving "deal" and got front loaders for the price comparable to the price of the same style I had. It's gonna be fun to do laundry for about a week :)

I'm off to a party this morning - Lia Sophia jewelry. Not really excited about jewelry, but happy to see all friends together.

Seems to be a mexican theme here....I had a Carne Asado burrito that rivaled the one's I used to get in San Diego....the guac was almost as good as Martie's....the only thing missing was the table side prep. I'll bet Kathy's was twice as good as mine because she got to chew it :)


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Good Morning all!

gb- good to see you back! Reed is growing fast - and is very cute... The new trim color on the house is perfect. It made me think of the golden Cotswold stone....

t. - condolences on the loss of your kitty - always a difficult time... The twins will be all grown up in no time!

V - fires like those are always scary. Where I grew up, teenagers were always setting fires after harvest and disaster followed a bit too often!

I am in the middle of a fascinating book - The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doige M.D. It's about brain plasticity and the information is presented around patient stories. The first 10 pages were about a woman with severe balance loss - so it got my attention right away! There is a lot of info on strokes and effective rehabilitation treatments. I recognize some of the treatments used on me... And it's motivated me to start doing more exercises to strengthen my left hand motor control. There was also an intriguing theory about causes and treatment of autism that is being tested. It's an interesting read and I really recommend it for anyone with friends or relatives suffering from stroke or and condition causing neurological damage.

Jasper and Blue are due shortly for an overnight stay. Misty always likes a visit from her 'big guys' - and so do we... Poor Jasper ( 10 year old black lab.) is not long for this world I fear. He's had a large (5 lb+!) tumor removed from his side - twice in the last 18 months! And it's back again.... It looks like he has some sort of alien monster growing from his side. He's still bouncing along surprisingly well though. He is starting to have problems with stairs so will be riding the porch lifts to get to ground level this visit.

Randy planted his garlic yesterday and put the garden hoses away so winter is getting closer...

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34F outside this morning! But a cozy 51F in the kitchen, and since the heat is on (set to 50) it was probably 90F in the living room. Walk through my house to learn what menopause is (was) like.

Good morning (almost afternoon) Idylls! I listened to David's concert and hope for more. Must be proof that gifts are inherited as well as nutured.

And let's start every thread with a picture of an idyll grandchild or grandtwins. Love the outfits and the little ones T, and the leaves sure are coming down quickly in your area. They don't seem to be even turning colors here, though there are some wimpy yellows about.

Saucy, lol on enjoying laundry for about a week :)

It's nice to read what other's days are like. Denise, the GS could accompany you to work and you could be his seeing eye companion. It would confuse your clients.

That's the movie theater at Animal Kingdom.

And below is a close-up.

Very realistic and we watched 'It's tough to be a Bug' inside. A 3-D event with smells and water spraying lightly out of the seats in front of us when the insects were doing their thing.

It's supposed to be a Baobab tree, and there were real Baobab's in the African area of the park. I've seen the seeds in T&M catalogue for years, and the real leafless trees are just as ugly as the pictures. The fake tree is stunning though with all the carved critters and silk(?) leaves.

Katie & Monty stayed at the vet for three days and Dannie spent the time with a greyhound friend. All survived, though Monty greeted me with bloody footprints (a tiny cut on his foot)and Katie's sweater was on wrong side out. At least they put it on, she gets cold easily now. And Monty can cut a foot getting off of the couch, so he likely had a normal time there.

It was a good trip and we stayed at the Beach Club at Disney which doesn't look like a hotel, so it was very soothing atmosphere. This was an awards meeting (500 in a company of 160,000) so it was exquisitely well done and employees from 16(?)countries were there. It was good to spend time with my sister, and I wouldn't have bothered to go if she hadn't been able to come. The best reward is the life I have :) And I love being home!

Katie's surgery is scheduled for 11/26, the week after Thanksgiving which I try to take off anyway. Since her neuro vet is an hour away and visiting hours are 10 to 4, I'll be able to get out there every day to see her. I don't know if she'll be alert enough to care, but I'll need to see her. It's risky,
but not unreasonably so, and have to try. Then she'll move on much better after 8 weeks recovery or I'll know that everything possible has been done to help her and go from there. Quality of life.

I still have cannas and ginger on the patio that haven't been frosted yet, and brugs that usually crumble at first hint of frost. (Already took those cuttings.) But might have a fire today to warm things up inside!

Hi to all!


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Cynthia, you are a good dog mama, not that you needed me to tell you that. I will think of your girl often over this month.

I loved that tree....we visited last Christmas. Didn't care for the bug show myself (had more fun in the Muppets 3-D somewhere else on the campus), but the kids loved it.

Woody, I don't think I ever commented online (but I did out loud in my house!) at your ambitious rock work, but I'd like to say I'm in awe. I never even got started on my rock work....your book sounds very thought provoking and I'm always looking for a way to improve my brain :) I'm currently taking fish oil caps twice daily for mine :)

I'm a bit melancholy. I've been cleaning up around the house....been determined to get organized. I found something that I've been looking for since Mary mailed my flip flops back from IU! My grandma mailed me her "orange cosmos" seeds to plant, and I thought Mary would like them since I know she likes orange. Anyway, I have quite a few, so I'd like to offer them to anyone who'd like to try.

I'd guess they're in the marigold family from the seed. I will attach a link to a picture that looks like what I grew. The plant was about 4-5 ft tall with marigold looking foliage and an orange cosmo-like flower. As my grandmother called everything common names, I don't know what it really is.

If anybody's interested, email me your address. When I know how many orders I have I'll divide them up and send them out into the world :)

She always wrote me and this is one of the last letters she wrote me before she wasn't able to anymore.

Okay, I'm gonna whip this house back into shape and watch some t.v. with the family :)


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Martie, I can't believe anyone likes to sand drywall compound. You must know a less messy way to do it than I.

Kathy I hope you enjoyed the burrito. How much weight have you lost since the surgery?

V, sounds like you outing was fun. I'm wondering which college your DD goes to . I know you describe it as downstate. Is it near St. Louis?
Fires are pretty scary especially since its been so dry. We actually heard thunder and saw a few clouds today but not a drop of rain.

T, I'm glad your hay showed up. Timothy and Redtop is what we planted in our pastures.
Good your DH was there to help out with the boys. It would be pretty hard to keep up with all four.

Saucy , LOL about enjoying doing laundry for a week. Our fridge which is over 20 years old is about to go. I expect to be shopping tomorrow. Every time the fan comes on it starts screeching when it goes off, and we have to go bang on it which is getting pretty tiresome. Especially in the middle of the night.
We have had it apart and can't get it to stop. At its age I think it is probably best to just replace it. Probably with a more energy efficient model.

Woody, the book does sound intriqueing. Hope you can glean some useful information from it.
Poor Jasper. I feel for him.
And not to make light of his situation but Rebel is not feeling so good this evening either, do to his glutony. DS shot a buck this morning and even though he buried what he had to remove, Rebel found it and gorged himself. Sorry I know you all wanted to hear that didn't you?

Cynthia, I'm sure you deserved the award. Wow 500 out of 160,000. And 16 countries. I bet that was interesting. I'm so glad you could spend time with your sis. I know exactly how you feel about being at home with the furkins though. I always wanted a place like this and feel so blessed to be able to live here and have my four legged friends.
I would like to see Animal Kingdom and Seaworld sometime. Maybe next time we head down to visit DD.
Wishing Katie the very best.

It was warmer here today and the wind blew and brought down a bunch more leaves. I already have several huge piles of shredded leaves and I'm tired of this job already. They do shred better when they are dry, but I really would like some rain. It gets so dusty when using the blower and its just to many to rake.

I hope all had an enjoyable day. Norma

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Only so many chores I could bring myself to do today-my only day off this week. I took a walk on our river trail, and did minor puttering in the garden-pulled up mildewed Cosmos and Zinnias that have not been frostbitten yet but are starting to go to seed. My most exciting event of the day was having shredded wheat for breakfast ! I had to let it get a little soggy but it tasted great to me !
Last night I watched the 1968 (or thereabouts) film version of Camelot a mess. No way can Vanessa Redgrave sing , Franco Nero can sing but cant act, and Richard Harris was a very respectable King Arthur but whose idea was it to put that much eye-makeup on him?? Ive seen drag queens with less. Jeesh. Tonight will be a reading night.
Cynthia nice to see you ! So Im having a hard time envisioning this movie theater the first photo actually an indoor shot ?? Nov 26th is my DSs 23rd b-day, but since DD is coming down from Oregon for Thanksgiving we will probably have our celebration then. Ill make a mental note to send out a telepathic get well to Katie.

Saucyleftover burritos tonight ! I did so well with last nights I might add some rice. In my San Diegan days we used to like eating at Senor Picos in Old Town. This was numerous years ago mind you, who knows if its even still there. Anyway, what I really want is a great big Caesar salad with lots of croutons...that is a Cosmos by the way,C. sulphureus.It re-seeds quite nicely here in NorCal.

Marian, Nolon must have had quite a bundle from recycling to get two pairs of shoes and overalls !

Woody, that tumor thing does not sound to promising for poor Jasper, its great that he is still feeling okay in spite of it. Im reminded that Jasper is the name of one of the spaniels in "Rebecca" ..funny how these things just pop into ones mind.

Norma, maybe I've lost a couple of pounds ? Hard to say. Even though I didn't eat much for a week I was also very inactive-especially the first few days, so I was not burning many calories. Today was the first time I actually took a decent walk, but it was only about a mile and a half.

Here are some pics from today---

This is taken from the river trail in my neighborhood. the yellow across the river and through the vegetation are vineyards

I drove over to Trefethen and took this looking across one of thier vineyards towards the western hills..

These were also at Trefethan...

g'nite all..
Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Norma, I had to smile at your question about DD's college. I was born and raised in Chicago and to us, "downstate" is anything outside the Chicago metropolitan area. St. Louis is just about the deep South. ;) Anyway, she goes to IL Wesleyan in Bloomington.

If your fridge is 20 years old, you'll be amazed how much your electric bill will drop with a new fridge.


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A hasty good morning. The bittersweet is in full view out my back window -- no more leaves in the woods -- and I wish I could get that color in everyone's heads this morning. It's absolutely soothing.

Reading back realized I neglected to mention the TWINS who just look so content being themselves. Also glad that with all four there were four hands. How else???

Katie's surgery sounds similar to what I had Cynthia, and if people and dogs can be compared at all anatomically, Katie will feel Much Better after the procedure. She'll know you're there .... Congrats on the award!!

Thoughts to everyone with pet dealings on the awful side, with the hope that any sorrow or worry converts to happy, soon.

New Appliances and Mechanical Systems: I fought Rich for about a month about installing an all-new gas system in the house. The initial investment seemed ridiculous to me. We couldn't do radiant heat for several reasons, so gas was the way to go. I bucked him all the way. Until we got our gas bill and notice that we can take an enormous credit on our federal taxes for being energy efficient. And it feels better. And the water gets hotter. And why did I ever question him???? It was, after all, my idea. LOLOLOL

Kyle is convinced that Scotland could be "home" and has decided to apply not only to university in Tokyo for his Masters, but also to the University of Edinburgh. It makes sense as his DNA corresponds somewhat with the feeling, but I think it's the openess of the people and the topography that has him hooked.

He did sign up for his U.S. courses this Spring, which means he is definitely coming home for the Spring 08 and Fall 08 semesters. At that point he should have his Bachelor's with a double major in History and Economics. The extra sememster brings Econ from minor to Major2. Who'dathuhk this cute little jocky/computer geeky kid would become so cosmopolitan?? Can you hear the pride? I don't try to cover it anymore :-)

What was supposed to be quick is getting long and tons of work email beckons.

Hi to everyone not specifically mentioned -- good to see so many "back." Ditto Kathy: Eden?

Sheet rock sanding and texture spraying ceilings are my fav ways to help Rich. Once in a while it's FUN to get that messy AND get paid for it :-) At least the first few times.

Best to all -


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Brrr... the past couple of nights have removed all doubt that old man winter is planning his return. There is ice on the little pond, and the Impatiens have at last been zapped into oblivion.

That Baobab is pretty cool, Cynthia. I have never been to Disneyworld, but have managed Busch Gardens (ehh) and some Aquarium in the Miami area (it was a long time ago, but I was enchanted by the Manatees). How nice that you enjoyed time with your sister. Your comment about the temperature difference in your home elicited an audible guffaw, too. It requires rather a lot of planning to "get away" when you have multiple animals, doesn't it? and it is great to come home, too!

I'm envious of the front loading washing machine, Saucy. Very envious, but something in my yankee DNA precludes replacing something that still functions perfectly well... . I'll live vicariously through you. :) How nice that you have letters from your grandmother. I wish Mum hadn't purged all the correspondence she found in my father's bureau following his death. I still have several cards and notes from them both, though.

I see Eden popped her head in on the Besotted Nana thread... nice to see you and I'm wondering how things are in your little corner of the world?

What's the going price for a bale of hay now, T.? Do you get the rectangular bales or do you get your's in those large rounds? I'm seeing more and more of those in this area. I am guessing the advantage is that you can store them outdoors?

Norma, I howled at Rebel's gluttony. Some years ago a couple of local guys shot a deer pretty close to our home (too close, actually) and the shot got the dogs' attention and the wind guided them to the site with the helpmeet in hot pursuit. He arrived to see the dogs madly dashing around the freshly gutted kill with bits of innerds in their mouths and blood on their fur. The hunters were trying to shoo them away and the helpmeet cracked right up. He said it was very "primal". The guys buried the guts, but for at least two weeks the dogs attempted to return to the site. Do you think Rebel will sneak back there for a quick roll on whatever he wasn't able to polish off? ;)

Amazing photos of the vineyards, Kathy. Lovely countryside. I'm sure you will miss it and this must be a bittersweet time for you, but exciting, too. It must be a relief to be able to chew again... food is such a wonderful thing. No part of me is able to comprehend Anorexia or Bulimia. I watched "Mystic River" yesterday and liked it very much. Sean Penn turned in an amazing performance.

I LOATHE sanding drywall. I have primed, sanded, painted every inch of every wall in this house and all the woodwork, too. It was a measure of economy and a labor of love that required the better part of a year's time after work, on the weekends, and "vacations". But I do know what you mean when you say that once done, it's DONE. I SO understand that! that's one of the things I particularly like about my trade... when I've finished something, it's DONE. No project drags on without end.

The trench for the electric wires that will operate the lights in/on the garage is going to be dug today. And then we'll mark out where the lights will go on the seccond floor, so the insulation guys will know where to cut the bats to maintain the appropriate space for fire safety. The furnace and the duct work arrived on Saturday while I was out. We have to cut holes in the floor to receive the grates and get the "branches" of duct work in place before insulation and sheetrocking. The main duct will be added after that and the "branches" then tied into it. They don't call it sweat equity for nothin'.

Interesting tid-bit on the morning news today. Apparently, the governor has set up a task force to address the inevitable crisis of people who will run out of oil and be unable to keep their houses heated this winter. They are setting up shelters and asking people to be prepared to shelter those less fortunate! Very sobering.

OK, gotta get the cat box mined before the trash goes kerbside and attend to the dishes, etc., and harvest the laundry from my walk-in dryer (read: boiler room).


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Good morning

A school holiday for us here in observance of Veteran's day - yay! My sister's schools take the day off after Halloween instead and are in session today - infintitely more practical though less patriotic.

We had a surprising phone call from our neighbors yesterday. One day in the summer we had had them over for a summer BBQ - we are very close friends, adults and kids. During the evening their 15 year old daughter slipped going down the few steps off of our patio. We thought she had sprained an ankle, and under the advice of her pediatrician mom iced it up. The next day she went for an Xray found out it there was a minor break in the foot which required a couple of weeks on crutches but no cast. Then just this week our neighbors got a letter out of the blue stating that their insurance company would not cover the bill since the accident happened on our property, and are coming after us to pay her medical expenses. So we are being sued - ACK!

Our friends feel rotten about it. We have house insurance of course which will cover us, but it leaves a very sour taste in the mouth (and probably and increase in our premium). We love to have people over, and while we supervise the pool very closely we've always felt kids should have the chance to play outside, climbing trees, sledding down our hill and rollerblading on the driveway - the sort of normal, fun activities kids should be able to enjoy. I wonder if I'm going to feel the same next time kids are over playing, visulizing another lawsuit;0( and sit them down in front of a screen instead ARG!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I want Chelone to know that the electrician who was supposed to be at our house yesterday morning never showed and never called. Must be a condition of the trade, eh?

Mary, what a bummer! And what an insulting way for the corporations to go about it.

I'm in an admittedly crabby mood this morning. I seem to have found a cough somewhere this weekend. I'm really hoping it doesn't turn into a full-fledged cold but I feel rather doomed at the moment. And work is not cheering me up. I'd rather be home with a cuppa, a blankie and a good book. But the reality of home today is that there should be a contractor working so I guess I'll stay.

I think I'll go off in search of a good attitude. :o


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Yes, there's too many gadgets in the hands of too many clueless people these days, but in the right circumstances, an Ipod/Shuffle/whatever can quickly become essential. For me, it's commuting. I was remarking to my family that when the train is inevitably boarded at some point by the nutter du jour, somebody raving or just plain too loud, the ear buds instantly neutralize the annoyance. They can get as crazy as they want, as my DH so succinctly put it.

Chelone, here's how I understand the Mac products: The Ipods have hard drives, moving parts, that get fried by heat (left in my purse in the car or glovebox) and in general are more finicky though have a huge storage capacity. The Shuffle, my current fave, has a small capacity, 500 or so songs (fine for me), and has no hard drive, NO moving parts. It's about 3 inches in length, an inch across, 1/4 inch thick. They are nearly indestructible. About $100, possibly cheaper. Treat yourself to some Bose earplugs and you're good to go. I agree with Martie's analysis of the rudeness factor not being an issue since it sounds like you work semi-independently. I rarely play music at home, so when I plug in, it's thrilling (I know, getting old, cheap thrills.)

Cynthia, I detect your sly, borderline perverse sense of humor in the comment that I be Spice's seeing-eye companion, lol. Would that it was a paid position! Baobab trees are forever intertwined with The Little Prince for me now, something requiring ruthless eradication or it might split your planet in half...I hope your sister is feeling well.

Woody, the brain is truly an amazing thing and your book sounds fascinating. When I started court reporting school in my late 30s, the teacher felt it necessary to disclose that middle-aged students might have a tougher go of it.
Au contraire, teacher. The first couple weeks, I could almost hear my brain humming, lol, AND I taught myself to juggle in one night while cooking dinner, which surprised the heck out of me. Truly, the more you do, the more you can do. The younger students may have had the talent but lacked discipline to practice, etc. And, I hate to say it, but the vocabulary of high school graduates these days...well, nevermind. Let's be nice.

Veteran's Day is doing nothing for me work-wise but tip of the hat to the vets. Korean War for my dad, stationed in Newfoundland where my oldest brother was born, conferring on him dual citizenship with Canada, a source of much jealousy from me ;>

Enjoying everyone's posts, weather reports, heating accommodations, Napa County wine country color. Kathy, it's black beans for me too instead of pintos if possible. I've told the boys it's going to take a Manhattan Project effort to get this house ready for Thanksgiving. Will check in later.

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The trench is gauged out and I've cleaned the upstairs of the garage as much as I can. The helpmeet has conveniently disappeared so the stacking of the garage doors will have to wait until his return... whenever. (Rex's presence downstairs indicates he could be gone for some time to come).

Bummer about the electrician, V., though I did have to laugh about it being a "condition of the trade". My foray to the second floor of the garage indicated that Mr. Juice managed to forget the smoke detectors AND the CLEARLY marked sites for the cable to come through the wall about 2' down from the ceiling... . c'mon buddy! pay attention. If I was really interested in wiping cans I'd wear a roll of toilet paper around my neck.

I think the duct work installation could be sort of fun... (as me more about it when it's finished), an Erector Set for semi-adults. I asked for a basic overview of the project and stopped the guy to get specifics when I was confused. He said he would drop the complete diagram by later today. I'm going to feel better about things once we have a date for the insulation and sheetrock.

I still call it Armistice Day, and it's celebrated on the 11th. hour of the 11th. day of the 11th. month. Convenience be damned, sometimes it isn't easy or convenient to be patriotic. Sometimes it isn't popular, either. There were several fascinating gentlemen in the village who were WWI vets. and they used to tell some really interesting stories... like using peach pits for filters on gas masks. I loved listening to them, and was so young it never occured to me that I was soaking up history and first hand accounts that would one day be gone... . Will this be the winter I finally get around to making buntings for the front of the house? ;)

I've never heard of a Shuffle! but not being much of a consumer, that shouldn't be surprising. Where does one purchase one? Is it possible to download a "pod cast" into one? Does it cost money to download a podcast? You see what I mean about not being much of a consumer? And this reminds me that I have to run the wires for speakers before the insulation donkeys arrive... I understand stereo components. I had to laugh at Martie's comparison of chocolate and additional sails. Now I "get it". :)

Interesting thoughts on using the brain. I have never been big on puzzles, Mum adored crosswords (until she was no longer able to do them) as does the helpmeet. But I do like to read. And I like to undertake things that involve making things. Always have... do you think that envisioning something and then working out the steps to achieve it is a form of "puzzle solving"? I'm not sure, personally. I know it drives my boss NUTS when I sit for 15-20 minutes doing some calculations and a basic sketch of a layout and then organize all the cuts to maximize yield from the yardage. I do the same thing with foam. My brain seems to work very differently from her's; I like having a plan, thinking it through, and then doing the work. I don't GENERALLY like to figure it out as I go along (I contentedly hunt for the missing 2 cents in an out of balance checkbook!). Funny how we all use our brains differently, huh? And I agree with Denise about a willingness "suffer the learning curve" being more common in older people. I have become more willing to practice something I want to master than I used to be. And I judge progress and mastery differently than I used to.

I am sorry to hear of Mary's tale of woe with regard to the injury of your friend's kid. Just because their company decides to sue doesn't mean your company will willingly pay them. Another case of the finest healthcare system in the world... let's pass the buck and see if we can't get someone else to shoulder the bill... . Sometimes -hit just happens, isn't that why we dump so many onions into the blackhole of insurance coverage? (sorry Wendy and Les.).

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I surely wish I had taken better care of my body up to this point in my'd make things alot easier :) Since the kids are home I went to the gym at a later hour - what a difference in the crowd. Just me and the Silver Sneakers crowd. I hope I'm still going to the gym when I'm a "silver sneaker" :)

Wendy, I don't know what I'd do if Jake or Sarah were commenting to me during my work out. I hope he'll tire of being your trainer soon :)

Napa sure is pretty right now! Thanks for the show. I'd like to see it in person some time. Is that place in Old Town the one where the woman sits in the window and makes the tortillas by hand? If so, it was an Old Town fav for us, too, though I mostly ate Mexican at a couple of favorite dives.

I have not met a bean that I don't love :) Even Limas!

Chelone, don't make me change my mind! DH had a hard time convincing me that because the washer/drier are in the kitchen (and in full view) that they should match and be "seen, but not heard" even though my washer is perfectly fine!!! He promised to either find a way to recycle or resell them both :)

Dogs gross me out when they roll in eau de dead stuff....ten times worse than skunk (only because you know what it is!), and greasy to boot. Yuck.

Norma, hope you find a really great fridge. I like the pull out freezers on the new models, though I don't use my freezer for anything more than ice cubes and ice packs (oh yeah, and the kids put some kind of ice cream stuff in there....).

I guess I'm out of things to say....time to take Jake shopping for a coat. He's grown out of last years :)

Hope everyone has a great day.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

T- Im so sorry to hear about your kitty; but sounds like a long life much enjoyed. Your Miracle-gro guys are looking great; Im sure whenever youre sad, they just warm you right up!!

Im glad to hear theres a coleus migration to Massachusetts; do em proud, Wendy.

I live to sleep late... its a goal of mine each weekend but then Im lucky & have no smaller ones except Chloe to insist otherwise I usally end up bowing to her pleas, but would be delighted to spend an entire day in bed some day. . . . the weekend flew by too many meetings & errands and back to the ofc on V-day to slave some more...

Im so glad you had a chance to get away -- even for an award, neat -- and see your sister in the bargain, Cynthia what a fun time. You deserve it nad more days, but I know its tough w/ so many furry children.

Kathy those shots just remind me of some Monet landscapes what gorgeous colors you will really miss that wont you?

Count me in on the folks who do NOT enjoy below 65 in their home I wear a couple sweaters & feel frozen below that.

Mary good grief what is the world coming to, a small slip at your hosue & the insurance company is after you for the bills geez o flip, what an outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V- you must have had too much fun on that weekend jaunt and now you pay. . . . If you find an extra tude pass it my way ,please.

Chelone I would have pegged you for a puzzle solver for sure natural talent and skill from what you do. I admit to being hooked on Sudoku, as I think others here are; I used to love to do crosswords but you have to keep doing them, & increase the ease; not something you can pick up and drop whenever unlike Sodoku.

Well, back to slaving here; the usual Monday chaos and panic going on. . . . another rainy day; but cant fault that I just hope I dont have the equivalent of the Great Mud Slide in my backyard where once there was grass. . . .

Hoping the folks feeling under the weather, take it easy & enjoy some rest & get better!!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Arrgggh! The electrician had called Saturday at 4:38 (don't you love the precision of voice mail?) and despite being out of town, I picked up the message and called him back on the designated number at 7:00 pm. The third-hand message sent back to my DH makes it sound like I didn't return his call on time.

Shocking behavior!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Friend Lynn was here for 2 days and we shared grandma tales. Some of you have met her, so here she is with baby Wyn:

This is the Baby Surprise jacket I made for him.

Today we went to Home Sense where I bought cushions to liven up the family room. I was SOOOOO tired of the old ones. She bought loads of Christmas stuff. Yesterday I bought a new garment to wear for Christmas. I can't describe it well, but a knit top, not exactly a sweater, but really funky and I love it. Way more than I intended to spend. BUT the big excitement was the wonderful BouvierI saw that brought tears to my eyes. I had a long chat with the owners and now have new contacts for a puppy. I've already emailed them, but so far no response. Gee, it's been an hour already!

My son is planning a trip here for US Thanksgiving...with a new lady friend. Seems a serious one at that. Cynthia, she is bringing Sunny along, her rescue greyhound, weighing in at 70lbs. We shall see. All I can say at the moment is that I'm glad she is not that famous Laura of ugly knit scarf fame that many of you heard about in years gone by.

I have been keeping up with postings, but hope there isn't an exam in the near future! It is mysty and mildish, the house is a mess, the gardens worse, but all is well.

Carry on friends!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

V, I must have missed something...Your Sun 11th, 9:23 AM post said "all was fine at home", so I am wondering why an electrician was supposed to be there Sunday morning???? Why on a Sunday morning? I am presuming there was some sort of emergency?

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Ack , Mary. Things like that reallly have a way of getting to a person. And its awkward among friends.

Denise, I now feel informed about Ipods and Shuffles. Not in the market right now, but I can see where one would be nice.

Chelone is the pole gone yet?
P.S. (Rebel didn't get himself messy but he was extremly flatulous today. Glad I wasn't around him much)

Martie. I think you will like gas heat much better.

Kathy, I especially like the last photo of the colorful leaves.

Bug, It's neat that you and Lynn both have new grandsons. Is Wyn the full name? I have not seen that one before. Love the surprise Jacket.
Anyword on puppies yet? LOL

Saucy, I did find a new fridge today. Although my full intent was just to get a basic no frills model, I found a reasonably priced one with the ice dispencer in the door.( I love crushed ice.) I also was looking for white but wound up with a black one. All my other kitchen appliances are black. I think I really like the looks of the black one. It is textured and shouldn't show fingerprints. Anyway, DH just doesn't understand why I am never thrilled about replacing appliances. I could think of much better ways to spend that money.

We actually had between a quarter and a half inch of rain today. I had almost forgotten what rain was.
I had told DH yesterday that I was sorry I had put the hoses away as I was going to have to water again.
I hope to spend some time outdoors tomorrow because we have another cold front coming in after that.

I'm going to go practice guitar for awhile.
Nite all. Norma

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The punchline to the electrician story: He showed up this afternoon to do his assigned tasks. I got home from a meeting at 7:30, ready to fix a quick dinner.

The stove has no power.

And the door to the circuit breakers is jammed shut.

I wonder if the electrician will spring for the pizza I just ordered?

(Marian, no emergency, this is just some wiring changes to accomodate the new geothermal unit. The electrician is moonlighting from his regular job, thus the Sunday morning schedule.)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Forgot to ask Marie if she heard anything on the puppy yet.

Also a word to Chelone about podcasts. Lots and lots of podcasts are freebies, and the fun thing is that there are some NPR shows that your local affiliate may not carry but you can get a podcast for it. I got DH an iPod for Christmas and he really enjoys listening to various podcasts when traveling.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just got a reply that puppies are expected at the end of spring if all moves along as hoped. So we will keep in touch. The fellow included his phone number, so we'll be in touch. :)

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Wow, a pretty busy day here on the Idylls for a Monday ..Some of you must actually have a holiday ..Only the majors are observed at my place of employment, but we are in the retail business where holidays have continued to become more and more non-existent. Mary mentioned the convenience of having the day after Halloween off for childrenI was a Catholic kid and the day after was always off, being All Saints Day and a holy day of obligation. Dont know if that is still the case. We got the day off from school but still had to drag our keisters to Mass.

Denise, I cant agree more with you on the vocabulary skills of many youthful folk. I purposely used my normal vocabulary to my kids when they were little,(and I mean really little) hoping it would help to develop that. My son has an excellent vocabulary and is able to extrapolate word meanings from the context, but DD not as much so. As a Catholic kid, I had 3 years of Latin in High School, which I hated at the time ,but has served me well with our language.
But I must ask Denise, why is it that you rarely play music at home ? I often wonder if my music at home is annoying to anyone who visits (its not usually loud) because it is literally on all the timealmost . I do NPR in the morning .

Chelone, sounds like there is flurry of activity still ongoing with the garage project. So , what exactly will the upstairs area of the garage be used for ? Is this a storage area ? Since you mention heat and ductwork I must assume that there will be workspace of some kind there ? Of course from my perspective heating a garage is not an issue in this climate- Its cold out there in the winter but not frigid by any means.
Yes indeed, as I am out and about this fall I cant help but feel a bit of remorse. It is really a beautiful little valley here. I have however started pondering a strategy to spend at least 2 weeks here every year going forward. Maybe even a month. I am investigating vacation rentals and the cost there-of. I know I will work something out , and make it happen within my budget. On the up side, the Willamette Valley of Oregon is also very beautiful, as is most of the state...and the Delphiniums !!!

Mary, what crapola your lawsuit deal is. It seems kind of weird that the basic health insurance of your neighbors does not cover this, and defaults over to the homeowner policy. Would that be that case if one of your own kids got injured ?

Saucy, there was no home made tortilla flipping that I can recall at Senor Picos, but great magaritas (I do have my priorities) , and other than Senors we always ate at dives. And that is one thing I am really going to miss the Mexican food in Oregon is not quite the level of what we have here. Good thing I can cook it !

Cindy, One of my employees grew up in Minnesota (though he has lived here for probably 25 years) and he is always freezing during the winter . Im thinking that people in truly cold climates are housebound all winter and thus are subject to only periodic cold temps (house to car, car to office etc ) and most importantly they have appropriate clothing.
Norma, Ive started to see lots of black fridges around . I love crushed ice too, but my fave are the little square cubes you get in a bar. Not sure what that says about me !

bug that baby jacket is beautiful ! Maybe we need a pic of the funky Christmas outfit ??? I hope your new puppy contact pans out for you.

Okay, time to be off

This pic is my entry into the GinkGo Chronicles. This is a street a couple blocks away from me that has them as their street tree. I always think its interesting when two trees right next to each other vary so much in fall foliage timing. I took this on Sunday. As you can see, the tree in the foreground is still green, the far background still green, and the in between is golden.

Au Revoir !
Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Who brought up vocabulary? DD showed me this web page last weekend. It can get addicting!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I got my thousand grains in before midnight.....

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Before the end of the day we should be able to feed a small village :-) Very cool site.

I am so sorry for you, Mary. The insurance companies defer to any other they think might pay if they push hard enough. Same for auto insurance -- my own health insurance wouldn't pay for a wrist xray after a small jam and neither would my car insurance until they found out if the jammer's insurance would. It's gotta cost them more to do the runaround and it makes no sense. It'll be more of a hassle than anything else, but my best advice at this point???? Call your insurance company ASAP, get a claim going, and let their people deal with your neighbor's insurance people. Give it to them to handle -- it's why you pay probably huge premiums. Yuck!!!!!!!

On a happier note, when can we see Annie and her violin?

That sweater is a gem, Marie!

Electricians: First thing to ask when subbing out anything on your own: "Are you doing any work for any contractor right now?" Someone who gives them consistent business will override anyone/thing else no matter how much $$ is being spent. Worse when it's a "side job" that doesn't warrant a permit. No defense of electricians here, but I know when I call Rich's sub, he's here because he knows he'll be out of lots of work if he isn't. Supply and demand.

also 'bug: Glad your DS will be landing for a few days and my hope is that you like the woman because you will surely like her dog :-)

Rain here this morning!!!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!

Love food dives but in their certain locales. Don't think I'd go for Maine lobster at a dive in Chicago, for example. No Mexican food dives around here, but there is a very fond yet hazy memory of one New Year's Eve in San Antonio ......... LOL



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Boy oh boy V! I earned my breakfast today...1100 grains. I must say, I've been a lucky guesser for the most part.

Sun's out, so later friends!

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I was up to 700 grains before I realized the black hole of time I had wandered into and was about to miss a deadline last night. Whoah, there. Back away.

Kathy, this is why there's no music at home: I'm working most of the time. Can't listen to work and edit text at the same time, though lord knows my boys do a multitude of things simultaneously. Which is why, Chelone, I know what little I do about gadgets and stuff. Hang around a teenager for a couple days and you'll be fully up to speed, lol. I bet teenagers rate somewhere below dogs, right?

Just noted with approval that the spindly stalks of dierama have now offically become a clump. Maybe this summer there will be angel's fishing rods. I cycle so many plants in and mostly out of the garden over the years. This fall I've again planted alstroemeria since it's been a while that I've grown and become irritated by their sprawling ways, 'The Third Harmonic' and a supposed dwarf variety that's so vibrant red you can barely see the markings. The markings irritate me, dunno why that is. Probably because as the eyesight grows feeble I merely require large jolts of color and you can keep the fine detail.

I wonder if any of you cold weather gardeners have ever turned an unused south-facing room (got any?) into a kind of conservatory for winter, a personal Kew Gardens devoted soley to plants and their light and humidity requirements. I'm not sure if this would damage the structure itself or not but it would be fun to play with over the winter.

Another flat tire in the driveway yesterday but my DS's car this time. Are flat tires like measles? Time to do a careful inspection of the driveway, it seems.

Have been reading carefully but can't muster enough focus to comment. I miss reading Michelle's posts - she's such a pro at that. Beautiful sweater for the baby, GB, love the color choices and the big, big buttons. So happy that we're not dealing with ANY contractors at the moment and condolences to those who are.

Mary, that is SO unfortunate to have this incident come up between good neighbors. Sounds like you're handling it gracefully but what a nuisance. The answer can't be to park kids in front of electronic babysitters, no! Perhaps signed waivers at the doorstep?

Norma, I mean to get out my old guitar and practice too one of these days.

Okay, time to start throwing out ideas for recipes, especially side dishes, veggies. And I like the idea of starting with the squash or pumpkin soup. Is it truly tasty?

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Warm out today. Cats are exhausted following sunbeams all day.

Ode to sloth:

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Anyone who hates kids and dogs can't be all bad. I see more of friends' kids in the summertime, so I'll have to find one of those wicked cute guys with taped glasses and a pocket protector... .

I am steaming right now. My co-worker arrived at work this morning, moped around a bit before announcing she had a stiff neck. She sighed her way through an easy repair before announcing she had to go home to "ice my neck". She just had 4 DAYS OFF and I suspect the sight of the remaining 9'H x 12'W curtains was what aggravated her neck. Give me a break. This is pretty close to the 8th. year in row I've done the lion's share of the real grunt work that accompanies fall take downs. Eh, what the hell... I've already done 14 of them, whats another 5-6? Snort. She can be a lot of fun but she can also be lazy. Must be those latent Puritan genes that make laziness so repugnant to me.

My method of dealing with contractors is to spell out exactly what I want them to and tell the time frame I have in mind. I am willing to be flexible, but the bottom line is that if the time frame isn't going to work I'll find someone else. I am organized, punctual, and want to pay... I have no time for jackassing around. Excuses don't "cut it" with me. Every single person I've hired who's worked for us has been great. And the electrician sure as hell "snapped to" when I finally called him myself and spelled it right out for him. I accepted his apology (didn't tell him it was OK) and DROPPED IT. I am not pleased with the cable oversight (it is clearly marked on the stud) but neither did I go in and make sure it was done, so I'll shoulder some blame, too. As someone who works "in trade" I prefer customers who know what they want, it makes my work a lot easier in the long run!

Norma, my sympathy with regard to supercharged Rebel. lol. I'm with Saucy... I find dealing with the slimey "mantle of death" the absolute pits.

Exciting news on the refrigerator. I have one of those "textured" jobs in white... it doesn't show fingerprints but the grime from our perpetually dirty hands manages to penetrate the crevices thoroughly. It's a pain to clean. I won't make that mistake again...

The upstairs of the garage is going to be finished, heated SPACE. It has been planned as workspace for me, a backup plan in the event my boss decides to "fold tent" in the next couple of years. But it could also be appropriated by the helpmeet should he come up with a use for it. Not sure, exactly, but it certainly opens up new horizons that would eliminate commuting. In the meantime it will provide a nice place to indulge in some of my larger pursuits... floorcloths, draperies, etc., which are impossible in my present workroom.

No solarium here, Denise. With heating oil topping $3/gallon I am interested in consolidating living area and am grateful my late father built our heating system into a 5 zone system! I'm glad the garage is to be heated with forced hot air (you can shut it off entirely in freezing weather) and another woodstove. But wouldn't such a thing be lovely? Mine would be lush and tropical... ferns.

I have to check the mail, forgot about that!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Emptied rain barrels, removed oil leaks from garage floor, began putting hoses in the barn, weeded and cut back 2 beds.
Time to go collect the car with its new wiring to the spark plugs. Still waiting for the mower though.
Such an exciting day. ;-)

PS: Norma, yes, Wyn is the full name. It is Welsh. Lynn's uncle was Wyn. Baby is Wyn Max Watt M.

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Funny you should ask, Denise, because I had this discussion just last weekend after thinking about the possibility for three years.

On the southern side of our house is a deck that needs replacing. Greenhouse that could open into the living room by simply opening the side door seemed a good idea. A few steps down to brick, drained floor. 10' high roof to grow a lemon tree. Water already on that side of the house that could be converted to provide temp other than ice.

Solar heat would be only source 99% of the time, but a very small gas heater would be installed as a "just in case."

Grow plants, increase warmth "for free" on that side of the house, get rid of little used deck, all good, right?


Because what do you do in the summer, asked Rich? Cover it up? Don't use the door? Have it vented to the point that it's no longer a greenhouse? If we want to bake ourselves or not be able to look out at all then we can do it.


'Twas also explained to me that the inside moisture wouldn't be as much as a problem as what would happen to the foundation sill because moisture follows gravity. Certain kinds of drywall could be used to eliminate wall problems, but not sill problems.

Which is why only very expensive houses have solariums (three season rooms don't count), and why we all seem to rely on windowsills and trays and plant stands so much.

It's a great fantasy, though!!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

A quickie post with some autumn color...

One of my favorite autumn events is when the oak changes color. It's a bit late this year. It was a scrawny little thing when we bought the house 8 years ago. It is now higher than the house. Here's the view of the shed from the office in brilliant sunshine this morning:

And, for Denise, the view through the plant window in the living room:

(I had to severely 'lighten shadows' in edit mode to get anything in the living room to appear as the sunshine was so vivid that the interior was black... but it faded the color of the oak in the altered picture.)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The final installment of the electrician's saga. The mechanical crew returned today to finish connecting everything now that the correct wiring was available. Of course, to deal with electricity they had to open the circuit breaker panel to turn the power off.

They had to break the latch on the door to open it!

I'm sure the guy was surprised at my reaction when he apologized for damaging it - "No, don't worry - it makes me feel better because I couldn't open it for love or money (or dinner) last night!"

I adopted the slothful nature of Chelone's coworker and left early today. Okay, maybe it was the chest cold that made me leave early. Nothing that a little couch time and hot tea won't cure; it was just getting to be too uncomfortable on an otherwise quiet day. I'll climb into bed fairly soon and finish off my latest book - "Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen. So far, it's a good read that moves quickly. Reminds me very much of the best of Alice Hoffman's books.

I'll leave you with a poem I found with an apt title:

November Idyll: After the still life

Above the grain field stubble
a lift of cranes

like a great table cloth
- David Lee

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Love that vocabulary link V . I must admit to being stumped a few times, but I certainly never got up to bugs level ! Its a fun refresher , and a reminder of very serviceable words that one has not used in awhile. I might collect a couple of obscure ones to drop in a meeting sometimealways fun to see who admits they dont know what the hell you are talking about and who does not .

Denise, I waxed a bit melancholy on viewing your lazy kitty pic, that feline is twinlike to our beloved Phoebe who we had put down a couple years ago (after a long life 15 plus as I recall) but she was a pistol, our smallest and all the others were terrified of her. Pack leader to the max although she had no use for mingling with the others- she was definitely the empress around here.I get the no-music deal now. Totally similar to my feelings about music at work- your home is your office, ergo no music.
My floppy alstroemeria is a color I dont like kind of a yukky brown-yellow combo. It was unlabeled on a markdown table. Get what you pay for sometimes.
If my squash thing works this weekend, the recipe will be duly noted !

So on the topic of the south facing room, my BILs who moved to Portland from Huntington Beach by way of Mendocino County have a pretty sweet set up for wintering over. Their living room and family room have a west exposure with lots of glass, and they move all their cymbidiums and Meyer lemon and a few others into that west window for the winter. When I get up there I have all intentions of buying a greenhouse kit, with all needed bells and whistles so I can move my citrus, orchids and other tender tropical there for the winter. Thinking an 8 by 10 will do it.

Chelone, perhaps you need to dub that upstairs garage space The Studio , or better yet, have an Idyll event and create a Salon.. Idylllers lolling comfortably with cocktails in hand, peering out the windows at The Compound and making remarkably witty conversation. Oh yeah, and food too.

Martie, how useful to have a guy around the house who can build things, even if he occasionally shoots down impractical ideas ! It is indeed a great fantasy.

Woody, I just love that window in your house that is a bow window right? You dont see them much here. Its really beautiful. Is that a white oak or a red oak ?

OK , hi ho to everyone, I need to go whip up some dinner-

Kathy in Napa

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I love the Ode to Sloth. I have a very soft spot for grey kitties (well, all kitties), but my Junie was all grey and he was my personal emissary... casually and confidently sauntering over to greet anyone who came to visit. I was able to glean a great deal of information about someone by watching them react to him.

Woody the color of your tree is beautiful. I love to watch the trees go from hot, intense, flaming colors to the more russet and brown palette. The oaks here are browner than your's and some are beginning to give up some leaves. Your windowsill shot reminds me that the geraniums in the secondfloor window boxes are getting peaked and if I want to save them I'd best "hop to it"!

You have a perfect reason to cuddle up at home, V.. My co-worker is, I believe, a hypochondriac. ANY little ailment is cause to go home... usually occurs around holidays or right after a long weekend. I do enjoy her bright sense of humor, but find the shirking at work irritating. And the perpetual grousing about being broke gets "old" fast, too. It's my Puritan genes... HAS to be. I loved the November Idyll, too.

The helpmeet went on safari last night to round up Polly. His approach is to circumnavigate the Compound with a flashlight. He excitedly came in to tell me he caught an OWL roosting in a shrub last night. It was small, about 8"H, and just sat there, patiently looking at him and waiting for the beam of light to go away. Polly came over shortly thereafter.

Yes, Kathy, the Idylls would make a lovely and witty addition to the "Salon", wouldn't they? :)

Time to check the weather report, eat some cereal, and get to those remaining curtains. Yippee.

Wondering about Deanne, EDEN, Honey, Babs., etc..

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Proven awesome autumn veggie side dish:

Various hard squash cut into 1" cubes to equal approximately 10 cups. I use what looks best but always have more than one variety.

Grease large baking dish with fat substance of choice and put squash into dish.

Use approximately 1 cup of Real Maple Syrup -- nothing with added sugar, etc. Drizzle syrup all over squash. NOTE: If you can't find real syrup, let me know and I'll send you some.

Smash and coursely mince about 5 good-sized cloves of garlic and sprinkle over top of squash/syrup.

Stir everything to blend and coat, dot with butter (go for the gusto!!) and let sit for at least a few hours or overnight.

Bake at 375degF for about 90 minutes, or until squash is fork tender. Stir occasionally for even heating.

Simple, easy, satisfying!!


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Well, this front loading machine is quite entertaining. Turns out you can't do much work if you're in the laundry room with your eyes glued to the looky-loo window they put in for your viewing pleasure :)

I wonder if the clthes are going to be cleaner and use less water/soap like "they" promise?

Count me among the one's who'd like to have a solarium, but the price of doing it right is cost prohibitive. The most I can hope for is the room Nick and I are working on....lots of insulated windows and skylights with radiant floor heating and good humidity for tropicals. I imagine the plants will be clamoring to get outside every spring just like they are now....

I like the idea of meeting up at Chelone's Salon for some good food and conversation! How neat about the owl! I hope it stays in the area as I'd like to hear more. Did I tell you all that I have a fisher? He's very weasle-y (yes, I know they're in the same family, but people describe them as vicious) looking and seems almost comical in movement. He's hanging out behind the wood stack for now.

I've gotta get going...the laundry is coming to a finish and I still have to get to the gym before I get to work in the home office which is starting to get old - I think I need to be firm on my working hours :)



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Possibly Chelone's owl is a saw whet owl? See below.

The house is a pig pen and it is raining outside. How can I avoid housework??? There must be a way. Perhaps I'll finish some painting of the family room that I began last January, then grocery shop.

Did 30 minutes on the treadmill but I'm antsy to get other stuff accomplished so that's it for now.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

This is worth reading:
I was aware that female heart attacks are different, but this is the best description I've ever read .

Women and heart attacks (Myocardial infarction). Did you know that women rarely have the same dramatic symptoms that men have when experiencing heart know, the sudden stabbing pain in the chest, the cold sweat, grabbing the chest and dropping to the floor that we see in the movies.

Here is the story of one woman's experience with a heart attack.

"I had a completely unexpected heart attack at about 10:30 pm with NO
prior exertion, NO prior emotional trauma that one would suspect might've
brought it on. I was sitting all snugly and warm on a cold evening, with my
purring cat in my lap, reading an interesting story my friend had sent me,

and actually thinking,"A-A-h, this is the life, all cozy and warm in my
soft, cushy Lazy Boy with my feet propped up." A moment later, I felt that
awful sensation of indigestion, when you've been in a hurry and grabbed a
bite of sandwich and washed it down with a dash of water, and that hurried
bite seems to feel like you've swallowed a golf ball going down the
esophagus in slow motion and it is most uncomfortable. You realize you
shouldn't have gulped it down so fast and needed to chew it more thoroughly
and this time drink a glass of water to hasten its progress down to the
stomach. This was my initial sensation---the only trouble was that I hadn't
taken a bite of anything since about 5:00 PM. "After that had seemed to subside,

the next sensation was like little squeezing motions that seemed to be racing up

my SPINE (hind-sight, it was probably my aorta spasming), gaining speed as they

continued racing up and under my sternum (breast bone, where one presses

rhythmically when administering CPR). This fascinating process continued on into

my throat and branched out into both jaws. AHA!! NOW I stopped puzzling about

what was happening--we all have read and/or heard about pain in the jaws being one

of the signals of an MI happening, haven't we? I said aloud to myself and the cat,

"Dear God, I think I'm having a heart attack !" I lowered the foot rest, dumping the cat

from my lap, started to take a step and fell on the floor instead. I thought to myself

"If this is a heart attack, I shouldn't be walking into the next room where the phone is

or anywhere else.......but, on the other hand, if I don't, nobody will know that I need help,

and if I wait any longer I may not be able to get up in moment." "I pulled myself up with

the arms of the chair, walked slowly into the next room and dialed the Paramedics...

I told her I thought I was having a heart attack due to the pressure building under the

sternum and radiating into my jaws. I didn't feel hysterical or afraid, just stating the facts.
She said she was sending the Paramedics over immediately, asked if the front door was

near to me, and if so, to unbolt the door and then lie down on the floor where they could

see me when they came in. "I then laid down on the floor as instructed and lost consciousness,

as I don't remember the medics coming in, their examination, lifting me onto a gurney or

getting me into their ambulance, or hearing the call they made to St. Jude ER on the way,

but I did briefly awaken when we arrived and saw that the Cardiologist was already there

in his surgical blues and cap, helping the medics pull my stretcher out of the ambulance.

He was bending over me asking questions (probably something like "Have you taken any
medications?") but I couldn't make my mind interpret what he was saying, or form an answer,

and nodded off again, not waking up until the Cardiologist and partner had already threaded

the teeny angiogram balloon up my femoral artery into the aorta and into my heart where they

installed 2 side byside stints to hold open my right coronary artery. "I know it sounds like all

my thinking and actions at home must have taken at least 20-30 minutes before calling the

Paramedics, but actually it took perhaps 4-5 minutes before the call, and both the fire station and

St. Jude are only minutes away from my home, and my Cardiologist was already to go to the OR

in his scrubs and get going on restarting my heart (which had stopped somewhere between my

arrival and the procedure) and installing the stints.

"Why have I written all of this to you with so much detail? Because I want all of you who are so

important in my life to know what I learned first hand."

1. Be aware that something very different is happening in your body not

the usual men's symptoms, but inexplicable things happening (until my
sternum and jaws got into the act ). It is said that many more women than
men die of their first (and last) MI because they didn't know they were
having one, and commonly mistake it a s indigestion, take some Maalox or
other anti-heartburn preparation, and go to bed, hoping they'll feel better
in the morning when they wake up....which doesn't happen. My female
friends, your symptoms might not be exactly like mine, so I advise you to
call the Paramedics if ANYTHING is unpleasantly happening that you've not
felt before. It is better to have a "false alarm" visitation than to risk
your life guessing what it might be!

2. Note that I said "Call the Paramedics". Ladies, TIME IS OF THE
ESSENCE! Do NOT try to drive yourself to the ER--you're a hazard to
others on the road, and so is your panicked husband who will be speeding and
looking anxiously at what's happening with you instead of the road. Do NOT
call your doctor--he doesn't know where you live and if it's at night you
won't reach him anyway, and if it's daytime, his assistants (or answering
service) will tell you to call the Paramedics. He doesn't carry the
equipment in his car that you need to be saved! The Paramedics do,
principally OXYGEN that you need ASAP. Your Dr. will be notified later.

3. Don't assume it couldn't be a heart attack because you have a
normal cholesterol count. Research has discovered that a cholesterol
elevated reading is rarely the cause of an MI (unless it's unbelievably
high,and/or accompanied by high blood pressure.) MI's are usually caused
by long-term stress and inflammation in the body, which dumps all sorts of
deadly hormones into your system to sludge things up in there. Pain in the
jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let's be careful and be aware. The
more we know, the better chance we could survive...

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I can't wait to show the helpmeet the Saw-whet owl and find out if he thinks that's what it was. I occasionally find the castings of owls or raptors under the tall trees on the golf course, but I've never seen an owl in this area. I've seen a Snowy Owl and a Great Horned Owl, but that was when I was a kid in MA., and the Snowy was a freak visitor.

We have Fishers here, too. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL? I so, so hate it when something so supremely adapted to hunt is portrayed by the ignorant as, "vicious". They do what they're designed to do and they do it with no maliciousness (more than you can say for humans). They hunt to eat. Sometimes they take chickens, rabbits, CATS, or small dogs. So what? that's "life in the food chain"! Make sure your kitty is inside at night, Saucy. I worry about that sort of thing, but Rex is a deterrant and our cats are indoors at night, so that minimizes a certain amount of risk, the rest of it? well... I'm a realist; and while I'd be sad if one of our kitties fell prey to a Fisher, I'd be OK knowing it fed the next generation of such handsome creatures. (Pulling my collar higher to cover my red neck). Maybe a front loader would be a good purchase for the household that doesn't have cable TV? ;)

Co-worker called bright and early to tell me in low, mournful tones she couldn't turn her head... (what a surpise). I have 3 curtains left to go. My boss is thoroughly irritated and has contemplated telling her to stay home until after Thanksgiving, since nothing is pressing. I balm myself with the knowledge that Christmas bonuses tend to reflect one's willingness to do the right thing when it's most needed. But my wrists are sore, and it mighty warm under my collar.

The newest shoots on the geraniums are decidedly flacid. I THINK they can be resurrected, but methinks I've dilly-dallyed a wee bit too long for a pre-Christmas flush of flowers. C'est la guerre.

A relatively recent convert to the winter squashes, I'm intrigued by Martie's recipe. I'm not NUTS about the concept of sweetening what is already (for me) a marginally too sweet vegetable, but the garlic might prove to be the perfect foil. I agree, NOTHING is like real maple syrup... a little of that "high test" goes a long way!

My house is a dump, too, 'bug. I don't care. I'm not thrilled about Thanksgiving. Sad. Helpmeet wants to invite a friend and his wife, I'm ambivilent but he lives here, too. And maybe some guests other than our brothers would be fun. Maybe what I need is a shove...

Thinking we haven't heard from Marian of late... about to give up on Eden, but do understand how life can intrude on such things as Idyll chatter... hope Michelle and V. soon see their colds pack up and leave them to recover before the holidaze.

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Chelone, I make something similar to Martie's recipe except I use coarse salt and red pepper flakes along with the garlic (no maple syrup) because I think orange veggies are too sweet for my liking.

GB, that was very interesting and a very good description instead of the usual, "it's not like a man's heart attack."

Do you think the helpmeet will declare he "Saw Whet?" Get it? Saw it? I crack myself right up.

Nick came home to find the kids watching the wash waiting for their clothes to come out. Sarah doesn't like that you can see her undies go round and round.....if only they were lime green :)

Anybody watching Pushing Daisies? I'm loving this show....very odd and catches my funny bone in just the right spot :) Gotta go find my spot on the couch!


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Progressing towards the weekend here, and feeling glum about how dark it is when I get home from work-came home at 4:30 today and though it was still light one can see the downward spiral. Im going to try to come home at 3 on Friday. We are expecting rain this weekend and the previous storm along with the warm temps have prompted the weeds into a frenzy of activity. I figure if I come home at 3 I can weed for a good 2 hours. Rain over the weekend will render the buggers too hard to pick. We develop mud quickly .

bug, my house at large is not too very pit-like at the moment, but I need to clean 2 bathrooms which I managed to put off last weekend. There is of course no reason why I cant clean a bathroom after work, but that just seems wrong somehow. I have to start mentally preparing myself for the house to be clean at all times once I put it on the market. I might have to buy some supplemental cleaning services.

Hypochondriacs at work ! I ve worked with 2 who I thought were pretty hypo. There was one lady that would latch on to any conversation co-workers would have concerning their health issues. Name any Dr. in town, shed seen him/her, name any drug, shed taken it, any ailment shed had it. Oddly she was a very dependable worker, rarely calling in sick, but visited Drs frequently for what I thought were very minor ailments. What the point of going to the Dr if you have a cold ?? I never saw anyone who carried around so many pills, inhalers, etc.
There will be some photos of The Salon , right Chelone ? Both interior and exterior shots?

Interesting recipe Martie- one could be very conservative with the syrup if need be. Im looking for one that uses chile- preferably chipotle- I can see making one up. I have a butternut right now so I will try yours this weekend. DS keeps unsweetened m. syrup in the house because he makes his own homemade Chai Tea and that is what he uses to sweeten it; he buys it at an upscale market in town.

Saucy, bet the kidsters interest in the new laundry equipment wears off before yours does!

So where is Deanne ???

Time to rustle up some dinner and retire to the reading room..Note: V I always enjoy most of Alice Hoffmans books too.
Right now I am reading a murder mystery Like to rotate mysteries with literature.

Kathy in Napa

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I think Im on the upswing of the cold and Ive been extremely busy at work. We are trying to implement a whole new set of lengthy privacy rules mandated by the FCC to go into effective 12-8. One of the requirements is that our customers will need to show a state or federally issued ID when they come in to ask questions about their account. People in this rural area are just not going to understand this. If a customers privacy has been breached we are supposed to report it to the FBI. Hmmm, could be interesting days ahead. Ive also been busy in the evenings catching up on farm accounting so that a pre-tax appointment can take place. Why do I put these things off?

Saucy, I remember getting our first dishwasher as a kid and we fought over who got to load itfor the first 2 days only.

Speaking of "orange" vegetables I grew the yummiest carrots this year. I dont recall the exact name, but something like short and sweet. I like things sweet, pass the maple syrup.

I have 2 south facing bedrooms upstairs, one is a guestroom and the other the gkids toy room. I have card tables setup in front of the windows filled with plants. I keep telling DH that we need to install bigger windows. We keep the vents closed so it is relatively cool.

bug, congratulations to Gramma Lynn. What a handsome sweater for a handsome little guy.

Kathy, the vineyard pictures are gorgeous.

I saw an interesting fridge at Sears while we were wandering one day. It appeared to be black and quite shiny but claimed not to show fingerprints. I of course tried it out. I think they were right.

Tomorrow night is the pinewood derby.

Thats all I have for now


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Rainy and mild today, which buys me another chance to save some "germamiums". AFTER I go to the electric supply place and pay for the flourescents and take home as many of them as can be sqeezed into my car. Then I have to write a check for the electrician... think I should make HIM wait 2 mos.? (diabolical laughter).

I made the appointment to have my car serviced, winterized, and inspected. Time to get on the stick and think about the appropriate amount for a Christmas gift certificate for him. A girl's best friend is a reliable automobile mechanic.

Saucy, you crack me up, too. LOL. Pushing Daiseys is on too late for me. Pass the Geritol.

I'm rather liking the sound of the garlic and hot pepper flakes. And Kathy, just last night we mentioned Chipotle and while we've both had it in combination with other things neither of us could really describe the taste. They're peppers, aren't they?

Good to hear Michelle's cold is leaving in time to get to work, lol. I don't envy you the accounting and pre tax time stuff. My boss tends to get crabby when it's time to do quarterly stuff. My father was the sort that did a little bit every week, I'm more like that, too. I'd rather eat -hit a little at a time than face an entire bowl of it. :)

OK, gotta watch the weather, rustle up some grub and get "motivatin'". My best wishes for a stellar day, you guys.

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Good morning

A conference for me today, including a reception where I am giving a speech - yikes! I'm dithering over what to wear right now.

GB - the heart attack info was so important and well written. I'm going to make a copy to keep and share. Also please pass on my congratulations to Lynn:0)

Kathy - I have a recipe for roasted butternut squash with chile, garlic and goat cheese that we love. I'll hunt it out.

A big wave to everyone - I miss chatting when time is short but hope to be back soon.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I fear our friend Deanne is having trials with her ailing friend in addition to family obligations, work, exercise, the gardens both indoors and out, and all the rest. I think time for Idylls and kitties and entertaining are only a dream for her right now. Hope I'm wrong though and that there is cheer mixed in there somewhere!

I've painted a wall and two doors in the family room and I hope to finish that business today. Two walls remaining. I also wish I could finish more of the garden clean-up outdoors before rain begins this afternoon, but that is unlikely. The storm windows on the old part of the house need installing and that is a tricky affair since the painters worked on them.

Bought a turkey for US Thanksgiving as DS and his new lady arrive here on the 22nd. I haven't begun to think about the rest of the menu, especially since I'm trying NOT to think about food these days. At least I'm told she has no dietary restrictions. What a change from 10 years ago when the kids all had friends who were vegan or allergic or picky!

The mere thought of taxes and privacy policies sends me into a state. Still no word on mother's 2004 tax business. Grrr. I'm sure I'll hear from them quibbling about the 2 months of 2005 in due time! Meanwhile the hugely wealthy get away with all sorts of tax dodges.

The Ode to Sloth is my idea of a really fine life! (Along with a Bouvier puppy!)I did hear back from the new Bouvier kennel and it looks like a long wait, but possible!

Need to get a new travel bag with wheels. Why are they so expensive? I had an old one that cost $17 but now they are over $100 everywhere I look. Sigh.

OK, I'm dawdling here. Off to work!

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Good morning!

Weather forecast is calling for at least 48 hours of rain so they are warning there might be issues in flood prone areas. I feel for those who have to deal with flooding basements or ponds appearing around their homes. Our backyard gets quite 'squishy' during heavy rain times, but being up on a hill does have perks---until it snows or gets icy.

Today I don't have babysitting duties but do have an appointment to take family photos for one of our children. They think mom will be able to take a good enough photograph that they'll be able to use for their Christmas cards. Gulp! I'll take along my card reader so that we can just pop the camera's card into it and they can preview the pictures on their computer until we can get a photo they are happy with----or the kids have a melt down and the photo session is ended. I'm figuring the kids may melt before I can master a 'good' photo. ;o) I've got the tripod in the car along with the 'twin lights on a tripod stand' that DH usually has up in his shop. I figured that may help with extra lighting. Other child wants their family picture taken in the snow.......excuse me? I don't do snow :o) and besides, the snow level around here is still quite high......finding snow would mean quite a long drive...and momma drives a compact car....snow---compact car---long drive.......snow = cold.....not happening. ;o) I thought about loaning them my camera (gulp) and tripod (no gulp with that piece of equipment, but won't do them much good without the gulping part).....but I think they want a person behind the camera, too. Maybe snow will come closer (ugh).

I watched the twins on Tuesday, left the room to use the facilities, closing the baby gate behind me, knowing that the room was 'baby-proofed'. I came back into the room as quick as possible (I ain't no fool) to find one twin in the recliner and the other one sitting on the top of the end table next to the recliner. WOW!!!! Okay, so I guess they travel with me to the facilities from now on. In the middle of the end table........just sitting there. Amazing how fast they can move and what they can do now. ;o) Thankfully no injuries to report and, yes, I did tell their parents about their ability to climb. LOL coffee cup is empty (not a good thing) and I'm going to go fill it....

Mary, hope your talk goes well.

Cynthia, I did reorder that outfit from Coldwater Creek (in a smaller size even!) and it fits nicely. I canceled the order when I was notified that the backorder status was extended, but kept thinking about how much I liked it and kicking myself that I had canceled the order. I then saw that they were having a 50% off sale, called them up and asked about the outfit since I couldn't find it online. They said it wasn't part of the 50% sale, but they looked up my backorder and re-ordered it for me at the original discounted price (40% off). I thought that was very nice of them and am glad that I did re-order it. Thanks for sharing it with us/me. Did you get it? (sorry for the long, drawn out story, LOL).

Hope everyone has a good day. I miss seeing Deanne's morning posts, hope all is well there.


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Woody, that oak is impressive indeed, as is your window! What a great reading spot.

The squash variations all sound great. I had to google the fisher, which had a nice, toothy picture, belongs to the Mustelidae family. You say they can carry off cats and small dogs? Mercy.

GB, that story rattled me, which is good. I can be a bit too complacent about health issues.

Interesting to hear the traits of the other grey kitties because they sound like ringers for mine! My grey is truly the standout among the four cats, personality-wise, a real pistol.

I've missed your posts, Michelle, and hope sickness and work release you back to the idylls soon...

I see the word is "solarium," and it sounds like there's no cheap way to do it.

Warning: The following idyll chatter involves "adult"/crude situations. Yesterday's sexual harassment matter had me as close to laughter as I've ever been. Had to bite my lower lip hard. I'm usually very composed but possibly just a bit overtired these days. The word in evidence that got me was slang I'd never heard to describe a state of extreme excitability; add "ize" to a word that rhymes with "loaner." To hear such silliness repeated in a somber setting, sometimes the juxtaposition is too much to bear. I'm not sure how widespread the usage is. My DH had never heard it used (so he says...)

I see a bit of daylight so will head into the garden before work. I'm very jealous of the rain reports. I heard on NPR there's a small island off of India that's selling itself as a rainy tourist destination during monsoon season. Sign me up.

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Still a little too dark outside for photography, but since the new Horticulture's piece on agaves only shows the overhead view of Agave bracteosa, it's really more interesting to see its full octopus form.

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I won't link it, but if curious you can look it up at, I couldn't have contained myself. You are a TRUE professional :)

I spent as much time there as I did donating rice :)

Wendy, I have a feeling that your DH could probably write a few entries, LOL!

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I really can't believe it, but I got hit with an intestinal bug during the night and I'm spending a lot of time in the smallest room in the house.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I finished painting (yeah!) but am waiting for DH to help re-install pictures on the walls, put the piano back, the bookcase too, etc. I'm hoping he's willing to put is huge ugly antique guitar amplifier in the trunk of his car to be either repaired or sold. It's amazing what dirt collects behind and under furniture when you wait ten years to look....YUCK!
I guess it's a sign that I did a good job...doesn't look much different.

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Hey Michelle, maybe it's time to purchase a laptop. We could move into a whole new realm... . Truly, though, I'm sorry to hear of your new woes... bummer! (ararar). Having suffered what I now realize was some sort of salmonella-like thing some years ago I have great sympathy. "Some people think it's funny but it's really brown and runny". (see the next paragraph)

Denise, I would have had to struggle to suppress the laughter, too. Sounds rather like a Monty Python skit. lol. I am definitely a "semi-adult", completely unfit for parenthood, because I laugh at terribly inappropriate stuff (like old ladies slipping on banana peels). :)

Roughly 1/2 the lights fixtures are packed into my car. I have to make another trip tomorrow, with the helpmeet's "full warhog" (full size station wagon complete with "wallpaper"; fake woodgrain sides). The driver's szeat is like a dentist's chair, fully adjustable... I love driving that car!

I need to think about ordering the turkey, too, 'bug. Hard to believe that by this time next week we'll have succumbed to turkey poisoning and the L tryptophan will be helping us buzz off to dreamland. Time flies, huh?

Yes, Denise, Fishers are truly elegant creatures. They're fast, quiet, and can prove quite lethal to smaller, less aware animals. It took me a minute to figure out what I'd seen the first time I saw one... too long and low to be a silver fox; it almost slithered down the crusted snow on the hill. When it paused to look around it sort of "sat up", supporting itself on it's hind end, the way a cat will when it wants to survey something from a higher vantage and has nothing to climb. It was beautiful; sleek, dark brown, and moved like oil over the snow. Breathtaking! and I felt very priviledged to have seen it.

It is absolutely pouring out now. The gutters on the garage seem to be doing their job... the water is simply gushing out the downspouts! can't wait to fixe the pieced ones on the house next spring.

Co-worker showed up today with a "hangdog" face and sighed through a really easy job before leaving at noon. Why did she bother to come in, at all. She wanted to tell me all about it, but I wasn't very interested... sounds just like your worker, Kathy! I don't have the time of the money to fall prey to so many ailments. ;)

A full sink of dishes awaits me.

GET THIS! some of you may remember the two funky, late '60s-early '70s chairs I found kerbside a couple of years ago. Well... there is a very posh antique store in town that had matching pieces out front all summer long. They wanted $695 for a loveseat and two chairs. Last weekend I walked in and offered $350 CASH. I just got a call that the offer was accepted! I now have 4 chairs and the loveseat. I am STOKED! this is a real departure for me, as I'm usually one for the very traditional stuff. But I simply couldn't pass this one up.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chlone, DH is whining about his hernia problems once again. I finally asked him to get it fixed and talk to the doc- NOT ME- about it. My Dad was the "malade imaginaire" and I just have no patience for that stuff anymore. DH used to accompany me to the doctor and ask multitudes of questions. Drove them & ME CRAZY!

This garage/studio project of yours is like a soap opera! A little enticement to read about each day. Can't wait for the photos!

Michelle, be well!

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Every single time I reference the garage I think of the state of the photographs lodged somewhere in this machine. And how lax I've been about doing what really must be done to clean up the backlog. There's so much to do and so much time required I just can't seem to get it in gear to even BEGIN.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Baby Amanda lives in Seattle with her Mom.

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Bueno, bueno all, countdown to Friday and a full two day weekend in the wingsI had to drive to Healdsburg today, which is in Sonoma County-a very scenic drive through the north part of Napa Valley, through Knights Valley and Alexander Valley, all beautiful back roads. Most of the tourists have bailed so the roads are pretty deserted. A pic from today will be posted below

Michelle , you are certainly having a bad patch health wise ! Hope you get to feeling better prontoI expect Kenzie is banished for the duration . Maybe you could get a dvd of a really syrup-y chick-flick or a romantic classic ala Wuthering Heights or Casablanca and just vegetate.

Chelone, I think the curbside pick-up was before my time, and therefore I require a better description of the style, color, materials etc of this ensemble you have aquired. Metal? Wood? Circa what era ? Maybe some pics ( and we Idylls love to nag you about pics ! ) or at least verbal details-you are up to that I know ! Chipotles = smoked jalapenos. I keep a jar of chipotle chili powder on hand at all times. Smoking your own (pardon the expression) is a bit labor intensive. I like to use chipotle in conjunction with mole sauce.

Love the Agave Denise.

T, your photo appt sounds quite professional! Tripods etc..I can guarantee you no one in my family would ever think about asking me to take pictures for Christmas cards ! And how about those twins and their climbing skills. You might need an assistant pretty soon .

GB, I just love little primates ! So cute. I fully support your efforts to get DH to get rid of the ancient amp. I got rid of two huge speakers and several other components at our latest electronic recycle event here.Still have more to go.

Mary, that squash recipe sounds just like what Ive been looking for I await further info. Hope you wowed them at your speaking engagement.

Okay, Im afraid thats it for me this evening. Im going to read the paper , eat some food, and retire to my murder mystery

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Ahh-choo!!! I think I've sneezed more with this cold than I ever have before. I also am refining the art of "snoughing" - that's a cough that morphs into a sneeze. Snoughs hurt...

I've jusr skimmed but I'm very glad that I'm not running to the bathroom also. I hope Michelle is feeling better soon!

We picked up our turkey this evening - a slightly comical rendezvous at the train station parking lot in the next town. Cars pulling up, turkeys being handed round, cash and checks flying as if we were purchasing something much more illicit. I watched one seven or eight year old boy actually stagger under the weight of the 20+ pound bird he was handed. Our 20 pounder is in a cooler on the deck for the night. I'll figure out a more permanent (actually it's pretty temporary) arrangement tomorrow.

Going to run so I can fix another cup of chamomile tea with lots of honey, and then go to la la land!


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A quick hello, so that I don't let myself wander off into neverland again. I read several things worthy of comments, but am fading into the night. I have been on a forced cleaning kick. It's a bottomless pit. The main area is presentable again and I did windows today then started on the basement area. Lots more to do down there.
Hoping everybody is ok. Michelle, I hope your attachment to the small room is short lived.

Night all . Norma

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I was actually able to find the pictures! my organizational skills just haven't gotten to the litany of pictures of the garage yet. The chairs were kerbside when one of the houses on the road was put on the market some years ago. They caught my eye, although the helpmeet was uncooperative. He promised me we'd pick them up AFTER lunch, if they were still there. He attemped to drive past them, but I rebuked him and they were summarily loaded into the wagon. They were filthy, but I saw potential:

I scrubbed them up and gave them a couple of coats of Krylon Fushion paint (the arms are injection moulded plastic of some sort) and sanded and painted the metal frams with a Hammered finish Rustoleum and reassembled them with new, stainless bolts and nuts. And made cushions for them:

My guess is that they are from the late '60s or the early '70s, not generally a period of design that "speaks to me", but for some reason these crazy chairs appealed to me. They're very comfortable and are as heavy as lead. I figure I can always foist them off on my brother if I tire of them. :) So, the entire set will now be comprised of 4 chairs and a loveseat.

'bug, DH definitely needs to address the hernia! And we are awash in large, unsightly amplifiers here, too. It has been fun to watch him move into digital recording, though.

Did anyone catch the little news blip on Free Rice last night?

Funny visual of the handing out of turkeys, V.. Hope the snoughing abates soon. And I hope Michelle perks up soon. Being sick is no fun.

And it will be fun to see T.'s photographic genius displayed here. Jeez, no pressure, huh?

Norma, please come here and help me with my cleaning, OK?

Also want to hear details on Mary's speech. And what she decided to wear; lime green undies for good luck?

Gotta run, the day is going to be a busy one.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Did someone say agave?
I must have heard there was a pic.

Life and work are the usual chaotic, frenzied places at present; not enuf time for idylling unfortunately....

just a drive by to say Happy friday to all; hope those under the weather are feeling better soon; it's chilly chilly here; on the road to PA for the weekend; hope there are not yet hordes taking to the road.

The houseguest is going to do t-giving shopping and get some of that underway for preps next week.

I see some pretty fall colors - maybe I'll catch a glimpse of some on the road.

-- Have terrific Friday & weekend.


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Seems my appliances are ailing just like some of the Idylls - woke up to a major global warming of the freezer. It has been declared fixable, though!

My dad called to say he'll be here in 16 hours. That's all I'll say on the subject.

My SCUBA classwork is coming to a close and we are scheduled to do our open dive in Gloucester next weekend. I have to say that I am quite nervous about how I will react to the cold ocean water. A heated pool is one thing....

I'm going to try to get an underwater camera - I'll ask the lobsters to say cheese.

Chelone, I love love love that chair and so glad you scored the matching peices! They're perfect for the salon :)

V. we've had a chest cold go around here, too. Knock on wood, it has only touched us lightly. Hope you feel better soon. I have never seen a fresh turkey before he's been roasted.

Michelle, I hope you feel better, too.

Pretty shots of Sonoma - DH even noticed :)

Somehow I missed Woody's post the first time around. I love your window - I chose a very similar model to keep the garage out of view of the new room.

I've gotta get to the gym. Kids are home today for teacher in service. November seems like it has more out of school days than not some years :)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Good morning! Brrr is back here. I've been dragging my feet this year on tender plant protection and oscillating back and forth about how much, if anything I want to care for over the winter. For now, a whole pile of plants are cooling their respective heels in the garage. Decision time is looming large though. Time to poop or get off the pot, so to speak.

Although I don't have much to share, I've been enjoying the chatter, pictures and links. Every so often I get sidetracked donating rice and have to remind myself to refocus on

Speaking of which...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So nice to hear from Sue. Wish we heard more! (hint!)

This morning DH found that Clover, our big old rabbit, died overnight. He's out digging a hole as I type here. Poor Cricket, her brother, will be solo over the winter. Poor DH too. Not a job he enjoys. Just 10 minutes earlier he asked me to get more timothy to feed them and we pondered how much longer they'd be with us. PS: We buried Clover with a carrot.

I'm off to buy cat food etc, before the promised 4 centimeters of snow fall. Think I'll buy sweet potatoes, cranberries etc to prepare for Thursday's feast.

I also need to buy socks. Does anyone have the same problem? They seem to last about 10 minutes, just like pantyhose used to. (which I no longer buy!)

DSIL is preparing for paternity leave in January and getting mighty excited about various house projects: wood floors instead of carpeting upstairs, wainscoting in the family room instead of pink and blue wallpaper, real tiles instead of linoleum in the kitchen and hallway, even his Mom's livingroom floors to be done with the help of several of his brothers. I'm sure he'll think of more! Meanwhile Sarah is looking forward to work beginning even though she'll likely miss Reed's first word, first steps etc...But she told me she won't mind having her DH deal with child proofing the home. ;-)

OK, onward with my day. May yours be a fine one!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Warning, playing the Free Rice game is HIGHLY addictive. Its getting to that level 50 and staying there, I can get there but I cant seem to stay there beyond three words or so.. I must have donated 50,000 grains of rice by now. ROTFLOL I must love a challenge it seems.

So, Ive been in my yearly shorter-day slumps and grumpies and have spared you my blue moods. On top of that I was scheduled for the big C (colonoscopy).today. Yukko! I had panic attacks about it and nightmares for weeks. So while Michelle was spending a lot of time in the smallest room of the house I just moved in there for the day yesterday. As everyone told me the prep is the worst part and that is a true story. I dont do well going two days without food! Talk about freezing cold. My hands were like a couple of ice cubes all day yesterday and today until I got something to eat. Anyway, I got a clean bill of health and I dont have to go back for ten years. This is a good thing.

I still have three pots left to decant and will finish with them tomorrow. Cant wait until that chore is done. Then I have just a very few lily bulbs to plant and Im pretty much done for the season. Next week Ill be getting ready for 21 for Thanksgiving dinner so Ill be pretty busy then Ive got some painting to get done so things will be busy as usual. Doug will be working from home next week so thats a very good thing! Weve got to make an extra leaf for the antique oak table to accommodate the crowd and I cant do that. Im happy that wont be a last minute job. (Unless, of course, Doug procrastinates which is not unheard of, LOL)

Wednesday Wendy and I met for lunch and had a terrific visit. It was a nice halfway spot for both of us in Chelmsford MA so were planning on doing that on a regular basis. She kindly took a flat of coleus cuttings off my hands so I have a bit more room under the lights upstairs. Im still going to have to weed out a few more as they grow. We had a good laugh over my taking another fifty or so fuchsia cuttings when I already have 61 plants in dormancy. Like I need more???? Its a good thing I have no problems tossing away all that plant material I cut off the brugmansias.

OK Ive got to get off this computer and get some dinner on the table. For some reason Im really hungry tonight. Ill try to get back later or tomorrow and chat a bit more.

Have a great Friday evening all

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I'm sorry about Clover, 'bug. How old was she? (I have no idea how long rabbits live). I like that a carrot accompanied Clover to the afterlife. :)

Socks. I am a fan of 100% wool, or thereabouts. They're warm, they LAST, and if your feet sweat the warmth of your feet will dry them out from the part nearest your skin to the part that hits the shoe. Cotton gets damp and STAYS damp. There won't be any more pair of Argyles from Mum, made from leftover wool, with nylon reinforced toes and heels... :(

I hope Cindy is able to savor some late autumn color on her drive to PA.. Nice to have some help with T-day prep.. I have to order my turkey! Hope your Dad is well.

Brr is back here, too, Sue! I don't think I'll be overwintering any geraniums this year. Somehow, I don't really care. I tip my hat to you for all your efforts in the "tender ministrations".

I'll pick up the additional pieces tomorrow, paid for them today. I had a nice chat with the gal in the shop (a decorator/designer) and plan to use this purchase and my treatment of the pieces as a stepping stone to something more creative than awning repairs.

Hope all is well with others; Saucy, the SCUBA dive is going to "wicked dahk down theah" (Finding Nemo). I'm in awe, always wanted to learn to "dive". Maybe next year!

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Happy Friday to one and all. I have a full weekend of chores planned and tonight I am attempting to be in a slacker mode. I did pull some weeds when I got home from work.
I had my roof inspection this week , and next week will be the scheduling of contractors to come do a viewing and quote me on all the work that needs doing here. My garden tasks this weekend will be the usual clean-up type stuff. We have had really mild weather and things are hanging in I still have coleus growing outside, though looking a bit unhappy as night get into the 40s. My begonias are all thriving too. I may just go ahead and move them in this weekend.

Chelone, very cool looking chairs and wonderful work on the cushions. Sewing upholstery is something that I find quite mystifying.

Deanne, glad to hear from you at last ! Sounds to me like you need a weekend in the tropics to decompress and drink pina coladas. Guess you better do that after you have the 21 dinner guests, lol

Ah shucks bug, sorry about your bunny. That is one pet that Ive never had, but have enjoyed petting and coo-ing over friends and neighbors .
My particular problem with socks is the washer/dryer black hole issue. I have 2 pair of wool socks from LL Bean for those really cold days and nights .

Ok , thats it for me, my artichoke is done and Im going to ingest it along with a glass of pinot., and then its off to the reading room with the murder mystery

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Clover was about 8 years old. I really have no idea how long rabbits are supposed to live Chelone, but she was a beauty!

So today was the day DD's dog Indy got the screws out of her leg after several years with them following an accident with a tree that got in her way. Her leg healed beautifully, a text book case, but the metal was very troublesome in the frigid weather out there. So, this was a way to spend $1500 to make her feel better.


What was removed:

Great to hear from you Deanne! I knew it! You'll be doing the entertaining thing for the masse3s once again! What fun - once everything is organized! I'm panicking over the four of us. Hahahaha, but true.

Saucy, the guy who repaired our windows teaches scuba diving and loves winter dives. Nuts, all of you! ;-) I've watched it though in our local quarry and it does intrigue me.

For those who want a record of Reed's first bite, check out the link.

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Fortunately the bug was a one day thing and I was back to work today.

Im struggling to get the basement cleaned up. Im trying to do some light setups and there are plants sitting everywhere looking unhappy.

Hopefully, I will finish the cutting back tomorrow, theres not much left. The more shrubs I put in the less there is to tend in the fall. In the long border I counted 21. Yesterday and today were fabulous days, but tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.

Kenzie had a fabulous birthday party. When we got there she was running around with 3 helium balloons saying "Im so excited about my birthday" and "Im so excited about balloons" She wouldnt have needed any gifts as the balloons stayed in her hand the whole afternoon.

Chelone, fabulous job on the chairs, they appear to be quite comfy.

Kathy, I love artichokes, in fact I thought about it tonight at the store, but the ones they had looked somewhat less than fresh.

bug, the plate and screws remind me of what Rick has in his neck. Sorry to hear about the bunny. I guess Reed doesn't like bananas ;o)

Denise, your job sounds "interesting" LOL

I do have that sock problem, it seems like Im always throwing one away. Since they are almost all white and the same, I just pair it up with another loaner.

Where in the world is Eden?

Our Thanksgiving will be at my parents with a small group. We will have a meal here for 19 on Sunday. I think we will have pork loin as everyone will probably be turkeyed out.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Why it is sooooo very dark at this hour! Can't sleep though.

Michelle, I knew nothing about Rick's neck! I sure didn't detect a thing when I met him.

So a few update shots:
Indy loves baby:

The brothers enjoy a backyard cookout:

Remembrance Day wake-up! LOL!!!
Aren't you glad you don't live downstairs!

Back to bed!

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Here I am, wide awake, a nice cuppa in front of me. I heard something on the radio a week/so ago about circadian rhythms and how people definitely are either a "Lark" or an "Owl". I don't think there's much dout into which category I fall. Being up early is one way I manage to survive the shortest, darkest days of the year. There is just something about watching the sun rise and watching its steady progression south and then north again over the course of the year that fascinates me. I've never had any difficulty getting up while it's still dark, nor do I have trouble going to bed if it's still light.

Deanne, I commend you on "the big C". My father had colon cancer and by the time the symptoms manifested themselves it was too late. His surgery revealed the cancer had already moved to his liver. He lived just about 5 months, but was feeling fine until the last week/so of his life. My doctor recommends age 50 for the first screening; like you, not something I'm eagerly awaiting. :)

'bug, Indy looks considerably more comfortable right about now. ;) . Were the screws transferring the cold, or what? I chuckled at Reed and the banana; it must be fun to watch a child develop a sense of "liking" certain foods. And baby-proofing... now that's some serious responsibility. I can only imagine the shot of adrenalin T. felt when she discovered the twins' new vantage points.

I laughed at the mental image of Kenzie announcing her general state of excitement over her birthday and balloons. One thing you can say about kids and dogs is that they certainly embody "enthusiasm". It's fun to see, huh? Good to know your time in the smallest room in the house was limited and you're back in the swing.

21 dinner guests?! I think there will be 4 or 6 here and since we all share similar levels of social dysfunction it will be a low-key, fun afternoon. I must say, though, it will be a little strange not to have a little old lady presiding over it all. :( But we'll hoist a glass to her and feed a cat/two on the table in her honor.

I'm wondering about Eden, too. Gettin' kind of concerned. Missing the reports on Bellatheball, creative household projects, etc..

Kathy's pictures are so pretty. The colors are great. It's been decidedly green, russet, grey around here the past few days. Yesterday was COLD, with a biting wind. It was nice to have wool socks (buy a lingerie bag for them, 'bug) and return home to start the woodstove. Cats are lured to the stove like moths to a flame.

OK, no one is up but me, so it's time to reload my coffee cup and maybe prepare an egg. Maybe work on organizing those pictures some more?

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Okay, I'm thoroughly impressed that 'bug's DSiL can play a trumpet in horizontal position, though the red face tells it all :-)

I'm hopeful that everything is okay with Eden's family. She'd tell us if something was askew, yes?

Have been drinking up pics of Napa and Sonoma. I've not ever been there, and to see it through the lens of a local is a real treat. Good luck with the contractors, Kathy, and remember that sometimes hiring a GC takes a BUNCH of strain off the job -- let someone else deal with wayward electricians :-) Your housing prices continue to astound.

Kenzie as princess for a day just seems wonderful. That she is past the cardboard box stage and into balloons must certainly be a three-year-old right of passage.

LOL Reed's face. "Solid????? What the heck is solid????? And why do I have to work to get it down my throat????? And does everything other that white liquid taste like this???"

The brrrrrrrr factor is in full force. We had wicked winds yesterday and the winter coats were out in full force. Wool socks, too. I love the ones with the leather soles but can only ever find them for men wihtout spending a small fortune.

Being one who'd rather go up than down, give me parasailing over diving any day. No one can convince me that you can breath out of a jug. LOL You can tell me all about it when you're done, Saucy.

U.S. Thanksgiving prep is in full swing. A small number this year and unfortunately, no international students. We'll seat 12 and at some point others will float in and out -- mostly beforehand since DBiL is making Corn Chowder from scratch (do you know how hard it is to find fresh corn at this time of year?????). As soon as I find the decoration box in the rubble downstairs I'll be personally ready to roll.

Today will be spent putting final touches on paperwork for an IRS audit of Rich's business for two years. Everything balances, fortunately, and I'm wondering why they are bothering with a teeny (in the scheme of things) business when major corporations get away with some awful practices.

Anyone want bittersweet sent to them along with maple syrup??

Hi everyone else.

All best -


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well Im feeling pretty much back to normal this morning and am in my favorite chair with a nice cup of French Roast. The winds are pretty blustery outside and the temps are hovering around freezing. Doug and I are going to finish the last buttoning up of the yard and gardens today and start getting all the garaged plants down into the basement. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? It seems I was just enjoying the flowers on the brugs a few days ago.

Martie, my lavender is looking really terrific. I had it in a container with a strobilanthes this summer. I separated it out of the pot, pruned it and repotted it. It looked a bit bedraggled for a week or so but its sending out some lovely new growth and is a happy camper under the lights again. I saved and dried the pieces I pruned off and am going to add it to some potpourri. ~~ I cant believe Rick is being audited. Jeesh!

Saucy, you go girl!!!! Scuba diving! Fantastic. Im looking forward to hearing about your dive in the cold dark Atlantic. ~~ Maybe you can join Wendy and I for lunch sometime? How far are you from Chelmsford?

Chelone, I saw Deb and Peter last night and gave them your greetings. She was touched that youd asked about her dad. Hes going downhill fast now and is getting quite frail. He isnt able to get over for Thanksgiving this year so shes reserved the private dining room at the home where hes staying and will bring a home cooked dinner there for him on Sunday. ~~ Thats so sad about your dad. From what I understand its a very treatable cancer if caught early. ~~ Love those chairs! What a great job you did restoring them.

Bug, great photos. That Reid is growing at light speed. ~~ So sorry about your bunny.

Michelle, glad youre better. ~~ RE light set up. Do you have room for one of those steel shelving units they sell at Sams? Doug made my light units with those and fixtures from HD. It was much cheaper than buying a ready made light unit. I just ordered the full spectrum light bulbs from Charleys Greenhouse. Another option is to get the 55 watt fluorescent bulb that has the output of a 200 watt incandescent and mount it in a clamp lamp. I use those for the tall plants that dont fit under the shelf fixtures. I should post a pic of my set up in the basement. ~~ LOl about the missing socks. Isnt that the truth. Where on earth do they go?

Kathy, funny you should mention the tropics and pina coladas! My girlfriends and I are discussing taking just such a trip. ~~ BTW have you ever had a Pinot Grigio by Mezzacrona? Very inexpensive and a nice, very light, refreshing fruity wine. WE are going to have it with Thanksgiving dinner along with the champagne this year. ~~ Thanks for the pics from Napa! Beautiful this time of year. I love Healdsburg. Ive been to that area several times with my friends from Willits.

Sue do you still have that fuchsia we talked about? If you arent going to save it Id be happy to take it off your hands. Thats a beauty.

Cindy, thanks for checking in. You sound like you could use a vacation in the tropics too.

V. hope you are all done with your snoughing and are feeling better by now.

OK time to get out of my easy chair and do something productive with this day. Have a great day everyone.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good afternoon to you all! I'm in for a quick lunch break from garden and leaf cleanup. Good grief do we get alot of leaves here! The downside is that quite a few of them are still clinging to the trees which equates to more leaf cleanup weekends to come. Yuck!

Somehow I bruised one of my ribs and actually think it may be cracked. The pain has caused me to give up on Pilates fr the time being and no upper body weight lifting. I can't take a deep breath and raking today is agony. Have any of you ever had this? I went on line and read that there really isn't much that can be done about it except rest and I'm not too good at Cripes I'm beginning to feel like a walking health disaster lately.

Marie, I love your family shots. Such a happy, fun bunch!

Deanne I still have the fuchsia although it's looking a bit tired. I'll cut it back, repot and bring it to you on Thursday.

OK, my lunch is ready.



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Busy mornin' here on the compound. Dishes are done, along with 2 loads of laundry. I've picked up the patio set and put in the storage locker. I've also picked up the remaining 14 lights for the Salon. And ordered the turkey for the chowfest next Thursday.

I discovered 2 leaks in the boiler room, however. One seems to be associated with the water heater. The other is more ominous... appears to be a breach in the soldering of a joint in the copper tubing that feeds the forced hot water heating system. I alerted the appropriate parties and they will be here a bit later today. They are wonderful people, always "on call" and on time unless someone else's emergency takes precedence, which is only fair. I suspect the repair of the latter leak is going to involve draining the entire heating system... not that big a deal for people with a woodstove, but this is not exactly the time of year you want to have to do it.

Our "grandfather" clock has been out of commission since just before the Idyllunion. I took the bull by the horns and called the local clock expert (does maintenance on many of the historic clocks around the state) and scheduled a "check up". I've never known how to set the chimes and in the nearly 17 years it's been in the corner it's never been cleaned/oiled. I figured it was time to do it. It's done! and time permitting, it will be delivered and set up again next week or the following one. I'm SO excited. Dr. Clock said it was in need of some major TLC. There were some mechanical issues and he agreed when I said I didn't think it had ever been cleaned, etc. (it's gotta be nearly 80 yrs. old, the helpmeet's grandfather made it, and made one for each of his children). It will chime down to the quarter hour. Next on the docket is the lovely little marble mantel clock from my father's family, and then the "banjo" with the reverse painting from Mum's family... . We have a lot of clocks that don't dispay digitally or have a battery provision. :) We also have a nice selection of kerosene/oil lamps from our families. My luddite tendancies are honestly "come by", methinks.

Where IS everyone?

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Sue, some years ago I wiped out on a patch of ice while out with the last crop of dogs (see why I hate them?). I went down HARD and was pretty sore. The next morning I couldn't sit up in bed. I had to gently roll out and gingerly bring myself upright.

It was awful, hard to get comfortable and then harder to shift postition. Sneezing or laughing was downright painful.

My guess? I think you probably broke it; did you know you can actually fracture a rib in a coughing fit? (I didn't).
Nothing you can do for it except TAKE IT EASY. I was "down" for about 4-5 weeks. It gets easier, but go easy on yourself.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Sue - that sounds painful! Take it easy with the leaf raking.

gb - nice family pictures and very funny Reed video.

Saudy - brrr! I hope your dive goes well. The window was supposed to be a windowseat but is too high. It's perfect for plants. I had the sill tiled to prevent damage from water.

Kathy - Napa looks very pretty in fall colors. I wonder if Niagara looks the same - we've not been down in the fall.

Our oak is a red oak - a Northern Red Oak I think but I'm not 100% sure. The leaves don't quite match up to the pictures in books but I gather the leaves are quite variable. It's the acorns that are supposed to be definitive for id. They don't start producing acorns until age 20 or so. Ours started producing acorns a couple of years ago but, so far, the squirrels haven't left any intact ones for me to use to verify id!

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Ahhhh. The paperwork is done, it could be that the IRS actually owes US money if my calculations are correct. Rich is off getting new drum heads and I feel like I can breathe.

Thus, I am luxuriating with a huge cuppa and freshly made crumpet. Life is good.

I'm not proud that no plants made it inside this year except for a few ordinary tropicals. My containers were so pitiful that I didn't want to extend the abuse of those poor plants and will just start over next year. Seems weird .... Yes, there is a Rosemary because there's always a Rosemary.

Glad that you like the lav, Deanne!! There are so many varieties with such different foliage and fragrances. They may actually do really well in your new garden area as they don't need much soil. Let me know if you'd like some cuttings next spring to give it a try.

Sue - Ouch, ouch, double ouch. Never broke a rib but needed to deal with Ky when he did playing soccer. Only because I really like you will I lecture and tell you to Stop Raking and Start Relaxing. Hey, it's worth a try!

So sorry for your plumbing woes, Chelone, but really happy that you have someone coming out pronto. Have you started your Winter window boxes, yet? The traditional ripe Pineapple will be placed outside tomorrow.

Heard from Kyle and how would you like to spend Spring with these courses?

Econ 435: Economic Development
Econ 420: Urban Economics
Econ 455: Public Finance
Hist 416: Vietnam Wars, Home and Abroad
Mus 109: Fundamentals of Music
CS 113: Introduction to Computers

Better him than me, but I'm proud.

'bug: Don't get frantic about the four for dinner. If he's bringing her home, isn't the onus on her to be the perfect guest????? You might just like her?????

Denise: No luck whatsoever with your Salvia. Lots of "if she finds it let me know where" kinds of responses. LOL about verbage and good for you to remain composed. I'm sure I would've lost it.

Woody: Rose seeds have been passed along ... the beat goes on. We're starting to think about edging for the borders near the house, and when Rich mentioned brick by brick I showed him your's and other's pics. Though he loves the look, he's not ready to have me doing just one project for the year :-)

Hope your PA trip is great, Cindy!!

A long, hot bath is calling before Rich arrives home, so everyone have a great Saturday!


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I'd be interested in Public Finance, Viet Nam, and Fund. of Music. I found economics difficult when I took the 2/3 courses required of me; but it was fascinating. That was before David Stockman (?) and the whole "supply side" thing... . As one who never "bounced" a check before marriage I'm obviously from the "old school". ;) I think my favorite lyric is from "The Dude", on a Quincy Jones album... "... never write a check that your body can't cash.".

No movement (or hint of it) with respect to yuletide decorations. I am NOT part of "the day after" crowd! I tend to wait until 2-2 1/2 wks. before... . I like the breather between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hey, I have several "wind up" clocks, and numerous kerosene lamps... I CANCELLED cable TV! sorry, this girlscout doesn't fall into line with what's broadcast or broadly proclaimed on the the boulevards of too many localities!

Heating/hot water fix should be accomplished on Monday... barring any more pressing emergencies. And I've just thought that maybe a routine visit from our esteemed techincians might be a most worthy charity... also a good tip for a customer who will struggle to fill the tank. I am so worried about the voiceless people who will struggle to stay warm this winter.

I have a new "do" (sort of). My haircut is moving in a decidedly asymmetric direction. I'll have to train myself to brush it in a counterclockwise direction from my part. I really like it, but the new "swirl" is not yet automatic. I'm fearless when it comes to haircuts. I figure, "-uck it, if it really sucks it will grow out and I'll get over it". The savvy woman who cuts my hair (and did Mum's) loves to do "precision" cuts. She just attended at seminar/workshop on the sort of cut I like and couldn't wait to see me. I told her to "go for it". If it sucks it'll grow out! I'm OK with it today... I was able to tame "bed head" with nt too much work. Of all things, any cut I recieve MUST be "fuss-free"; if I can't "style" it with wet hair or wet fingers... it won't work for me. I refuse to "-uck with my hair". "Homey don't play that!".

Where's Marian? have you gone the way of the giNko leaves? or was that GinGko, or GinkGo... mercy! I can't remember.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Feeling almost normal today. Which is a very good thing because there are a lot of tasks to be tackled. We're only having nine for Thanksgiving, but then we will have another semi-large meal Saturday evening when DS is home, and DH has decided he wants to put our tree up on Saturday as well.

Socks - I don't have too many issues with singles, but I do dislike socks that don't last or that creep into your shoes. I just bought some bamboo socks from Target. On first wearing they were comfy and stayed put. We'll see what happens after a washing.

I too am a bit concerned about Eden, and Honey also. We haven't heard from Honey in ages and I know things are quite tough in her neck of the woods. I hope all is well with both of them.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Martie - don't rule out bricks because of my pace of work! Keep in mind that I'm a gimpy gardener... Think of speedy brick-laying Michelle instead. That would undoubtedly be closer to your speed :-)

I need to go harvest rose hips tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL, Chelone...The Ginkgo leaves have all bit the dust, but not I.
I am just in the coasting mode.....

BTW, my new perm is a Richard Simmon's look ....:-(
Thank goodness my hair grows rapidly!

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diggerdee zone 6 CT
I love wood Anemones...
Or Anemone nemorosa. They are just starting to poke...
christinmk z5b eastern WA
spring things
replanted this as part of last years back garden renovation...
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