Making an existing pond bigger

Lori_Carlos(5B)June 27, 2011

We have a 950 gallon 5 1/2 X 5 1/2 foof square/roundish pond with quite a bit of Plants etc. We are toying with the idea of expanding it for a number of reasons..... 1. We need more room for our fish...2. We want to add more water features (maybe a fountain) and 3. We are soooo in love with our backyard and want to make the pond more of a focal point.

My questions are, How hard is it to add onto a a pond (with a rubber liner)? Can it be done easily without disrupting our fish? If we dig the hole ourselves, can we hire someone to do the joining of two liners? Should we join two liners? How expensive is it to do this? Ahhhhhh..... Decisions, decisions!!!

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We successfully added onto our pond in 1999 while the fish
were still in the pond.

We added the section that we call 'the dog leg' section of
the pond, which is 13 feet long by 6 feet wide.

Like the rest of our pond there is a 'shelf' all around
the dog leg. This shelf is about 15" deep by 12" wide
and is 'rocked' all the way up to ground level. The plants
are planted between the rocks in either pots or bare root.
The pots do not show, they are buried in the pots.

Before I go any furthur, tell me more about your pond.
Did you install your existing pond yourself? Where is it
located in your yard? Do you have any photos?

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Be careful about getting permits. Once you dig a pond, it carries with it the same responsibilities as digging an inground pool. You need permits, there are fence requirements, etc. If you ignore this, you could open yourself to liability if someone falls into the pond or if a kid wanders in, attracted by all the pretty flowers, etc.

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Depends on the town. Our town has no permits for ponds (unlike pools), but they do for the electrical running to the pond.

I am curious about what the pond currently looks like and more detail on the addition.

BTW, I was talking to a guy at a pond shop who described to me how you seem the liners together. I think it requires scuffing the edge and some sort of glue and more scuffing and glue, but I can't really remember. It did sound like something you could do on your own though without hiring it out.

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I'm having a hard time uploading pictures of our pond.... I'm still trying to do it. Here is the link to our video but the pictures are too big.
It's not the best video and you really can't see much other than our fish (and our algae).

Here is a link that might be useful: Our pond video

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Open a free account at Photobucket or some other gallery type site. Upload your photos there and then you can link them here. You can't upload directly here.

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ok, it's a start, we need to see more of the pond, the shape and size and where it is placed in the yard.
As buysell suggested, open an account with photobucket
and upload from there. How far is the pond from the patio/deck or house? Do you want to come closer or furthur away?

How deep is the deepest part of the pond?

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Hi, last year I did what your thinking of. So yes you can join two rubber liners together, but they must both be the EPDM rubber liner and they need to be flexible and be able to be manipulated. You can buy a kit that has the double sided tape( this is a very sticky rubber) cleaning solution, a roller, marking crayon, and plastic scrubber with pads) This is what mine came with for a bit over 100$ Im not sure but Im pretty sure you will need to empty the pond so you are able to pull enough liner up onto a flat surface to join the two together. In my case I was keeping the same shape just elongating the oval. I place several two by 6's across the width of the pond and pulled the old liner up to work on it. You need to have a solid flat surface to work on, because the rubber tape must have pressure applied to it to get both liners to stick and stay stuck. Depending on the shape you will need to use the crayon to show you where to put the tape. Keep in mind that the shape of your current liner when pulled up will flatten out so when you add the new liner to it you need to think about how it will lay back in the larger pond. (hmm not sure if that makes sense) Before you use the rubber tape I would suggest duct taping the two liners together and placing back into the pond to ensure you are happy with the placement of the lingers. Once you have figured out where you want to join them then you need to clean the liners about six inches from the edge of both liners really really well any dirt/ dust will prevent the rubber tape making a good bond. Put the tape on the top side of the bottom liner first press into place then pull back the paper backing and at the same time press the new liner onto the tape and apply pressure. You need to get it right the first time there are no second go rounds. You can also get a tape to put on top of your seem to help seal it. I think the double sided tape runs about 5$ a foot and the single side a bit less. There are other details but if you get a kit there are more detailed instructions. SO what not to do, or what to think about what is the age of your current liner. It's not worth the work if your old liner is half way through its life. Just buy a all new liner to fit the bigger pond. Make sure it is a rubber liner( hmm the things I realized in hind sight) Oh yeah don't attempt in a wet summer, it rained every weekend:( Have lot's of people to help dig, move dirt, and move the lingers around. If you have the cash hire someone, if not plan plan plan :) Frogged

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Hello y'all

here are some pics of our pond.. hope it'll give you and idea of what we have!.

Thanks for the Help.

Lori & Carlos

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of our pond (picasa web)

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Btw, the area we are thinking of adding is where the little fence is. Pretty much where our son is standing in one of the pictures. Most of these pictures were taken in the spring before the plants really began to grow. The last one was taken in the fall by the previous owner. There are very few plants in the area we are thinking of digging up.

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Looking at the pictures, and knowing the size, I think the
best solution for you would be to just dig a larger pond,
this way you'll get the size and shape you want.
You can re-use your existing liner for a waterfall.

If you decide to go this route, you should consider a bottom
drain and mechanical filter system. If you're handy you can do this yourself.
Piecing an existing pond while the pond is in place is
not an easy task. Our main pond was 10' x 18' that's
why we added on the 6' x 13' foot dog leg, as we had
no choice it was easier to add on, than start over.

This may not be what you want to hear, but it would be easier and quicker as well. Either way you're still digging
a bigger hole.

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That's kind of what I was thinking too. Also, the pond has been in place for somewhere around 8 - 10 years so I was worried that we may run into problems with the liner if we start mucking around with it. I'm just worried about my fish while we do this. I don't want to change the location so we'd still be using the original hole and just adding to it. This all won't happen til the spring anyway but I'm just trying to prepare for what we're up against.... work wise and financially of course.

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I think you'll be happier with the decision to
just dig an entire larger pond.
You have the whole winter to do your arm chair
planning. :)

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Oh my. I found this thread, quite by accident from 2008, about expanding a pond.

For those interested in expanding an existing pond
here's a thread worth reading

Here is a link that might be useful: adding to an existing pond.

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A couple of things for other people reading this thread and thinking about seaming liner together. The first if the liner is at half it's life span just replace it. Which I would agree with except what is the life span of 45 mil EDPM rubber liner. Depending on the manufacture they are going to warrantee it for 20 to 25 years. But is that it's life span? No the liner should last about 50 years. It breaks down at the rate of 2% per year in direct Florida sun. The double sided tape does have it's uses but is not necessary in seaming. The 6" wide cover tape is all that is needed. But do not try to seam liner without Firestone primer. Do not use some other brand. Firestone primer is the only primer that will make the seam stronger than the original liner. To clean the liner, new and old use charcoal lighter fluid. Getting a flat strong surface under the seaming area will make it easier and faster. Be careful not to get any wrinkles in the seam. I have seamed lots of ponds with the liner still in them and it is not that hard. But it is far easier if the liner can be removed.

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

Thanks Mike for the details. Can you expound similarly in regards to TotalPond's 20 mil PVC liner?



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