What is an easy way to rid my pond of bullfrogs?

lacledemgJune 29, 2010

We have at least 4 large bullfrogs in our pond and several of our smaller fish are missing. We need an easy way to catch the frogs so they can be relocated. Anyone have any advise or an easy way to catch them? Thanks in advance.

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

It's actually really easy to catch them. First, you will need a fish net...the kind that has enough of a bag on it that you can flip the net part over and keep your captured frog from jumping back out of the net (get this at the sporting goods department at Walmart). Then get a bright flash light and go on the hunt at night. If you shine your light on them, you can slide the net in front of them and they will jump right in. The light blinds them so they can't see the net. I rarely ever get bullfrogs, but if I do, this is a fool-proof easy way to get them out of the pond.

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Where do you live? I could use more bullfrogs.

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I'm in Missouri. My husband has been trying to get them with a net and flashlight for the last few nights, but they seem to come up through the water lily pads then just go straight down when anything gets close. He just keep trying. We have a yorkie and he got a few of them last summer when they were out of the pond, but this summer they don't seem to be getting out of the water all that much.

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You can catch them with a fishing pole or bamboo pole, piece of fishing line and either a fishing fly or piece of red yarn tied to a hook. Most of the time it doesn't hurt the frog. If you're scared of hurting it just use the yarn. The frog will latch onto it and won't let go before you can swing him out into the yard and chase him down. Just dangle the lure in front of it's face and it will strike at it thinking it's a bug. Less destructive for your pond than trying to net them. If you have a hard time getting close get either a long piece of bamboo or a crappie pole, they are 10-12 feet long.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

I have never had a hard time catching mine early evening when they are still "sunning" themselves.

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Yarn and a hook on a pole or yarn on a pole like stated above.

People are always wanting Bullfrogs for a pond but it is not a good idea. A bullfrog will go after anything that moves, including your fish. I have seen frogs with frogs in their mouth trying to eat them. I have seen frogs jump at, and drown birds in our pond. They are not the cute little things that some think they are.

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pat_c(5/ N W OHIO)

I have been watching this post with curiosity. Yes, you can catch and move bullfrogs, but it might be an exercise in futility because more will come. They come and go at will and unless you are prepared to continue your hunt forever, I don't think there's a way to stop them.

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I had a bullfrog, sorry I didn't come across this sooner. He is now gone and so are my fish. Is there a repellent I could use to deter frogs from comming back. I live near a stream and every year I get everything from toads to bullfrogs. Before I restock my pond, I would like to find a way to keep them out without having to cover my pond with a net.

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We don't have bullfrogs in my part of oklahoma just ugly toads that "scream" all night long. I wish they would go away and never come back but I guess thats just part of having a pond. Maybe a decoy like an owl would do the trick but it would probably scare away your birds.I got out yesterday and built up the pond with a few more rocks so maybe they wont have an easy access in and out of my pond.

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We have a huge pond a few blocks away and my husband caught me a couple of bull frogs by using the fishing pole and red yarn and they dont let go... I throw in small feeder goldfish and they eat them and leave all my others alone.

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