I need help finding the right Weigila.

judith745March 22, 2014

Can someone please help? Last fall we had the landscape guy pull four ugly cedars out of our front landscape. He suggested that we replace them with Weigilia which are easier to control plus there will be a flash of color across in front of the porch. The problem is that I really don't care for the pink with reddish leaves. I have seen pictures of Weigilia that tend toward lavender with green and cream leaves. Now it's time to plant and I can't find the ones I want. I did find one named Monet that was perfect but it was a dwarf and I need regular sized plants. I'm running out of time. I would really appreciate any suggestions and help that I can get. Thank you. I live in the Buffalo,NY area.

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I have a couple weigelas but I don't think they are good for a front landscape. I live in Mississippi and they do not leaf out early, and are bare all winter. The flowering period is fairly short. I think you should find something else. I would not be familiar with what works in your northern zone. But there is a plant called lorapetalum, has a purplish foliage year round here, and there is a greenish one too. Flowers in spring. For my front I prefer evergreens or at least several of them with some deciduous because I don't like naked shrubs for a long period. Perhaps you can visit a nursery and see what options are out there yourself.

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