Teeny tiny toad pond

lovefirst17June 7, 2013

I really want to encourage toads to come into my garden. They're cute and we have a lot of slugs (grrrr). But I don't have much money and a fairly small yard. I was thinking of making a small pond. And by small, I really mean small. Like a foot by a foot max. I would like to put it right in or adjacent to my front flower bed.

Any suggestions?

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Toads are mainly attracted to ponds in the spring to breed. They're pretty much terrestrial the rest of the time. They like moist, damp places with lots of food and hiding places. Lots of places to get out of the sun during the heat of the day.

Fun toad fact-- when they gather to breed, the males move into some shallows or wetlands and sing to attract the females. When a female comes, the male leaps on her back and clings to her while she goes and finds a spot to lay her eggs, and he'll then get off and fertilize them.

This scenario can be very interesting when there's not a lot of wetlands in an area, and all the toads congregate in the same area. Then you end up with multiple males all fighting to cling to the same female. It turns into a wild, splashing toad pile

I feel for that poor girl in the center of that mass.

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Build it and they will come.

A sighting outside of breeding season might be rare but they'll hang out if provided a safe habitat. We counted over a dozen during a midnight visit to our puddle during breeding season. I rarely see them the rest of the year but just yesterday, I had to hit the brakes while mowing the lawn to allow for safe passage for one cute lil guy.

Prepare yourself for the noise during breeding season. We sleep w/windows open whenever possible & consider the mating calls a summer lullaby. However, it annoys many people.

One final note: we have, perhaps, more than our fair share of toads. We also have, imho, more than our fair share of slugs. The former population has had zero effect on the latter much to my dismay.

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

That's mighty tiny! Need to bury it in a shady area like under a honeysuckle vine. I would add some water plant like cambomba. I think it would need to be at least a foot or more deep too. What will you do to stop mosquitos from breeding there? Those mosquito dunks are great.

Add a pieces of bark that is part in and part out of the water so the adults and baby toads can get out easily.

In our wildlife pond we see toads hanging out on rocks semi submerged daily. Just taking in the scene. LOL.

We have a bazillion toads this year. Last year we cut the lawn by hand with a lawn licker ... sickle type thing. ZERO herbacides or insectacides too. Now we can barely take 5 steps without finding a warty cutie. Ohhh... and never use a weed whacker. Allll done by hand.

Taspoles need to eat. The water plants will help with that.

With such a small area ... check the water level every day and add to it as needed with some dechlor.

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