Desperately Seeking Help for my wilting Korean Spice Viburnums

kimberlulMay 15, 2010

Hi All. I would appreciate any help or assistance in my brand new to gardening issues for my Korean Spice Viburnums. I recently planted a bunch of different bushes and my viburnums are looking ill (while the rest are doing nicely). They bloomed beautifully (when bought from nursery they were already bloomed) for a few days and then for the last 1 1/2 weeks the leaves are starting to wilt and turn brown. The roots like fine and doesn't look like there are bugs on them. From my readings they are suppose to grow berries in the summer but that doesn't look like it is going to happen. The roots like fine and it doesn't look like there are bugs on them. Is it something with the plant, maybe shock from transplanting? Any help would be wonderful!! Thank you.


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I am haveing the same problem with my leaves wilting on my Korean spice viburnum looks like the picture from kinberlul from Virginia we water but not excessivley
can you help

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