Idyll #340 Gobbleing Our Way to Turkey Day

dodgerdudetteNovember 17, 2007

Time to strap on them feed-bags and chow down ! Pass the wine , please...

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Well just enjoying a well earned rest at the moment. Doug helped me rearrange the shop and bring all the dormant plants down to the basement. We now have everything arranged so that it works for both of us. I've got more plants in less space this year which is a good thing. Doug arranged another long pole to hang the traling fuchsias and it's so convenient. I didn't have the time to finish decanting the last three pots but that will be tomorrow then I'll be done! Woohoo! All the coleus cuttings are starting to put on some real growth and are looking great right now and the alcaphas that were pruned down to a few sticks are all putting on lovely new growth under the lights. I feel like a plant mommy tucking in the babies for the winter sleep.

V. glad to hear you are feeling better.

Martie, good news re the taxes. ~~ I don't think my new garden area will get enough sun for lavender to do well there but thanks for the offer of cuttings.

Sue, good grief! Are you on a self-destruct mode this year? Bummer, hope you are better soon. Take it easy with the garden chores. It will all keep.

Yes indeed, where are Eden and HOney. Please check in if you can.

Kathy, what variety of wine are you indulging in this evening?

OK time to rustle up some dinner. Have a great evening all.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Sue, I had cracked ribs..dare I say.. on my honeymoon. It was horrid. I remember ironing shirts in a VERY stooped position. It healed quite quickly though and I hope yours does too!
Waiting for all the quiet folk to return!
Off to concoct dinner.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hello from a LONG lost Idyll lurker!
It's taken a major issue - or several - to slow down this year. The last of which was my father passing away at the end of September. I think dad had passed the line into being a horder. It's been a nightmare.
While cleaning out the attic of the 'homeplace' my brother was having chest pains and I further trashed my back.
Follow that with a fall flat on my back after 'skateboarding' on a rolling plant stand which was left out on the driveway and it's been a year to remember!
Good news after the bone scan is that nothing is broken. Bad news is I had to have an RF Ablation on my lower spine to get back to work.

Finding the case of unopened Shinola in the attic of my parents house was a sign of things to come! LOL

Happy TDay all.


P.S. Who knew Shinola came in Blue as well? ;)

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Fall clean-up has progressed a bit further here. I cut the last of the zinnias for the house ( 4 vases full ! ) and then out they came. They were showing no signs of slowing down the bloom out put, but were getting pretty ratty looking. Dug up 4 of the Dahlias too, along with numerous weeding chores. I also cleaned one of the bathrooms that I put-off last weekend so I feel productive...
Chelone, wind up clocks o'plenty around here, two of them are 32 hour, one is fifteen day and the rest have to be wound once a week. One of my employees hubby is the clock repair dude here in Napa (there is a Catholic priest that also does it) and so far have had two cleaned and one non-working one fixed. I have another that isn't operational, but it is a minor repair involving the hands and the chime. I never purchase 'new' clocks unless they are on an electronic appliance of some sort. I have always wanted grandfather clock, and am biding my time till the right one presents itself ..not to mention the availability of funds. I could buy about three of them for what this damn teeth thing is going to cost me:(

Sue, how aggravating (and painful) to have yet another injury ! I think you're due for about two years of smooth sailing..

Saucy, I can't imagine scuba diving in November unless it's in Maui ! Abalone diving is a popular pursuit along the Mendocino coast , but I'm firmly a warm-water lady.

Deanne, tonight is an inexpensive Pinot Noir from Mondavi's 2nd label. I like Pinot Grigio, I'll make a note of the Mezzacrona. ..yes, by all means do post a pic of your basement plant hotel- with all the light fixtures that Chelone is buying for the Salon ( is she perhaps planning to perform surgery up there? ) she may be able to rent out overwintering berths to fellow gardeners .
And Chelone, don't forget to get a few regular lamps for better 'ambience' when the Idyllers come for the garage-warming. !

Yes Marian, that Richard Simmons thing is why I gave up perming. My hairdresser told me though that there is now something called a 'bend' which allegedly just gives one a slight wave. I'm skeptical.

Yes, yes V, the slipping sock thing...Very annoying ! I've gotten rid of many a sock that behaved that way. Then there is the long underwear that shrinks in length and you end up with a space between the top off your socks and the bottom cuff of the underwear. All long johns now come from Lands End. No more shrinkage or creepage !

Martie, fortunately my pre-house listing repairs are fairly minor. There is one bathroom that will need quite a bit of work, and I'm going to replace my kitchen countertop, but the rest is painting, a bit of facia replacement, and demolition ( the gazebo). Those courses for your DS sound pretty challenging to me ! But interesting and practical too.

Ok, I'm going to ponder some dinner- think it will be fingerling potatoes and some fresh green beans.

Ta Ta, and hi to all

Kathy in Napa

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

On your honeymonon, Marie...say no more...lololol!

I too have been wondering about Honey and it isn't like Eden to be away so long.

Despite the physical limitations, garden cleanup will continue here tomorrow and no doubt for at least a few more weekends to come. We just get too many leaves in too small of a space to let them sit til spring. As it is, I'll still have piles to rake out in April from the oak trees that don't give them up until after I give up for the season. Getting the perennials cut back is half the battle. Once that's done, raking the leaves out of the beds is easy. Tomorrow I attack the flacid gooey piles that used to be hostas. Hopefully I didn't procrastinate too long digging the cannas and dahlias...

OK, time to start dinner. Chilean sea bass from Deanne's favorite local fish market on the grill, steamed zucchini and a salad. Chardonnay to quench the thirst.

Enjoy what's left of your Saturday!


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I refreshed and there was Jerri! Hi Jerri, and sorry to hear of the rough times and the passing of your Dad.Nice to hear from you none the less...

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

HI JERRI! SOOOOO good to hear from you! Don't stay away too long please. What's the animal situation these days? So sorry about your Dad.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi Kathy and Bug! I have my dad's semi-feral cat in my 'office'. We've only seen her once in the 3 weeks she's been here. It breaks my heart but she is too friendly to just abandon. Her new name is Cally and she is quite fond of the 'good' canned food. She is starting to come around.

I've decided to use part of my inheritance to get a small greenhouse. I hope I get it in time to save the poor plants overwintering in my garage. Dad had a small nursery (4 LARGE GHs and too many Jap. Maples and assorted shrubs to count) at the house and I couldn't leave without a few favorites. It would have been much more than 'a few' if it hadn't been for the sore back.
I have 2 long term foster dogs currently. I'm beginning to attempt to train them. They are large and are going to be a hand full to train. That should be fodder for quite a few stories!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Bug, broken ribs on your honeymoon?! Oh no! Dare I ask...

Long ago a boyfriend broke 3 ribs in a motorcycle accident.
It was early sping and we had the living room windows open for the first time. There was a wonderful breeze and John started sneezing. He sneezed and sneezed and could not stop. I felt so bad for him but it was funny at the same time. I never saw anyone sneeze that many many times in my whole life. Tears were running down his cheeks from the pain and then he started laughing. OUCH!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Sue, no LOL for you until those ribs are healed! What a year you've had.

Jerri, so good to hear from you again. Condolences on the loss of your father (and on the hoarding issue). Hmm, my mother used to having a saying, something about "s*** to shinola"?

Kathy, it sounds like you shop a bit like I do - when you find something that works, you stick with it. For well over 20 years I bought tall length jeans from Eddie Bauer, but then they started messing around with them - changing the style, cheaping out by lopping two inches off the pockets, etc. So LL Bean gets my blue jean money now.

Last night many of us from church went to see "State Fair" at the Opera House. A member of our congregation had a major role in the show. It was a pretty good show, and our friend did a nice job. Good excuse for a night out.

We're trying to get motivated for dinner now...

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I'm beat! I think the garden is pretty much buttoned up. We don't have to rake leaves here Sue, being so out in the open most just blow to the fields, plus the fact that there are only 12 decidous trees in my garden area. What a help our 4 wheeler and trailer are. I loaded up 3 benches and a porch swing on the trailer and drove them to the barn where I store them. The shed is clean, the pots are empty and I put Stabil in the mowers and trimmers. If I get anymore suitable days, there is always hydrangeas to be protected, the children's garden, mulching and the list goes on. It is now too dark to do anything after work.

I had a freaky experience while cutting back a daylily. I was cutting away and I noticed something white. Here I had cut a baby garter snake in half. EWWWW!

As for socks that stay up I only wear gold toe trouser socks for work.

Jerri, great to hear from you, it sounds like a tough year, my condolences to you.

Deanne, I did buy one of those shelves from Sams, but out of the 4 lights I bought 3 didnÂt work, whatÂs with that? I had to put it together myself because Rick is just so busying trying to put his "garden" to bed for the winter. Then I forgot the S hooks, so I struggle along.

Âbug, he not only has screws and a plate but a couple of rods too. The surgeon who did the one from the front did a fine job with little scarring, but the one that did the back left him looking like a laced up football. I love ReedÂs little bear hat.

Sue, bummer on the ribs. What next???


A shot from today, Berberis thunbergii"Moniers", a fantastic all season shrub that is still strutting its stuff. Its a nice chartruese color the rest of the season.

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That berberis is gorgeous. Glad to hear you're back to full speed, Michelle. I'm sure that snake didn't know what hit him!

The house and I went mano a mano yesterday, and from my aches and pains today I think the house won. Kicked my tuchas. Fatigue must release my inner polygot (thank you rice game!). Among multiple chores was attacking the much neglected row of box hedges in the front yard. It's now rejuvenation or death for the box, and I don't much care which at this point. We use the box as a dodge to get around front fence height requirements, which are 3 feet, and the box easily top 5 feet, so it would be a shame to lose the privacy. I'll never forget reading the playwright David Mamet's piece in the LA Times ranting against the new city ordinance of Santa Monica to enforce hedges to the 3-foot requirement. Many, many people encircle their homes with 8 ft, 10 ft, and higher hedges, esp in busy urban neighborhoods, and Santa Monica decided it was time to stop looking the other way. Not sure how that brouhaha ended up. I just googled a search string and got some hits. One is linked below.

Jerri, pleased to make your acquaintance. Seems you have the requisite idyll pet, i.e. cats. And I can't wait to hear about your greenhouse purchase. I'll bet your father would be pleased with your use of the inheritance sum.

The last perm I had done on my already wavy hair brought out a previously unnoticed and most unwelcome resemblance to Harpo Marx. After my firstborn, my hair was just cr*ppy, and I was desperate to try anything. Never again.

DH and I watched The Forsythe Saga DVDs Fri night, sipping Grand Marnier and enjoying the misbehavior of the Forsythe clan. I've seen it and wasn't sure he'd be interested but he's hooked and there's still several hours of viewing to go. If anyone has a favorite PBS series, I'd love to hear it. Our local library keeps a good stock of old PBS shows. One of the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series usually lulls me to sleep at night. Ah, for the smug certitude of Victorian England! I've also got a Netflix of an 8-hr Italian series called The Best of Youth and Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz on its way.

There have been National Geographic photographers at DH's work this past week for a piece on the largest international ports to air in March '08, and he had their cameras in his face most of Fri, so is now fretting over it. Communicating over the radio to talk to ships, he repeatedly mispronounced some Chinese ship's name, with the cameras rolling, and a Dutch ship too. Couldn't be something simple like one the Evergreen ships, of course. LA harbor is abuzz over the San Francisco ship plowing into the bridge and the resultant awful fuel spill. Quite a few LA pilots have moved to SF but Coda (sp?) isn't one of them. That's a career-ending accident.
Chelone, the awning-stripe cushions on your found chairs is smashing. Did I read right, that the salon might also be a springboard for new sewing endeavors? Which would explain all the lights. I finally, after daydreaming about it for years, brought a favorite pair of threadbare pants to a local seamstress with some yards of wool crepe stored for ages in a cedar chest and said make me some new pants. We'll see what she can do.

Thanks again for the salvia sleuthing, Martie -- I'm sure it'll be widely available in spring. I've planted four Goodwin Creek Grey lavender around the perimeter of the fringe tree as well as a few spots elsewhere. Lovely stuff indeed. The fringe tree inky berries leave indigo stains on the bricks, and when passed thru a bird's digestive tract the blue splash is quite a sight, like Jerri's blue Shinola.

What riches to have four vases of zinnias!

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Battling the vacuum here. No, not the existential one, the mechanical thing. How and when did I manage to suck a pentel half way up the hose?

Just popped in to say 'hi' and on my way out to the warmth. Still waiting for a decent frost. Gobble Gobble.

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Why is it that I always pass up Berberis?? A beautiful specimen, Michelle.

I'm not going anywhere near broken ribs on a honeymoon ;-)

Good to see you Jerri, and glad that you're through the worst. A greenhouse sounds like a perfect way to use the money. Details!

Good to know you're okay, Marian. A lady at work has a purse made out of an Armadillo shell and I knew what it was! Perhaps you could start a side business ....

I'm loving the idea of refurbishing furniture or expanding your horizons in that direction, Chelone. What you did with your find is amazing, and certainly the additional investment still has you coming out ahead. Do you know how to cane? It's really pretty easy and comes in handy for older furniture. My dad did it before his hands started to shake too badly; a lost art? I hope not.

In the hustle and bustle of life in five directions, I completely forgot that today I'm going to see a touring company performance of Wicked with my sister. She got us tickets for my birthday way back in June, and called last night to find out when/how we would hook up. The reviews are outstanding, the story just plain fun, and I'm sure I'll be raving next time I stop in.

And this morning at the market there were actually Thanksgiving napkins available!! I thought retail had booted it out in favor of Halloween to Christmas without pause.

Even though I earn my living supporting food shows other than PBS's, Julia Child will probably be one of my all-time favorite TV shows in the world. For a young girl/woman living in a small New England town, she brought a certain level of living to me and at the same time reminded us all that class doesn't always mean "proper." LOL

Not any more for now, but have a great day!

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Hello Everyone

Jerri - welcome back! Stick around if you can and congrats on the greenhouse. Marian, good to hear from you too. You'd asked a while back if anyone had hear from Ei and I was wondering the same. I imagine that like Honey she has a lot on her plate, some of it hard stuff and I hope things are not overwhelming. Every time I see a playful use of punctuation I think how much I miss her!!!!

GB - I see others have made mention of the fact that your broken rib occured on your honeymoon so I'll snort quietly in private. David, by the way used to refer to a honeymoon as your moonshine LOL! Oddly enough I don't remember ironing too many shirts on mine but Sue take note!!

The conference I attended last week was great - interesting and relevant speakers including one of the best play therapists I've ever heard. I think my talk went OK. I've gotten used to speaking to garden groups but addressing two or three hundred is not something I relish. Fortunately people seem to equate having an English accent with being a competant public speaker and I recieved lots of compliments. I did however enjoy the reception much more once my talk was over. Perhaps a bit too much... *Note to self - must drink less at work events*. I ended up in the hospitality suite for out of town participants even though our house is only a mile from the hotel (fond memories of IU4's room 219) and had lively converstions with visitors from Hawaii and New Orleans.

Deanne - I'm mighty impressed that you can get up to level 50 in Free Rice. I can hit 48 but never sustain it. The whole family is addicted after encouraging David and Annie to give it a go. David donated 3000 grains yesterday from around level 10 and he's proud of working his way up.

I should go now as I was hoping the spend the weekend slapping the house into some sort of shape for our Thanksgiving visitors who arrive Wednesday. I've made progress on the leaf raking but neglected any real cleaning inside. Instead I've been cooking a lot, knitting, making progress on the violin/guitar duets and enoying reading Suite Francais. Today is beautiful and I think a walk is a much better use of an afternoon. I'm sure Clousseau will agree.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I had to look long and hard for this one but it's not Thanksgiving without it! Enjoy!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It was minus 8C or about 18F here last night and so decidedly COLD. I covered my rosemary with an old sheet, but really should have lugged it indoors. Today is sunny though only around 35F. I dug out a huge nepeta six hills giant, a bit of feverfew and then pruned back the huge clematis Mrs Robert Brydon. (No snakes were harmed in the execution of these tasks.) Then I came indoors as already at 4:30 the sun is sinking to the horizon. DH may be coerced into dumping the clippings as payback for joining him at a gravelwatch meeting early this morning.

Mary, did I miss what you are knitting? I am working on yet another blanket these days. Tomorrow I have an eye doctor's appointment and hope I don't have too large a dose of eye drops. They sometimes prevent me from driving home again! Tuesday is our first real Book Club gathering, preceded by a soup dinner at friend Linda's home. Then Wednesday I'd best start on the turkey dinner and guest bedroom tidy up.

As to broken ribs, I'm following Sue's advice and "saying no more"...LOL

I've been eating wisely and using the treadmill for an hour or so daily but of course the scales wobble up and down of their own volition. Confusing and discouraging as everyone knows.

I continue with the rice game every so often but don't get to the 50s very often. That doesn't really bother me. Nevertheless, I'll never feed a village.

OK, one more...

Still a bit of weekend left. Enjoy it!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Doug and I had a really productive day in the garden again today. I used up the rest of my finished compost on a shade area next to the shed and put it on top of three inches of shredded leaves on that garden. Im sure hoping that improves the soil in that area which is a real problem. We got all the leaves raked up, shredded and in the compost bin and after emptying the one turned the half cooked bin over into the empty one with all the newly shredded leaves and watered it all well so I should have a full batch ready for spring. Doug mowed the lawn one last time and spread some winterizer fertilizer so we should have a nice lush green lawn for spring. I dont think Im going to cut any more of the perennials back in the borders because Ive got a slew of birds enjoying the seed heads and Im enjoying my feathered friends. Im thinking of getting my blind up after Thanksgiving and start doing some bird photography. Ive got a pair of Hairy Woodpeckers as well as some sweet Red-breasted Nuthatches coming in regularly to the feeders and I dont have any photographs of those yet so cant wait to see what I can capture.

Doug helped me get the last three large pots decanted and I only have to repot the phormium, plectranthus and cporosma kirkii and Im done with everything I want to save. I did discover two more pots out in the gardens that had plants that I dont want to save but I do have to empty them and clean them out so Im not quite done but getting really close.

Anyway, tonight is a chilly one and Im warming myself up with a lovely glass of Glenlivet 18 year old single malt scotch (rocks). Gorgeous!

Jerri! How fabulous to hear from you. How are you girlfriend??? Ive missed you. Sorry to hear about your dad. ~~ Very neat to hear you are going to get a small greenhouse. Im insanely jealous! I really could use one if I could figure out where the heck to put one. Edens been after me for a while to get one like hers.

Kathy, I LOVE the idea of Chelone having a garage warming party. I just dont know how her DH would deal with being descended upon by a horde of crazy Idyllers. ~~ Zinnia pictures please. Four vases full sounds like a gorgeous explosion of color.

Michelle, I cant believe that the light fixtures didnt work. What a pain in the neck. You are amazing putting that shelf together by yourself. Its not hard to figure out but really awkward to get the shelves on with one person. ~~ RE snake Eeeewwwwww. Is right! ~~ Your berberis is gorgeous!

Mary, you are a brilliant woman. Always choose a walk over housecleaning any day. The house will keep. ~~ How neat that David and Annie are also addicted to FreeRice. It really is fun and a great way to kill a bit of time. I distracted myself from being miserable with the prep I had to do on Thursday for the Friday procedure.

Denise, I cant have a perm either. My hair just falls out and it doesnt curl. The last time I tried my head looked like a porcupine so I will never even attempt a different hairstyle again. ~~ Interesting about the hedge restrictions.

OK I guess I need to think about getting some dinner on the table. Have a great evening all.


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I officially have TN company and whatever reservations I had have disappeared. I had not planned for them to stay with me, but found myself prepared when they looked too tired to move from my living room. I think I am liking my house.

My father said to me in a quiet moment today that my house was a "home" and was very comfortable and thanked me for inviting him to stay. I think at 36 I finally feel grown up around my parents.

Deanne and Wendy, I'm only 45 minutes from Chelmsford and I would never pass up a meet with an Idyller :)

So nice to see Jerri!

I will check in soon....tomorrow is a shopping day and then Boston on Tues, Salem and Rockport on Wed.

Nick says there is lots of neat things to see in the cold ocean and my dad swears I can make $50 dollars going to the bottom to find lost articles :) New job for me? I can't wait to see what's down there!!!

I'll talk to you soon! Be healthy and happy Idyll friends.


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$50 if you find my 1968 class ring. (Do not try to calc my age from that. If you do, subtract 20 years, I skipped a bit.)

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Jeesh, its already Sunday ! This weekend flew right by. Consoling however that a three day work-week with a 4 day weekend is on the horizon, and a visit from DD.
Got my turkey today- I wanted a Willie-Bird which is a Sonoma County free range turkey farm , but they were all at least 16 pounds, way to big for 3 or 4 people. Most of my day was taken up with errands, it was a very gray drizzly one for the most part, though the sun came out about 3pm..just in time to start setting !

Deanne, you are getting way to many chores done how can I keep up, lol ! You deserve that single malt scotch and hot-damn that sounds good ! As requested the zinnia pic will be found below

V, I also buy all my jeans now from LL Bean..where else can you get at least an approximation of the inseam length you want ? I have short legs , and have spent many a year hemming pants (which I hate to do ) and being free of that is worth every dime I pay for those jeans.

Denise, I read with interest the hedge link. What do you think prompted the city to start citing people for this ? As long as drivers can see oncoming traffic and pedestrians I cant imagine why you couldnt have a 10 foot hedge if you wanted. I will mundanely name "Upstairs Downstairs" as one of my faves on PBS- and the "Duchess of Duke Street" and "Brideshead Revisited" , I actually never saw the "Forsythe Saga." ..maybe I need to rectify that ! I wonder too what I may be missing now since I gave up watching TV several years ago ( except for baseball ).

Hi Cynthia Im in the same non-frost boat with you..none in the forecast for the next week either. I still have basil and impatiens growing. Not typical for sure..Cant locate your 68 class ring, but I know exactly where my 1969 is. Oddly it seems a bit tight :-(

Martie, I hope you enjoyed your theater outing.

Mary , LOL the internal warning not to drink too much at work events ! How easy it is to say things one should not under those circumstances.

Jerri, I had forgotten about the Gloria Gaynor turkey ..thanks for posting it too funny.

Zinnias..collected and moved to one table for thier portrait..(Denise, note the green Bauer pillow vase...)

Okay night all, and how about Babs and Brenda ???

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I think I am officially the first casualty of turkey day - tried to slice off my thumb joint as I was cubing sourdough bread for the stuffing. That makes it sound little worse than it really was - I will survive!

Thanks for finding the video, Jerri. I always smile at that one.

DH and I were going to watch "Hotel Rwanda" tonight but the DVD was damaged, so we watched "What About Bob?" instead. Same intellectual level, right?

Stopped at Starbucks this afternoon and the cashier (whom I did not know) asked me when my daughter would be home! Our Starbucks is open on Thursday, so I think I will send DD down to visit... hee hee!

DH is hatching plans on the phone; must run in self defense!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

So here we are on the Monday of Turkey week and Ive not even begun to clean the house yet. Yikes! Perhaps I ought to get myself in gear and do something about that. I could bake my nut breads today. I still have those pesky few plants left to pot up and need to do that today as well. The temps are going to get very chilly the next two nights and Id like to get all the tender plant material out of the garage. I always feel like such a nu-nu this time of the year when I realize that I have hundreds (truth be told it might just be more than that) of tender plants, cuttings, tubers, rhizomes etc. etc. etc. in the house. Am I afraid that there wont be any nurseries open in the spring? Yesterday after Doug helped me decant the pot that had the HUGE seven foot papyrus in it I realized that the roots of that plant still looked viable so even after Id decided to just let that one go I carved out a couple of likely looking pieces and potted them up. So if they actually grow where do I think Im going to put them??? Te he I was surprised that the rhizomes for the Canna Tropicana Black were fairly small considering the size of that plant. They arent any larger than the ones for the dwarf cannas. Oh yes, I almost forgot, Doug managed to find two of the three fish left in the pond and we caught them so now there is just one little one left.

Saucy, a lovely sentiment from your dad. ~~ Now thats pretty neat that you are only 45minutes from Chelmsford. You are only a little bit farther than Wendy and I. Very neat that you will join us for our planned luncheons.

HI Cynthia! LOL about subtracting the 20 years. I used to tell people that Id had my daughter at 15,,,, then 10 for some reason they didnt believe me. If I wanted to do that now Id have to tell them I had her before I was born.

Kathy, the zinnias are just gorgeous! I love that green vase. Beautiful! ~~ Neato that you like single malt Scotch! It was every bit as marvelous as youd imagine. Doug bought me that bottle for a present a couple years ago and I ration myself.

V. Sorry about your thumb. Thats normally my MO. I can be very unhandy with sharp implements.

OK time to get to the gym and put in my hour on the Stairmaster. Im looking forward to hearing about everyones Thanksgiving plans and preparations this week.

Have a great day!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is below freezing here, the pond is iced over. Flurries are expected Friday for sure. YUCK.

I'm sorry about your lost class rings. This was my highschool class ring. I don't choose to wear a big BS on my hand. There are those who might enjoy doing so, but not moi. (Buffalo Seminary- formerly the Buffalo Female Academy)

A few things to tidy up around here before digging in to the Thanksgiving prep.


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No timme for chitty-chat sadly.

But wanted to say HELLO! to long lost Jerri!. I'm very sorry to learn of your father's death and the subsequent trials. I hope you think of him every time you enter that greenhouse. And the the kitty will "come around"... just takes patience to build trust.

Now... our neighhor's kitty has been hanging around our yard a great deal. I'm worried. Not because he is outdoors, but because he obviously likes hanging around here more than his own yard. I suspect he was an "impulse adoption" and doesn't get the sort of attention all kitties need. Sigh...

It could be a bit before I'm able to reply appropriately. :(

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Yet another trip to the vet today. It seems that Mystic the Itchy Dog is allergic to leaf mold... Although that is a better answer than "your dog has fleas". I was pretty sure that it wasn't fleas but I'm relieved to have my hunch confirmed.

Today I got the Christmas schedule worked out with the kids. So tonight DH asked me what the plans were for New Year's Eve. Crimeny, can we get through Thanksgiving?

Kathy, the zinnias are gorgeous.

'bug, the BS ring is quite funny!


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Well, I forced myself to power through a set of sleeves and a hem on lovely, cozy mohair robe for an elderly woman this evening. Even though I didn't really want to.

I wanted to comment on the Forsyte Saga. I own the entire series in two volumes. I love it. The story is great (if you haven't read it, do!), the costumes are sumptuous (and correct!), as are the sets. And isn't Soames positively reptilian?! Other favorite PBS series are "Elizabeth R" (Glenda Jackson) and "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" (Keith Michell OWNS the role of Henry!). Also in the stacks are, "The Pallisers" and "I Claudius". From A&E look for "Longitude", wasn't nuts about "Horatio Hornblower" (you'll recognize the lead actor), but have loved several other things they've done.

The Zinnias are great... which vase were you referring to?

I wanted to tell Marian the the Gingkos I pass daily have shed all their leaves and I was stunned to note that 2 of them are FEMALE. You almost never see a female tree because the fruit has (allegedly) a foul smell. I'm going to stop tomorrow and see if I think so. Anyway,I read somewhere that there is some discussion about a loss of diversity due to the fact that the males are preferred in the landscape?!

That's all I can remember right now. Last week was a long one and my lame-ass co-worker won't be in at all this week. (But is going to a CT casino tomorrow). Why am I even surprised?

I did manage to address the loss of function of the right hand "shift" key on my my keyboard. I took the back off, used a darning needle to pry out the accumulated cat hair, crumbs, etc. and then thumped it on my thigh several times before reassembling it. Methinks I'll use the vacuum blower on it when I do the baseboard heat.

Sleep tight!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I love the Zinnias. They were a favorite of my Mom's and always remind me of her. The Berberis is just wonderful too. Must BUY one soon!

This is a drive by post. My hard drive died so I'm sharing a computer with my game playing geek husband.
He's like an animal pacing around his den right now. LOL

I had to post this link. It's just hillarious, especially with my health issues of late. ROFL

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Went to work in the dark, came home in the dark. But, another month and we start to get longer days again. Can spring be far behind ?
So Chelone, do I read the Forsyte Saga before I watch it ??Please advise ! I usually prefer to read first. And you are so right, I had forgotten about the excellent Henry VIII and Glendas Elizabeth. They would absolutely be worth another viewing, have not seen them in many many years. I look forward to your comments on the alleged vile-smelling Gingko-ess. I have never seen nor sniffed one.the green square vase is a Bauer pillow vase. I have collected Bauer since the late 70s-it was a Los Angeles pottery company very popular in the 20s through early 60s, now defunct in its original form. Its very collectable and can be pretty expensive if in mint condition.

bug, in spite of the BS I like the simple design of your ring.

Deanne, Im glad you decided to spare your beautiful papyrus.

Okay. Thats all for tonight. Leftover enchiladas tonight, and a nice evening with my murder mystery and then to bed by 9


Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone I look forward to your report on the ginkgo fruit.
I am posting another very interesting article on the subject...and hereafter I shall refer to it as the Maidenhair Tree....;-)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Deanne may send me to my garage this weekend to try and resurrect my King Tuts.

I had to laugh this evening when I noted that there is ONE leaf remaining in my ginkgo. Chelone, at U. of I. in Champaign (my alma mater) there were some female ginkgoes and I seem to recall that in spring, the ginkgo is stinko! I have read that the planting of so many male trees (of all species) instead of "messy" females has caused spring pollen counts to rise.

Mystic already seems much calmer since getting his allergy shot. The little boy just sat there looking into the vet's eyes as he got the shot - not a single squirm!

I'm still searching for the attitude adjustment tool at work. I can't decide if I'm just getting super-sensitive or if my boss has a serious case of crankiness lately. Today, he called me wondering why I was not doing anything about all the problems with Outlook (the email program, not my personal outlook). Well, I wasn't experiencing any problems and no one else had called me to say they were having problems, so imagine that - I was doing nothing about it. Thirty minutes of chasing tails later, it was decided that there really weren't any serious "issues", but I was the one left stewing over why I was getting chewed about out problems I didn't know about. grr... We have a couple of newer employees who do not have their own workstations, and they are both a little more computer savvy than many of our other employees. I suspect that one or both of them may be making some changes - not maliciously, just trying to make the computer "better" - and I have discreetly suggested that they need closer supervision. Perhaps I need to throw discretion out the window? Or perhaps it's time to climb out of the window?

le sigh... and I wonder what Da is up to?

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Those zinnias were like a jolt of visual Red Bull this morning. Mary, I'd have probably visited that hospitality suite BEFORE speaking to 300 people! Very impressive.

Longitude, a book I never finished, is a great idea. We own the Hornblowers and loved them. Sure, the sets are a bit dodgy sometimes, but you've got the Napoleonic wars and men in tights and ruffled shirts, so what's not to like? Kathy, I can ship the first set of Forsythe off to you, say the word.

I was rinsing out some cups and saucers of my MIL's old china this morning in preparation for Thurs and had the brainstorm to Google the set's provenance. The manufacturer is Lowestoft of England, and the set is probably early 1900s. I had no idea. My own private Antique Roadshow moment. My MIL was going to pitch the set in the trash rather than move house with it again, so I took the lot and stored it in the built-in breakfront for the past 18 years or so. I think I'll buy some cheap coffee mugs and put the china carefully away. I've linked a photo of it. These plates apparently were made in China from English designs then shipped directly to Boston. The set must have been 50 yrs old at least when given to my MIL upon marriage, but whose it originally was will remain a mystery. The MIL had a near-complete rupture with her East Coast relatives and most have now passed on so don't suppose I'll ever know.

The job today involved police dogs, the breed Belgian Malinois which I hadn't heard of, about 75-80 lbs. During breaks we chatted about police dogs, and I mentioned a high-profile case here in town where the suspect shot and killed the police dog. The dog was given a hero's funeral. Someone wryly commented that whenever a suspect shoots a police dog, the suspect himself will undoubtedly not survive the day. It's like a fellow officer has been shot and the police respond with due force. The dogs are bred and trained by the Dutch, have been for at least decades, and then the dogs are imported and officers trained to work w/the dogs. The dogs respond to Dutch commands. I'm always amazed how politely my silly questions are answered, like if you work over 8 hrs, does the dog work the extended shift too? Union rules or what?

What a font of useless info today. G'night all.

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Perfectly beastly morning outside; cold and raw, and the prognosticator is warning of pocket of freezing rain. Ewww.

My afternoon will be filled with the sounds of the "big Kirb.". I have to address the dust and animal hair before Thanksgiving. Also give the silverware a quick once over to determine whether or not some polishing is in order... .

I love the pillowvase! I thought that might be the one, but am not much of a collector of things like that (Mum's house will disgorge a plentitude of similar baubles, I'll bet). And I love Denise's china... looks like something a bride at the turn of the century might bring to the marriage, huh. I have my great-grandmother's china it's by Tressemann & Vogt and is well over 100 yrs. old; similarly dainty. I even have a soup tureen... no woman should be without one. :) One of the things about being the last female standing in Mum's immediate family is that all the "treasure" has ended up here... we have joked repeatedly that selecting the china and flatware for festive occasion requires a great deal of thought. You know what I really want, though? a wicker cornucopia... and every year I forget to buy one, Mum's has yet to surface.

The woman who dropped the robe off is a new customer; a pushy one, too (very bad). She turned up on my doorstep WITHOUT an appointment on Sunday afternoon, announcing she'd seen my car in the driveway (amazing) and thought she'd "check" to see if the robe was finished! I had 1/2 a sandwich in one had, Rex's collar in the other and pointedly asked if I'd perhaps forgotten an appointment? I did not even offer to make one at that time, telling her instead I'd call her on Monday when the robe was finished. I will be happy to work for her again, but we will gettin' the protocol straight in very short order. I love it when friends drop by because they're "in the area", but I think it requires a lot of gall to presume that because I'm home I'm "on call". Is it just me?

V., I can't imagine you being cranky, is MUST be your boss. When you find the most successful attitude adjustment please let me know. That sort of crankiness really grinds me to a nub, too. So, is it the flowers that create the fruit that smell and not the actual fruit itself? so many mysteries to be revealed.

Will try Horation Hornblower again, per Denise's recommendation. As for reading first and watching after: dunno, I watched first and then read. Personally, I found the Galsworthy book a little slow, at first and had to really work myself "into the mode"; unusual because I love the works of Wharton. Maybe it was frame of mind at the time I read it.

More links I want to check, but they'll have to wait until later as "I must needs away" before the sun rises.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning Idylland,

Well, my car is in the garage! Woohoo! And not a moment too soon, we are supposed to get an inch of snow today. All the tender plant material is now stored away dormant or under lights for the winter. Doug just shook his head when he calculated that it took me a month to accomplish. Here are a couple shots of the light set ups

These are the basement units. My utility sink is on the other side of that work table on the right so very convenient for watering the plants. Im planning on painting that cement wall behind the carts white sometime soon to reflect more light back onto the plants.

This is that massive angel wing begonia after I cut 2/3s of it back before bringing it in.

And my coleus standard. Id left quite a bit of foliage on this one when I brought it in then realized it had some kind of caterpillar munching away on it so I took every leaf off of it and severely pruned the stems. Its finally showing some nice new growth. I was afraid Id killed it for a while.

This is what it looked like in the summer

This is the upstairs light unit with the coleus babies and some cuttings

And a close up of some of the pretties

Chelone, Id have been seriously not happy with a customer just showing up without an appointment. I had a lady from Texas show up at my door one time because she was visiting New England and she thought shed stop by to meet me. Good grief!

Denise, how neat about your china! Its lovely. I hope you use it. We have some Waterford and I use it all the time. (In fact I have some fuchsia cuttings in a Waterford vase at the moment.) Weve only broken one piece in the twenty years weve been using it. ~~ You have the most interesting job. Ive never heard of that breed of dog before.

V. glad Mystic is doing better. RE job, sounds like it might be time for a change. The boss giving you crap for something you were unaware of is either stupid and unfair or a mind-game, neither of which you should have to deal with in your work. How the heck can you do your job if you are having to second guess whats going on in his head? ~~ LOL about the King Tuts

Kathy, I love your attitude. "another month and we start to get longer days again. Can spring be far behind ?" You bet. Im always in a better frame of mind after the days start getting longer.

Jerri, great video and too funny.

OK I guess Im off to the gym then to the grocery store. Must bake pies and nut breads today since I spend all day finishing up cleaning out the garage yesterday.

Have a great day everyone,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Treadmill workout done, turkey out of freezer to start thawing, book finished for tonight's book club meeting, but it is the last warmish day so I must cut back the monkshood and some other stuff too. The mower is STILL in the repair shop. At least the repairs will be at no cost to us, but it means the leaves are still blowing about.

Attitude adjustment needed for Chelone's client, not for V.

Deanne, honestly! (eyes rolling emoticon inserted here!) You'd think you were trying not to buy new plants next spring. I KNOW that is not true! Anyway, it is a lifesaver to deal with those babies during the long winter months! I only have one shelf unit but have many things (OK, coleus) in jars and pots all around the back room. That's where the treadmill is too.

Was hunting down songs to make a CD for the 8 year old grandson and came across this one. Give it a listen.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Lizzie is expecting 7 puppies on Dec 22nd! Surprise! I am putting a deposit down today and hope that with good luck, we will have a puppy at the end of February! SOOOO excited and so is DH! The daddy is a darker colour, so we aren't yet sure what we will get. Lizzie lives in Nova Scotia but is coming to Ontario to have her babies. :)

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I'm officially procrastinating. I don't want to vacuum. The stove is warm and the kitties are oh-so-comfy and the noise will disturb them. What's a girl to do?

'bug, that news is SO exciting. When should we begin the "countdown"?

Deanne, you have lost whatever marbles you had left the last time I saw you! I cannot believe the zeal with which you approach cuttings and overwintering.

Mum would have loved the cuttings in the Waterford. I am right there with you about USING pretty things. I got that from Mum; she always maintained that lovely things broken in honest service (not through carelessness) had lived an honorable life. The real pity was a lonely exisitence "in the china cabinet".

Speaking of bosses... had a strange exchange with mine this morning. We were chatting while working and I mentioned that it was going to be strange not to have Mum milling around oohing and ahhing over a pretty holiday gathering. "Well, it will be just the way it was 5/6 years ago when she wasn't in your home!". I was shocked that she would say something so callous, and very, very hurt. It made me want to cry. It reminded me of V.'s "vacation" days.

I harvested 4 Ginkgo fruits on the way home. I promptly dropped one and it rolled under the front seat of the car. I have yet to retrieve it, so it seems I will get a real life test of the smell... . The car was cold and what limited scent I got smelled vaguely of vomit... not overpowering, not pleasant, but not truly repulsive. I'll keep you updated. :)

I found a copy of the Garden Conservancy newsletter on the table when I got home today. I looked at a photo from 1989 showing the GC founders. There was Angela Lansbury at the lower left (wearing spectator pumps, my favorites!) and it made me wonder where EDEN is and if the Creepy Guy has begun his trip?

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb- ooh a puppy for Christmas!!! Reed better watch out; the competition is looking pretty tough :-)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

in a strange burst of energy, I came home from work and rearranged the furniture and plants all by myself. I feel more prepared for Thursday now.

Chelone, between you and me, I am having my brother's wife and kids over for dinner on Thursday but I have not said anything at work. I just don't want to hear anything stupid, you know? If asked, I'm just saying that I'm having a small group.

By the way, I don't recommend testing the scent of ginkgo fruit by misplacing one in your car. In your boss's car maybe, but not in yours.

Reminds me of something I did on Sunday. I decided to visit a small shop that had been in town but had moved to a slightly larger location in the next town over. It;s one of those places that you can get to more than one way, and I was "in a mood" Sunday and not up to the task of deciding which way to go. So I turned my fate over to my GPS system and let her rip. Sure enough, the GPS did not go the way I would have chosen, but as I was driving past the hospital, I noticed lots of lime green on the ground below a tree. YES! A bumper crop of osage oranges!!! I pulled into the hospital parking lot (much to the displeasure of the GPS - "Please make a legal U turn!") and gathered a quick handful before anyone could notice the crazy lady on the side of the road. One of them is a "conjoined twin" that I've decided will make a nice snowman right after Thanksgiving.

Exciting news about the puppy!

Our weather is supposed to take a turn for the worse tomorrow evening. DD is driving home tomorrow morning and DH flies in tomorrow early afternoon. I just hope they both get here before the bad weather does.

I ordered a load of firewood today and was pleased that they could deliver it tomorrow, so that the college kids can spend some time stacking it. Could have knocked me over with a feather when DD called later in the afternoon to see if wood had been ordered so she can stack it tomorrow before it snows!

Break over - back to work for me!


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There is really nothing like this group to bring a smile to a decidedly downcast face... . It was a chilly, gloomy day, I'm feeling sort of nostalgic, and it's also the 14th. anniversary of a dear friend's suicide. So, V., you really said all the right things. In spite of my glum demeanor, I DID see the humor in the Ginkgo fruit rolling to an "undisclosed location" in my car. :) Tell me more about osage oranges.

I addressed the clutter instead and left the Big Kirb. in the closet. The place looks better already. The helpmeet spent the day unloading Christmas trees and returned home pretty wet. I put something in the "walk-in" dryer and noticed the smell of Christmas trees! He's gone out to do the "holiday marketing" tonight, rather than face the last minute chaos tomorrow. I have to bail out the turkey and a pastry tomorrow, AND deal with the Kirby. Every thing else is "good to go".

Tomorrow is going to be a short day... I can feel it.

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I came home early today, 4pm , so that I could speedily move all plants that may be in harms way from the next few nights where frost is predicted. Most begonias are placed in various locations inside, with a few more tucked under the eaves up next to the house. Moved a few succulents (the Kalanchoes primarily) and the fuchsias will have to sink or swim. Looks like pulling up those zinnias last weekend was the right thing to do

V., being a reluctant IT support back up person I can understand your frustrations with users who want to customize or go around the system we are on a terminal server network with 200 plus users . Then there are people who go too fast, have fat fingers or get into virtual jams from which they cant exit , and want to blame the IT dept for what is in reality operator error . Since IT is not my real job I surely get agitated over some of this stuff that I have to spend time on when I have so many other things on my plate. However, one thing I do have is an extremely supportive boss , with whom I have an excellent relationship. I hope you are able to sort things out to your satisfaction. Nothing worse than feeling that bad attitude creep up on you.

Deanne, I am just in awe of your over-wintering set up ! Is there any natural light in the basement ? How many hours do you keep the lights on ?

Denise, I love that china ! I have always wanted to collect china, plates and bowls only, but my Bauer is in every nook and cranny, and one must be practical. Thanks for the kind offer of Forsyte , but in discussions with co-workers one volunteered that they had it and would lend it. No shipping required ! I think I will try to fit it into January, though my pile of books and movies for winter continues to multiply.

Chelone, I have 4 pillow vases, a white , a turquoise (which is a classic Bauer color) and chartreuse and the olive green in the pic. ..Yes to Wharton, Rebecca West too.
I concur that the robe lady was out of line. And on Sunday ?? And vomit certainly sounds like an enticing aroma for the lady Ginkgo. One can understand her unpopularity.
Funny you should mention the first load of trees- ours came today too. I got a sheepish call from the Nursery division to say that they had inadvertently requested that the retails on the 6 foot Doug Firs be higher than the 7 to 8 footers and could I fix it ? I fixed it.

bug, how exciting about your impending blessed canine event ! And how about that winter solstice due datethe first day of the road to spring ! It must be fate.

Okay, time to retire to reading room.

Hello to all, including our absent friends..

Kathy in Napa

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I love new ideas. We have Osage oranges all over the place in our 'back 40'. I'll try a green snowman! They sound much better than the Ginko fruit although I'd love to see one. Ginkos are my favorite tree.
Kathy, we are putting in a new Terminal Server farm now. I didn't know you were so multi-talented. (I won't tell since you don't like being support) ;)
Lizzie is just beautiful Bug. I'm sooo excited to have a new Idyll baby on the way! Congratulations!
Deanne, your setup is just amazing. I thought we were soul sisters until I saw the pictures of your garage. That confirms it. No way could I be related to anyone so talented and ORGANIZED!

ARGH! Ken is pacing again. I feel a new laptop for Christmas. Good night all.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good evening all,

Im relaxing with a lovely Tanqueray 10 martini, rocks, dash of Noilly Pratt vermouth, Santa Barbara Olive Co. Garlic stuffed olives after a day of intensive baking (nut breads and pies).

So Chelone I thought Id give you a good laugh. (After that thoughtless remark from your employer I thought you could use a chuckle at my expense. Sorry for that. She couldnt have realized how hurtful that remark was.) You didnt see pics of the dormant plants in Dougs shop. (What a jewel he is to give me space for the winter.) Anyway I probably have a hundred or so plants dormant and that isnt counting all the tubers and rhizomes. So if you thought Id lost my marbles earlier, now you will really know the extent of my silliness. Here are a couple pics of the couple hundred plants I have in dormancy.

You can see the pole Doug set up for my hangers. The brugs and Banana are in the corner.

Bug, how exciting! A new puppy for the new year. Cant wait for the blessed event.

V . wonderful that your DD wants to stack wood! Wow!

Kathy, no, there isnt any natural light in the basement. I run those lights 15 hours a day. Dont ask about my utility bills. LOL Hope your fuchsias weather the frost.

Jerri, I dont care what you say. Ive always felt and will always feel that we are, in fact, Soul sisters. :) ~~ A new laptop is definitely in the cards for you for Christmas.

A busy day here for us tomorrow. Weve got to move the sofa and easy chairs out of the dining/family room and add the leaves to the dining table, take the extra table out of the corner and get that set up, bring up all the extra chairs from the basement, iron the table cloths, set the tables, do the turkey day shopping, make the cranberry sauce and finish the baking. Phew, Im getting tired thinking about it. We are now up to 22 for dinner with an extra two for the dessert buffet. What fun.

OK its way past my bedtime. Nite all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Deanne, I understand! Did the treadmill, need to make up the beds, then the stuffing bread cut up, cranberry sauce made, etc. The turkey is still defrosting.

But first, there are 2 piles of debris to collect and dispose of. They are sitting in the rain and are soggy and awful. Yuck. But if I wait they may be permanently frozen as ice pellets and 2-5cm of snow are expected this afternoon. Must bring the rosemary indoors too.

Then there's my haircut appointment too.

Anyway, it is a fun time, but BUSY! DS & Co arrive around 4am. What a schedule!

Oh! And book club was great fun last night. The lemon tart for dessert- with fresh raspberry puree- was not bad either! ;-)


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Good morning

I'm in the sort of cleaning frenzy brought about by out of town guests, procastination and necessity. This is NOT the fun part of the holidy for me, but cooking, enjoying meals together and spending time with family are there as a reward. The children's bathroom is sparkly clean, guest room shaping up nicely and all the sheets about to come out of the dryer. I'm about to tackle the kitchen and will just need to teach Clousseau to wipe his feet. (Perhaps the two legged inhabitants too!)

Will be back later on my break LOL!


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It is truly November, with a quick few inches of snow yesterday that was just enough to coat the grass and make driving a living he^). After fun and games of bringing a few more pieces of documentation to the IRS office (more later) went and filled in the decoration gaps for tomorrow and found most TG stuff 60-80% Off!! The house is decidedly happy :-)

What most impresses me about Deanne's setup is everything has a tag. During major overwintering years at Mart's, a lot of the time in about February it was "I'm dormant so guess what I am!!" I'll bet you have all your tubers and rhizomes in separate bags with labels, Right??? A true inspiration to all of us who just get it inside in time not to freeze.

And thinking of Kathy with basil in her garden causes insane jealousy on this coast. LOL

I don't have set(s) of china, but I do have some very special pieces, including the cake knife that was used at three generations major family events. It's always placed on an ancient doily and no holiday would be the same without it. I get it because i'm the oldest (stick out tongue sign, here).

Well, I'd love to hate the IRS but the three hours we spent with a LEAD investigator who teaches others to find financial flaws for a living actually was helpful. As a result of her knowledge and my intense documentation, we are ending up with a substantial refund for the two years. (We'll not push going all the way back to the statute of limitations cut off and trying to get more.) She said that in her 20 years of doing what she does, only 5 or 6 people got refunds.

Knowing full well that others here have had horrendous experiences, I can say that the audit was fair, and the resulting windfall a real surprise. I had a feeling we were ahead, but she really helped us be WAY ahead. Honesty WINS!!

I might just be able to have a real bedroom set for the first time in my life since the greenhouse idea is kaput.

Lizzy has no idea the joy she is to bring. Shall we start a pool for the imminent event?? Has a name been chosen?

It took me a while, Marian, to correlate Maidenhair to ginkgo, but since ginkgo fast became a designer herb, I call it Maidenhair so that unknowing folks don't just eat the fruit to remember shopping lists. Don't get me started ....

Feeling for those with IT at work woes, I am ever grateful for the extremely talented team we have who pick up phones, walk me through, fix my mistakes, and send me on my way without one iota of judgment. I never do it on purpose .....

Feels strange to be this holiday without Kyle around. He and 6 country's worth of friends will be dining on "large chickens" and, I would imagine, some very fine Scotch. Even at just 21 he has a palate for the good stuff -- comes from his mother's heritage and a small taste every Christmas Eve. You'd like him, Deanne :-)

Why is it that sometimes when people think they "know" you they can say such callous things? I'm hopeful that Chelone gets an apology of some sort from both the drop-in lady, her co-worker (I can waylay her on the way to the casino if you want [evil he he he]) and boss. V, Kathy, why is it that we CHOOSE to be "in charge"???? LOL

Cranberry/orange goop is bubbling all over my just cleaned oven. Running ....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Moving on down my "to do" list.

Thought I'd add Keji, the father of the puppies. He's named after Kejimkujik National Park.

Cranberry orange goop in my future.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Server is down so photos may appear later.

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Popping in to say hi! We did the 5 cent tour of Boston yesterday, and we're on our way to see the sea today....then it's off to be fitted for my scuba gear.

It dawned on my that I don't know what one wears UNDER the wetsuit, or how one gets it on....Nick was teasing and said that you use baby oil....I said it'd be pretty funny to show up with a big bottle of baby oil and see how everyone reacts.....ask your dive buddy to help you get your suit on. I secretly think this is quite a silly sport with a lot of work involved, so I'm hoping the beauty on the bottom of the ocean will make it all worth it :) The lobsters in Gloucester are probably getting all gussied up as we speak :)

I'll bet your boss would cringe if her comment was played back to her, Chelone, at least I hope she would. And V....did your job description say anything about mind reading?

Good news on the refund, Martie! I always welcome "surprise" money :)

I have a feeling that there is a housekeeping frenzy going on all over the U.S. today :)

Deanne, your set up is impressive! The first time I met you I remember thinking how smart you are rotating your houseplants (orchids I think it was) from their spot in the house to a spot under the lights.

You guys are funny....its a southern "thing" to knock on the door and say hi. My grandma used to embarass me by stopping at a persons house and say, "I love your house, would you mind if we come in and look around?" I don't ever remember being turned down! Jake and I were laughing about it one day when we thought about what would happen if we tried that....we should make a documentary!

Well, I better get moving....I think (finally) that the gang is all ready :)


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Hello again

I'm moving down my to-do list too and have made the stuffing. Annie whipped up a batch of GF cornbread yesterday and I just cooked the andouille sausage and veggie mix. It is spicy, fragrant with lots of fresh herbs from the garden and slightly (but not too) sweet from the cornbread. Yummm... Stuffing and gravy have to be my favorite part of the meal. I stuff the bird (in the morning) and have a separate side dish too that crips up in the oven.


Saucy - you are a brave woman to be heading to the bottom of the ocean at this time of year - baby oiled up or not LOL! Let us know what you see in the sea.

Jerri - I have bowls of osage oranges all over the house. There is a tree along one of the roads that drops them by the hundreds and a friend and I make a special trip to collect them. I love the smell and feel of them.

Deanne - as always I'm impressed by the scale and neatness of your gardening. How satisfying it must be to survey it all.

Before the orange cranberry goop I have one more bedroom to vacuum. But in case anyone needs a little light relief or an idea for an appetizer here is Amy Sedaris on Martha Stewart making her signature cheese ball. She never fails to crack me up and somehow gets away with saying Bong water on Martha's show.


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Hi Idylls-here's an early Thanksgiving greeting to all the idylls present and past,that you and your loved ones have a peaceful celebration and keep the food fights to a minimum ; )

~Babs(& entourage)

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Hey, so nice to see something from Babs.! such a handsome family... now you need to tell us some news. When you have time, I mean. :)

Mary, I hear ya with respect to the cleaning frenzy. Well... it's not exactly frenzied here. You know, I don't really obsess about stuff like that. This is the way we live and our friends know that. I declutter, shove the vacuum around, dust, clean the bathroom, and that's pretty much it. I've finished polishing silverware. I hauled out my paternal grandmother's set (hasn't seen a tabletop in easily 30 yrs.) and figured this would be a good time to use it. Next chore is ironing the table linen, but I actually like doing that.

LOL about what one wears under a wet suit... baby oil, lol. Thanks for crackin' me right up today, Saucy. I can't wait to hear about the dive. Hope it isn't "wicked dahk down thehah" and you actually get to see something.

Wow, 'bug, that's a serious dog! It looks like a photo to show his breed characteristics and make the case for his worthiness as a stud. I know it isn't "PC", but I like the clipped ears (again, I have no objection to docking a Hackney pony's tail, or setting an American Saddlebred's tail, either). Gotta be honest, though... all that hair around the mouth... sticky. You must get used to it? But the whole thing is very, very exciting. Are you holding out for a girl, or would you take a male? (Like Sue, I prefer the personality of a neutered male).

The pushy customer tried to pull the "I HAVE to have it today, but don't want to commit to a specific time" routine with me today. I politely told her I had a lot of things to do today and that she needed to set a time and be on time, so we didn't waste each other's time. She sent her husband right up (nice guy). I think we understand each other better now.

There will be no apology from my boss or my co-worker (who did spend yesterday in front of a one-armed bandit). I try not to let things like that bother me, but they still do. And that's MY problem, not their's. ;)

I found the local "rag" next to the commode and open to the page of adoptable dogs... wonder what that means?

I howled watching Amy Sedaris, Mary. I have listened to her on NPR and she cracks me up, too! I have to qualify this by saying that I find Martha Stewart too smug for words. While I might enjoy her show on some level I can't stomach HER, at all. So, watching Amy flounce down the stairs and continue in the same, light-hearted vein had me laughing immediately. Amy is my kinda girl! loved the blue balls hors d'oeuvres suggestion. :)

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Happy Thanksgiving eve to all ! I need to do a little research on Osage oranges as I have no clue whatsoever what that is .

Babs, hi to you and your attractive family ! And that fall color in the background looks might purty too

Deanne, I am just speechless yet again with your winter preps. I hope you had at least two of those martinis ! It was dark when I got home today, but the fuchsias look ok, and all the remaining dahlias, zinnias , impatiens , ipomeas, coleus, etc are toastas is to be expected.

bug how elegant looking that Keji is , ample hair too.

Saucy, out this way the usual bathing costume is worn under the wetsuit, however that implies sunning on the beach after one goes surfing something that I expect is not in the cards for you !

Mary thanks for the Martha/Amy post, very amusing in more ways than one.

Ok this is all for me tonight, I wish you all a great holiday and will try to check in tomorrow

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cranberry/orange sauce done, bread cubed for stuffing, apple/sweet potato/carrot/pecan casserole ready to cook, bird thawed, broccoli ready for stir-frying.

However dinner tonight was minimal but good...onion soup.

The problem now is whether or not the 'kids' can complete the drive from Boston through the ice pellets and snow. Maybe they'll sit at a NY State Thruway rest stop for 8 hours.... Please, NO! DH too must work late at meetings, so dinner will definitely be an evening one. That's what happens in Canada since US Thanksgiving is a working day.

DD gave a character statement for a friend in court today who has a terrible, drawn out case. He is dealing with custody issues with an ex who is best friends with the police force and also is into drugs. That poor child...! That woman has stooped very low to try for full custody. The father is mighty frustrated. He is not permitted in a certain part of town because of various police orders...and so cannot live in his house, visit his friends in their homes, etc. The good news is that although he is defending himself, the judge is being very good to him, explaining each step, and seems quite suspicious of Mom. It has gone on for years and is more than sad. Disgusting on many fronts I'd say.

This is truly comfort food weather. That means soups and stews. So why am I doing the turkey thing?

Babs, such a nice family photo!

I think we should all post food pictures tomorrow! Probably the cats will enjoy a few bits as well?

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Happy Thanksgiving, Idyll friends! Today, I am thankful for all the good friends I have found here.

I am also thankful that DD had a safe trip home yesterday. Our weather was dicey, and she decided to stop at Starbucks before hitting the road. At a stop sign, a car pulled up next to her and then through the stop sign - right into the path of a truck! There was a man, a woman and a child in the car, and the man was on the side hit by the truck. He was injured and trapped in the car. Needless to say, DD was quite shaken up by the experience. (I should add that her car was NOT involved in the accident at all.) Despite the delays, she made it home before the snow fell.

Yes, we have about an inch on the ground right now. Actually looks very pretty outside this morning.

DH already has started a crackling fire in the fireplace. I need to get my pumpkin pie going soon.

I hope all have a day of peace and joy with family and friends. Enjoy!


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Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go.....

Did you know that it is a Thanksgiving day song? For years I associated it with Christmas.....I don't know why.

Happy Thanksgiving! V., such lovely sentiments - I feel the same, very thankful to have found such a fun bunch to share my days with! Idyllunions are the icing on the cake!

A crackling fire and snow on the ground conjures up a picture perfect holiday! You don't even need food with a scene like that!

I am ready to put my very sinful mac'n'cheese in the oven - it's an adult version with greyure, fontina, asiago, and about 5 other cheeses that I can't remember off the top of my head. The 6 cups of cream can't hurt, either :)

What a great shot of Babs and family! Everyone looks healthy and happy.

GB, you certainly are the hostess with the mostest! Onion soup sounds perfect for the weather we're having.

Kathy, we saw surfers at the ocean yesterday and I considered asking them what they were wearing underneath :) They certainly weren't sunbathing!

Whatever you eat, turkey or not, I hope everyone has a happy day!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We are going to my parent's house for Thanksgiving, as we do every year. We host Christmas here. We had Thanksgiving here the year her kitchen was being re-done, and she actually came over and made the stuffing for me the day before - she said the recipe is all in her head, it was easier to show me.

Hey Babs, good to see you and your family - what a great-looking group!

'bug, great news about the puppy. I'm sure he or she will bring a lot of joy.

Deanne, your winter plant set-up is amazing! I do enjoy having some plant babies to look after in the winter. My family also tends to leave me in peace in the basement, they must think I'm doing laundry or something!

V, so scary about the car accident your DD witnessed. I've come upon some frightening scenes in the highway, but fortunately I've never seen a major accident actually taking place.

Saucy, sounds like you are enjoying your company! My kids wear summer-weight wet suits, and they wear bathing suits underneath. If I were going into the Atlantic Ocean at this time of year, I'd probably be wearing long-johns under! I hope you have a great time diving. Gloucester is actually not too far from here, shall I come up and document the event with my camera?!

I'm thankful that my kids are actually spending some time together last night and today - usually they are going their separate ways. DD tends to do her homework at night, and on most weekends she is with her friends. I'm glad she is taking time (unprompted by her parents) to spend with her little brother.

I can echo V's & Saucy's words, I'm thankful for all of my Idyll friends too! I hope all of you have a wonderful day!


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Happy Thanksgiving to you all

So much to be thankful for here - family, friends, Idylls, a meal to cook and share with those I love and nice bottle of French Champagne we've been saving to make things festive.

GB - if family get stuck on the throughway let me know and they can shelter here. We are only a few miles off I-90 and will have plenty of leftovers.

Babs - how fab to see you all. The boys have grown so but still ahve their great smiles!!

Enjoy your gatherings whether large or small.


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Good Thanksgiving Day to Idyllers near and far. I am enjoying my coffee while the others sleep, DD arrived late-ish last night with dog (cat family members are indignant) and Im fixing to read the paper , having deposited the ads directly in the recycle bin.

2 nights of frost and Martie can be assured that the basil is no more among other things.

Saucy, I just love those adult versions of mac and cheese . I have a 4 cheese version that I have not made in many moons-though it would be a perfect recipe for my dentally challenged state !

Wishing all an enjoyable day, warm thoughts to all

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The kids arrived around 9am with Sunny the greyhound. What sweethearts they all are. I'll try to get a photo, especially for Cynthia. (Sunny was the victim of a pile-up on the track which broke her back right leg. No one at rescue knew about her until the next day, so the operation was delayed and she favours that leg still. Yvonne has only had her since May. She had another grey for 10 years before that and wasn't sure ANY dog could fit in her life again. Then she met Sunny...)

We've finished the waffles and lingonberry sauce...and while DH is at his voice lesson and work, the others are catching up on sleep. I am mostly in the kitchen and very happy with DS's taste in friends. :) I fear for my diet. Already I've reached into my gift of chocolate covered ginger- one of my big downfalls. DS also brought another puzzle for us to attack.

Along their way, they passed many cars in the ditches near Niagara Falls. DS did mention that it might be fun to meet the Rochester lady who sends him birthday treats. He's saved all the containers he tells me. Is that because he expects refills? Hmmm

We too have a bit of a white covering here today and somehow it feels like Christmas, perhaps because we already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in early October. It is a relief too. Somehow it makes things in the garden seem very final- amen! May you all enjoy this special day, whether in your scuba diving mode - or lime green panties.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cranberry Orange Goop:

Finished cardigan for Skyler's Christmas.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Happy Thanksgiving from tropical Nashua, NH! Yes, I spent the day celebrating with Deanne and company. All the company has dispersed and we are currently chilling with appropriate beverages before heading off to bed. Mine just happens to be Bailey's over crushed ice.

As you might imagine, the meal left you wanting for nothing. We started with a parade of appetizers that included Doug's famous smoked salmon, marched into a full dinner of turkey, ham and all the fixins, then swarmed on a dessert buffet. After dinner we broke out the straws and proceeded to perform a concert, proportions of which can only be appreciated by say, Chelone, maybe Wendy, of course Mary and

Needless to say I have no interest in driving the two hours home and there is a bed available here so...

Hope everbody was able to enjoy a full day in the company of family and friends!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So the only question now is if Sue is Idyller enough to drink Deanne's coffee at full strength?

We had a wonderful dinner here. Our turkey was juicy, the butternut squash was scrumptious and the pumpkin pie was worth the effort of making it from a real pumpkin.

I'm another who loves adult M&C and now I may have to whip some up next week. The rest of the weekend's meals are pretty well covered!

Kathy, I'm with you on sending the piles of ads straight to the recycling bin. DD and I will do a little shopping at the local merchants on the Square tomorrow morning and then we will begin the decorating.

Everything is cleaned up and put away - a good feeling!

Bug, I can just picture Skyler in that cardigan - quite handsome!


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Good evening

Delicious food here too - perhaps shouldn't say that as I was the head cook but everything came together the way I hoped. I had lots of help peeling veggies and stirring sauces and I didn't have to touch a single dish after. We enjoyed a very tender turkey, spicy cornbread stuffing, creamed onions, stir-fried brussel sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes with thyme, mashed potatoes, cranberry and orange sauce and lashings of gravy. Everyone took part in a snowy walk in the woods after and on our return somehow managed to find room for my pumpkin cheesecake. I don't think I need to eat again for a week!

We've just finished a lively couple of rounds of the game Scattergories in front of one of our first fires of the season and I'm heading to bed, full and content.

Sue - great you were able to enjoy such a wonderful party at Deanne's. I had fun envisioning the straw chorus LOL!

V - adult M&C sounds definitely X-rated to me.

GB - Skyler's jacket is beautiful! I'm knitting a cardigan for myself in two shades of purple, combining an all wool with chenille. The body is all knitted in one piece and it keeps me wonderfully warm as I'm working on it.

I can never bear the thought of shopping Thanksgiving weekend so we are planning to catch a movie, perhaps go bowling and get our Christmas tree. How blissful - another 3 days of the weekend still to go with company here till Sunday.

Nite all


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm stuffed. Never need to eat again....
We played Boggle by the fire after dinner and talk.

Here are our young folks:

Yvonne with Sunny and her toy squirrel which squeeks.


Then a walk with Sunny in the snow...avoiding skunks...and now BED. Pumpkin pie for breakfast?

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Belated Thanksgiving cheer from this quarter, too. I had a rather busy morning yesterday, making stuffing, prepping vegetables, and dressing the turkey. I had a poignant moment in the shower when I realized that I would not ever again have to bathe Mum, style her hair, and help her select a pretty holiday outfit. And I was thankful that I am able to share small, personal things like that with people who understand.

BIL "got a better offer" and I set the table for 4 (Bill,a musician friend of the helpmeet's and his lovely wife, Janice). My brother was going to Mum's house to drain it and winterize it, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when he pulled into the driveway about 1 PM! I added another place setting and the laughs began. He looked at the silverware and remarked he hadn't seen it probably 40 yrs.. He was especially impressed that his monogrammed napkin ring was at his place... I asked if he'd like to take it home, but he replied it was more fun to come and visit it here. ;)

We had a champagne toast to Bill's favorite sister (cancer) and Mum. And to good friends and new traditions. It was a laugh filled afternoon, a perfect way to remember with fondness. Wish I'd had the presence of mind to break out the straws after dinner!

I was up early today (4:45), took the dog out for a wee-wee and my brother asked what time it was. I made coffee and he emerged just as it finished brewing. He had a slice of apple pie and I asked if he'd like some cheese to go with it. I put two slices of a nice cheddar on his plate reciting my father's favorite line: "a piece of pie without some cheese is like a hug without a squeeze.". Big smile; we two must keep those things alive now. He left as the eastern sky was just beginning to brighten.

I have enjoyed the pictures and fun updates. Such handsome families and genuine smiles do the heart good. Would love a holiday update from Eden, Honey, Ei, maybe even Da?

I will be going nowhere near any sort of shopping center today, tomorrow, or the next day! I suffer terribly from RAS (retail aversion syndrome).

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well, I dont think I need to eat again for a month or so! Im still stuffed! What a terrific day we had yesterday. Good friends, good food, fun times. It doesnt get better than this. Ive got a few photos of the tables before the hordes descended on us and will post them later. I left the camera out to take pictures of the food fest but was too busy to pick it up and take any pics beyond the few I took before the company arrived.

We just said good-by to Sue and she is heading home for a nine AM hair appointment but she declined having a cup of coffee here. LOL V. She decided to stop at the Dunkin Donuts on the way out. LOL

I found a new fantastic use for my wheeled pot mover. I was able to move all my furniture with it! Even the large loveseat was wheeled to its temporary spot in the living room. I dont know why I didnt think of this years ago.

Chelone, Im so pleased your DB was able to join you! It sounds like you had a great day. I love it that you had his monogrammed napkin ring. Thats special.

Bug, a great pic of your DS and friends. ~~ That sweater is marvelous! Im almost ready to start knitting again.. Ive not done any needle work of any kind for more years than I can count.

Mary, we played a game of Blurt after dinner and had a lot of laughs, especially after we broke out the straws. Your dinner sounds like it was divine. I really love cooking up a big turkey there is something so over the top about pulling a 23 pound, juicy, browned, redolent bird out of the oven. The other fun thing about having so many is that we can really expand the menu. Our friends from Pepperell brought a Blood Farm ham and they are just the best ever. This farm has been in Groton, MA for generations and the best butchers around these parts. Doug also smoked a turkey breast. I made a broccoli cheese casserole, bread stuffing, whipped potatoes and gravy, of course. Our guests brought along fresh steamed green beans, sweet potato casserole, mashed buttercup squash, Carrot and turnip mash, creamed petit onions. Sue brought shrimp cocktail for the appetizer table and whoopee pies for dessert, we also had fresh blueberry pie, pecan, apple, pumpkin pies, cookies chocolate cake and a fresh fruit salad. Tonight is left-over night for dinner and well have eight or so extras at the table this evening. Whatever doesnt get eaten this evening will go home with the company.

Hello to Kathy, Wendy and Saucy and all our Idyll friends. You are all on my list of what I give thanks for!
OK Im still brain dead and have a great deal of picking up to do to start getting the house back in order. I noticed a few cranberry stains on the carpet in the dining room that I have to address before I start moving the furniture back in.

Have a great day all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, I want the truth. What did YOU eat for breakfast this morning? Dunkin Donuts for Sue... Me? Turkish cocoa halva that the kids brought. Turkey didn't sound very good to me.

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Coffee, a piece of cheese, and a Clementine.

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Coffee, half a grapefruit and a thin slice of pumpkin cheesecake when no one was looking. Don't tell LOL!

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Breakfast today the same as it ever was, bagel, shared with Ein. A couple dried apricots, coffee. It's been a tad busy the past few days but I did check in with the idylls to learn that a lot of cranberry-orange goop was to be served, which I googled then made. I was serving a cranberry/horseradish/wasabi/onion relish but decided it couldn't hurt to have the goop for more traditional tastes. The food at the table was shocking in its abundance. What a blow-out. Glazed pearl onions and ham plus usual turkey fixings. Something new I tried was Nora Ephron's succotash: bacon, cabbage, lima beans, corn. Some adored it, most seemed indifferent. The internet certainly has changed cooking forever. We ended the evening by the outdoor fireplace which the Back Easties found remarkable, leaving behind the 20 deg temps.

Most of the jobs I took right before the holidays have turned into rush jobs, Murphy's law at work, so I'm off the idyll grid for a few more days. Happy holidays to all.

P.S. Kathy, I googled the osage oranges. Really interesting. Inedible fruit whose apparent beneficiary is a now extinct giant sloth. Nothing else seems to eat them. Also called monkey brains, horse apples...

P.S.S., Deanne, your winter setup is exactly as I'd imagine for you. I'd hate to think where all your prodigious energy would go thru winter if you didn't have a houseful of plants to look after, lol. I showed DH the plants sharing spacing with Doug's workshop, and he exclaimed, There's my saw! He used said saw to make benches for the holiday troops, three of them, plus a huge top thingie to lay on top our old wooden parson's table for added size.

The bouviers are magnificent and the knitting exquisite. I googled the bouviers as well (you guys keep me busy), and they're the Dog of Flanders! A lot of what was written reminds me of our newfs and now the corker, that a working dog needs to have tasks or will assign some for himself. Ein has appointed himself in charge of arrivals and departures, a frenzy of barking and action announcing each one, escorting people to and fro. We were just a wee bit tired of this performance, but now I have new appreciation for the work he's performing, a kind of "urban" herding.

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Yep, Denise; that's what "they" do. Explosive barking at the barest hint of invasion... . Increase the ferocity twofold if there actually IS somemone within 48' of the front door. And you guys wonder why I hate dogs? Our resident idiot defended us superbly before settling into his role as DEFENDER of all humanoids under the roof of his den.

I know you understand. :)

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Hi, Chelone. Amidst all the excitement, the corker happened to notice that his tupperware full of dog treats was left unattended and accessible on the porch, with a little effort the lid popped off, and he gorged himself to the size of a pot-bellied pig. I'm so glad to hear your brother shared your table this year. That's gotta feel pretty special to you both.

I justified squeezing a nursery visit in amongst all the preparations. Cut flwrs are soo expensive, the ones I like anyway, so went to Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach for potted purple hydrangeas, variegated plectranthus and lots of pots of little cabbages. How Mawtha of me, as my kids say. (loved that video, Mary. Have to confess I've never seen Martha in action before. I'm daytime-tv challenged. She was a great if unintentional straight man to Amy. Love that she heard "bog" water instead of "bong" water. Such things just don't exist in Martha's world, I guess.)

My photo:

My DS's:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Down payment on Bebe Bouv has been received and accepted!!! Yeah!

Beautiful mantle display there Denise. Glad to hear that someone else was Martha challenged. I too enjoyed the clip with the juxtapositon of personalities.

Be it known that it is possible to eat too much halva.
Man is it cold!

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Seems that most have had a enjoyable Thanksgiving. Some great photos everyone.

Pumpkin pie for breakfast here. Why waste the calories eating a normal breakfast when I would eat the pie anyway LOL.

None of the women in this family wanted to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year, so Oldest son ordered dinner from a cateror (sp?) and it was ever bit as good as a home cooked one and probably cheaper than we could have bought groceries.
Everyone ate heartily including Wyatt. It was a bit strange without two GDs who were trying their wings with new familys this year. Jake was a bit subdued because of a run in with his parents over grades. I'm thinkin of Saucy and her Jake not to long ago. What is it with some teenage boys. We encountered the same thing with one of our sons at that age. Anyway I think Jake is savy enough to take care of it. He certainly doesn't lack the brains.
I tasted strawberry wine for the first time yesterday , yummy! Right now I am stuffed from eating some homemade potato mushroom soup. I don't usually add mushrooms but they need used up. It was pretty good. Why do I feel nappy?

A nice looking bunch of dogs Bug. Including Sunny. Nice looking son and friend too.

The newly weds have a new cat they named Ed and no offense to anyone but since he has done several dumb things they now call him Special Ed. LOL

Hey Babs good to see your smiling faces.

I know I haven't spoke to you all personaly but have read each post with interest and ogled all the pictures.
Here is the last bit of fall color today. It is pretty darn cold out there. Norma
Just a tad of fall color left on the Diablo and a spirea with the grasses and evergreens.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Breakfast was oat groats with skim milk and coffee, black. Lunch was pie. LOL Tonight will be ten for dinner for our traditional 'leftover night'.

The turkey carcass is now simmering away in the gigantic soup pot and is making the house smell like the holidays again. Nothing like the scent of homemade soup or bread on a blustery day. I'll ask Doug to throw together a loaf of nine grain bread for the soup tomorrow night.

The last week or so I'd noticed a decline in the amounts of birds at the feeders and couldn't figure out what was up. I figured it out today when a lovely Sharp-shinned Hawk was perched on the Mountain Ash tree. It's just a different kind of bird at the feeders. She was around for quite a while looking for some lunch but eventually gave it up and the little birds are now back. I'm hoping she sticks around for a while so I can get some photos.

Denise, your mantle arrangement is gorgeous. Love the photograph your DS did. The light in it is beautiful. LOL about your DH having the same kind of saw.

Here are a couple pics of the tables before the company arrived yesterday.

This is the big table and we had twelve at this one and ten at the other.

You can see the second table in this photo. I wish I had matching chairs but I don't know of anyone who has 22 matching dining room chairs. As it is I have to borrow ten plates from my friend Deb.

Did anyone else take pictures of their Thanksgiving tables? I'd love to see them if you did.

OK I'm off for a soak in the hot tub and maybe a short power nap before company comes over.


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Lovely tables Deanne and I don't mind the mismatched chairs at all.

I'm not sure what kind it is, but we have had a small hawk buzzing the pond watching the fish. Norma

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Breakfast (as if we never stopped eating :-) is/was bread pudding made with Pannetone and creme anglais. Then mid-morning snack of Pumpkin Bread with handpicked walnuts from a local tree. Then to not offend my mom who was coming to pick up serving dishes left, leftover maple squash mashed down with a little cream for a wonderful soup. And then, and then .... Today it's gotta stop@!

I'm braving the hordes for a trip to JoAnn's for pinecone topiary base and requisite ribbon. Stopping in to see my DB at the hospital on the way home, and leave a very special "We Are Grateful for You!!!" card for the staff. He swears they brought in a live turkey and let it run around the unit for a bit ........

Snippets of turkey and ham and coffee with egg nog to wash everything down and just-pressed cider courtesy of my neighbor's dad who lives next to an orchard. Out-of-the-garden spinach that I remembered to cover from freeze. Breads and goop and chestnut relish and buttery mashed potatoes. All leftovers residing in my fridge even after guests left with as much food as was eaten.

Table pics coming later, and to think of it I don't think I ever got one of the "complete picture." DBiL arrived early with soup that could've made the meal by itself and I got distracted.

So 12 happy people at table, a long pass-the-phone-around talk with Kyle who is meeting London this weekend after hosting a groaning board, laughter and new traditions being officially adopted and a tired grill. Holidays don't get much better.

Osage oranges have one very special use that probably isn't mentioned on Google: When one is young and has built a fort in the leaves one can easily engage in pseudo turf wars ala snowball fights, Autumn style :-) It was also a favorite childhood pastime to find out how many of the fruits could fit into a bushel basket. The first one to succumb to the smell was the recordkeeper and considered a wimp. That person then needed to haul the bushel to the compost pile and turn it. Funny how we all LOVED that smell. UGH!!!!!!

Not much else going on, and for that I'm grateful. So good to come here and be thankful together.

Special Hi!! to Babs -- good to see you!. By now everyone knows that I think of you all. Think I saw Sue flying down 84 LOL


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

My usual Trader Joe's cranberry oatmeal this morning and coffee, coffee, coffee...

DH made a lovely turkey wild rice soup for lunch yesterday; DS and his fiance arrived in time to join us for lunch. Last night we all headed to the Square about 6:00 pm for the annual festivities. The Creperie (a few of the Idylls had lunch there two summers ago) has a great patio now with a large fire pit, and they were serving dessert crepes and warm wine and cider. So of course we had to warm up there before we headed to the middle of the Square to listen to carols, mingle with friends and neighbors and of course do the big countdown to the lighting.

Once the Square finished its transformation into a winter fairyland, we headed to SIL's for a feast of homemade deep dish pizza and lots of family visiting.

Today's plan is to cut our tree and to out a huge dent in the leftovers!


ps - I have to confess to not touching the camera once over the last several days...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes Deanne, your tables are lovely and welcoming! I remember that room well! And I am amazed that your lawn remains green. Ours is white.

Last night we all took in a movie in town leaving Sunny at home in the warm fireplace room. She discovered the couch. ;-)

She also enjoyed looking at squirrels earlier in the day.

I hear sounds downstairs indicating that Sunny is about to go for a walk.

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Good morning

Seeing Sunny had me thinking about Katie and wondering how she and Cynthia are doing after the big operation.

Deanne - your tables are gorgeous - I can imagine how much fun everyone had.

Norma - love your pond picture.

I was wondering about Eden, Michelle and T, missing seeing the Idyll grand kids on this holiday.

The good times continue here - walks, more eating, visits by friends, games and decorating our Christmas tree. We have a new variety called Ernest, picked out and cut down in fond memory of 'Ernest Saves Christmas' (David adores all those movies). It is a fine tree and will look regal decorated.

have a great day


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I'll add one more coffee to V's three. I keep sneaking peeks of Sunny's photos, esp. the one out the window. Martie, I didn't think it'd be possible to feel hunger pangs again, but your post brought on a few. Norma, 'Special Ed,' love it!

Back to staring at the dull work window on this computer. I KNOW the job assignment dispatcher was aware this transcript would be a rush, with trial this Monday when she begged me to cover it, omitting that crucial fact after I expressly asked for the day off. As Deanne says, grrrrr. Gotta call late Wed that another transcript has been moved up to a rush status. What a pileup this weekend is turning into. Grrrr...

Guess I feel a kinship with Sunny staring wistfully out the window. Hope Sunny got to romp outside a bit!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Denise, Sunny is on her way to Owen Sound where she will visit friends and meet Luna the Bouvier. They will walk a small section of the Bruce Trail I believe before returning home. The humans plan on an Indian dinner out. Looks like your weekend is much tougher..though warmer!

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Ah, a dog's life! (with the right humans, of course). I'm running a little heater in the office tho it's only 62 deg -- I get cold sitting still! Hi, Mary, sounds like a lovely weekend you're having. Off to google the Bruce Trail and maybe a little more work...More procrastination involved signing up for a plant import license on the U.S. website. The riches of English nurseries are mine!! Woohoo!

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Happy belated Thanksgiving Idylls! We are stilling going to celebrate the holiday with Ricks children and Gkids tomorrow. There will be 18 at the tables and one babe in arms.

I am hopelessly behind, due to an extremely busy month at work. We spent Thanksgiving Day with my family. We were a small group with only one of my siblings and family attending, Kenzie and her parents, my parents and Rick and I. Kenize sat between Rick and I at dinner, she ate some of everything served but pickles and olives were her favorite. She thought the pimento, which she pulled out of each olive, was a jelly bean.

We played farkle for our evenings entertainment, teaching it to my 8 year old nephew.

My mom, sister and I were some of the crazies who were shopping by 6:00 a.m. We dont stand in long lines though. If the line is too long we just dont shop in that store. We were at the build a bear workshop because my sis wanted to build a monkey for Kenzie for Christmas. We were the only ones in the place. Her monkey sports a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader outfit, if you can picture that. The best part of the day was that my mom got a $250.00 refund on the TV that she had just purchased 2 weeks ago and then showed up as a doorbuster.

Last night was the 4th birthday of Tanner who is Ricks gson. So its been busy.

Deanne your tables are quite elegant looking. I really love your room with all those wonderful windows. I do use cloth tablecloths but no crystal or cloth napkins with 8 of the guests being children.

Norma, what a wonderful fall pond photo.

Babs, how wonderful to see the smiling faces of your family. What a great background too.

Denise, your mantel is lovely and your DS did a wonderful job of capturing it.

I could make many more comments, but I really must return to my preparations for tomorrow.


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Hi all Idylls,Including the missing ones. Hope all is well.
Missing Eden and would like to hear about Honeys puppy.
I thought Katies surgery was the 26th, anyway I hope she is doing well.

Denise,bummer about all the work. Glad you got a chuckle out of the cats name too.
Cindy, you out there?

Michelle , funny Kenzie calling the pimento a jelly bean.
I played Sorry with Wyatt after dinner thursday. We had to modify the rules a bit for his age. There weren't any young enough games at Uncle Tims house.

Today seems like Monday to me. I made a run to Lowes and to the nursery. Didn't buy anything but got a good idea for making up a succulent container.

I was going to shred leaves this afternoon, but ran out of get up and go.
I'll probably get out there tomorrow afternoon. I'm tired of being in the house so much already. I thought I was ready for a good long rest but I hate being indoors. Hope we get a few mild days here and there. Theres still plenty I can do out there. I sort of like seeing the bones of the garden again so I can see where things need some winter interest. Need to go to the creek too and get more border rocks for my paths.

Not much going on here so I'll catch you all later. Norma

P.S. hi Jerri

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It sounds like everyone had a nice holiday with lots of good eating! Fabulous table setting Deanne. Having that many people for a meal would be way beyond me. There will be 10 for Christmas this year and that's the biggest sit-down dinner ever for us. I much prefer just another couple for dinner - much easier to follow a conversation that way.

Sunny looks very much at home there gb....

We had our first snow on Thursday. Not the 4-6" that had been forecast though. We only got a light dusting - the lake is still relatively warm and that has a big impact. Areas further from the lake got a lot more snow. Tomorrow Randy will put the big driveway pots in the garage so the driveway is clear for future snow removal.

I ordered seeds from Stokes this afternoon so 2008 garden season has begun...:-) I was very restrained this year as I don't plan to start many seeds. I do plan to start several batches of rose seeds from my garden. I want to see if the Angel roses under the Blanc Double de Coubert rose might produce something different than the ones in the herb bed where there is less chance of cross-pollination. I also harvested some hips from the New Dawn climbing rose and am curious to see what they might produce. I collected quite a few seeds from various hibiscus. I'd like to add a number of hibiscus to the long term care facility garden.

The house 4 doors up the street from here is a pile of rubble as of this afternoon. Somebody paid a rather outrageous price for it in eary summer and it has been vacant ever since. It was starting to look VERY derelict so we're all happy to see it come down and are curious to see what will go up in its place.

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Good morning everyone. I, too, was under the impression that Katie goes under the knife on the 26th. I hope I haven't gotten that wrong... certainly wish both her and Cynthia well!

I loved the photo of your lovely table, Deanne. I took a few shots of the table here, but haven't disgorged the contents of the camera's card for some time now because I DON'T feel like dealing with more organizing. I have to be in the right sort of mood to accomplish that type of thing. Sort of like cleaning...

Kenzie reminded me of myself when I was about her age. I was another little olive hound! preferred the green ones with pimento to the big black ones (but liked those, too). Have you tried out a creamcheese and olive sandwich on her? put it on good, seeded rye bread (my favorite sandwich to take for lunch when I was a kid).

Norma, I just love that shot of the pond. It's really late autumn here, too. A few of the more stubborn oaks are holding onto their leaves, the treee trunks are handsome in their varied coats of grey, and the evergreens offer a deep, rich green. The sunlight is low and golden and I'm not too bothered by the short duration of it, probably because I'm up early enought to see it rise! I love that you modified the rules to accomodate Wyatt.

I cleaned out the front beds and windowboxes yesterday. I just hadn't "felt like it" until then. I rescued 3 "germamiums" and they look pretty pathetic now, denuded of the zapped foliage. I pulled out the plaques for the fronts of the windowboxes and thought about how to rearrange the faux fruit inventory for a new effect. I eyed the female holly (Ble Princess) on the corner of the house and noted it is hugely overgrown... not a terribly bad thing heading into the holiday season. It's also LOADED with berries. :)

I have had some hugely poignant moments over the past few days. Very different feelings than I had following Dad's death. Private tears. Anytime someone we love dies we are faced with the knowledge that shared memories between two people now live on in only one memory. I realized how much I associate Mum with autumn and decorating for the holidays, something I'd not really appreciated until this year. As a child, I was always pressed into service to help collect nuts, pinecones, dried seed pods, etc.. I have very tender memories of bundling up and mining the cemetary for fallen cones... "can you find more of these for me, Lillybet?". Later, Mum would explain the significance of evergreens, fruits, the solstice, and the addition of one more candle to the front windows as the Advent season progressed. Somehow, this year it all carries a greater, more deeply personal emphasis.

Thinking of you all and wishing each of you the best this life can give. I love that you let me share it with you.

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Is everyone at the airport, or what?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DS and friend have just begun their long drive back to Boston. First was the 4 mile jog however. Then showers, breakfast, packing. DH bought Sunny a coat because she gets so cold. I made nibbles and turkey sandwiches for their trip. Monday DS begins a new job, so who knows when we might see him next! It was a fine fine visit. I was surprised to learn that his friend is in fact a year older than he is. I'm such a terrible judge of age!

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Thought Id just procrastinate cleaning the kitchen and check in here this morning instead . DD has departed back to Oregon this morning,her trunk stuffed with items of hers that I have unearthed during my closet purging process. This will be a kick back, do laundry and light chores kind of day.

Norma, I just love the pond pic you posted a couple of days is a great illustration of one of the reasons to uses grasses ,that being the fall and winter interest they can provide. Perhaps youll post another shot from that location in the spring ?

Deanne, lovely table glad I wasnt on dish duty at your house ! I was astonished at the mess just the three of us made here . And then and encore performance (with a reduced cast) for you on Fridaydid all the guests get a basement garden tour? I envision a leisurely stroll, wine glass in hand, viewing thriving fuchsia and coleus cuttings, and perhaps a game of Guess The Plant upon arrival at the dormant display. Loser does the dishes lol !

So Denise, what will become of the hydrangeas after they do their time on the mantle ? I particularly like the color combos on the mantle display-very pleasing to my eye and nice to see a bit of a departure from traditional Thanksgiving/ fall hues that one is used to seeing. I hope you are allowed some time away from the workday drudgery this weekend.

bug, thanks for being our faux Cynthia this holiday and posting us some lovely grey-photos to view. What an attractive couple your DS and friend make .

Michelle, a brave one you are for throwing your lot in with the hoardes on Black Friday. I do most of my Christmas shopping nowadays on the internet. Since I will be flying up to Portland for Christmas I am trying to assemble gifts of small stature as I will be shipping them up ahead a couple weeks hence.

Woody are these veggie seeds or flowers you ordered from Stokes ? Ive never tried growing roses from seed, I have an acquaintance who does a bit of amateur hybridizing for his own enjoyment. My only seeds this year are the Sweetpeas, which are up and growing now.

Chelone, ah yes, another olive hound here. Oddly neither one of my children can stand olives. I love them, most any kind. One of our grocers here does a really tasty garlic-herb marinated green olive that I have been known to eat in large quantities in spite of the $$ price tag.
No doubt as the coming seasons unfold you will come upon thoughts of your Mum associated with each of them. Bittersweet though they are, theses times I think help to fix the pictures and memories in ones mind. I remember very little of the first holidays we had after my DH passed away, but the memories our family has from when he was still with us are very clear.

Martie, loved your tales of the Osage oranges . I read on one of the info sites I found that the plants were used as cattle barriers in pre-barbed wire days.
Well, I better get going on the kitchenIve shilly-shallied at this desk long enough..big wave to all

Kathy in Napa

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy belated holiday - all - yes,um Im here. Had a pleasant turkey day but the cold wars seem to have set in here at the house -- something to do w/ my alarm at mentioning a plastic bowl wasnt meant to hold newly made hot soup -- plastic potato chip bowls arent known to be heat resistant that I know - but apparently I must have said it wrong or something... sigh. so we're in our respective "corners" sulking. Im kind of tired of being the recipient of the cold shoulder routine, so I gave in and am returning the 'tude... but it makes me sad to end the holiday this way....

o well. Actually I managed to get out in the yard and plant the 500 bulbs, do some clean up and tie overgrown roses down - so that's making me feel productive at least.

I am enjoying the photos of all, love the wonderful Mawtha arrangements, learned out to spell tuchas (not sure I've ever seen that in print before, LOL...)-- and thinking of Cynthia & her Katie - I too think the op is scheduled for 26th - guess that means tomorrow. Here's hoping & crossing all the fingers....!

Jerri - Im sorry to hear of all your troubles & your Dad's passing - geeze, we've all had lots of deaths, illnesses, etc., here this year for some reason....

Looking forward to seeing the Bebe Bouvier - how wonderful for you, 'bug -- the parents appear magnificent.

I too felt a bit nostalgic, Chelone, this holiday - my Dad was alone and I felt guilty; it made me think of the wonderful t-giving we had last year and some of the better times in other decades. I guess we'll all have those feelings. 'Course I've had my share of "bad" holidays, too and, LOL, I'd prefer to not remember those!!

Thank goodness for the wonders of wireless - Im sitting in my bedroom writing this at last; the laptop had been held hostage in the basement til I went & got it -- so at least I can catch up a wee bit here, til the battery dies.

I have done very little Xmas shopping - working on getting that spirit. Michelle, you are to be commended for braving those holiday hordes - here in DC the stores opened at 4 a.m. Friday -- that just seems too nutz to me.

I've got some catching up on history of osage oranges, freerice and other things here I can see.

I would like to say I'll be back to more daily visiting, but the ofc is still craaaazy and I seem to slink home. Im not expecting a quiet one coming - just try to forget for the 5 days; and pay on Monday.... and in another week, Dad's hip surgery is on board - Im still wrestling with whether to pop up there for a couple days to make sure all is okay w/ it or not....

Deanne -- gotta say - you have an admirable husband who would let his shop be overtaken w/ his wife's obsesssion! Again, Doug deserves a medal. Loved your table -- very elegant but welcoming.

Hi, to all -- I know I've not mentioned oodles of the faithful here -- but I think of each of you daily and miss the closer connection - Im hoping I can work on checking in at nite, if possible.

I hope we will hear from Cynthia re Katie's outcome.

Waving on the drive bye!!!!


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I LOVED IT!!!! It's like gardening underwater. I'm so tired so I will add some pics and make it short (I'm thinking I'll be toast tomorrow....)

The details: Yesterday: 28 degree air temp, 48 degree water only slightly warmer air temp @ 35 degrees.

I had an okay holiday...tough for me to transition from the southern family to the northern family....all's well in my head now :)

My thoughts from what I've read since T-Day:
Denise: I get herded daily on my walk with my friend who shares your name (we call her "sunny D"). "Small Dog" is a Cardigan Corgie and thinks I am the cow of his dreams :)

Norma, what a picturesque pond! You have been sucessful at making it seasonal! Jake and grades will be okay. I have given over control of My Jake and his grades to the school system, though I keep close tabs. We are all happier this way.

Deanne, I had a sharp shinned hawk. He was brazen (sp?) but was only here in a deep cold spell. He was also amazing! Your table was beautiful! I wish I'd taken a picture of my MIL's dinner table....

Kenzie's a smart girl eating the olives and least this pickle eater thinks so :) Grandma used to say my blood would dry up from the amount of pickles I ate....I'm still here Grandma :) I still drink the pickle juice, too.

Here's a few photos from today: (don yourself with a blankie!)

The "stuff" required:

Put on the gear:

Walk across the street to the sight:

eyes closed and all:

and into the water:

Please give Jake a round of applause for photography (and making nice with his sister while we were underwater :)

I have so much more to say to everyone here....I really enjoyed everyone's post.

Marian, where are you?


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Slowly returning to normal here on the prairie. The kids are safely back to school, almost everything has been put away and the only laundry left to do is rather prosaic.

We had a very nice holiday here with various members of the family at various times. And a first for me - we even began our holiday decorating. The snowmen have claimed their territory on the mantle, the cedar and pine roping is strung on the balcony and the tree has been cut and installed. No lights or ornaments, but give me time...

DH is now on the phone with a friend, getting evaluations for what he wants for Christmas. All I want for Christmas is someone to feed the dogs!

Cindy, sorry to hear of the armed camp atmosphere. I know how easy it is to sound more alarmed than necessary when you see someone about to ruin something; it's too bad she took such offense at it.

I'll be thinking of K-k-katie tomorrow and hope that all goes well.

I've started a new book, "Loving Frank" about a woman with whom Frank Lloyd Wright had a long affair. It's quite good, and I'm just geeky enough to Google the different FLW houses mentioned in the book. I was quite surprised to see that the first house mentioned was one that I had been able to visit on a casual basis many years ago. A coworker lived there for a year; she and some friends leased the house for a year from a professor who was going on a foreign sabbatical. Anyway, it's a very good read and I'm going back to it now!


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Saucy, I see you trying to smile in the second-to-last photo, but I KNOW that guy (your DH?) has a gun to your back, right? That's c-c-c-o-l-d, girl! I too feel rather bovine around our corgie (and just in general, lol, esp. after yesterday's leftover binge).

Kathy, your comment about my choice of purple for the holiday flwrs made me realize I had gone a bit astray, lol. Never occurred to me to stick to traditional colors. A guest did bring a horn of plenty with the autumnal mums, so we ended up having the proper arrangement. Hydrangeas are usually a NIMBY plant for me, just can't keep them watered, but that color was too luscious to pass up. They'll never come true to that color again in the ground, of course. These will be gifted elsewhere. The plectranthus will definitely be used, and one is already esconced in a large pot under the pergola with a fuchsia, that fern you ID'd, campanula Pantaloons and more.

A few cuttings I had taken of arctotis and salvia were potted on today. Why's it still insanely thrilling to tug on the little cuttings and feel that resistance, meaning there's root growth? My SIL at the holiday dinner informed me that my Christmas gift to her must be a succulent hanging creation of some sort. She especially liked the trailing "fish-hook" senecio, and I had a few of those rooting as well. Imagine that, a Christmas gift that will be fun to make! I've been thinking a lot lately of the crafting impulse and how there's this hierarchy of art, then crafts, and where does stuff fit on the continuum. DS is hanging out with "assemblage" artists lately, taking photos of them to build his portfolio. I thought this one was striking of a found-object artist named Rick, kinda has a Fantastic Voyage feel:

Nice to see you check in, Cindy. Ain't wireless grand? Sounds like kind of an "odd couple" vibe going on -- and it makes for great reading! -- but I truly sympathize for the discomfort you've been in.

Any child that loves pickles and olives is on their way to a life rich with food experiences. I think Kenzie is my dream grandchild. (Maybe that will bring Eden out of hiding!) Reed, of course, holds place of honor as dream grandbaby. Then there's the adorable twins...I can see how such comments can lead to trouble. G'night all.

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Yay Saucy - way to go!! Glad it was such a neat experience. Great pictures too. Thanks Jake!

Cindy - nice you could stop by. I'm so sorry to hear about the continuing trials and tribulations at home and concerns for your Dad. Hope planting bulbs was good therapy.

V - we are reading Loving Frank soon for book club. I'm pleased to hear it is an interesting read. I have an uncle who lived in a Frank LLoyd Wright house in Michigan and Dh and I looked forward to visiting there when we lived in Chicago. It had much of the original furniture which was visually beautiful but at times uncomfy.

Two of our guests have departed and grown nephew is here till tomorrow morning when he flys back to LA. Another nice day - a big brunch together, garden time, an afternoon visit to Starbucks, my turkey enchilladas for supper. I'm about to head to join the gang in the hot tub. David told me his eyes would be watery when he comes to say good bye to his cousin tomorrow. His cousin is such a nice young man - polite, kind and also hip and fun. David and Annie just adore him.

have a great evening


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi Saucy...I'm here.
I ended up having a lovely Thanksgiving day after thinking it would be a lonesome day with just the 2 of us.
I overheard our evangelist saying he and his wife wouldn't be going to Oklahoma,( where the rest of their family was going), because of a doctor's appointment the following day.I asked them if they would be with anyone else that day, and thay said no, so I invited them to come to our house. They didn't know for sure whether they could come, but I went ahead and started the preparations on Wednesday( baking pies and pumpkin bars). I told Nolon I didn't think they would come.But Wednesday night, after we both had gone to bed early, the phone rang and it was John asking what time I wanted them to come! I was so pleased. They arrived at the time I told him ( 1 PM ) as I was putting the final touches on the meal.
As one of you said about your was a real nice dinner even tho I did the preparing of it.:-)
Doris brought a pumpkin pie , whipped cream, green beans, and a few other things.
After we ate, and ate, and ate..:-), we visited the rest of the afternoon. It was a wonderful time !

Our former DIL decided that she wanted the girls this Thanksgiving, and Tim could have them at Christmas. She has decided they will alternate the years for the 2 holiday get-to-gethers ! (I am wondering how long she thinks Nolon and I will be around???) Since we live so far from them, and the latter part of Dec. can be very treacherous for driving will remain to be seen if they make it this year.
Thanksgiving has been our time with them ever since the first one was born, and she knows my stand on Christmas....just another case of her showing her true colors.

Thank goodness Tim plans on bringing them this Friday for the weekend. I won't fix another Thanksgiving dinner, but that's okay.

I have been reading, and enjoying, all of the posts. I am happy for all the good news, and sad with you that have sad news.

Woody, I want you to know that the B 12 shots have very definitely helped. I took one a week for 4 weeks, and will begin one a month this coming tuesday. I presume they will continue the rest of my life....

I took Nolon for a checkup with a differant Doc last Monday. His regular doctor has gone into some sort of rehab, and will not be back until spring. I am thinking he ( Nolon) will be getting more appropriate treatment now. With the new meds that this doc gave him, he has already cut down on the use of the nebulizer. I don't plan on his returning to the 'old' doctor.

It is wintry here. We have had a couple of skifts of snow, and had some ice on things this morning. The roads were not icy, so we didn't miss AM services. We did stay home this evening. The weather was too iffy, and it was very foggy.

I am sending more hugs to Chelone...


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Good morning

Marian - we've been bad Idylls and in all the rush before Thanksgiving forgotten your birthday. Please accept some very belated but heartfelt birthday wishes instead. It was lovely to read about your Thanksgiving dinner and guests!

Saucy - Happy Birthday to you!!

Cards for both will appear after work - right now I'm rushing to make an early staff meeting.

Till later


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks Mary. It is not unusual for Thanksgiving to overshadow my Birthday. I am okay with that.
I am now officially 3 quarters of a century old ! :-)

Happy Birthday Saucy !

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

early sneak peek & greeting from me

Saucy Im impressed 28 degrees brrrr! Congrats!!!!! And you dont even look scared!

And you put it just right about Normas photo it was so lovely and inviting even for late autumn. Youve gone a great job combining the seasons, Norma; I meant to mention it earlier.

V- good start for you for the next Holiday -- No holiday decorating here yet Im having difficulties getting into the "mood" hopefully it will come to me within the next couple of weeks, altho I have less space for storing the boxes as the empty bedroom is presently taken. Gee, guess that means Ill have to be neater than usual what a thought, LOL.

Denise I loved your hydrangea/mantel dont care what colors its nice to see things like that no matter what their hue in fact, dried hydrangeas are a fav of mine. What a great gift to ask for Id get in that very same line in fact, you may have given me a few ideas to give now (copying you) altho I have no cuttings really to work with but there are couple people I know who might like such a succulent gift. I was showing off my agaves/aloes last week I could tell my DD thought her Mom was off on another "kick" she said, "well, you do go overboard on stuff, Mom" I am in fact just like my own Mom she too could easily get "obsessed" for things, LOL. . . . Love that "found object" pic!!

Ha, - yep, you have it, Denise Ive got the Odd Couple going on at my house Im feeling like Im in a couple of those episodes I will have to think along those lines when this keeps happening to regain my sense of humor thanks for the thought! Last nite late, I got a comment shouted upstairs at me of "cant we just move on"... I guess that was her idea of a peace offering altho seems to me shes the one who got miffed and started it I just am feeling kind of ornery still though. Im sure a day at the ofc will knock that out of me! But Im not usually one to hold a grudge so hopefully Ill have forgotten by tonite.

Mary & Marian , it sounds as though you both had a really pleasant holiday altho it is nice to get back to ones normal routine isnt it?

Okay, I guess I better face the 110 emails sitting in my inbox here at the ofc gotta weed thru them, print, file, delete, etc. . . .

Thinking of Katy-did & her Mom and siblings this day. Good, good thoughts.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good thoughts for Katy today!

Jeez, where did a four day weeekend go? After enjoying a marvelous Thanksgiving and quick overnight at Deanne's, I came home and went into hyper cleaning mode both in and outside the house. We're still dealing with leaves here-ARG! I love a clean house but just don't have the time on a regular basis to get and keep it that way.

Hey Saucy, nice job! Scuba diving may be in my future as well. Time will tell. Lots of changes to come here.

Marie, you must be thrilled to see DS happy. I'm looking forward to the Baby Bouvier progress.

Hi to all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Pensive about Cynthia's day...I do hope she and Katy check in later on! Best wishes from all..including Sunny, who demolishes squeaky toys at great speed. "Faux Cynthia"...I'm honoured Kathy!

Congratulations on your landmark birthday Marian. I had images of you and Nolon in his new dress shoes at the Quick Stop for a turkey dinner. Glad you were able to share the day with friends!

Saucy, since you can tolerate frigid waters, this one's for you! Congratulations on your scuba dive!!! Wonderful photos too.

Cindy, hugs to you. Your doggy must be a great comfort to you these days!

Yes Sue, seeing your family healthy & happy is top of the charts! Waiting for the puppy seems an eternity!

Chelone, such a nice thing to hear about your brother's visit! Special moments still to come!

Olives, pickles, artichokes, hot peppers....these are a few of my favourite things. (Hear the music?)
On with the day!

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Marian, congratulations on the ¾ of a century mark. Our family always makes a big deal out of those, starting with the ¼ century which my son reached this spring.

Wow, Saucy what an adventure. Did you get an underwater camera?

Norma, we are a little out in the country too, but now DHs son has moved 3 miles from us, so we take care of their dogs when they are gone and they take of Jaden, so it works well.

Denise, the fairy tutus is a cute thought.

Chelone, Im sure the first holiday without your mum had to be difficult.

Sunny looks might fine in her winter coat.

Kathy, the one item I would like to get online seems to be "sold out" bummer.

Cindy, you are a saint to put up with such a tude from your guest.

No turkey soup here, but it does sound good. Tonight will be leftover pork loin, pumpkin dessert and peppermint stick ice cream dessert, something seems to be missing!

I saw this really cool Christmas topiary at Hobby Lobby that Im trying to recreate. I plan on using one of my garden urns. I think DH might have to get involved with some number 9 wire. For you non-farmers, just about anything can be fixed with some number 9 wire.


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